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Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas onboard Experience Day 1

The time has come and Travelentz's family onboard around 1:30 p.m. for the first time in Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas.

view from deck 11,Cape Canaveral,Florida

Planning- Before the actual vacation I did  a lot of research prior the cruise vacation. I read some forums,blogs  and cruise critics about the Freedom of the Seas. I gather all the information and decide what should we do regarding the:

  • Beverage Packages-In Royal Caribbean they have different packages of soda, juice, bottled water,alcoholic beverage.We're so-so if we have to buy any of the packages but some in the forum doesn't really agree that you have to buy the package if you're not a big drinker. In short you know yourself very well. Beside I  read  complain about the soda and it is cheaper to buy a can of soda  if you want.
  • DreamWorks Breakfast Character- I decided to book this one for "little travelentz''. I'll post separate about the breakfast character on Day 6.

  • Shore and Land Excursions-I research all the excursions in CocoCay,Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie,St. Thomas and   Philipsburg,St. Maarten. So I have an idea what is best for my parents-in-law at the same time I consider their capability.
  • Entertainment- Mother-in-law and I booked online all the entertainment that offer in the Royal Caribbean and of it is the Ice Show.
  • Room- Sucks and disappointed when I booked I choose the connecting room as I understand that our room would be connecting each other considering  I order two stateroom. Hubby and I was surprise that we're not connected. I called the Royal Caribbean to change our room so sad to hear  I have to pay in order to get a connecting room. We're so disappointed and it was  hard for my parents-in-law considering their walking capability is not good anymore.So we decided to be in the same floor but  we're end-to end and that was so hard since they don't have a free mobile phone like in Disney Dream Cruise that you can carry anywhere.

Wake up- All of us wake up over the cup of the coffee ops not me. I'm not a coffee freak.I enjoy different kinds of tea every morning or hot  vanilla chocolate ( I have acid reflux with coffee so it's a big no for me).

Breakfast- As it says: Breakfast is important meal so I can't escape my breakfast  plus snacks in between meals. hehehehe.
Eggs benedict

As you know we stayed around  Gainsville,Florida so we  have 2 hours away from Port Canaveral. We decided to hit the road once everyone were ready. Going to Port Canaveral was an easy, partly sunny day and  thanks it was not congested on the road.

Park 'n Cruise- We decided to use the valet parking outside the port so we can save some bucks, not a lot but it's worth saving and the company has free shuttle going to the ship back and forth so no hassle and they taking care of us really good.

No luggage tag-We don't have a luggage tag yet. When we arrive we ask one guy who was there so he give us some tag and write down our stateroom number. Gratuities depends to you.

Check-in time- We check-in  online one week before we sail. The check-in process was easy except the long queue.
Windjammer offers breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet at deck 11

Lunch in Windjammer-We went to deck 11 for lunch buffet.After lunch we check our room and met our hostess.My luggage came early but hubby's luggage was not there until 6 p.m.

Note: All cruise has mandatory drill for safety in-case something happen. The drill will take place before the sailing and all passengers need to comply and they will check it so don't forget to bring your cruise card ID.After the drill we find snacks.

Deck 5-At Freedom of the seas, all goodies that are open 24 hours is on deck 5. Complimentary pizza and sandwich. If you wish to buy they have ice cream, cup cakes.
Age is just a number. It's totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.
~Joan Collins ~

No packages of Beverage- When we arrive the beverage is not complimentary in Freedom of the Seas. We ask in the desk about it.You have to buy Coca-cola package for $6.50 x 7 days=Coca-Cola souvenir cup. Juice bottle is another cost if you have to buy.Travelentz' family doesn't want to spend the  package of Coco-cola  considering  all of the family needs to buy and hubby is not a big soda and we don't allow my daughter to drink soda as well.Beside I can't drink the $6.50 of Coca-cola everyday.I just drink a glass or a can so  I only purchase a can of coca-cola though if I am really thirsty,otherwise I bought the special drinks of the day.

Complimentary Drinks- The only complimentary drinks are juice, tea, coffee and water the  especial juice and coffee is another cost.

Wine- Considering none of us purchase the beverage packages. We buy wine every night and enjoy our dinner in main dining.
Sail-away party,Deck 11

Adventure Ocean- This is sucks the registration starts 7:00 p.m. and the live show  starts at the same time. Good thing the registration was quick and simple and I filled-up the form as fast as I can so we can watch the show.

Live show-We did not finish the live show "little travelentz" wants  to go out and she gets bored in the theater. What should I say, she's the boss ( "Little Travelentz").The show was fantastic and I love it.

Forgot what show is this.

Main dining- We're on a second seating every night and the dinner starts 8:00 p.m. but it works out good for us and we love it. First night,Parents-in-law get lost and they don't get it so they ended in buffet dinner in deck 11. We ate by ourselves and finally parents-in-law arrived and they just had dessert with and told them where they go every night.
our table for 7 days

After our dinner we went to our room for the good night sleep. I don't stay late at night or else I get sick if I  don't have  enough sleep and we have a toddler it is hard to be a party goer. Some people are still awake and have a great time in some entertainment that the Royal Caribbean International prepared. Our room was quite and peaceful that you would not notice you're on the ship.
Pool at night
See you on Next post : Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas onboard Experience Day 2.



  1. This post is...WOW! as in super WOW! what a great family adventure on board a majestic cruise.

  2. Wow! pwede mainggit? Such a nice experience for a family to have to be on a luxury cruise. you guys ar so lucky :)

  3. Wow, Shrek and Fiona, my kids favorite Disney character ever! Love your captures!

  4. oh same here Mhie, I am not a party goer, can't stay late at night or else I get sick, terribly sick and weak, I always have to see to it that I sleep early to enjoy the days. Thanks for sharing your experience on this trip, it is a very helpful review.

  5. YAY! I am so green with envy! I wish I could get on a cruise one day soon. *Wishful thinking with dreamy dreamy eyes*

    Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful adventure. I love all your photos. As always. :-)

  6. This is a beautiful cruise to take with the family. I hope my family will have the chance to experience one in the future.

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    cheers for sharing! :)

  8. This one is in my bucket list!

    It's just awesome!!!

  9. Traveling on cruise is such a dream come true for me. I had fun reading your post Sis. Grabe naman ang pagre-research, bongga!

  10. I feel sad for you about the problems you encounter with the room. Pero seeing all the other photos, I believe you had fun with your hubby and inlaws.

  11. Wow this is so fun Mhie love it ;) esp the entertainment and food. I hope we can experience the cruise someday.

  12. Amazing! I still can't get myself on a cruise. I just can't and I'm not sure why. Not even Disney cruises can make me go "all-aboard!" I hope you all had fun despite of the room issue.

    Are the places you mentioned all your port of calls for this cruise?

  13. My in-law works in one of RC cruise ships and once told me na 'napakaganda raw ng service nila'. Now, I believe him. your kasi is a grand experience. Kakaingit ka girl.