Why More Traveling Families Are Choosing Vanuatu Holiday Houses Over Hotels

Planning a holiday with the whole family can be downright challenging. Just a couple of extra people means that you have to alter everything from your accommodation plans to your transportation needs and when you travel with children, it can get even trickier. One of the ways that many people are making their trips that bit easier is to opt for holiday houses, rather than hotels, but is this the right option for you? If you happen to be traveling with the family to Vanuatu, you might want to take a few minutes to find out why so many families are picking this option, and whether or not it is the best choice for your specific situation.

It Is Cost Effective
One of the most obvious reasons families are opting for Vanuatu holiday houses instead of hotel rooms is because the former happen to be much more cost effective, particularly if you are going to be staying with more than three people. Booking even a couple of hotel rooms can often cost you as much as booking an entire home for a couple of days. Being aware of these costs could actually end up saving you a small fortune.

Why are holiday homes cheaper? For one thing, they don’t have large numbers of staff taking care of everything from check-ins to room service, and since you will most likely have to take care of everything from your laundry to cooking your meals, you’re not paying to have someone else do these tasks for you.
It’s More Spacious
Having a bit more space can make your holiday all the more enjoyable, whether you are opting for a holiday house or a self contained apartment, which offers a hotel room with a kitchen, living area and a bedroom. Of course this feature will cost you slightly more, but many people find that it is more than worthwhile.
When you are traveling with a few people, you might quickly find yourself wishing for a bit of extra space, so having it available by renting out an entire property, rather than one room can make all of the difference.
Follow Your Own Schedule
If you have ever traveled with children, you might find that even a short holiday needs to be executed with military style precision and this can be rather exhausting. You can take a lot of stress out of the holiday by following your own schedule instead of trying to follow the schedule of a hotel. This is exactly what you will get when you opt for a holiday house, rather than a hotel. By picking a holiday home, you don’t need to worry about restaurant opening and closing times, or work around the housekeeping schedules because everything can be done at your own pace.
Increased Privacy
When you are staying in a hotel, you’ll most likely find that you spend a lot of time trying to keep everyone in line so that they don’t disturb the other guests, and you might quickly come to find that hotels don’t really offer all that much privacy. The moment you leave your room, you are under the scrutiny of everyone from the other guests to the hotel staff, and you can actually avoid this by renting out a holiday house.
More and more families are opting for holiday houses in Vanuatu because of all the benefits this type of accommodation has to offer. The affordable nature of this option is only one of the many reasons why you should consider following in their footsteps.
Jason Kennedy is a travel blogger with a passion for exotic cuisine. He heads the travel section of his local paper in Florida.


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