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Family is the most important thing in the world. ~Princess Diana~

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The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~Saint Augustine~

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Eat Drink Enjoy Life

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Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets. ~Neil deGrasse Tyson~

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Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. ~Helen Keller~

Give Your Children A Taste Of Europe

Children love holidays. At least they like the parts they enjoy. They like the getting wet parts. They are not so keen on the long journey part. The like the being in a new place and discovering things part. They like the adventure. But most of all they like the eating part. Get that right and everything else falls into place. With that in mind it might be fun to think about a trip to places where fun food hits the bill. If there is ever a place that is child food heaven, it has to be Europe. As a wise and educated parent you’ll be sneaking in all those other cultural treats at the same time and everybody will be having a fantastic holiday.


France has the best breakfast ever. It does not seem to matter if you are in the capital Paris or in some small rural town in Brittany or the Dordogne. France is breakfast feast made in heaven. For a start there are French sticks. These may be in every supermarket around the world but trust me there is nothing to compare with a fresh French stick from a bakery in France.

Baking like this is addictive and that is before anyone mentioned the word Croissant. These delicious light and buttery pastries just have a way of melting in your mouth. Adding jam is all part of the fun and messy attraction. You don't even have to dip them in chocolate but then a bowl of hot chocolate is something else the French do particularly well. Breakfast has never been so easy and so messy. And we haven't even come close to pancakes or crepes. Anyone who invented an entire meal of pancakes will have the children’s vote for ever.


The Spanish know how to cook their eggs, sausages and garlicky chicken dishes. They are pretty good at baking too, though in a Spanish pastry dipped in sugar sort of way. The further down south you go, the spicier things become. The humble tomato gets reinvented in Spain and they even have a festival to celebrate it. The hotter it gets the more the Spanish seem to delight in their mouthwatering fruits. The kids love nothing better than chomping on cool and refreshing watermelon and big hunks of pineapple. Just perfect after a hot day at the beach.


Nobody who ever raised a child could ignore the contribute Italian cuisine has made to the world of feeding the smaller ones. It might have something to do with the fact that the Italians love children. So it’s a great place to bring the kids. The Italian holiday atmosphere is simply one of the best in the world for families whether you eating out on a simple outing or staying in a fabulous villa. The list of food goodies begins with a classic Neapolitan Pizza. That might enough on its own but who could forget pasta? In all its shapes and forms from spaghetti to lasagne and all the shapes in between. In Italy food is culture, art, lunch and fun all rolled into one. And who would complain?
Take the children to Europe on a voyage of food discovery and you might just find that you will have lot more fun than you thought along the way. Besides all that food will give them heaps of energy to work off in the pool and ocean, giving you just a little more downtime.

Traveling Better When on a Trip

Going on a trip can be quite an exciting experience. It can be thrilling to go to new and fun places nationally or internationally. One of the challenges that people may face when traveling is packing and having the information they need. There are some friendly tips to consider that can help with the traveling process.
Better Luggage
Some people think of luggage as large suitcases that were popular back in the previous century. Although there have been plenty of changes since yesteryear, it is good to keep in mind that many types of luggage these days are designed for the traveler today. Numerous compartments are designed for personal items and for storage. Parents with children are pleased to learn that luggage for young ones contain many zippers, compartments and other helps that can ensure that a child has everything that he or she needs. Business travelers have special luggage that can help them when they need to take a suit or a dress with them for travel while protecting the articles of clothing. Furthermore, there are special containers that can hold personal items, such as makeup, a brushless toothbrush, razor and much more.

Apps and Phones that Help
While some may be very resistant to technology, the reality is that smartphones can be extremely beneficial to travelers when they are out traveling. A smartphone can be quite helpful when it is time to check in or if there is a travel delay. People can easily go on the Internet to get assistance if there is a delay while they are on an airplane. In addition to this, there are apps that can assist travelers. Many airlines have apps that can inform travelers when they want instant facts. Furthermore, hotels, car rental companies and other similar companies have discounts and useful information that are able to help people make informed decisions in a brief moment of time. Apps can be ideal for families or adults who need to distract themselves or children during a long layover.

Whether it is time to travel by means of a train, car, ship or plane, having useful luggage and a smartphone can certainly help travel be more pleasant. Although many apps and various pieces of luggage cost money, the reality is that it can be well worth the investment. The result is that traveling can be quite enjoyable.

Cooking Chili Beef Bean Soup at FairWind Pressure Cooker FWPC6L

Disclosure: I received a FairWind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media: All opinion are  mine. 

Perhaps you ask yourself why you should buy the FairWind pressure cooker  if you don't really cook often.

This is my first time to have a pressure cooker so I don't have any idea how to used it nor the cooking time. I tried the rice and happy with the results then I donated my rice cooker to save some space in my kitchen.

Worth Every dime:

I was been eyeing to buy a pressure cooker and I'm glad I had a chance to review the product in exchange my honest review.  Actually, I received the product last year and I only got a chance to used last week during snow days.Seriously, its impressive and I amaze how the fairWind pressure cooker save my time.

The functions I've been enjoying and I used often.

1. rice
2. soup
3. slow cooker
4. porridge
6. steam

Chili  Beef Bean Soup Recipe:

  • 2 garlic
  • 1 onion
  •  2 tablespoon oil
  • 1 cup dried bean
  • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
  • 1 tablespoon oregano
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  •  1 lb ground beef
  • 1 can diced tomato, undrained
  • 1 can tomato sauce
  • 1 Jalapeno
  • 4 cups water

1. Set your pressure cooker in Steam,you don't need to cover. Heat the oil, saute garlic until it turns brown then add the onion until it soft, add the beef, stir until the meat turns  browned.
2. Add the water, and the remaining ingredients.
3. Lock the lid and make sure it is locked and pressed the functions Beans/Chili.Do not open when you don't hear the sound. Make sure it is off before you open the lid.
4. Wait when you hear the sounds of your pressure cooker and you know its done. Enjoy!

