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Trying a new Instruments

My daughter is very vocal about trying a new instruments. As a mom, I still want her to focus of what she is doing now and pursue her passion at the right age.I think learning a dreadnought guitar is very cool once she gets matured.

Trying a new instruments would be great once my daughter has passion and showed interest to practice every day. As of now, she owns a guitar and she enjoys strumming once in awhile. Hopefully she knows what she really wants to try.

9 Must-See Points of Interest in Las Vegas

There's no denying that Las Vegas is one of the world's hottest tourist destinations. There isn't anywhere else on earth that is quite like the city! Some people assume that the only thing you can do in Vegas is gamble at a casino.

It might shock them to learn that Las Vegas offers all kinds of fun activities and attractions! The city is also one of the most family-friendly places in the United States. Are you planning to travel to Nevada's best-known city soon? If so, here are nine points of interest to consider during your travels:

1. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Located 17 miles west of Las Vegas, the Red Rock Canyon attracts over two million visitors each year. If you're into hiking, rock climbing, and nature, this is the destination for you!

2. Bellagio Arcadia

Do you have a love of horticulture? Each season, the Arcadia inside the Bellagio Hotel gets converted into a botanical garden. It boasts 14,000 square feet of distinctive sights and colors. Plus, it also features a special display during the Chinese New Year.
3. National Finals Rodeo

The NFR is to rodeo what the SuperBowl is to football! Hosted by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, it's a must-see event in Las Vegas. One can book tickets for it at Don't miss your chance to get at the heart of one of America's premier events!

4. The High Roller

One thing you can't fail to notice on the Las Vegas strip is the High Roller. With a diameter of 520 ft, the High Roller is huge in comparison to the London Eye and Singapore Flyer!

5. The Mob Museum

Fascinated by the impact of organized crime in Las Vegas history? You need to check out the Mob Museum! It's packed full of engaging and interactive exhibits and offers a memorable experience. Find out more at

6. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

America has many exhibitions and museums dedicated to the world's famous cruise ship. One of the more notable ones happens to be at the Luxor hotel's Titanic artifact exhibition. It boasts 25 million visitors and is the longest running in history.

7. Stratosphere Tower

If you're afraid of heights, you should probably give this one a miss. But, if you love the adrenaline rush of soaring high, you should visit the Stratosphere Tower! Apart from the shopping experience (it has a mall), you can do sky jumping.

8. The Neon Museum

One takeaway of any trip to Las Vegas is the amount of illumination there at night! Did you know that the city has a dedicated Neon Museum to the subject? One can see all kinds of historical and iconic neon lights preserved there.

9. Eiffel Tower Experience

One of the strangest things about Las Vegas is how you'll find a replica of the Eiffel Tower there! One can command amazing views of the city - day or night!

Let us know which of those points of interest you enjoy the most when you visit Las Vegas!

What Are The Most Incredible Views in The World

If you love a breathtaking view then travelling is certainly the best way to get it. There are some incredible places to see on our tiny planet. Some are inspiring, some a jaw-dropping, and others are simply awesome. So where are the best places to go to find the most incredible view in the world? Here are our fave five for 2016:

This amazing little country on the Northern tip of Europe is one of the most incredible places on Earth. Be sure to pack a camera when you take on any tours of the Norwegian Fjords. Norway is so quiet and serene and completely barren in places. But the Fjords are dramatic, imposing, and relentless. Nature continues to add beauty to this place. The Aurora Borealis can be seen almost all year round from parts of Norway. And the Atlantic Ocean Road may be the road with the best views anywhere!

Arizona, USA
The Grand Canyon is a phenomenal natural gorge that looks stunning from any angle. There are plenty of activities you can do to get closer to the view. Helicopter rides, hiking, camping, and whitewater rafting can all provide astounding view points. The sound of the wind when it whistles around the rock is quite spectacular to experience as well. The light and shade on the rock face create a different appearance as the day goes on too. For action, adventure, and stunning views try the Grand Canyon.

Taiwan is a beautiful country full of gorgeous colors from native flowers and plants. Perhaps one of the prettiest places in Taiwan is the Shifen Waterfall. It’s by no means the biggest or most spectacular waterfall in the world. But we think it deserves a mention for its beauty. It’s easy to find, located just outside the New Taipei City. It is also quite accessible making it ideal for the keen photographer.

Antrim, Northern Ireland
The Giant’s Causeway is a collection of forty thousand columns that were created by an ancient volcanic eruption. The stories that accompany the phenomenon are many and varied too. They’re all part of the fun of the place! It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and an absolute must if you’re visiting Northern Ireland. If you’re travelling with small children, be careful around the water’s edge.

Hunan, China
The iconic Split Pinnacle is an incredible sight to see. It defies the senses to see that it is standing there unsupported. If you get a chance to see this place from the air, it is certainly worth doing. There are trees and other plants growing from the rock face. The whole area is full of wonder. You could take a small boat along the river to see the sight from another perspective. It’s tough terrain to get close to these rocks, but if you’re up for the challenge, you won’t be disappointed.

