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Now You See it

If you seen  the America's Got Talent,i'm sure you know who's Drew Thomas. Yes, he's one of the finalist on America's Got Talent as a magician. Believe it or not,his good. I don't believe magic and illusion until I seen him in Freedom of the Seas "Now You see it".I don't know how he make it, but the show was totally entertaining and phenomenal.
Drew Thomas-finalist on America's Got Talent
He got a talent and his good at it.So, if you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary .

Without further ado here are some of the photos during the show.

After, Drew Thomas showed his dance skills, I was glued watching on his magic and illusion   and I forgot to take any photos on that part as I don't like to blink because I want to see every thing of what  his trying to show to the audience. He invited 3 audience to participate in the show and it makes more interesting and fascinating. I'm amaze how he did it. 
This is the first part of the show "NOW YOU SEE IT". 
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How to promote a product?

How to promote a product? There are things  you need to know  to  get noticed in the public if you're running a business. If you want your business to be successful you have to test the market and done a lot of promotional. In short Marketing strategy is important in every businesses.

I remember when I took my business degree and I have had a business subject that I need to produce one product and market it. It was kinda hard for me, considering my resources is not enough. I need to be successful or else I fail in the subject. Technology is not popular yet.Though we have internet computer but online resources is not that trends to use those old days.

Word of mouth-is the basic and I've done but there is no  enough time to tell the  public what is the product. The target market is too short and sometime it's not accurate.

Imprinted promotional products-For me this one of the most important promotional businesses should done. Once people notice your imprinted products, they will be curious and check your products.

In today's technology there are a lot things to promote your products.

Website-there are a lot of people who always research what is new in the market. If you have a website this will be easy for businesses and the consumer.

Social Media-Whether we like it or not people is registered in any social media, so this would be good if you have to open an account for your business.

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Ice Skating shows at Freedom of the Seas

Ice Skating shows at Freedom of the Seas is one of the popular shows that  needs reservation and one of the best entertainment they have. All of us had a good great time even "Little Travelentz" loves it. She glued in this show. 

I reserved the whole family around 3:30 p.m but I ask them to change to 5:30 p.m. so our little ones had  enough time to sleep. I was surprise 3:30 p.m. shows was one of the popular and everyone wants to get that time. When I ask to change my reservation on Air B, I don't have any problem because 5:30 p.m. is not full that time.

The Cast of Ice Skating shows
Ice Skating Shows is phenomenal. I feel i'm in  the winter olympic rink and I can't believe I saw it in live. All the performers are awesome. So, if you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary.
They allowed you to take photos as many as you want but you can't take any video.
That's a lot of hula-hoop but she's one of a kind and knows what she's doing. 
I guess she's one from Japan. 
As you know there are six common jumps that are recognizes by the Ice Skating Union: 
  • Toe-loop-the skater leaps into the air and twist left leg.Invented in 1920 by American skater Bruce Mapes. 
  • Salchow-invented in 1908 at Sweden's Ulrich Salchow -gold medalist.
  • Loop-jump-invented in 1910 by German skater Werner Rittberger .
  • Flip jump-was invented in 1913 by American skater Bruce Mapes 
  • Lutz jump- toe jump was invented  in 1930 by Austrian athlete Alois Lutz . One of it is a difficult jump for most skaters because of the counter-rotational entry
  • Axel- was the most difficult  edge jump that was invented in 1882 by Norway's Axel Paulsen.

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Music Lover

I don't sing but I love to listen music. My sister has a good voice though and she sang beautifully. One thing that is common if we get together we have a Karaoke party and that's so much fun. I  miss having that kind of party.Sing,eat and dance. What a life! But now everything has change and all of us  got married and have kid's.

