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5 Spots with Mother Nature at Her Finest: Croatia

Croatia is a spectacular destination teeming with lush greenery, gorgeous islands scattered about the Adriatic sea, and wonderful displays of natural beauty in every corner. If you are in desperate need to be one with mother nature while in Croatia, then you picked the right spot. These are just five of the amazing natural places you can check out.

Although one of the smaller national parks out of the bunch, National Park Paklenica offers up a handful of fun outdoorsy activities to delve in. Various flora and fauna can be spotted as you hike or bike through any of the 200km of trails and pathways. If you want to get up high, there are plenty of rocks to ascend to get a glimpse from up above. Try your hand at rock climbing, there’s nearly a different climbing spot for everyday of the year, so that should keep you busy for a while. If you want to experience everything this park offers, just camp out on the pebble beaches until dawn breaks.
National Park Krka

With its close proximity to the capital, Zagreb, it would be a crying shame for you to miss out on National Park Plitvice. Only an hour outside the city, this breaktaking UNESCO World Heritage Site will mystify any visitor. A fairy-like fantasy is what this place might be described as with its cascading travertine waterfalls, lush green trees and foliage, and crystal lakes. Take a hike around this wonderland, or see it in style by taking a scenic train ride or an electric boat. With mountains littering the area you bet you can go climbing during the summer months, and during the winter, slice up the snow with skiing.

At National Park Krka, the beautiful scenery continues with more waterfalls, including the super steep drop at Skradinski Buk. The phenomenal Krka River has carved gorges and created spectacular falls, rapids, and lakes making it a fine display of nature. For a few cultural points to check off the list, without leaving nature, there’s 19th century watermills with a mini presentation as well as a monastery. It’s located just up the river when it turns into Lake Visovac. Treat yourself to Luxury Travel with Elegant Resorts because there’s no camping allowed at this park.

The island of Pag is a bit different than the rest of the places just mentioned, I hope you’re ready for the ocean. This is the country’s fifth largest island and there a plethora of things you must try while you’re here. You could enjoy a day mountain climbing or biking through the 115 km of trails, or perhaps you are more of a marine creature person and you would like to dive. Surrounded by karst and rocks, rich vegetation, and a bit of a different look than the typical mediterranean island, this is a fantastic spot to chill for a few days. Don’t forget to have a bite of the ever popular Pag sheep’s milk cheese. If you have had your fill on nature, this is the island to party on. It’s been dubbed the nickname “ Ibiza of Croatia,” to give you an idea of the nightlife scene.

Let’s see mother nature’s creature in their natural habitat. There’s no reason to feel guilty by seeing the dolphins at on the island of Losinj. Just head to Losinj Water Center and see these playful marine critters in the ocean, not an aquarium. Learn more about the Dolphin Reserve and their efforts while you are here, and even adopt a dolphin if you want to!

A day at Bellingrath Gardens and Home with Family

Thanksgiving week is around the corner. Last year we visited the Bellingrath Gardens and Home with  my family and In-laws on thanksgiving week, Alabama. This year we're not going to go on vacation with them because of their health issues.

One thing I like going gardens in South it never been the same through out the year.The flowering plants are spectacular all year round.

About Bellingrath Gardens:

Bellingrath Gardens  was opened to the public  year-round in 1934. The garden has at least 65 acres and you could enjoy full day if you are planning to do so. There are so many things to see and do at the same time and it's a self guided tour. For the reason  we visited in Thanksgiving week last year, the garden were decorated with magic lights though we did not stayed in magic christmas in  lights.

The garden is huge and has:

  • Rose Garden.I love roses and so my mother-in-law. This is my first saw lots of different variety of rose flowers.
  • The Great Lawn Planting.Little travelentz loves the open space where she can run around. 
  • Fountain plaza.
  • The Terraces. It has the picturesque of river and pond.
  • The Grotto.
  • The Rockery. The most photographed area in Bellingrath gardens.
  • Bayou Boarwalk. 1,600 foot ecological boardwalk. I think its pretty neat.
  • Asian American Garden.

