Explore Tennessee: Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park,Nashville

Tennessee is known as a Country music in USA-one of it is Elvis Presley so one of the best place to visit is the Country Music Hall of Fame that is located in Nashville. I did not visit the place yet-husbnad is not interested -hopefully one day I can drag him  to see what is inside the Hall of Fame.

I go up in downtown Nashville during Farmers Market and I really want to see what is all about. To be honest I don't mind going back there-After I bought a little bit of everything what I want, we saw at the back the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, Nashville so we decided to look around the place.

It is neat and I don't mind going back and enjoy the scenery plus walking. 
The view
Fun things to do
The Wall History
History are all over the Park
Peaceful and so relaxing.
Beautiful piece of arts
Our time was worth spending in the park. I would love to go back there during fall season and enjoy the beautiful colors.
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5 Essentials for Serious Wakeboarders

More and more people are taking to the water to enjoy the sport of wakeboarding. There is a thrill associated with moving through the water at a fast pace on your feet. People of all ages can enjoy the activity, given that they have the right training and equipment, and follow general swimming safety tips. There are a number of items every boarder should have, such as wake towers, wakeboard racks, and a quality life vest. Here are five essentials to have if you want to get serious about the sport.
1.The Boat
Wakeboarding is literally impossible without a boat (Duh!). However, not just any boat will work. It should be modified in order to accommodate the sport. Even if your boat has pulled a water skier, you will notice that someone on a wakeboard has a different set of needs when it comes to the wake itself, as a boarder typically wants the biggest wake possible.
You can make modifications to most boats. Typically, a good tournament inboard means the boat will work well. Ski boats tend to have the right handling and power and simply need to be able to make the wake, which usually means adding weight. Many experienced boarders add bags of water to the boat to weigh it down. A good place to start is to add a bag of water on either side of the engine, increasing the weight by at least 600 pounds. This can add as much as a foot to the wake.
An extended pylon can really help a wakeboarder catch air. These poles actually give the rider a big pull without the individual having to exert a lot of effort. If you are just learning, you may not need an extended pylon just yet, but for those looking to really make waves, it is a must.
There are several materials that lend themselves to a zero-stretch rope. Look for ropes made of spectra, for example, that will almost appear to be shoestrings and are very lightweight. Most standard ropes are 60 feet, which is 15 feet shorter than the ropes that water skiers use.

Getting the right board can make all the difference in your riding experience. People dedicated to the sport all have their own boards, as it enables them more comfort every time they are on the water. There are constantly new models on the market for boarders to try. There are a number of factors that affect the way a board rides, so users should always take that into consideration before making a purchase.
Boots are not meant to be shared. Each set of boots should comfortably fit the rider and should perfectly match the board. Boots are preferable to surf straps, as straps are adjustable and outdated. Look for a high-tech model with a good reputation or even custom-made options.
While there are many more items that wakeboarders should have, these five items are among the most important when it comes to buying wakeboard boat accessories. If you are ready to really hit the water, make sure the boat has been properly modified. The right pylon and ropes will ensure you get the hang time you are looking for, and a good board and pair of boots will add to your safety and your comfort.

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Wild Dunes

Travelentz likes to stay in the resort once we called it "vacation",when went on South Carolina,hubby booked the resort Wild Dunes for 5 days  during summer and we both enjoy the amenities and the ocean. It is closed to Downtown South Carolina and we still saw the downtown easily.

They have some activities offer and I like the afternoon activities in the common area where they have live music and kid''s activities and you can sit down outside the restaurant and eat it at the same time. One girl sang a song to her grandma who was celebrating birthday that day and they are eating as what we do.

We like the Wild dunes and one of the best Family resort we stayed so far. It is Travelentz top choice resorts if we will going back in South Carolina. The place was full when we stayed there and  hubby and I likes the easy access to the beach-where we can enjoy and relax.

Wild dunes on isle of Palms,South Carolina.The room we got has kitchen and spacious room.
The beach
The bed
I so love the chair.
Yay! it has a kitchen but I don't want to cook-coz I'm on VACATION.
I love when the resorts give you something you can use it.
The view of the Wild Dunes Resort.
I need to plan our summer vacation and am not sure when we are going this year. I know already the date when we can get out and have family fun.

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The Beaches of Davao You Must Experience

More than seven thousand islands make up the Philippines. So, how many white, sandy, palm-fringed beaches are there? It's difficult to say, but it's certainly more than the average traveller can get to in one visit. So, for beach-lovers, any trip to the Philippines can involve some serious decision making. Luckily, some of the work has been done for you. Here's a guide to the beaches near Davao that you definitely don't want to miss.

