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5 safe ways carry different currencies overseas

One thing that you must not forget to bring with you when traveling overseas is money. Money is needed for dining, shopping, hotel accommodations and to simply be able to pay for anything that you may want to do while traveling. Most travelers are a bit skeptical about carrying a large amount of their currency with them, as it can lead to risks of getting pick-pocketed. By taking advantage of these safe ways to carry different currencies overseas, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your holiday without the constant worry of losing your cash.

Credit Cards

Traveling with credit cards is by far one of the best, easiest and safest ways to pay for things while traveling abroad. Credit cards are especially recommended for large purchases such as hotel accommodations, airline tickets and dining out, since you do not want to carry around that kind of money with you. Credit cards can typically be used in any country any will use the interbank exchange rate on your purchases. This means that you do not have to convert your currency yourself and are able to shop without worry.

Debit Cards

Carrying debit cards overseas is another popular option for travelers. Just like credit cards, when you use your debit card at a shop or restaurant, it will use the interbank exchange rate. This exchange rate will also be applied when making withdrawals from ATMs. Simply swipe your card and acquire cash in that country's currency whenever you need it. In the event that a credit card or debit card is lost or stolen, they can easily be reported missing, keeping your money safe and sound. Also consider buying a travel cash passport from retailers such as Travel Money Oz which allows you to store a few different currencies in one card.

Travelers Checks

Taking travelers checks overseas in different currencies is a much safer and secure option than carrying cash with you. These checks can be acquired in advance at most travel agencies by simply providing them with your desired amount of money and receiving the amount of checks that you would like in return. These are great to have as an emergency back-up option in the event that you can find find an ATM to withdraw money. Travelers checks can also be replaced if lost or stolen during your holiday.


Although many tend to steer clear of carrying cash with them in their currency while traveling overseas, it can be helpful to have some money on you. This is highly recommended to have for at least the first day or two of your holiday before you are able to find a currency exchange office or ATM to withdraw cash in that country's currency. Foreign currency can also be obtained at the airport before traveling abroad.

Money Wires

Wiring money overseas is another safe and effective way of acquiring currency while away. In just a few minutes time, money can be wired from nearly anywhere in the world and ready for pick-up at the closest money wiring office to you. Fees do apply when using this method of sending money overseas.


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