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Fun things to do in Paris in one day

I never been in Paris but husband is been in Paris for many times for business trip and  liesure.Because of the perks he had,he has time to enjoy Paris every weekend.Actually the longest time he stay is 2 weeks if there is a big kick off in his department. He stayed at the hotel most of the time because the company's pay off. 
Notre Dame Cathedral

Since he's been there for many times,he tells me in his next business trip his planning  to stay at    paris luxury vacation rentals so he can bring the family without breaking the bank, and he recommend me there are fun things I can do while his at work.

Fun things to do in Paris in one day, but first learn these two  words  "bonjour" and "merci" courtesies so you have fun.

Shopping-Shopping and travel goes together like buying souvenirs. Paris has its won fashion that is attempting to all women. 

Food-This is my favorite all time if I'm traveling. Good food,drinks and eat like a local where I can taste the authentic food.

Eiffel Towel-You have to buy ticket online in advance, so you don't   waste your time in a long queue.Hubby told me the best time to visit is before sunset and dine-in for dinner. It's beautiful there. They offer food and shopping so its all in one.

Hop-on hop-off bus tour-If you have no time at all but you want to visit the most visited places in Paris this is one thing you might consider.

 Notre Dame Cathedral-If you love architectural, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of most visited church in Paris.Go early as possible to avoid long queue.

Walk around-If you want to explore and learn new things,walking around Paris is  most tourist has done and feel and see things that you may want to see by foot.



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