Saying Goodbye to Family in Philippine

Gosh!!! I can't imagine saying Goodbye to Family in Philippines during that day. My parents are really sad  because I left and they misses ''little m''. lol!!! Saying goodbye is not always easy? This is the most words that everyone doesn't want to use. But in reality we have to  face whether it hurts.

Being away with my family sometime is good and sometime is a bad idea especially they're getting old.If you ask me when is my plan to go back in my country? I don't know when yet? I have some plan as of now and that is to find a real job before I want to go back in my hometown.

My sister went back  home at Australia at the same time I left considering she is studying a computer design  and she found a  deal out  of Student Flights for great holiday deals and travel inspirations. Though its her residency now but still she told me there are a lot things to see and enjoy the landmarks of Australia

Maybe next time we'll bring my parents in Australia with my sister's place were she invited us in their home so we could show to my parents her residency.I never been in that country but if given a chance I will definitely grab the opportunity.


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