Family spent New year in Philippines

It will be a year later when my family spent New Year in Philippines.It was a mixed emotions for all of us, after the following day we had to left in Gensan and flew in Boracay then back home to US.

All the children are fall asleep in one bedroom, we don't wake  them up even in midnight.We're kinda worried for "little m" she's new with all the fireworks and got scared during Christmas.

We decided this time to spent in my brother's house we're we had potluck.After dinner we headed to their home bring our own favourite dishes. The kids are all excited to see each other.

The guys started their liquor. We had  to wait till midnight and no napped, gossh it was hard for me, I never used to it, but I tried till 1 p.m, then went to bed.

We had  countdown by fireworks. hehehe...Hubby and R excited since they don't have it in their country during new year fireworks where they can do it.My hubby love fireworks so he had fun doing it. 

The food are great and I love it. We started to   nibbled and parlour games till  midnight,we're full,tired but happy.

Thanks, the kids are all worn out, they're fall asleep and never heard anything.



  1. Oh...nothing's more perfect than celebrating Christmas and New Year in the Philippines! The foods look so yummy!

    Visiting from happiness is .....

  2. really great time you have there. love the photos of the food.
    late visit here for happiness is...

  3. kakagutom, Mhie, love your food pictures again, so inviting, and the fireworks too. I am like you, it is hard for me to stay so late in the night, not used to anymore, i sleep as early as 9 pm :)