Where to stay:

Before we get onto the joys of sand and sea, here's a quick recommendation. If you haven't yet decided on accommodation, check out the Park Inn Davao Hotel. The rooms are huge and super-comfortable; there's a gorgeous outdoor pool with a cocktail bar; and, from nearly everywhere in the hotel, you can see incredible views of the surrounding countryside - both the mountains and the beautiful Davao Gulf.

Isla Reta Beach, Island Garden of Samal, Davao del Norte:

Isla Reta is among the least-developed of beaches in proximity to Davao City. You'll find it on Talikud Island, just off the south-western coast of the Island Garden City of Samal. Whilst other resorts have been dressed up with fancy facilities, Isla Reta keeps matters simple. Think rustic huts; simple, local meals; unspoilt stretches of white sand and unbelievably clear blue water. Plenty of original vegetation remains, so you can kick back under the shady protection of a talisay tree when you need a break from the sun. To get to Isla Reta, catch a boat directly from the mainland - just head to Sta Ana Wharf on Leon Garcia Street, adjacent to Magsaysay Park.

Little Boracay, Davao del Sur:

If you're looking for a total break from the bustling streets of Davao City, Little Boracay is the place to go. It's found in Davao del Sur, which is about 58 kilometres (or one hour's drive) south of the CBD. Whereas, at many of the nearby beaches, it's not easy to escape a constant stream of activity (from tourist-driven paragliders to fishing boats) Little Boracay offers utter tranquility.

Kopiat Island, Mabini:

These days, there aren't many islands within 100 kilometres of a major city that remain untouched. That's why Kopiat Island's wild landscape seems something of a miracle. There are 77 hectares of exotic forest, featuring tropical fruit trees and coconut palms. Plus, it's the place where leatherback and hawksbill turtles go to have babies. You can either take a twenty-minute circular trip around the island via boat or jump on land for a 45-minute guided tour. Kopiat Island is just off Mabini - about 77 kilometres north of Davao City.

Blue Waters, Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte:

If you want to get closer to nature, but also want to enjoy some high-end facilities, Bluewaters could well be the right option for you. It's a lightning quick escape from Davao City - just jump on a boat at the Davao Beach Club (Lizada Drive, Lanang) and seven minutes later, you'll find yourself relaxing in an infinity pool.

Banana, Tagum City, Davao del Norte:

Banana Beach presents another opportunity to visit a more developed resort. In fact, you'll find every coastal recreational option here, from Frisbee and beach volleyball to kayaking and skimboarding. Of course, if you just want to kick back on the sand, you can do that, too. The beach is four-and-a-half kilometres long, so there's ample space for everyone. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Banana Beach, though, is that it's located within a banana plantation. How's that for tropical paradise escape?
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Pancho's Place

Mexican food is popular in my area. We have quite choices in terms of Mexican Restaurants but hubby says,the food is not really authentic like in Mexico,well  I'm just contented and happy with different restaurants in my area.

We dine-in in Panchos Place for dinner-meaning I don't need to cook at home. I usually order that has spanish rice most of the time-go figure ;)

Pancho's Place offers complimentary chips and salsa so I enjoy it. This is not my favorite restaurants so I'm not sure if we will be back again.The food is just average and there is no reason to go back again. The price is reasonable for dinner.

The Menu
Dinner Plate
The food is good, the service is okay.
Pancho's Restaurant is located at:176 Watson Glen Glen Shopping Ctr209 S Royal Oaks BlvdFranklinTN 37064.

For more of my Restaurant's adventure you can read here.
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Top three things to do with kids in Bristol

Bristol is a great family destination and one that boasts a number of must-see, kid-friendly attractions. Such attractions include the likes of the Bristol City Museum Under 7s Gallery, At-Bristol, Adventure Golf, Brandon Hill Park and Bristol Ferry Boat Co.

One of the best things about this particular destination is that getting there is easy and hassle free.  In fact, jumping aboard a plane is the easy way to travel to Bristol and depending on your departure airport, the journey time is often under an hour.

Bristol City Museum Under 7s Gallery:

Those travelling with younger visitors will enjoy a trip to the Bristol City Museum Under 7s Gallery, where stories are brought to life in the crystal cave and live performances are acted out using puppets on stage.  A visit to this particular venue is certain to delight and inspire your little ones. It’s also part of a larger gallery, which means while your children are exploring, you can enjoy the many World Culture Collections.

