5 Reasons to Fly Business Class

There are those who dream of the luxury of first-class travel and there are those who fly business class. The difference between the two upper classes is actually negligible, yet business class is much cheaper and pound for pound, offers the better value for money. If you are a regular business class flyer, you will already be enjoying the many benefits, which include the following.

1 Priority Check In – We all know how tiring it is to check in alongside a couple of hundred others, who are all trying to get their baggage weighed and onto the belt. The veteran will arrive before the check in staff arrive, which is fine of you have a couple of hours to kill, yet you can avoid this with a business class ticket. No queues and a streamlined process sees you checked in in minutes, while the long queue next to you doesn’t seem to be moving.

2 The Business Class Lounge – An oasis in any airport, the Virgin business class lounge offers sumptuous comfort with food and drinks on tap. If you fancy a relaxing massage or nap, the amenities are there, and with free Wi-Fi, you can keep track of what’s happening in the world. For many frequent flyers, the exclusive business lounge is the main attraction, especially when you have to wait a few hours for a connecting flight.

3 Extra Baggage Allowance – It can be really tough deciding what to take, and with the extra allowance that comes with business class travel, you can be sure to take everything you might need, and the extra allowance means you can buy souvenirs for family and friends without facing an excess baggage charge.

4 Five Star Service – Once onboard the aircraft, expect 5-star service, as with first class, which includes great menus, superior audio and video, and much more. Complimentary slippers are standard, as is the blanket for those long flights, and the flight attendants are never far away in business class.

5 Priority Disembarking – The majority of passengers in economy class will have to wait it out while first and business class leave the aircraft. This means that the entry process is free of crowds (they are behind you) and therefore, much quicker. No one wants to spend a couple of hours waiting to have their passport stamped, not to mention the baggage race, which can be an ordeal. For some unlucky passengers, the arrival of 3 or 4 major flights coincides with theirs and this can test anyone’s patience, as you literally wait for hours.
Flying business class isn’t as expensive as you might think, and by dealing with an established online flight organiser who specialises in business class tickets, you can get some amazing deals. Once on the website, a series of dropdown menus takes you to where you want to go, and you can search by destination, price, dates of travel and accommodation rating, all in an instant.

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5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Motorbike

One of the best ways to tour America is on a motorbike. Before you do book one and go off on your travels, here are a few important things to think about.

1. Whether you are doing a one-way trip or a round trip

Some of the smaller, independent motorcycle hire companies insist that you return the vehicle to the same branch that you hired it from. That’s not an issue at all if you are planning on staying local or you are doing a longer ride that you can loop back on, but if you were planning to go much further afield or doing a coast to coast tour, or you are planning to make a road trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Before taking out a hire bike, check that you can return it to other branches or whether there is a surcharge for a one-way trip.

2. Whether you are doing a solo tour or are carrying a pillion passenger

Motorbikes that are designed for carrying pillion passengers as well are usually bigger and bulkier, to allow for more comfort and storage space. However, what bike you go for depends on where you are going. Harley Fat Boy’s look amazing for fair weather cruises with your buddy, but if you’re going high into the mountains you’re going to want to look for something a little bit more built for touring, such as a Honda Goldwing or a Harley Electra Glide. 

3. How long you are considering riding for

You need something that is going to hold all of your luggage and be comfortable, and on many bikes, the saddlebags just don’t cut it for a longer journey. Again, we recommend Goldwings and Electra Glides because they are built for those sort of trips. They have a good sized top box as well, perfect for carrying that spare helmet or that camera for those once in a lifetime snaps.”

4. The insurance that you need take out

To be able to ride a motorbike out on a public road, you have to have basic liability insurance. That is non-negotiable, but you can take on further coverage to protect you and your passenger. You can buy insurance that covers the bike should you damage it, with a small excess fee, and additional public liability insurance in case you injure someone else. Your hire company may be able to offer this or point you in the right direction. You also need to consider what sort of legal advice you may need should you have an accident or damage the bike www.aitkenlaw.com/motorcycle-accidents can give you more information.

5. Whether you have the correct license and documents to prove that you can ride the bike

Lastly, there is little point in going to a rental shop to hire a bike if you don’t have the appropriate documentation. You need to take your license with you, and the vast majority of hire companies insist that the rider is 21 years old or over.