About the Home:
We decided to bought the package which included the guided tour in the home.You're not allowed to take photos inside the house which is pretty standard in most of the time. The house has 15 rooms and was built and design by prominent Mobile architect, George B. Rogers.  It encompasses 10,500 square feet.

Do you want to go back?
If I leave in the area I would absolutely buy a membership. All year round is different and I love gardens. It's a great opportunity to relax and enjoy nature.

Jackson: Gateway to the Great Outdoors and the Old West

Jackson, Wyo., located in the Jackson Hole valley, is the gateway to both Grand Teton and the Yellowstone National Park. Jackson and its environments are teeming with stunning, natural beauty. Majestic, snow-capped mountains, which tower over glacier-carved valleys, surround Jackson. Budget-friendly and quality resorts, lodges, inns, and hotels situate themselves for exploring all the natural wonders of the region. Steeped in history, the town pays tribute to its Old West traditions, including stagecoach rides and shootout reenactments in the historical Jackson Town Square.

Adventure Abounds
Despite having a population of less than 10,000 people, Jackson still attracts thousands of visitors each year, who come to experience abundant outdoor options in the Jackson Hole valley, the Grand Teton, and Yellowstone National Park. Fishing or kayaking on the Snake River entice visitors, as well as a leisurely round of golf at one of the area's many courses. Winter enthusiasts come to ski the area's world-class slopes and visit the nearby National Elk Refuge. Thousands of elks call it home each winter. It is also where one can take sleigh rides among the herds.

Upscale and Upcountry
If looking for a rustic albeit chic experience, look no further than the White Buffalo Club. It tucks into the mountains, yet is a mere three blocks from famous Jackson Town Square. The dazzling White Buffalo Club not only features a fitness and wellness center but offers free ski shuttles to cut travel time significantly to the slopes. Its suites are replete with elegant mountain-modern furnishings, while its condominium-style Miller Park suites have a SoHo loft feel with private bedroom, full kitchen, and adjoining rooms. The hotel also features a modern American steakhouse with one of Jackson's most extensive wine cellars.

Affordable yet Alluring
Jackson has many affordable hotel options where you won't have to sacrifice any of the amenities or rustic charm found at the more upscale resorts. The Ranch Inn within Jackson is the closest hotel to historic Jackson Town Square, whose restaurants, shops, and art galleries are at its doorstop. Its cozy suites feature wood-burning fireplaces, kitchens or kitchenettes, private balconies with mountain views, and wireless Internet access. Budget-minded travelers will appreciate its standard and luxury rooms that feature one king or two queen beds, air-conditioning, and large-screen televisions. Its newest and largest rooms, located in the hotel's tower, also have commanding mountains views.

Easy to Use, Easy to Find
Finding hotels in Jackson, Wyo., whether they are top-of-the-line or budget-friendly, is easy with Hipmunk, which Forbes calls "the best travel site on the Web." Hipmunk allows visitors the ability to customize hotel search options based on neighborhoods. You can see the results on local maps. You can also identify the traveler you are, and whether your trip is for a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or business. Hipmunk will filter your results based on your interests. It also checks with local hotels to see if they charge for Wi-Fi and parking.

Author Bio:

Dale Myers is a world traveler and travel writer from Ventura, CA. In his free time he surfs while planning his next adventure.


Fashion fade, style is eternal
~Yves Saint Laurent~

3 Islands of the Seychelles

The Seychelles are a grouping of idyllic islands off the east of Africa. Still somewhat under the radar, these pristine beauties are scattered away at sea and numbering over a 100. While all boast their own special beauty, here are three to get you started.

If you’re on Mahe, the largest island in the archipelago, then you must visit the highest mountain, the Morne Seychellois. It’s found in Seychellois National Park, which is a thick-forested woodland, full of mangroves and civilization not seen for miles. Get the hiking boots ready and make your climb up to the top.

If you’re the city type, the you have to head to Victoria. Don’t expect too much from the city life considering this is the smallest capital in the world. With that said, you can still find some unique shopping in Victoria and you can take home some pretty stylish new garb along with souvenirs for everyone.

