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Cheekwood TreeHouses with my Parents-In-Law

Ocean of Notion
My Parents-in-law came down for a week to attended "Little Travelentz" birthday party, we decided to spent a day in Cheeckwood TreeHouses with my parents-in-law. We picked the best day on the week the weather is perfect so we all enjoyed the Cheekwood TreeHouses. 
Inside the Rainbow fish.
Chekwood Treehouses was impressive, how I wish we have one in our backyard.As you know this is my second time in Cheekwood-it was hard to took pictures and push the stroller of "Little Travelentz",hubby needs to work on that day.
Rainbow Fish
The Cheekwood TreeHouses is uniqued and very artistic.Little Travelentz  had so much fun and doesn't want to leave the treehouses. We need to  bribe  "ice cream"  just to go home.
Conch House
Travel tips: Early is the best time to go or late in the afternoon to avoid the crowd. As you know, kids has so much fun in all the TreeHouses.
Walden TreeHouse
The Walden Treehouse is one of  "Little Travelentz"favourite-You know why? because all the kids went inside the Walden TreeHouse, pretend they're cooking or  served juice, and salad. They picked- up some acorn or nuts, grass and made it salad.lol. 
Inside The Walden TreeHouse.



  1. the rainbow fish looks very unique, and the lay structures one of a kind. your daughter looks cute.

  2. kahit ako, matutuwa ng bongga jan! Gusto ko din maglaro, haha..

    Taray nun rainbow fish, pero fave ko din yun Walden, parang bahay bahayan talaga ang peg!

  3. Nakakaingit maging bata! Play and play and have fun:)ANyway, I am happy for your sweet little girl that she is having fun:)

  4. Looks like your cute little girl had loads of fun! Ganda naman ng place na yan. :)

  5. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

  6. Sounds like a fun day especially for the pretty little girl! Belated happy birthday to "Little Travelentz" :)

  7. Very creative and colorful sis. Looks like every one is having a good day...