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5 Days in St. Augustine Florida itinerary With Family

5 days in St. Augustine went by fast and I just notice, its time  to head back home and mother-inlaw has to flew back to North.

The planning was so quick considering the first plan has  cancelled  going to San Francisco were I have to see my friend but sad to say they're facing some important family matters and its not a good idea to  bother her.Though the last minute cancellation of the trip  to San Francisco doesn't bother to us, hubby understand the problem and doesn't bother to him and cancel the plan,then find a place to explore. The last minute wasn't bad we have to adjust the days because of the availability of the hotel we want to stay in  and booked the,Casa Monica Hotel.

Drove  all the way to St. Augustine,Florida  a city with abundant history, an enjoyable coastal weather along with loads  to try and do and discover. It truly is,  perhaps the most well-known European settled city in America, even now, running  under its authentic name,founded 1565.

 5 Days in St. Augustine Florida itinerary With Family:

Day 1: 
After 3 hours driving we arrived in  St. Agustine. Drove around the area and had lunch. 
  • Casa Monica Hotel- Check-in.
  • lunch at Barnacle Bills
  • Booked for a Ghost tour-the tour starts around 8:30 p.m.
  • Shopping-downtown in St. Augustine
  • Tour at Ripley's Believe It or Not 
  • Castillo De San Marco National Monument
  • Dinner at Columbia Restaurants.

Day 2: Enjoying the Beach and Alligator:
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant, 95 Cordova
  • St. Augustine beach-enjoy the sun,sunscreen,san and sand castle for Little Travelentz.
  • Lunch at Mcdonald
  • StAugustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park 
  • Dinner at Santa Maria Restaurant
Went back to the hotel and took a nap,Little travelentz is so tired and complaint it's too hot.

Day 3: History and Wine tasting:
We like  the area and we don't care if we will go back next time. The place has   a lot things to offer for everyone.
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant,95 Cordova
  • Light house and museum tour.
  • Winery sebastian tour and tasting.
  • White chocolate tour and shopping.
  • Lunch at Green Tea
  • Lightner musem tour
  • Flagler College tour
  • Dinner at Catch 27

Day 4: Get some exercise-Enjoying the outdoor.
  • Breakfast in the hotel restaurant,95 Cordova
  • Greek Orthodox National Shrine
  • Fountain of youth
  • Lunch at Casa Benedetto's Italian Caffe
  • Enjoy the pool at the Casa Monica Hotel
  • Dinner at Spy-Japanese Restaurant.

Day 5: Hard to leave
 Heading back home 
  • Shopping at St. Augustine outlet
  • Lunch at Subway
  • Enjoy the road.
  • dinner at Chili's reaturant

Its a marathon vacation and we all had a great time.My feet sore but seeing all these kind of places and learned the history was all worth, we're all lucky to enjoy all the technology now a days.


  1. wow tha ghost tour would be so amazing to try haha and casa monica hotel looks stunning! Like a mini castle would be nice to expereince staying in that kind of hotel too!

  2. A very nice trip to an amazing place:) Lucky you!

  3. St. Augustine, FL is a must-visit place! Your photos just confirmed by belief! It is one of the places in my wish to travel list. I hope we can visit it someday!

  4. There are so any beautiful places to see in Florida and this one is one of them.

  5. seems like you had a wonderful vacation Mhie, glad you were able to find an alternative plan after plan A did not push through. love the lighting in your pics.

  6. First of all, I hate doing rush things yung bang 'instant' plans lang. But I see you did enjoyed this short vacation. Ang ganda naman ng placve eh.

  7. the wood school house is what I love most here :) all your travel shots are very interesting and make me want to be able to visit St. Augustine Florida someday too :) Happy travelling :)

  8. Traveling is really one of the things that I'm passionate about. I really hope to travel to these wonderful places you've shared.

  9. Castillo De San Marco caught me in a surprise... I so love the scenery.

  10. That was a great travel experience indeed! The Csstilo De San Marco pic. reminds me of our very own Fort Santiago.

  11. thanks for bringing us into your journey...you've got days packed with fun for sure! i bet Little M enjoyed the trip! :) love the panoramic view of the place. looking forward on your next journey...