Perhaps shopping is your thing and you don’t want to stop. The markets in Victoria are fantastic to roam around for a few snacks, fruit for the road, or a place to collect some spices to bring home. There's plenty of souvenirs here as well.

This is the country’s second largest island and only a very small plane hop away from Mahe. The beaches here are unforgettable, and are even voted as some of the best in the country. Anse Lazio is the prime choice with its picturesque sands and crystal clear water. Speaking of clear water, snorkeling is a must.

To further explore your Seychelles holidays, the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to the endemic forest of Coco de Mer along with a few other palms. This special tree grows a huge seed, the largest in the world. There are beautiful wildlife, such as the Seychelles Black Parrot, a rare bird, other reptiles, mammals, and snails.

La Digue
Let’s move from the two largest islands in the country, to one of the smallest. La Digue is a stunning spec of sand of the over 100 islands that make up the Seychelles. Luckily, it’s not half as popular as the beautiful Praslin and Mahe islands. But don’t think you need to give up on beauty to get some exclusivity and peace. The pink granite rocks that spec the coastline, the white sand beaches flanked with palms, and the piercing blue water, make this a haven. The L'Anse Source D’Argent is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, so that’s this little islands claim to fame, see it while it’s still hot, but not yet mainstream.

The snorkeling top spot is a Ile de Cocos, and the clear water here offers ultimum clarity. To get around, go old fashion and walk or bike. The rare Paradise Flycatchers are located at here deserves a wander over.

7 Fun Things for the Family in Paris

If you’re coming to Paris with the kiddos, it’s safe to say most of the romantic ideals of the ‘City of Love’ are off the table. But that’s OK! It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, and when you’re with the kids, there’s no other choice. So what type of family are you? A day in the park type? The museum buffs? Check them all out.

We need a fun park…

Let them run wild.

Jardin du Luxembourg 
Let the kids run free at this gorgeous garden behind the enchanting Luxembourg Palace. After paying a minimal fee, the little ones can scurry about a super fun playground while you enjoy the beautiful park. There’s also a fountain pond where the kids can practice some sailing with small boats, or relax a bit and watch a marionette theater, if you’re visiting during the summer.

Jardin d'Acclimatation
Is 49-acres enough space for your kids to wear themselves out at? They will have tons of entertainment here. Besides the amusement park and garden, this fun destination has zoo animals, puppet theaters, a miniature golf course, and carnival games. Try to figure out the tricky house of mirrors as a family and take a few shots at the archery range while you’re at it.

We need entertaining but educational…
Well, then you can enter any of the museums in the city really.

Pompidou Center
Before you even walk in this place, you will find a fine selection of charming cafes to grab a bite at, or you could run into a few street performers. The Stravinsky Fountain is a nice hang out spot as you pregame the kids for wonder around a modern art gallery. No need to fret, there are kid friendly featured areas in addition to the other exhibits. If it’s still not your families cup of tea, heard them to the indoor playground, or cinema, a great idea for a rainy day.

Cite de la Musique
There won’t be a line of tourists at this museum, but it should be acclaimed more. If you have a little musician on your hands, this is where they can see fascinating exhibits on the history of music with a collection of instruments and compositions as they listen to their audio guide.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore
Got a book worm on your hands? You and your little book-devouring child can read to your hearts content. There are childrens’ readings and it’s a great stop over after you visit Notre Dame

We need a crowd pleaser…
When in doubt. Go here.

How can you go wrong with Disney? 1-day Disneyland Paris tickets would make any family, no matter what age, go bananas. Fun rides to last all day, huge golf course, a resort to relax at after a fun-filled day… It’s a sure win for the whole family.

Who gets to brag about actually being at the Eiffel tower? All the way up in fact! Your kid does. The iconic symbol of the city, and even the country, the Eiffel Tower. It’s totally worth it, the kids will be amazed, and it’s actually something on your list anyway. Just get your ticket ahead of time if you’re around the busier time of year.