 I remember the old days. My friend who have a beautiful voice and she is a lead singer in the band in Asia. She told us that after a year she's planning to go back in the band and perform in the stage. As of now she's just happy singing her kid's and enjoying the break from her job.
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Baroni Designs Coastal Grove Giveaway

 coastal grove necklace


Emerald Forest: GREEN—the color of life, of mystery and renewal, of deep soul nurturing. Rich or earthy, calm or vibrant, green is the color for 2013. We love the newness, freshness and variety of this palette. Named for our very own Humboldt County, this collection features natural rutilated quartz, chrysoprase and turquoise hung from an array of chains. Wrap yourself in layers to show a breathtaking range of color or wear individually to highlight the simple beauty of a single piece. Learn more about handmade Baroni accessories by visiting their site.

One lucky winner gets the chance to own the Coastal Grove necklace value at $160. Giveaway ends on April 2, 2013 : , open to continental US only, ages 18+ . To enter, please use the rafflecopter form below. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received no compensation on this giveaway. My opinions are my own and may differ from others. This site is not responsible for prize shipment and this giveaway is in no way connected with any social media.

Please contact , Melandria with questions on how your blog/brand can be featured.
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5 safe ways carry different currencies overseas

One thing that you must not forget to bring with you when traveling overseas is money. Money is needed for dining, shopping, hotel accommodations and to simply be able to pay for anything that you may want to do while traveling. Most travelers are a bit skeptical about carrying a large amount of their currency with them, as it can lead to risks of getting pick-pocketed. By taking advantage of these safe ways to carry different currencies overseas, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy your holiday without the constant worry of losing your cash.

Credit Cards

Traveling with credit cards is by far one of the best, easiest and safest ways to pay for things while traveling abroad. Credit cards are especially recommended for large purchases such as hotel accommodations, airline tickets and dining out, since you do not want to carry around that kind of money with you. Credit cards can typically be used in any country any will use the interbank exchange rate on your purchases. This means that you do not have to convert your currency yourself and are able to shop without worry.

Debit Cards

Carrying debit cards overseas is another popular option for travelers. Just like credit cards, when you use your debit card at a shop or restaurant, it will use the interbank exchange rate. This exchange rate will also be applied when making withdrawals from ATMs. Simply swipe your card and acquire cash in that country's currency whenever you need it. In the event that a credit card or debit card is lost or stolen, they can easily be reported missing, keeping your money safe and sound. Also consider buying a travel cash passport from retailers such as Travel Money Oz which allows you to store a few different currencies in one card.

Travelers Checks

Taking travelers checks overseas in different currencies is a much safer and secure option than carrying cash with you. These checks can be acquired in advance at most travel agencies by simply providing them with your desired amount of money and receiving the amount of checks that you would like in return. These are great to have as an emergency back-up option in the event that you can find find an ATM to withdraw money. Travelers checks can also be replaced if lost or stolen during your holiday.


Although many tend to steer clear of carrying cash with them in their currency while traveling overseas, it can be helpful to have some money on you. This is highly recommended to have for at least the first day or two of your holiday before you are able to find a currency exchange office or ATM to withdraw cash in that country's currency. Foreign currency can also be obtained at the airport before traveling abroad.

Money Wires

Wiring money overseas is another safe and effective way of acquiring currency while away. In just a few minutes time, money can be wired from nearly anywhere in the world and ready for pick-up at the closest money wiring office to you. Fees do apply when using this method of sending money overseas.
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Visiting Madrid, the Modern Capital of Spain

If you are thinking about going to Madrid, then you will be very surprised at how efficient the transport system is. However, if you want to make sure that you fully enjoy the city capitol of Spain, then the best thing to do for you to do would be to rent a car as soon as you get off that plane at Madrid Airport. Renting a car might be cheaper in the long run and of course it provides you with all the freedom you need to go anywhere you want and at the time that fits you best. No more waiting around for trains or buses, just hop in the comfort of your rental car and enjoy the smooth drive around city of Madrid.