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Marvellous Miami: 6 Places You Must Visit

Got plans to visit Miami? Known for its beautiful beaches and glamorous nightlife, Miami is a popular vacation hotspot, but many people never venture much further beyond their resort. Here are six places you must explore whilst in Miami.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is the most famous resort in the city and is often heralded as having the best beach in the world. On top of taking the opportunity to work on your tan, Miami Beach is fantastic for trying out all kinds of watersports. If you’re looking for yacht charter in Miami, this is also the place to find it – by hiring out your own yacht for the day, you can explore the city from the water and feel like a millionaire.

Fort Lauderlale

Sometimes referred to as ‘the Venice of America’, Fort Lauderlale is known for its canals and historic waterfront. It’s possible to book a gondola ride around the waters – perfect for those on a romantic getaway. Fort Lauderlale also has some great beaches, as well as some great shops and bars to explore.

Biscayne Bay

Also known as Key Biscayne, this area of Miami is great for sightseeing. You can take a scenic drive over the Rickenbacker causeway and take in views from Cape Florida Lighthouse. It’s also home to Vizcaya museum and gardens – an Italian renaissance style villa containing many historical antiques and incredible gardens full of subtropical flora. Biscayne Bay also has no shortage of bars and restaurants with great views over the bay.

Little Havana

Little Havana is a taste of Cuba in America. It’s the perfect place for drinking a Mojito, trying some salsa dancing or buying a Cuban cigar. There are some impressive wall murals around this district and the architecture is distinctly Latin in some places. It’s also worth visiting in March when the Calle Ocho festival is on – this is a one day street festival in which you can get involved in everything from dancing to food sampling.

Art Deco District

Miami’s Art Deco District is unique for its largely art deco architecture. You’ll feel as if you’re stepping back in time to the thirties whilst exploring its streets and there are there are plenty of famous buildings here including Park Central Hotel and the home of Gianni Versace. This district comes alive at night – there are plenty of restaurants for enjoying some fine dining as well as bars for grabbing a cocktail.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island is an eco-adventure park in Miami – once known as Parrot Jungle. Here you’ll find wildlife from around the globe including the world’s only tame cassowary, twin orangutans and an array of lemurs and parrots. It’s also a great place for seeing some Florida’s natural wildlife and flora including crocodiles, alligators and various tropical plants commonly found in the Everglades. This park makes a great escape from the urban hustle and bustle of Miami if you want to reconnect with your natural side.
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Are These Aqua-Vacation Activities Right For You? Let's Find Out

A new vacation is a great chance to explore exciting fresh activities and adventures. This could be something that gets your blood pumping or that allows you to open your mind to new experiences. It’s important to make sure that you are choosing the right activity for you. You’ll find that costs are often considerable and you don’t want to waste a day of your vacation doing something that you haven’t even found enjoyable. So, let’s look at a few of the possibilities and figure out if they are right choice when you’re on the ocean or by any stretch of water.


You might want to think about going fishing, particularly if you’re thinking about enjoying the outdoors on your next vacation. You can fish everywhere from deep rivers to gorgeous lakes with water, so still, it looks like crystal. This is definitely something you should consider when you think about going fishing. It can be a very peaceful, tranquil experience that allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Of course, it can also be a challenge, and you can read more about this from resources like Fishing Sun. You will need to be patient if you want to catch anything but sometimes the actual activity of just going out there can provide enough enjoyment.

The only reason not to try fishing would be if you like something a little more fast-paced or you’re not fond of the idea of handling the fish themselves.

Jet Skiing

Now, this is something that is sure to get your heart racing as you rush across the waters, leaving frothy paths in your wake. It’s great fun, and yes, jet skis do go seriously fast. So, if you’re looking to put the pedal to the metal when you’re off the road, this could be the experience for you. Bear in mind that jet skiing can be quite expensive and may eat a fair amount of your holiday budget. You will also usually only get a couple of hours on the waves. But that is more than enough to fall in love with this activity. Who knows, you might even be tempted to buy one yourself.

If you aren’t a strong swimmer, jet skiing must, unfortunately, be avoided. People commonly will fall off jet skis and even with a life jacket on this can be dangerous if you don’t know how to stay afloat.


Or finally, how about heading down to the depths of the water and exploring something like the great barrier reef. It’s important to realize that you don’t need to be a great diver to go snorkeling. In fact, you don’t need any diving experience at all. As long as you’re not scared to swim with the fish and potentially, larger aquamarine life, there’s no reason not to give snorkeling a try. It’s popular in tropical vacation spots like the Carribean and the Golden Coast.

One point worth nothing before you sign up is the cost. You’ll need a boat to take you out to water where you can snorkel and a licensed company. Expect to pay at least a couple of hundred for the full breathtaking experience.

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