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Our day in Madri Gas World in New Orleans

Our day in Madri Gas World in New Orleans was fabulous. My  family and I had a chance to see the so called "behind-the-scene" of different floats, the processed of making the Madri Gas was one of a kind.

Before our tour started,it was funny how we ended-up in the tour. My family and I had no plan on that day. We woke up so early and walked around the downtown in New Orleans. It happened I saw  the name and  curious about it. With my surprised we walked too far and husband was tired-so do I. I kept talking to him we almost there and we have to take the tour since we're on the area. Well, husband is so good with me, without any complaint, he agreed and arrived in Madri Gass World with sore feet.

The tour started in a small room were you can watch  the short and brief history of Madri Gass, then the  tour guide given us the  chance to wear the traditional Madri Gas costume for us to be photographed in custome next to the sculptured (if you want) after that, served with a slice king cake- the traditional Madri Gas snacks then headed to the factory for more exciting.

The story was interesting.My daughter was  excited to see some  sparkle and breathtaking floats.Being on the festival is phenomenal but one thing I knew I can't handle the crowd with my little ones with this kind of activities. 

Good thing, one woman asked us about the free shuttle which brings you in downtown locations. After the tour we just waited  at the front door, around 10 minutes the bus arrived  and headed back to our hotel without walking for many miles under the sun.

Six Best Modernist Marvel Hotels in Palm Springs, California

Image via Flickr by Randy Heinitz
Palm Springs, California is like a living textbook of midcentury architecture. You'll find examples of midcentury modernism almost everywhere you turn. Whether you're a student of architecture or just want to experience a bit of the desert modern style for yourself during your Palm Springs vacation, browse this collection of the six best midcentury master hotel designs in Palm Springs.

1. The Saguaro Palm Springs, a Joie de Vivre Boutique Hotel
It looks like someone got happy with paint cans at The Saguaro Palm Springs, a Joie De Vivre Boutique Hotel. Architects Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat weren't afraid of using bold colors in the guest rooms. The hotel is like a living, lodging epitome of a PANTONE color swatch book—a one-of-a-kind attraction in the Coachella Valley.

2. Parker Palm Springs
Renowned renovator David Mann and interior designer Jonathan Adler's personal, modernist stamps are all over the interiors and infrastructure of the Parker Palm Springs. Located on East Palm Canyon Drive, this posh retreat features incredible gardens and a five-star spa on the premises. And here's something you probably didn't know: The famed "singing cowboy" Gene Autry lived on the property in one of the villas that now bears his name.

3. Viceroy Palm Springs
Here's a glam, 1930s-era resort worth exploring. Situated on South Belardo Road, the Viceroy Palm Springs guest villas are infused with the personal aesthetic of fashion and interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Wearstler is known for packaging unique materials in extraordinary ways. Just as attractive as its design, the Viceroy Palm Springs boasts one of the city's top restaurants, Citron.

4. Riviera Palm Springs – A Noble House Resort
When it opened in 1958, the Riviera Palm Springs – A Noble House Resort made waves for its spoke-wheel shape construction, the only hotel in the country at that time to bear such a look. The Starlite Lounge is truly a work redolent of '50s architecture and home to an award-winning cocktail bar. At night, the Bikini Pool comes alive with lights, people, and drinks in a scene reminiscent of a Hollywood movie.

5. The Curve Palm Springs Hotel & Resort
Recent renovations to The Curve Palm Springs Hotel & Resort didn't take away of the midcentury charm from this hip boutique hotel and resort. Located only a mile from the downtown area, it's close enough to explore all the shopping, dining, and doing in Palm Springs.

6. Movie Colony Hotel
Noted Palm Springs architect Paul Frey embarked on the design for the Movie Colony Hotel soon after his arrival in the city from his architectural tutelage under Le Corbusier in Paris. The simple, clean lines and restraint in making this hotel part of, not in opposition to, its surroundings continue to put this place high in the annals of midcentury American architecture.
Check out some photos of these modernist marvels in my guide to finding affordable hotels in Palm Springs on And if you have a modernist marvel in Palm Springs you can't stop talking about, we want to know about it, so share it with us.

 Michael Vyskocil is a travel writer who enjoys writing about unique people, places, and things to do in locales across the country. His tourism and travel industry experience includes writing for Hipmunk. Michael's tourism career spans more than seven years in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, at visitor destinations such as the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center, and the Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum. He is currently working on the #HipmunkCityLove project.

New Hobby!

If there is one thing I wanted to learn these days is learning how to play guitar. I think it is pretty cool to strum a guitar.I know its not late to learn a new hobby but being a stay at home and have so many things in my hand it would be impossible for me. 

If ever I can't learn how to strum a guitar, I'll be happy to enroll if my daughter would be interested someday.Looking some guitar center is not a problem since I live in the city of music and  I know there would be good choices when my daughter is ready to start a new hobby. As of now, I will be content watching.