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Ice Skating shows at Freedom of the Seas

Ice Skating shows at Freedom of the Seas is one of the popular shows that  needs reservation and one of the best entertainment they have. All of us had a good great time even "Little Travelentz" loves it. She glued in this show. 

I reserved the whole family around 3:30 p.m but I ask them to change to 5:30 p.m. so our little ones had  enough time to sleep. I was surprise 3:30 p.m. shows was one of the popular and everyone wants to get that time. When I ask to change my reservation on Air B, I don't have any problem because 5:30 p.m. is not full that time.

The Cast of Ice Skating shows
Ice Skating Shows is phenomenal. I feel i'm in  the winter olympic rink and I can't believe I saw it in live. All the performers are awesome. So, if you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary.
They allowed you to take photos as many as you want but you can't take any video.
That's a lot of hula-hoop but she's one of a kind and knows what she's doing. 
I guess she's one from Japan. 
As you know there are six common jumps that are recognizes by the Ice Skating Union: 
  • Toe-loop-the skater leaps into the air and twist left leg.Invented in 1920 by American skater Bruce Mapes. 
  • Salchow-invented in 1908 at Sweden's Ulrich Salchow -gold medalist.
  • Loop-jump-invented in 1910 by German skater Werner Rittberger .
  • Flip jump-was invented in 1913 by American skater Bruce Mapes 
  • Lutz jump- toe jump was invented  in 1930 by Austrian athlete Alois Lutz . One of it is a difficult jump for most skaters because of the counter-rotational entry
  • Axel- was the most difficult  edge jump that was invented in 1882 by Norway's Axel Paulsen.



  1. I super enjoy your photos Mhie :) I personally love watching Ice skating. My dream when I was a kid is to see the Disney on Ice :)

  2. awesome, I love the hula-hoop woman! I don't think I will ever be able to do what she does! one hula-hoop is too much for me to handle :) thank you once again for taking me on a marvelous trip virtually...for now I could only dream of seeing such a show :) have a meaningful lenten season :)

  3. I so admire people who can dance while in skating shoes! Must be fantastic to watch them!

  4. What an amazing experience to watch live ice skating shows inside the cruise ship. That hoola hoop girl surely got everyone's attention.

  5. wow! im so jealous! I hope I can get to watch live ice skating performance someday. Nice shots!!

  6. The photos speak for themselves. 'Twas a great show indeed.

  7. Look how talented they are :-) I can't hardly skates :-( these professionals looks amazing :-) I bet it is an exciting show to watch :-)

  8. I'm sure my family will enjoy watching a show like this especially my daughter who is showing much interest in ice-skating.

  9. how awesome was that...I wish Carnival has something like this....:)

  10. wow..as in wow! and i think most of us will like that hola hoop girl..great!

  11. It must be such an awesome experience for you and your entire family, Mhie! I love all of it! And what's making it even more wonderful is that everything is captured by your lenses! Simply magnificent shots!

  12. The girl with the countless hola hoops is the best of all! I'm sure you had a wonderful moment shared with the ones you love <3