Birthday girl at Aquarium Restaurant-Nashville TN

The ceiling and decoration of Aquarium Restaurant
We asked the birthday where she wants to go on her birthday. We showed her some brochure that is around in TN. The birthday girl picked the Aquarium Restaurant at Nashville Tennessee. Well, we're not surprised if she picked the Aquarium Restaurant because she loves fishes. The second choices she had was the zoo, since we have family passes we went at the Nashville Zoo after we ate at the Aquarium Restaurant. 
the wall decoration.
Aquarium Restaurant was a little bit busy during that time, we needed to wait 10 minutes before we got a table. Its not really bad to wait because in the waiting area you could saw all these fishes in the aquarium and the birthday girl was fascinated and happy.
Bowl of Tortilla Soup-Love it.
After 10 minutes waiting, the employee asked us to follow her on  our table and our server came. We're not really hungry, we just ordered appetizers  and kids meal with birthday girl choices and dessert. The food was good and the server was really nice to us. She explained the aquarium and what kind of fish they have in the big aquarium. 

We ordered the Castway Combo- in the platter it has Crispy Calamari,Shrimp & Crab Dip served with tri- color tortilla chips and homemade Fried Cheese with Marinara Sauce. I like most in the platter was the Crispy Calamari and I don't care for Fried Cheese.

The birthday girl got the Pirate's Pasta with Alfredo Pasta and didn't finished it.
It was pretty cool when you want a dessert, your server will bring a fancy tray that is full of dessert and you can pick easily. So the birthday girl got what she wants on her birthday and she was happy about it.

Everyone knows it was her birthday that day since she wore  a shirt saying " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME" with pink tutu.hehheheh



  1. Wow, she's lovely! Happy happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! Ang ganda ng resto! At na-boost naman talaga ang appetite ko sa mga appetizer, hihi..

  2. How fun! It must have been great dining with all those fishes.

  3. Oh nakakagigil tlaga ang birthday girl. I am glad that all of you had fun. Happy birthday little sweet girl:)

  4. Happy birthday to your lovely little daughter, Mhie. Whatta glorious foodie treat! Everything looked so yum!

  5. Your little girl definitely enjoyed her birthday not just for the place and the food but most especially with the love and support of the people around her.

    Happy Birthday to your little girl Sis. Kisses!

  6. Happy birthday to your daughter!> Great food pics made me drool and hungry. It's a unique resto ha with the nice aquarium in it!

  7. Sarap ng mga inorder nyo ah ;) Belated happy birthday ulit sa prinsesa mo :)

  8. Belated Happy Birthday sa lovely girl mo. Wow! sosy ang place.

  9. belated happy birthday to your little girl, and oh wow, that is one great way of celebrating birthday, having her make a choice where to spend it, how and what to eat :) love the idea.