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Nashville Zoo at Grassmere with family passes

This Year we decided to purchased  family passes at Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. This is our second family passes in Zoo. Our first passes was Detroit Zoo.I'll be honest having a family passes saves us some money and time to fall in line. 

Jungle Gym
Advantages of  having a family passes at Nashville Zoo.

  • Unlimited visits in the said Zoo.
  • Members program.
  • Free parking space.
  • Reciprocal Zoo-means we have a discounts in  Zoo around the States that is included in Reciprocal Zoo. And most of it is 50% discounts which is pretty good.
Meerkat viewing-kids had so much fun to go on the tube.
More things to see in Nashville Zoo @ Grassmere:

Animals Show:

Little Travelentz had a blast every time we visited the Zoo, and now we she's the one will tell us if she wants to go in the zoo.Her favourite animals in Nashville Zoo are elephant,zebra,monkey and the fish.
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  1. I like the idea of watching the animal in the tube!! I too love going to the Zoo!

  2. ha ha same here Juana! I would love that viewing from the tube. There's a chance that the animals will get closer to you and it's still safe :)

  3. I love going to zoo too and watches different kinds of animals. I love the first picture of the bird:)

  4. Whoa! Look at that jungle gym! My son would scream with glee if he saw that. Will need to go visit our friend sin Nashville and check out the zoo soon.

  5. This looks like an incredible zoo! I love the jungle gym!

  6. Love your first photo. As an adult I got a yearly pass to practice photography at the Calgary Zoo.

  7. I've never seen a lorikeet. Are they usually this stunning? Wow!

  8. That tube kind of reminds me of aquariums. Very neat!