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Family with Kids

Family is the most important thing in the world. ~Princess Diana~

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Travel Destination

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~Saint Augustine~

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Eat Drink Enjoy Life

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Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets. ~Neil deGrasse Tyson~

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Travel Style

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~Helen Keller~


I love listening music specially in the morning when I am trying to wake up.My daughter sometimes complain and it's loud. Good thing this time she's been used to my daily routine and kinda ignore me.

As fall approaching I am planning to enroll my pumpkin in music so she learns and understands better the importance of it. My musician's friend is a big influence to me as I saw her kids is into music and plays guitar so well.I just hope that my daughter would like this  extra curricular activities and stick to it.

4 Days in New Orleans

4 days in New Orleans were so fast. I never know where the time goes and for sure Travelentz had a great time in New Orleans. We did our best to see the things we really like to do and headed back to home. After a day in our vacation we received a bad news  from  my Mother-in-law so we headed up to North without unpacking our luggage from vacation and just packed the things we needed for couple days.

New Orleans was the best and easy ride we ever have had this year. The ride was  smooth and less cars on the road when we travelled that day.  The good thing it was  before the Independence day  weekend which we  avoided all the congestion and travel days where most people does.

4 days in New Orleans was pretty darn good for us, we saw all the things we wanted to see and ate cajun foods.
Inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel

First day:
It was the most easy day and all we do was chill out in the pool in  Ritz Carlton  hotel were we stayed for 4 days and go out to eat when we felt we want to munch.
Day 1: New Orleans
  • Checked-In at Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Dine in Deanie's Seafood
Second day:
Considering we got up early and all the establishment opens 10:00 a.m so we decided to see the city by foot.Hubby and I decided to tour the Mardi Gras to experience the world famous festival in New Orleans. After our tour we ended up going to the Insectarium for Little Travelentz.After our lunch we decided to headed back to our room to get some cat nap and chill out in the pool late afternoon.
Day 2: New Orleans
  • Mardi Gras Tour
  • Insectarium
  • Bourbon House Seafood
Third day:
We had breakfast at Oakley Plantation  House at the same time we booked for a tour. The place is huge and you can enjoy your day there. After lunch time we ended up going to the Cemetery where it  is one of the popular tourist attraction to visit.
Day 3:New Orleans
  • Oakley Plantation House
  • New Orleans Cemetry
  • Royal House
Fourth day:
We can't live without eating in Cafe Beignet where my MIL reminded me to try the famous Beignets.After breakfast we ended up in the French market, Cathedral and drive around the City.
Day 4: New Orleans
  • Cafe Beignet
  • French Market
  • St. Louis Cathedral
  • Acme Oyster House
  • Home sweet Home
We did not plan our itinerary on this trip, we both agreed to see what's there and go from then. New Orleans is great place if you love history, culture, food and new destination to visit. The only thing I don't like there are some beggars around the tourist area and scared me as a mom while walking in the busy bustling streets with my toddler, other than that the place is highly recommended if you like new adventure, destination, food, culture and more. New Orleans is unique and worth your time.

Get Insured

In this time of a year it is very important to have insurance than sorry so make sure you get insured every year. For me, insurance is very important and I am thankful I could rely on it when I needed. It is almost half of the year and it is time to shop around and find  insurance for next fiscal year and I found this allred insurance burlington nc

It is important to shop around every year for insurance  and make sure you understand all the important and benefits  before signing-up one.Sometime it is handy if you have two insurance if you know your health condition. Like my parents-in-law we're thankful they two insurance and it helps a lot for them during my father-in-law heart surgery.