Bristol Zoo:

Bristol Zoo Gardens is not only home to tens of thousands of animals, it’s also the fifth oldest zoo in the world. From Alfred the gorilla to Rosie the elephant, this is an establishment that focuses on both education and conservation, which makes it a great place to entertain the little ones. A visit to Bristol Zoo is an adventure for all, which certainly earns it a place in the top three things to do in Bristol.


With a huge sum of action-packed exhibitions to explore, comprising exciting live performances and a Planetarium, there’s something to suit all. The venue is also home to one of the UK’s most renowned interactive science centres. 

It’s here that kids can choose to jump into the shoes of an animator for the day, create their very own television show and be amazed by cosmic rays and icy bodies. 

With constant updates being added to At-Bristol’s busy calendar of events, there’s always something new to see here. For those travelling with younger children, you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s an area of At-Bristol that is solely dedicated to the under eights. So whilst your oldest children are enjoying the sights and sounds of outer space, you can rest assure the toddlers and younger children are having a whale of a time too.

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Explore Nassau Bahamas:Queen's Staircase

Bahamas is a country that you might want to explore if you have a chance. When Travelentz have had a chance to visit the place we decided to book the historical tour so we have better understanding of a country and so glad we made the right decision.

There are different routes of historical tour-One of our itinerary were to visit the Queen's Staircase. It so sad it was pouring already so we did not stayed long as I expected,still I manage to took some photos even it was rainy. The tour guide continue to explain to us the history of Queen's Staircase.

About Queen's Staircase:
  • They said it has 65 steps, one of the major landmark that is located in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Nassau.
  • Great for Photography
  • Between 1793 & 1794 slaves on the island carved the steps out of the limestone, 102 feet heightto honor Queen Victoria’s 65 year long reign.

Best way to visit the Queen's Staircase:
  • You can visit the Queen's Staircase by yourself.
  • Book a guided historical tour.
How to get there:
  • If you're more adventurous you can do walking and get lost-just be careful when crossing the road.
  • Car Rental is your other option to see the area.
  • Book a guided tour-If you're like us who wants convenience and have a toddler, you might consider booking a tour.
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With love from me to you

When someone goes traveling abroad there are adventures to be had that often distract from important practical concerns, but for those loved ones who remain at home there is only the worry when something goes awry with the traveler. Whether it’s a spouse, or a son or daughter just old enough to start exploring the world independently, when one has grown used to providing care and support it’s frightening to think that one might not be able to be there when needed. Such a situation can arise when a traveler loses a wallet or purse containing cash and credit cards, or a backpack containing money and travel documents is stolen. What to do? 

When financial help is needed
Money can’t solve all problems but it can be a big help with common ones occurring when individuals are abroad. Young people, in particular, are likely to struggle with budgeting and may soon run low on resources when in a foreign country. Anybody can be pickpocketed or mugged, and it can be difficult for him or her to get more money if identification documents have also been taken. Then there are those times when people acquire unexpected financial burdens - for instance, because they need medical treatment - and these use up the money they had planned to use for day-to-day expenses.
Sometimes people decide to travel with only the outward flight booked, to see where their interests take them. In this situation a money transfer can be the best solution should they find themselves unable to get home.

How to transfer money
Sending money abroad is easier than it has ever been. In fact, it can now be completed straight from a computer. This means it’s now possible to do it as soon as you receive that anxious phone call or email message. In fact, it is so easy that some people may choose to do it just to send a nice surprise to a loved one that is traveling - a bit of extra money to pay for fun activities.
Thanks to services like Transfast.com, the answer to the question, “how long does it take to transfer money abroad?” is now “Just hours!” If a bank account is being used for funds then it may take a little longer, as the transfer will have to be verified, but with a credit card it can usually be done within a day. This means that you can get money quickly to where it’s needed even when the situation is urgent. As long as you are contactable, you can always be there to help a loved one in trouble.

How to stay in touch
In recent years, the experience of traveling abroad has changed a great deal. It’s now possible to stay in touch from most parts of the world. Texting is usually cheap and the likes of Skype mean it’s possible to have longer conversations for no more than the cost of using a cybercaf√©, which can be found in most big towns the world over. This makes it easy to find out when your loved ones are in need and to send them a little something to help when and where it is required.