Madrid is very famous for its monuments and for being home to one of the most important art museums of the world: the Museo del Prado. If you are into history, art and culture then you cannot absolutely miss a visit to the Museo del Prado. You will be very happily surprised at how big it is and how many famous, rare and important paintings it hosts and not just from Spanish artists. In the Museo del Prado you will be able to admire up close paintings of Salvador Dali, Francisco de Goya, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens and many more. If history and culture is your cup of tea, you have to make sure you pay a visit to the Royal Palace of Madrid and close to it you can also find the famous Plaza de Oriente where you can take a walk and enjoy the landmarks.
However, if you are not into history or arts, Madrid has lots of other attractions that will surely meet your tastes. For example, if you are into nature and want to spend as much time as possible being in the open air enjoy the warm and sunny days of Spain, then you might want to visit the breath-taking scenary of Retiro Park. There, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and artfully placed flower arrangements, sit on a bench in secluded parts of the park and enjoy being surrounded by birds and green.
The beauty of having your own rental car is also that you can visit other places and cities besides Madrid, so that you can make the most out of your Spanish vacation. For example, you can drive to Toledo, the old capital of Spain, in your own rental car and it will only take you 45 minutes.

More Attractions and Restaurants
If you enjoy your night life, you will be happy to find many nightclubs in Madrid, each one with its own specific theme and customized cocktails. Madrid also offers a wide variety of different cuisines so that you can make sure to find the food that most tickles your taste buds. However, Madrid, like the rest of Spain, offers amazing restaurants where you can eat the best paella ever.

Aronno, a writer and travel lover. Madrid offers so much to its tourists, from relaxing atmosphere to historic attractions. The city has a lot to offer and you can visit all the wonderful attractions by driving there in the comfort of your hired car fromMr Car Hire. For more information regarding Madrid please visit http://www.mrcarhire.com.

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Delicious Dishes to Try Whilst in Cyprus

The main reason why people rave about their travels to Cyprus - besides the sun, sea, sand and locals - is the wonderful food. Not only is the island of Cyprus famous for great tasting dishes very similar to what you might find on mainland Greece, but it is also considered one of the healthiest styles of cooking (and preparation) in Europe, and possibly even the world.  

If you are planning a trip to Cyprus, then as a guide we have compiled some of the most memorable and much loved dishes and ingredients that you will undoubtedly come across. Let’s take a look at what you can expect when dining on this stunning Mediterranean island. 

Kick-Start Your Trip With a Cyprus Meze!
A Cypriot Meze is a great way to have a taster of Cyprus cuisine and share it with your friends or family.  A meze can include a staggering 20 to 30 dishes, and is a great introduction to the Cypriot methods of cooking, particularly with regards to food and dining. 

Outside of the Mediterranean, a meze that you would be served in a restaurant or at someone’s dinner party will normally only consist of three dishes. So when you sit down to tuck into a proper Cyprus meze you will be shocked at the vast quantity of food on offer. Don’t worry if you can’t finish it, not many people can!
Mouth-Watering Mousakas 
Probably the dish that is most famous around the world, Mousakas are traditional summertime recipes and have the versatility of being edible both warm and cold. If you’re visiting Cyprus, this dish typically features aubergines, courgettes and/or potatoes, and is covered with a deliciously creamy sauce of minced meat. However, as most eateries throughout Cyprus will have this on their menu, there are likely to be many options without meat, which is great for vegetarian tourists!

 Halloumi Cheese – A Truly Special Delicacy
You may have already tasted, or at least heard of Halloumi Cheese, as it is a very trendy ingredient to use in current day cooking. It is a very traditional cheese made from a combination of both sheep and goat milk, and it also has a white colour as well as layered-textures and salty flavours. 

It is very similar to mozzarella, often oven baked or grilled, and served with salads and crusty bread.  You will often be served Halloumi with mint, and although many claim that this is to add taste, some reckon it has more of an anti-bacterial benefit to help increase the lifespan of the cheese. 

We hope that you have enjoyed our rough guide to some of the most famous and tasty dishes in Cyprus.  Although this is not an extensive list, it certainly covers the basics, and there are many more culinary delights to discover on the island, like pork and lamb, or pasta and olive. You can be sure that a trip to Cyprus will be a sun soaked and mouth-watering experience, that will certainly leave you wanting to visit this amazing island year after year! 

