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Family Christmas in Philippines

Well, its been a year now when we went home,both "M and little m" are their first time to spent Christmas in Philippines. We spent Christmas and New year in our home.Its like a reunion for A family, could you imagine for five its our first time we spent holidays together as a family. My sister and her fiance went home as well as from Australia.

We had a lot things to Thank to God and celebrated -first we get together as a family after five years, met my husband and my daughter, my dad's b-day and  "Christening for little m".  

Time flies, all I have today is memories that I can't forget. Give me a chance until the end of the month to reminisce and blog  all good things happened last year.

We couldn't go home every year especially December,all are marked up from airfare to hotels and it's not practical to celebrates Christmas even though I like to spend Christmas in Philippines. This Christmas we will spend our Christmas with my in-laws. We have already plan we're we going and what we're doing while they're with us.Hope they would get bored for 8 days hehehe. Well, being around with "little m" is enough for them and they're very content.

Back to our vacation in Philippines last year, we started our Christmas party with kids in front of our house, in the evening is my dad's b-day and midnight celebrated Christmas and had eaten the left over and some desserts for Christmas. On the 25th we had ex-chnge gifts and that was fun. Being with family is always great especially if you have been apart with your parents and brothers, you well really feel the love and misses each other and "kulitan".



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