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Visiting Madrid, the Modern Capital of Spain

If you are thinking about going to Madrid, then you will be very surprised at how efficient the transport system is. However, if you want to make sure that you fully enjoy the city capitol of Spain, then the best thing to do for you to do would be to rent a car as soon as you get off that plane at Madrid Airport. Renting a car might be cheaper in the long run and of course it provides you with all the freedom you need to go anywhere you want and at the time that fits you best. No more waiting around for trains or buses, just hop in the comfort of your rental car and enjoy the smooth drive around city of Madrid.

Madrid is very famous for its monuments and for being home to one of the most important art museums of the world: the Museo del Prado. If you are into history, art and culture then you cannot absolutely miss a visit to the Museo del Prado. You will be very happily surprised at how big it is and how many famous, rare and important paintings it hosts and not just from Spanish artists. In the Museo del Prado you will be able to admire up close paintings of Salvador Dali, Francisco de Goya, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens and many more. If history and culture is your cup of tea, you have to make sure you pay a visit to the Royal Palace of Madrid and close to it you can also find the famous Plaza de Oriente where you can take a walk and enjoy the landmarks.
However, if you are not into history or arts, Madrid has lots of other attractions that will surely meet your tastes. For example, if you are into nature and want to spend as much time as possible being in the open air enjoy the warm and sunny days of Spain, then you might want to visit the breath-taking scenary of Retiro Park. There, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and artfully placed flower arrangements, sit on a bench in secluded parts of the park and enjoy being surrounded by birds and green.
The beauty of having your own rental car is also that you can visit other places and cities besides Madrid, so that you can make the most out of your Spanish vacation. For example, you can drive to Toledo, the old capital of Spain, in your own rental car and it will only take you 45 minutes.

More Attractions and Restaurants
If you enjoy your night life, you will be happy to find many nightclubs in Madrid, each one with its own specific theme and customized cocktails. Madrid also offers a wide variety of different cuisines so that you can make sure to find the food that most tickles your taste buds. However, Madrid, like the rest of Spain, offers amazing restaurants where you can eat the best paella ever.

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