3 Years of Being a Mom!

Last week, it was my daughter's birthday,3 years of being a Mom-was the best thing happen in my life. I'll be honest with you this is the best career I ever had in my whole life. Raising a child is a big responsibilities, no-coding, no uniform-no real boss and most of all no resignation, 24/7  and 365 days on  the job-lol..

Remember, having a child makes you not to be selfish-but I guess I am selfish, as of now I  have one  child and its been a roller coaster. Don't get me wrong I was on labour for 18 hours just tried to have a   normal delivery. My OB was  oppsssss since they don't know that my baby was 8.8 lbs. and I can't really delivered it in normal-in short I was on emergency Cesarean Section after 18 hours of labour plus pain-thanks to Epidural.

3 Years of Being a Mom:
  • Happy and Content in life as stay at home mom- I have a luxury to  travel and my own time.
  • Raised my own child.
  • enjoying my free time through blogging and get some extra money.

If you ask me,I'm  thankful to God coz I have an opportunity to raise my child and watched all her developments through these years. Becoming a mom was a great opportunity for me, I've been matured and always think the best for my child.

3 year-old developments of "Little Travelentz"

  • stinker
  • goofball
  • knows  the toys advertisement in  TV and ask to buy-and she will said "tell Grandme" ( her grandmother hahaha-she is a spoiled brat but a good baby).
  • Helps clean and arrange her toys before bed time.
  • Likes dance and balls.
  • Can say all her Alphabets and count numbers 1-40.
  • Difficulty of saying 4.
  • not scared a water-and loves to swim.
  • Recognized her animals very well.
  • precisely-scary cat.
  • eager to learn and interested in reading.
  • she has reading class every Monday and Thursday.
  • know what she want to do and eat.
  • she likes Disney Princess.
  • she traveled 19 States out of 50 States in the US and one out of the Country (Philippines).
  • she's not allowed to have a barbie doll.lol
  • she's cautious on everything.
  • she's shy at first but once you know "Little Tavelentz" and she gets to know you she's sweet and silly.
  • as of now she loves "My Little Pony".
How about you,How has becoming a mom changed your life?



  1. Wow, she had learned all that? It shows that you really are a good mom. Happy birthday to your sweet adorable daughter:)

  2. Happy Birthday to little Travelentz and congratulations to the proud mom!

    1. Thank you sis.samantalahin ko muna this time habang bata pa sya now.hehehhe

  3. It's the most beautiful profession in the world! And I'm a proud member!: -) The moments that we shared with our child is priceless and nothing in this world can ever compare to what we have.So cheers mommy!

  4. Congrats Sis. Indeed, motherhood is the best career ever! :)

    Happy birthday to your baby girl :)

  5. i love your journal of what your baby daughter could do now in three years, i am not a mom, but i so agree with you, being a mom is the best career in the world because who you work for returns you with love and kisses :)

    happy birthday to your baby girl

  6. Happy Birthday to your cute daughter.

  7. Happy birthday baby!!! wow, for a 3 yrs old, you've accomplished a lot, good job! and good job kay mommy for being 24/7 loving mother!! hugs and kisses for both of you!!

  8. She is one lucky daughter for having a full-time Mom Like you, Mhie. I loved how you see your job as: no-coding, no uniform-no real boss and most of all no resignation.24/7 and 365 days on duty! You are a gem!

    It's good to be back here at your blog. Been in absentia for half a year.

    See you around!

  9. Happy birthday little baby... ang swerte niya po having you as her mother, to the max ang pagmamahal at alaga. :D