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5 days in Casa Monica Hotel,St. Augustine Florida

During our family vacation last week, we had a chance to stay at Casa Monica Hotel at St. Augustine,Florida. Hubby booked the hotel with breakfast package so we start our day at 95 Cordova Restaurant.

History of Casa Monica Hotel:
  • Casa Monica Hotel was opened 1888 by  Franklin W. Smith and has a Victorian architecture. 
  • Address: 95 Cordova Street, St. Augustine,Florida 32084
  • The historic Casa Monica Hotel opened its opportunity December 10, 1999.
  • After two years the King and Queen of Spain visited the hotel, confirming that the property had graduated into the realm of the country’s best boutique hotels.

We invited my mother-in-law on this trip so we pay the hotel room and she's thankful she has time to spend with Little Travelentz and enjoying her own room though FIL is not around as he goes to motorbike trip for a month in Alaska with Uncle P.

Perfect Location:
The place is in the middle of everything so you can walk and enjoy the place without worrying where to park.

Excellent Service:

You pay what you get,right, Casa Monica hotel is all worth of the penny. We were glad they don't  charge us  when my mother-in-law locked the door latch of her room and they have to call an engineer/maintenance department  to open the door. They're so quick and they told us we're not the first person, it was a relief.hahaha

About Casa Monica:
  • The parking space through Valet parking so prepare some money for tip though  its at your own discretion.
  • You can't use the elevator without your hotel card room so bring all the time even you go and get some food in the restaurant.
  • Wi-fi is not included and you have to pay separately so make sure before you booked or else you will be surprise. Most people knows that if it is a luxury hotel wi-fi is not included.

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  1. Beautiful hotel to stay during your vacation. The little girl is having fun jumping on the bed. We have never been to Florida but my step sister lives in Melbourne :-) I am not sure if this is close to her place :-)

  2. i so love the first picture of the hotel Mhie, the lighting is lovely, and also that picture of little M jumping for joy

  3. little Travelentz jumping on the bed makes me smile! I can see she had an awesome time :) the hotel looks so beautiful and the first photo of the hotel is simply perfect! glad you had time to spend with your mom in law :) God bless your beautiful family always! :) Happy travelling! and thanks again for the virtual tour :)

  4. That is a grand hotel to stay at for a family! I have heard that St. Augustine is a beautiful place to visit; hope we can visit that place someday!

  5. Wow! great place to stay. Siguro parang royal blood ang treatment sa inyo riyan.

  6. Wow looks like a castle! Ganda but for sure the accommodation is pricey and i know worth it naman with the looks of the hotel.

  7. amzing place!! im sure you guys felt like you're a super princess and royal bloods staying there! live the whole place!

  8. The place really looks great! I hope I can stay in these kind of hotels someday! :))

  9. that's a lovely place to stayed with, i can see Little M's having fun...good sign! hehehe! i am sure, everyone had great time staying there.

  10. That is such a grand hotel room, Mhie! I'd feel like a queen for a day if it was me, hahaha!