The rice was cooked the way I wanted and the soup was just right.The first  food I made was chili/bean.Yay! it was my first time to cooked in pressure cooker and I'm satisfied with the outcome. The dried beans that I forgot to soaked overnight was cooked just within an hour.

The manual is not informative and I think they can do a better job explaining about all the key functions and estimating time  cooking.

Disclaimer: Overall I'm impress with the pressure cooker and I am happy to have a chance to review the product.

Disclosure: I received a FairWind FWPC6L Pressure Cooker for the purpose of this review. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media: All opinion are all mine.

Three Things To Think About Before Hitting The Open Road

Are you thinking about your family vacation this year? You might be thinking about planning to take your children somewhere exotic, a far off destination. Or, you could be considering planning a road trip. A road holiday is a fantastic idea if you are low on cash this year. Even if you’re not it could be the perfect opportunity to connect with your children and get closer to your family. Here are some of the things you should think about before hitting the road.

Where Are You Staying?

There are a few options you can consider when hitting the road. You could book a few hotel rooms across the area where you're travelling. The benefit of this idea is that you will be able to stay in the stunning accommodation. It’s a smart move if you’re the type of person who likes having a plan to follow. However, it could also be a negative. Staying in hotel accommodation limits your freedom and puts you on a road that you have to follow. One of the beauties of a road trip is that you can go in any direction if you don’t book ahead.

Another possibility is just to pack a tent in the back and hit the open road. But this won’t give you any space at all and older children may not like it. Particularly if you’re unfortunate enough to hit a few days of bad weather. You’ll all be stuck in the tent together, and unfortunately, they aren’t like the ones in Harry Potter.

That’s why the best option might be to get a trailer. That way, you can have all the home luxuries you’re accustomed to. But you can still travel without being tied down. The latest trailers offer luxury accommodation, and all you need to do is make sure you have a car that can pull one.

Experiences And Activities

While we’re not suggesting you tie yourself down to a schedule completely, it’s a good idea to have a rough idea of what you want to do. You can have a look at some of the locations you could visit and see if there are any activities your kids might find interesting. You can also check out any activities that might be interesting to you or your partner. Remember, you don’t need to spend the whole time together as a family. As we said, the best part of a road trip is that it gives you a lot of freedom.

You might also like to pack a few items for different activities that you might get involved in. For instance, a classic on the road activity is going fishing. If you know how to fish, this might be the perfect time to teach your children. You should think about buying a couple of fishing rods before you head off.

Recording The Moments

Don’t forget that this could be an amazing trip for your family that you might not want to forget. So, why not make sure you have a high-quality camera packed, bought and ready to go? If you do that, you can make this holiday last a lifetime.

The World's Best Natural Holiday Experience

So, you’re planning your next holiday, but you want to get back to nature? Well, here are some of the world’s very best natural holiday experiences that you should consider trying out.

Gorilla Tracking in Africa

Many people who see gorillas up close describe it as one of the most astounding things they’ve ever seen. And there is something impressive about seeing these powerful creatures in their natural environment. They are not simply brutal animals as many people expect. They are also very gentle and graceful. This is the thing that surprises many people when they go gorilla tracking. There are lots of chances to do this in African countries, such as Uganda and Rwanda.

Eco-Friendly Holidays in Switzerland

Much of Switzerland’s landscape is made up of vast rivers and huge mountains. This makes it a great place to spend time for swimmers, boaters and hikers. You never run out of wonderful natural things to do when you’re in Switzerland. And the peace and tranquility you can find is astounding. But if you want to take your trip to Switzerland a step further, you could take an eco-friendly holiday in the country. The WhitePod Village is a great eco resort located by the water, so it’s a good option to consider.


Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

If you’re looking to combine a natural landscape with a thrilling adventure holiday, head to Colorado. Whitewater rafting is one of the most thrilling activities you will ever try out. If you have never tried it before, you should definitely do it. It’s one of those things that you get hooked on once you've tried it for the first time. There are other things like mountain climbing and hiking that you can also do in the vast American state of Colorado. It’s a great place for nature lovers.

Exploring the Reserves and Parks of Costa Rica

The most naturally diverse country in the world is Costa Rica. The Central American country is known as the home of conservation. So much money is pumped into making sure that the species and fauna of the area are allowed to thrive in their natural habitat. This makes the country one of the most stunning natural landscapes to visit on the planet. If you love nature, there is nowhere better. There are Wildlife Refuges, National Parks and lots of reserves. So, make sure you visit as many of them as you can.


Whale Watching in Norway

Watching a whale in its natural habitat never fails to stun you. It’s such an impressive sight, and you’ll never see anything else quite like it. There are many different places in which you can see whales in the ocean, but one of the best is Norway. The country is fantastical for all kinds of things, but the whale watching trips are always very safe and professional. And as long as you book a trip with a reputable company, you will get a guide who knows exactly what he or she is talking about.

What's the right age to introduce music instrument to your kids?

Basically, I asked myself what is the right age to introduce music instruments to  your kids? Based on my research and reading it all depends of what is your goal for your kids. If you want your kids to be on the stage and have mastered one instrument you should start at the early age.

My daughter has been asking to play a string instrument though I am not convince yet that she will take time to  practice every day.I did not answer her yet but am searching and found this string instrument store and has an interesting products.