Christmas at Biltmore house with Family

Christmas at Biltmore house with Family was the best escapades we did with my in-laws this month of December. We had so much fun and above all we had a great time and the weather was perfect during our tour in the house.

Hubby  took some video when I took this photo..

We drove 5 hours  to Ashville,North Carolina and enjoy the rest of the day in the area. The following day we stayed whole day and the candle light tour in the Biltmore house. Photography is allowed only outside the house.When we arrived we parked and did the Biltmore house where they had a complimentary shuttle bus service going to the mansion.

What is Biltmore?
"Biltmore is a Châteauesque-styled mansion near AshevilleNorth Carolina, built by George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889 and 1895. It is the largest privately-owned home in the United States, at 135,000 square feet and featuring 250 rooms." 
The front and the side of Biltmore house
You have to buy one ticket with four attractions and self-self guided tour at:
1.Biltmore House
3.Antler Hill Village

Things to do in Biltmore:
a. Enjoy the scenery.
b. shopping-we do some shopping at the Antler Hill Village.
c. wine tasting is one of our favourite
d. dine-in the restaurants and enjoy the food- The food are great and I love it so much.
Coffee and ice cream with strawberry flavor was a good treat after two hours the tour in Biltmore house.The ice cream is really good.
This is our first time with my hubby to visited the House of Biltmore and second time of my in-laws. I'll be honest the place is impressive,from the house, the landscaping, the surrounding and the christmas decorations is inspiring where you really feel the spirit of Christmas.It's a little bit pricey and I hope they'll have a separate ticket next time because I really want to go back and just visit the Garden.
This is outside in the gift shop."Little m" was patient to watched while it turns around slowly.

"Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone."
                              ~Charles Schulz~



  1. wow, looks like a very grand place to visit...whew, I hope you get to visit it again so we can see the garden through your lens...the strawberry ice cream photo is making me crave here hmmmmm yum! love all the photos
    :D Merry Christmas :)

  2. It is indeed really a fabulous palace that I could only see in a movie. Super beautiful and it is overwhelming.

  3. My goodness, so perfectly beautiful place, the intricate designs I so love.. I hope to visit this Mansion even in my dreams :)

  4. The third shot is a post card photo perfect sis! Such a beautiful house!

  5. What a magnificent mansion. It's similar to those in Europe, very pretty!

  6. surely, you and your family's visit was really fun..very exhilarating view here.. and that mansion?whew! will only remain a dream and a wishlist for me... :) that ice cream too is mouth-watering :p

  7. what a perfect family getaway. such a very beautiful place and yummy foods too but i know that what made this getaway special is the bonding you have with your family :)

  8. Wow! What a beautiful historic mansion to check and enjoy with the family Sis :-) I bet the rooms are beautiful inside :-) Thank you for sharing your trip Sis :-)

  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have seen some movies where scenes were shots at this mansion. Ang ganda ng place, as if a magical Disney castle.

  10. I thought for a while there that I was looking into story book pictures. Never the less, this attraction is certainly picture-perfect.

  11. The mansion looks really grand and truly amazing just like the palace we see in movies. It's good to know that you all enjoyed the tour.

  12. One thing I like in US is that you can travel by land and still say so many amazing creations. That mansion is definitely one worth seeing. It's a pity though that you can't take photos inside. Nonetheless, the outside view is enough to make us admire the place.

  13. WOOOW!!! super grand!! what a worthy and fun filled family getaway that sis. I bet everyone enjoyed the view, the stay and the activities in that palace. WHEW!

  14. wow great photos here. too bad you cant take photos inside huh? that house is so majestic. i would like to visit this place one day with my family.

  15. Thanks for never failing to entertain us with all your travels, Mhie. Seeing the beautiful captures of your escapades made me feel I was right there too. Hahaha! What a wishful thinking on my part. LOL!

  16. I'd love to taste the ice cream and coffee! I must say, you had a great photograph of those. I wish I could also travel to beautiful places likeyou do. :)

  17. First glance ko, kala ko somewhere in UK kase sila yung madaming ganitong buildings.. Ang ganda naman jan! Tama si Papaleng, parang nakita ko na din to sa movies before.. Or, baka katulad lang..