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Inside San Antonio Tours

One of the United States' historical cities is San Antonio, Texas. Even visitors from other nations have heard of the great courage shown at the Alamo here. That is just the beginning of the wonders of the city of San Antonio. We love our city and look forward to showing the city off to visitors. Our company has prepared a one day tour that highlights our historical sites, rich culture, our restaurants, museums, unique residential areas and great nightlife centers. And, let's not forget Sea World, the San Antonio Zoo, Six Flags over Texas and the famous Breckenridge Golf Course. We explore areas including the famed River Walk, downtown, Missions Concepcion and San Jose and the extensive downtown area.

All of our tours are conducted in small groups of no more than 14 people. We use very comfortable vans with large windows and air conditioning/heating as needed. The tour breaks for lunch in an area with a variety of outdoor and indoor restaurants. Plus, our tours are small enough for the tour operator to focus on special interests of the group. And, if you don't have time for the complete day tour, our company also has an option of a 1/2 day tour.  

This is clearly the type of tour that you would give visiting friends and relatives of your community. To learn more about Inside San Antonio Tours and San Antonio, give us a call today and you will fall in love with our city, too.

Find the Latest in Ecuador Real Estate

Be in the Know About Ecuador Real Estate

If you're thinking about real estate in Ecuador, you want a go-to source of information where you can find the latest listings. Choose a real estate classifieds site like Realty that will keep you posted at all times, bringing you up to date. Whether you are looking for residential property or want to branch out into business, you've come to the right place to discover if there is anything that will peak your interest in Ecuador.

It's a Convenient Way to Shop for Real Estate

When you opt for website that specializes in realty, you can always count on having a helpful source of information. Choose your area of focus, like Ecuador, and begin your search. You will pull up a list of all properties that are available in the area. From that point, you can view the different types of properties that are available, narrowing your selection until you find what you like best.

Find Out What's in Your Price Range

Buying real estate in Ecuador is a price game. You want to be able to pinpoint properties that fit your budget. Cut out the middle man, such as dealing with a real estate agent to do your hunting for you. You can browse the selection of properties that are available with ease, locating those that have a price tag that works for you. With online browsing, your shopping for real estate in Ecuador just became much easier.

5 Alternative Places to Visit in Northumberland

Certain travel destinations in Northumberland get the lion’s share of attention. Alnwick for example is an oft-recommended destination that is hugely attractive to tourists, and for good reasons: the bustling market town serves as both a central hub from which travellers can explore the numerous attractions in east Northumberland and a worthy destination in its own right. Other locations in the large and diverse county of Northumberland are often overlooked, despite the fact they are equally capable of representing the staggering natural beauty and romantic sparseness of the northernmost county. This list intends to draw attention to the underrated destinations that are hidden away or overshadowed but just as rewarding.  

1.Ford Castle
Although Ford Castle doesn’t quite have the military grandeur of Bamburgh Castle or the enchanting Hogwarts-esque aesthetic of Alnwick Castle (it isn’t surprising that scenes from Harry Potter were filmed there), it was built bit by bit over a period of 500 years and consequently boasts an intriguing combination of medieval and late Tudor architecture. The resulting product is a mysterious part-castle, part-gothic mansion that effuses mystery. It’s in an ideal location which is a stone’s throw away from Holy Island and market town Berwick-Upon-Tweed, so it’s convenient to quickly visit if you only have one day to tour the sights of northern Northumberland

Rothbury is smaller than the more visited market towns Morpeth and Alnwick. As a result, it’s cosier and more picturesque than its larger counterparts. The small size of Rothbury shouldn’t fool you into thinking there’s nothing to do there: Rothbury plays host to a number of attractions including the eccentric gothic mansion Cragside and the annual Rothbury Traditional Music Festival which is a great excuse to embrace the local culture with a glass of ale in hand. 
Small and beautiful: the market town of Rothbury.
Alnmouth is a small seaside village four miles south of Alnwick. A stroll through this quaint area is one of the nicest ways to experience the raw, unrefined beauty of the Northumbrian Coastline. Alnmouth is ideal for cyclists and walking enthusiasts because it’s surrounded by footpaths and is one end of a cycle route that follows to coastline to the equally beautiful village of Warkworth. Alnmouth is also home to one of Britain’s spookiest locations, the Schooner Hotel, which was featured on the television show Most Haunted.  

4.Wallington Hall
Located 12 miles west of Morpeth, Wallington Hall is a spectacular country house that was owned by the Trevelyan family before being donated to the national trust. The interior of the hall is incredible: Pre-Raphaelite paintings adorn the walls, and quirky furniture and decor offers visitors a glimpse into the life of the unconventional Trevelyan family. The real treat, however, lies outside the walls of Wallington in the estate’s extensive grounds. A footpath guides visitors though the hall’s woods to a bewitching walled garden and a day spend exploring the estate is a truly magical experience. More information can be found on the national trust’s webpage for Wallington Hall. 

A scene from Wallington Hall’s incredible walled garden.
Out of all the beautiful seaside villages along the Northumbrian Coastline, Seahouses epitomises what makes these settlements so appealing. It’s a down to earth and charming village, surrounded by the beautiful Northumbrian coastline. It has a gorgeous beach, a harbour, and fantastic fish and chips. The quiet beauty of Seahouses has given rise to it becoming one of the popular holiday destinations in Northumberland. Accommodation for holidaymakers is provided in the form of holiday cottages, provided for rental by companies the likes of Stay Northumbria

The beach at Seahouses
What makes Northumberland unique as a holiday destination is that nearly all of its attractions, from Hadrian’s Wall to the abandoned coal mines, seem to capture the county’s rich and romantic heritage. A short list doesn’t do Northumberland justice: it’s a county that rewards exploration and a sense of adventure.