Amazing Arches National Park,Utah

Park Avenue-our first stop after the visitor centre.
One of our road trip plan was to go in Arches National Park, Utah.The formation is amazing. It's a great family park with foot trails to many features.We spent our day by driving and walked a mile sometime to see the beauty of the Arches.We're thankful the weather was perfect and  no rain.We paid 10 bucks for 7 day passes.

What is Arches?
Delicate Arch
  • Arches National Park is a U.S. National Park in eastern Utah.
  •  Preserving over 2000 natural sandstone archesincluding the world-famous Delicate Arch.
  • The national park lies atop an underground evaporite layer or salt bed.
Family Fun Things to do in Arches National Park,Utah.
Balance Rock-
  • Scenic Driving-We did the scenic driving which saves our time and walk a mile to see closer the arches.They have a parking space but some of it are busy especially when we want to see the Devils Garden.Lots of people and had a hard time to parked our car. But worth to wait and patience just to find the parking space.
  • Photography-If you love photography the best time to shoot during sunset and sunrise.
  • Hiking-They have a hiking trails that some make it easy even to kids. The hardest part we walked was going to Delicate Arch and we have to carry my daughter since we have to climbed gradually.
  • Camping-You can do camping but make a reservation or call for more information in their office.
We're getting closer as I thought.Mom's role to posed, Dad's role to carry our baby..hehhehe
Travel tips:
Turret Arch
  • Bring water and snacks for hiking if you have kids.
  • Wear comfy hiking shoes.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Early birds is always the best to avoid the crowds.
  • Don't go during holidays-Lots of people.

Location: Arches Entrance Rd, Arches National Park, UT, USA


  1. Thanks for the free virtual tour and the tips. At least I have seen these place through your blog. Beautiful pictures:)

  2. Ang ganda ganda dyan sarap mg photo session. hehehe! I love all the photos!

  3. Hi There, We visited the Arches last Summer when we were traveling out west... We need to go back sometime. We got there when it was over 90 degrees and there were a trillion people around... It was not a great experience --although we loved seeing the area and all of the arches. Thanks for the gorgeous photos.


  4. There you go, detailed and complete arch photos - it's location and surroundings! I'm loving these arches, as I said it's a dream place to see and capture with my cam, it's rare that we can see such here. is your hubby a camera shy, seems he likes talikod effect too! just kidding Mhie ha.

  5. Amazing rock formations! That balance rock and so the others that look like rocks stacked up on each other, isang rock lang ba yun o iba-ibang rocks na nakakabit sa isa't isa? Just wondering what if hindi and then mahulog yung nasa ibabaw??

  6. I agree with Joy, "free virtual tour and tips" THANKS sis!

    I just fixed my blog roll and your site should be in it, but ewan minsan nawawala yung ibang links. Let me know pls pag napansin mong nawala eto sa roll lol.

  7. Great pictures!! Thank you so much for linking up & sharing them with us! I hope to see this in person next summer!

  8. Amazing photos of the Arches - would love to visit there someday!

  9. Looks beautiful, but it looks really hot too. I don't know if you could get me out of my car and the air conditioning. I'll just look at your pictures instead.

  10. So majestic! What an awesome capture.

  11. See first time this place. Pictures showing perfectly it's beauty.

  12. Gorgeous photos. I want to visit this park someday!

  13. Lovely pictures. Amazing rock formations! =)