Follow The Lewis And Clark Trail For A Memorable Family Adventure

Following the same paths that Lewis and Clark took on their now famous expedition can provide an opportunity for your family to have an adventure of their own. You'll be able to see the natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest part of the country, while learning about the journey taken by these famous explorers. It's a chance to have fun and provide your children with a closer look at some of the facts they're learning in school.

The journey is marked by museums and visitor centers that use state of the art technology to bring the adventures to life. Tourists can also attend Native American events to learn more about the cultures that the explorers encountered throughout their travels across Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Along the way, marvel at the mountains, rivers, lakes, and ocean beach fronts that distinguish these areas.

Some of the Lewis and Clark expedition route and stops in Montana include spending time in West Yellowstone. You can spend time at the Yellowstone IMAX theater, while visiting the area or you can take your family to visit the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center and the Yellowstone Historic Center Museum. Additionally, the Big Hole National Battlefield, Big Sky Resort Area, and Bear Paw Battlefield are all along the way.

Idaho is equally packed with fun and interesting stops, which include a stop at the Nez Perce Indian Reservation. Additionally, spend time at Idaho Falls and Lemhi Pass. Sun Valley, Lolo Pass, and Boise are all along the way as well.

In Washington, one of the most fascinating adventures you'll share with your family will be a visit to Cape Disappointment State Park. This is where Lewis and Clark guided separate tours to view the Pacific Ocean, because it extends out over the ocean an impressive 200 feet. Elsewhere in Washington, view the Columbia River Gorge and visit Long Beach Peninsula, among dozens of other stops.

The stops in Oregon also emphasize the history and beauty of the area. Wonder at the beauty of the state, as you visit Astoria and Fort Stevens State Park, or take in the many events that Portland has to offer. Stops at Hood River, Cannon Beach, and the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway are a few of the other stops that make the trip through Oregon worthwhile.
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Make Your Next Family Vacation Educational and Fun

Make Your Next Family Vacation Educational and Fun

If you are like many parents, you hate to see your child’s education stop once the summer break begins. You can actually make learning fun and exciting by planning an educational family vacation this summer. Use some of the suggestions below to get you started.

Living History Presentations

One of the finest ways to learn about history is to visit a living history presentation. You’ll find great examples all over the country such as the ok corral reenactment in Tombstone Arizona or the revival of the historical city of Williamsburg in Virginia. There are also traveling presentations like the Civil War re-enactments that tour many of the old battle fields. The people that participate in these events dress, act, and talk like they are actually in that location and time period.

Hands on Experiences

Learning reaches far beyond history lessons. Consider taking your kids to a space camp where they can learn all about the univers and how we go about exploring its vastness. Even an aquarium that allows you to swim with the dolphins can be a wonderful learning opportunity. You could also sign up to learn a craft, trade, or sport related to the area you are vacationing in.


Museums are an excellent place to learn, but children can grow tired of these settings quickly. Be creative and search out museums that don’t necessarily look like museums. These will hold their interest much longer. It could be a zoo, a planetarium, or a tour of a candy factory like the one in Hershey Pennsylvania. Even Walt Disney World’s Epcot is filled with educational experiences about agriculture, other countries, and our oceans.
If you plan your family vacation just right, the kids may not even realize they are learning. Instead they will remember a fun and exciting time spent with their parents over the summer break. Imagine their surprise when they hear their teacher discussing something they actually experienced while on vacation.
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The Basics Of A Candy Basket

If it's difficult to find a gift for someone for a special occasion, you can always rely on the gift of candy. This is an item that you can give for holidays including Christmas and Halloween or for birthdays. There are also options if you want to make candy gift baskets for someone in college or to make someone's day a bit brighter. The first step in making a basket with candy is to find the right basket for the occasion. You can add small details to the basket to make it personalized for the recipient, such as a bow on the front or a few trinkets inside that can be used with the candy. Invest in craft sticks if you plan on using candy bars because they will stand up better in the foam block that you put at the base of the basket. 

An option to try if you don't want to use a basket is to tape or glue concession candy boxes in the shape of a square. You can then put a foam block in the center to hold the boxes in place and to hold the crafts sticks that are attached to the candy bars. Find candies that you know the person will like. If you aren't sure about what the person eats, then use a blend of candies that include chocolate, soft candies, and a few hard candies. Try to coordinate the candies with the occasion, such as pumpkins for Halloween or hearts for Valentine's Day. The basket that you use should also coordinate with the occasion. You could also put a ribbon around a white basket or one that is a neutral color. When all of the candy is in place, add the extra items that you want to include. A small balloon or a stuffed animal is a good gift idea to consider if you aren't sure what the person would like.

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Find the Least Expensive Ways to Travel

One of the main things that stops a person from enjoying the benefits that come from traveling is money. And while most people are not going to be able to travel around the world for free, there are a lot of ways to do so in an inexpensive way. Here are a few ideas on how to find the least expensive ways to travel.

When traveling in the United States or other countries, look at how local people travel. It is not likely that every day people are using expensive travel options. Do some research on the area where you will visit and try to find out what people use to get to and from work or to do errands. It is likely that you will find local buses, subway systems, and even taxi services to be inexpensive. If you are going to stay in one location for a while, consider purchasing an inexpensive means of transportation, like a motorcycle. You can sell it when you leave and make back a lot of the money you put into it.

Be creative when looking at your options for getting from one place to another. While there is a lot of competition with airlines and this has led to inexpensive ticket prices, combining other forms of transportation with airline tickets may be your least expensive option, especially when traveling with friends or in a group. For example, you may want to travel to Houston, TX. You find that airline tickets are least expensive to Dallas. One idea is to get those inexpensive tickets to Dallas and then find a ground transportation option to Houston, like a charter bus service Houston. Or even a car rental may be an inexpensive option.

Traveling with others often has the benefit of saving you money. You can travel with friends or tag along with people you meet on your journey. You can save money by renting a vehicle together, sharing the cost for a taxi, or splitting costs for charter buses and shuttles. The idea is to be creative and look at options that do not seem so obvious.
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