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Snowbird: Kaua'i Hawaii

Have you visited Kaua'i Hawaii? Hawaii has five counties/island-Hai'i,Kaho'olawe,Kaua'i, Maui,O'ahu,Molaka'i,Lana'i, and Ni'ihau Each island have each boundaries, different attractions and worth your money Most likely snowbirds are around the area during winter.Last year we went the Family Cruise 

The highlight of the vacation was booking  a helicopter tour-and you might probably want to experience it. The vistas was breathtaking plus if it is your first time its kinda scared. The tour is about an hour but you'll definitely love it.My Papi ( Father-in-law) didn't allowed to do the Helicopter tour because of his back problem and his health condition. He was happy to wait  and contented to wait us, actually he already done the tour for a long time of course to do it with family is more fun.

View from the Helicopter tour

Kaua'i,Hawaii are more adventure for me, the road is kinda scary,the road are so narrow . It has more cliffs and the vistas are spectacular.The area is for everyone- but the place are pricey. Well, you get what you pay,right-from ocean, wild life, falls, parks and food-what else you want? 

Look who is enjoying every morning?
Spouting Horn Blowholes at Po'ipu
The Beach
Waimea Canyon

Have you visited Kaua'i Hawaii? What can you say about the place?Well, I'm back to the grind today  - so am back on blogging as well ;).
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Getting Ready for Summer

It's been so long the cold still at my end. It is officially spring, feeling cold and wearing winter jacket/coat are still our best friend these days. Even though, it is cold outside I'm getting ready for summer activities-plan for family vacation, summer camp for my daughter and activities for the family during weekends. If you're in businesses you might consider to start advertising your business,one of the best way to promote is having  large vinyl banners to noticed it.

Vacation is a part in our summer activities as a family. Last year our big vacation were we  celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary of my Parents-in-law in Cruise, Florida, Alabama, Michigan. This year we already had one weekend getaway so far because of the cold and freezing days were I'm not comfortable to spend my day outside.

How about you, what is your plan for Summer?
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Glimpse of Australia

Australia has lots  a of things to see and do for all ages. Whether you are traveling or plan to stay in Australia you won't get bored. My sister has a chance to share me all the photos she visited and I called it "Glimpse of Australia". 

I never been in Australia but I am so happy to share you all these photos that she took when she visited the local place, attractions and etc. I wish sometime I live close by with my sister so we can both  travel like we do when we both single. Life is different now, she has her family to taking care and she traveled with her family at the same time. We get together last couple years when we both went home.Indeed, it is happiness to see each other with our kids and share things in common in life which is travel.You can follow my sister's adventure blog. She's been in Australia since 2009 and graduated in Information Technology in Sydney,Australia  last year.

Australia is famous with Natural Wonders, beaches,Kangaroos, Koala, Outback and more.

~Sydney Opera House~


~Saphire Coast,Australia~

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Reasonable Approaches to Holiday Entertaining

Holidays are excuses to indulge; and rightly so, as long as entertaining doesn't tap your bank account dry.  Treating friends and family to dinners and festive gatherings around Christmas, Boxing Day and other coveted holidays is part of the spirit to be enjoyed each season.  Even personal milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations are important occasions to recognize with special events.

Holiday spending gets out of control quickly, including entertainment costs. Food and beverages, as well as other party favors, bash budgets when party planners turn a blind eye; so a little planning keeps costs in line.  Use tips from proven party planners to keep your next celebration affordable, without sacrificing good times shared with friends.

~Trim Your Menu to Reel-in Spending~

For most hosts and hostesses, sharing the best party favors available is part of the excitement of organizing events.  When money is no object, exotic ingredients and high-dollar preparations are perfectly suited for festive celebrations; but when resources are thin, other accommodations must be made.

Planning party menus is an exercise requiring discipline and realistic expectations.  Too often, home cooks with something to prove roll-out too many extravagant dishes, all at once.  Not only does the approach leaves hosts and hostesses frantic with food details to cover, but menu costs also rise quickly when several luxury dishes are prepared.

To keep your party spending within reason, focus on a few proven dishes, rather than branching out too far.  Not only do comfortable choices provide familiar territory for preparing, but your overall food tally is reduced using a few go-to favorites. Pay attention to pricing as you make appetizers and shared plates.  In some cases, striking menu items can be avoided by using cheaper versions from your ingredients list.  Cheese, for example, falls across a wide range of prices, depending on where it is from and how long it has been aged.  Rather than embracing the finest varieties, mix it up with reasonably priced fresh alternatives.

