Happy New Year to All of us

Happy New Year to all of us. 2012 is another year to look forward and I am excited this year, I dunno why, I just feel the excitement. My 2011 is been great, I travelled so many places as usual, did the road trip, vacation with my family here in State and of course the  down moment in my life.I am no different with other people in this world I have down side and challenges everyday.But I always look all the good things happen in my life and thankful until now my sanity is still intact.

I remember when I was studying in grade school I have to make my new year resolution after the christmas break. Hmmm, speaking of new year resolution, I ask my hubby what is his new year resolution, so he told  me what is it..heheheh, well it is secret, since he's not blogging. My new year resolution this year are:
1. Limit my time in facebook.
2. More time in blogging.
3. Improve my Photography.
4. Continue my self-study baking-I'm bad I stopped baking.
5. Finish my cross-stitch.I started my cross-stitch when I was pregnant, year 2008 until now is not done yet.

Well, that is only my few new year resolution, but my priority are my daughter and hubby.How about you,What is your new year resolution.


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