Not all the most incredible views are easy to enjoy. Perhaps that’s what makes them worth the challenge. What incredible places will you visit this year?

Keep the Peace on Your Family Road Trip with These Tricks

Taking a road trip with your family in a caravan or RV can be a great way to spend your holiday. You can all bond with each other and experience new things. However, it can also be a recipe for disaster. You can end up with bickering, sulking, and shouting- and that's just the adults! Keeping the peace when you're all sharing a small space is sometimes difficult, but it's not impossible. Some special tricks will ensure the whole family has a wonderful time without too much trouble. Use the tips in this article to prevent any disasters while you're on your travels and everyone will come home happy.

Start with the Perfect Vehicle

The ideal journey begins with a vehicle that suits you and your family. You should think about your needs as a unit and as individuals. Start with how many of you there are in your family and your ages. You should also think about your setup at home. If your kids share bedrooms, they're more likely to get along when they share space in an RV. If everyone is used to having more space to themselves, you might need more in your vehicle. You're sure to have other needs too. For example, you might want to have cooking facilities or certain technology that you can't live without.


Allow Everyone Their Space

It can be hard for anyone to get some alone time when you're sharing a small space. But there are still ways to ensure everyone can get some time to themselves. Even if you're sitting together, you can all be doing your own thing. Someone can read a book while someone else puts headphones on and listens to music. When you make your stops, make sure everyone can do different things too. Teenagers might want to go for a walk, while younger children could join a campground kids' club.

Let Each Person Have a Say

It's no fun for the whole family if one person always makes the plans. While the adults might be in charge of the main itinerary, try to let the kids have their say too. They could help you decide what to do on a particular day or what to eat for dinner. You don't necessarily have to give them complete control. Offer them two or three choices and they will still feel like they get to decide what you do. You don't always have to do everything together either. One parent could be in charge of one activity, while the other handles something else.

Enjoy Family Activities

Don't forget to enjoy your family time together too. Your road trip is an excellent opportunity to bond and have lots of fun. Do a variety of things, from enjoying the outdoors on foot or bicycles to playing board games. There are lots of activities you can enjoy together to get to know each other better.

A family road trip can bring you all together and be a memorable experience. Just make sure you plan carefully to keep everyone happy.

Travel Photo: Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum

This  is Little M's  first Lighthouse she climbed. It has 177 steps. It is located at  Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum 2081 Radford Blvd. Pensacola,Florida 32508.

5 Great US Destinations For Exploring the Great Outdoors

The US is such a huge country; there’s no wonder just how much variety there is in its landscape. From rugged mountainous regions to lush forests, there’s plenty of reason to get out and about. So if you haven’t yet planned your summer holiday, how about considering a trip to explore the US’s fabulous countryside. Here are five destinations to whet your appetite.

The Grand Canyon, Arizona

Pack your family into your RV and hit the road to Arizona’s major attraction: the Grand Canyon. This huge gorge is up to eighteen miles wide and one mile deep. The south rim of the canyon has the best road access, so many visitors head to this section in personal vehicles or on shuttle buses. At the south rim, you’ll see the Grand Canyon Village. You’ll be able to explore the old pioneer town began. If you fancy stretching your legs, there are many hiking routes that go along the canyon.

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite is a fantastic camping destination. It offers visitors 800 miles of hiking trails and unmissable views of mountains and rock formations. A free shuttle bus transports visitors around the park, meaning once you arrive, you can leave the car in the car park for the whole trip! The park holds a lot of ranger courses that help tourists get to know the landscape better. The Yosemite Ranger Walk & Talks are very popular and teach about the area’s geology and native settlers.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Maine’s Acadia National Park is the perfect destination for adventure! Not only does the park have sandy beaches for the kids to play on, but there will be the chance to take part in many different activities. Including kayaking and hiking. Be sure to drop into the Wildwood Stables to take a horse-drawn carriage tour of the park. It’s a great way to take in the stunning views!

Aspen, Colorado

If you want some winter fun, head to Aspen for some serious skiing! Most of Aspen’s resorts are at the higher end when it comes to price, but there is also a good choice of affordable accommodation. The Snowmass area is a popular place for skiers to stay. It offers a number of recreational activities alongside the usual skiing and snowboarding. It’s even a popular summer destination. Throughout the warmer months, you can hit the bike park or join one of the many yoga classes.

Maui, Hawaii

For a tropical adventure, book a trip to Hawaii’s Maui island. The Haleakala National Park has many hiking paths that snake up a dormant volcano, and there’s, even more, hiking along the Hana Highway. As you walk the highway, you’ll pass stunning rainforests and a beautiful waterfall. Both amateur and professional golfers can practice their swing at the King Kamehameha Golf Course. History buffs also have plenty to keep them entertained. They can visit the Bailey House Museum and historic Holy Ghost Catholic Church.

Hopefully, you’re now brimming with ideas to help you plan an exciting holiday in the US!