~Beverage Costs Run High~

Sharing adult beverages with mates is a holiday rite of passage, to be enjoyed at your next party.  Unfortunately, wine, beer, and spirits are expensive items on the holiday shopping list.  Host and hostesses with ample resources, or well-stocked home bars are in good shape, offering a wide selection of drinks.  While a full bar is a nice compliment to your festive holiday spread, keeping beverage costs in line is essential to throwing an inexpensive party.

Rather than spending beyond your means, limit your drink selection to a few favorites; or better yet, craft a signature cocktail or two, which compliment your food.  Send the message with party invitations, that you'll be providing certain drinks, so guests can bring their own favorites if desired.  Group drinks, like punch and cider are holiday favorites, which can be furnished for a reasonable amount.  For flexibility, make non-alcoholic versions, providing tasty spirits alongside, for those who wish to imbibe.

                                           ~Pot-Luck Spreads Spending~

Enlisting the help of guests is not out of the question for party planners with financial constraints.  In fact, sharing seasonal bounty from several households leads to great variety on your buffet and opportunities to try new dishes.

Steer guests toward themes, like certain types of ethnic cuisine, so that you are not presenting conflicting palates; and designate categories like main dish and dessert, so you are well-represented in each course.

The same approach can be applied to drinks too, recruiting guests to bring certain beverages.  To flow without a hitch, stay in contact with guests, to see who's bringing what.  And never take attendance for granted, or you'll run the risk of coming up short on food.

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Photography:Burgess Falls State Park

Photography are one of the hobby or pastime I enjoy during my spare time. I usually grab my DSLR camera if I am bored at home and walk around the blocks around the subdivision.

When we had a chance to visit Burgess Falls State Park, I captured the different angle of the Falls and I love to share it with you my readers. I love this kind of attractions.

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Hobby Savings and Fun Close to Home

Socializing warrants outings to restaurants, theatres, cinemas and other culturally stimulating environments.  And while personal tastes and interests vary across a wide swath of activities away from home, most of them share some level of expense, as a common thread.  While getting out among the latest entertainment trends and sampling the evolution of fine cuisine are coveted leisure opportunities for many, realistic budget concerns must be taken into account when considering entertainment options.

Families, especially, are continually challenged with keeping members of various ages and interests occupied and entertained.  While it is a group effort, only mum and father are bringing home paychecks, so family fun must be kept within reason, financially speaking.

Stretching out to enjoy life's finer things is a luxury within reason, as long as you keep spending balanced by taking part in low-cost entertainment too.  Staying close to home trims the cost of having fun, so families find creative success with home-based recreation.  Not only are homespun good times less expensive than going out, but they bring families closer, and give parents opportunities to bond with kids.

~Share Home Hobbies for Cheap Family Recreation~

Capturing interest for home-based activities is the hardest part for some parents faced with video games, smart phones, and peer groups as competition. As a result, establishing common ground is an essential first step toward harmonious family fun. To save money on entertainment, use shared interests to bring the family together over good times.

Diverse interests exist within families, so supporting every single one is probably not realistic for every family member.  Instead of rallying around one family member's pursuits, embark on a shared interest as a family, furnishing an exclusive family hobby.

Sports, for example, provide prime bonding opportunities for families, who are able to get some exercise together, while learning athletic skills.  Skiing is enjoyed as family recreation, but it does not meet your criteria for saving money close to home.  Instead, look to your yard as inspiration for games of catch, flag football pick-ups, and other freebies.  If recreation facilities are available near your home, use them to play tennis or swim as a family - even if you are a couple without kids.

Playing sports together isn't the only way for families to bond over athletic events; spectator alternatives also bring members closer together, cheering for their favorite sports teams as fans.  To keep leisure budgets low, use sports matches as cause for gathering, inviting family members to partake in "sport nights", where the family chips in to make meals and enjoys televised matches together.  When older kids squawk about not being able to watch with their friends, open the guest list to keep them happy, inviting their mates to come play along.

~Diverse Interests are Okay~

Not all interests carry the same mass appeal as other recreational activities, creating unique leisure needs for each family member. Rotating the activities you do as a family is one way out, giving each member input power for shaping the itinerary.  But home hobbies can be as simple as assembling plastic models, so it's also okay to participate in one-on-one sessions with kids, to get you up to speed about their interests.

Hobbies don't need to be labeled as such, springing organically from the things you do naturally together as a family.  Watching a movie together, for instance, is a shared hobby night, without really being called one. The idea behind saving money with home-based entertainment options is to be creative, carving out shared family time from bustling schedules and busy times away from home.  Rather than replacing social activities, hobby recreation close to home adds to it, without stretching entertainment budgets too thin.
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