Underground Adventure at Rickwood Caverns

Hubby asked me what should we do on the weekend. I told him I really don't know since we almost visited the attractions nearby in our home, For our surprised we missed the Rickwood caverns in Alabama. Travelentz.com decided to go on Rickwood caverns with family. This time I packed some snacks and drinks. As you know If you're visiting caverns make sure you always bring some snacks and drinks most of the caverns has few snacks especially if you're watching your diet. In Rickwood we really had fun after our tour we go hiking in the trail and my little one enjoyed in their playground. The price is reasonable. Rickwood caverns is located at 370 Rickwood Park Road  Warrior, Alabama 35180

Things to do in Rickwood Caverns:
a. Explore the caves.
b. have picnic after the tour.
c. you can bring your RV and do camping.
d.go swimming after the tour so don't forget your swim suit.
e.Gemstone mining.
The tour guide is really friendly.Do you know that Rickwood Caverns still contains active "living formations," as mineral-laden water droplets build colorful structures and flowstones. Rickwood Cave reveals that it was carved from an ocean bed - shell fragments and fossils of marine life are clearly visible along the cavern ceiling and walls. Many curiosities are featured on guided tours of the "miracle mile" at Rickwood Caverns State Park.You can visit to their website for more about the Rickwood Caverns. 
Little m doesn't want camera. She doesn't want you to take some picture of her. Hope she would change when she grows up.

Location: 370 Rickwood Park Rd, Warrior, AL 35180, USA


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