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Family Fun in the First snow in Tennessee

Little m-loves her boots because it has butterfly.
It was yesterday we had Family fun in the first snow. When I looked in the window ohhh! gosh the first snow flakes that I don't missed for this month. As you know I missed twice the snow flakes last month, I was in my cave every time there is snow flakes. You can't blame me, its too cold for me and I want to snuggle under the blanket all the time.

The view from my window and "little m" taught if she had to stepped in the snow.

I called "little m" and showed her the snow flakes and  told me "rain"so I told her its snowy- and repeated the word "nooh" she can't says letter "s" of some of the words.

What is this?
I told "little m" go to your bedroom and we go bye bye-she rans in her bedroom and got her winter jackets and boots. She is so patient every time she hears the word "go bye bye". She loves to be outside all the time.

"Children reinvent your world for you."

I brought my camera and we went outside and played the snow. At first "little m" doesn't like the white stuffs in the ground or she doesn't understand yet.I explained to her and played her until she used to it. Gosh! when she used to it she rans around and forgot about me. lol! As a stage mom always I got my camera and took a lot of photos of her, until her daddy arrived. We stayed for a little bit outside and we  played in the snow and it was our first family fun in the first snow this year.I know it will takes months before the spring and lots of snow will come and nights that is freezing.
I made myself a hot choco after the fun outside.


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