Toledo Zoo with family

Every time I visited my parents-in-law we stop- at  this time at Toledo Zoo  and do some side trips since the driving is 10-11 hours-I know that is to much for a 2 year old-well, "Little travelentz" is really good on the road I make sure she is busy and brought some toys and her IPAD-(for movies and games).10 hours driving is easy for us the road is flat and we usually leave before/after rush hour. I don't drive-if I drove only one hour I can't handle the 10 hours and fall asleep all the time in the car,hahaha.
We decided this time to have some side trips the Toledo Zoo with family. Toledo Zoo is good for all kids, family and even photographer.What I like most in Toledo Zoo is   the exhibit gives you a real up close experience.
We don't have a chance to see the butterfly sanctuary since the tour is on schedule.  
Kids fun in Toledo Zoo:
Water and barefoot=FUN 
Little Travelentz tries to got some rocks while walking barefoot  on the man made river for kids.
Toledo Zoo Garden and Conservatory:
About Toledo Zoo:
Under 2 Years Free
Children (under 12) $11.00
Adults $14.00

2 Hippo Way  Toledo, OH 43609

Travelentz Family tips about Toledo Zoo:
-If you are a member of any Zoo-bring your members card and if permits you have 50% discounts and that's a huge savings  for family. Check in reciprocal Zoo to know more about.
-During winter season Toledo Zoo offers a 50% off discount on General admission-Please check there website for more information.
Quick bite for a hungry tummy-there cafe is really cool at Toledo Zoo,they design like animals cage.My share for: R We There Yet Mom?Budget Travelers Sandbox and Delicious Baby's Photo Friday.
Location: 2 Hippo Way, Toledo, OH 43609, USA


  1. Wahh na-bloggerstruck yung fish napanganga talaga kita ang ngalangala hehehe oi mhie dear namiss din kita eto o buhay pako! mwahugs! Btw new layout ng blog mo?

  2. Nakakatakot yun fish, feeling ko kakainin nya ako! haha, ambilis mo naman maubusan ng energy pag nag-drive.. ang cute ni little t, parang kabado sa gagawin nya..

  3. katakot fish no? Buti sa picture lang sya. kung ako makakuha nyan sa fish hook ko, baka maitapon ko pati pamingwit. hi hi. anyway, nice place for children:)

  4. Looks like a great side trip when you're traveling and need a break from the car.

  5. The Toledo Zoo is awesome, I haven't been back there since I was a kid (I grew up maybe an hour from there). That Conservatory building you took a picture of is very old, I think built in 1904, and there are a number of buildings in the zoo that are really neat old buildings. I noticed also that you have a post about lighthouse in Georgia - if ever you take your family to Sandusky, Ohio, be sure to go just a few miles away to Marblehead, Ohio to the Marblehead Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse in continuous operation (since 1822) on all 5 of the Great Lakes. It's a gorgeous place, really nice and your beautiful little daughter will enjoy it! Sometimes the Coast Guard opens up the spiral staircase to the public and you can go up inside the lighthouse.