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Family fun at Olaer Gensan City

Who would not miss this?
It was hot and humid in Gensan, we decided to spent our day at Olaer General Santos City, Philippines with family. I told them the beach but our R wants the Olaer because it is a spring, so it is a cool water.

We stayed for 4 or 5 hours  had lunched and swam until we get tired.It was more fun because of my niece and nephews are with us.

It was "P' first time in the pool she was a bit scared ( she's not a year old yet), but she seems good in the water at her age. The kids had fun, I could remembered all the laughters and screams of my niece, nephew and my daughter.

I'll be honest I misses my home and family in Philippines. I don't know when I can go home yet. By posting all of this photos and reminiscing my past makes me happy.Being with family is always priceless.

"The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing."
Olaer pool view at Gensan City


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