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Fun things to do in Paris in one day

I never been in Paris but husband is been in Paris for many times for business trip and  liesure.Because of the perks he had,he has time to enjoy Paris every weekend.Actually the longest time he stay is 2 weeks if there is a big kick off in his department. He stayed at the hotel most of the time because the company's pay off. 
Notre Dame Cathedral

Since he's been there for many times,he tells me in his next business trip his planning  to stay at    paris luxury vacation rentals so he can bring the family without breaking the bank, and he recommend me there are fun things I can do while his at work.

Fun things to do in Paris in one day, but first learn these two  words  "bonjour" and "merci" courtesies so you have fun.

Shopping-Shopping and travel goes together like buying souvenirs. Paris has its won fashion that is attempting to all women. 

Food-This is my favorite all time if I'm traveling. Good food,drinks and eat like a local where I can taste the authentic food.

Eiffel Towel-You have to buy ticket online in advance, so you don't   waste your time in a long queue.Hubby told me the best time to visit is before sunset and dine-in for dinner. It's beautiful there. They offer food and shopping so its all in one.

Hop-on hop-off bus tour-If you have no time at all but you want to visit the most visited places in Paris this is one thing you might consider.

 Notre Dame Cathedral-If you love architectural, Notre Dame Cathedral is one of most visited church in Paris.Go early as possible to avoid long queue.

Walk around-If you want to explore and learn new things,walking around Paris is  most tourist has done and feel and see things that you may want to see by foot.

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Do you like these?

This is the second night onboard experience at Freedom of the Seas.Though we have no chance to finish the show but all I can say the show was great and I enjoyed the musical dance.

I forgot what's name of the show,if  the photos would remind you something or you know what it is,please leave a comment so my readers will have an idea.So if you are new here and  you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary 

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!
                                                               ~Audrey Hepburn~ 

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.
                                                                            ~Jim Rohn ~

               Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul.
                                                               ~Thomas Merton~ 
All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
                                                          ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ 
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
                                                                        ~Confucius ~
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Playing a guitar

Playing a guitar is one of the instrument I would want to play. If  given a chance to play it will be my first choice. Considering of my age to practice this kind of instruments is not anymore realistic so am wishing my daughter would play sooner. I am enrolling my daughter in any activities so we will able to   discover her talent and her interest at the same time. 

 This would be great someday to my daughter.As of now, I will just put it in my bucket lists and keep an eye of it.  Who knows what will be happen and my dream of playing a guitar-my daughter would fulfill for me.
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Glimpse of CocoCay,Bahamas

Here are some photos of CocoCay, Bahamas during our family vacation last month.It was sunny and beautiful day.I'm happy we have a chance to getaway during those freezing day's.If you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary.

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Sectional Patio Set

Yesterday was officially Spring, geez,its still cold outside. For hubby,it is cool, what should I say, sigh ;) poor body of mine.As you know he's  excited  to do things outside but not me. He has this bright ideas what he wants to buy-which is good for outdoor considering we don't have one yet for our new place.

Yes, we're in the transition of finding new place. I'm kinda excited considering it will be our first time as a couple to choose all the things we will needed to our new place.It is not easy as I thought.I'm already exhausted packing some of our stuffs.Only "Little Travelentz" is excited and not stress and she just tells us "MY TOY".
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How to Pack for Your Kids' Vacation

Taking kids on vacation is both wonderful and exhausting. While it's great to have an excuse to finally hit up some whimsical kid-centered destinations, getting ready for your excursions is downright daunting. With proper planning and some smart tips, rest assured that it is possible to tackle that suitcase with confidence.
Consider Your Agenda

Image via Flickr by sunshinecity

Make a list of your activities for each day of the vacation. Use this as a guide to choosing the most appropriate clothing for each day. If you're spending the day in the car, comfy loose-fitting clothing is usually best. Consider whether you'll need a nice change of clothes for a dinner out, or special clothing for a holiday celebration. Always pack plenty of spares, especially if you have young children who get messy. If you'll have access to a washer and dryer at your destination, you can probably get by with less.
Plan to Mix and Match
Image via Flickr by crimfants
While it's fun to plan cute outfits for each day of the trip, this leaves you with a mismatched mess when something gets ruined. Plan outfits that will mix and match easily so it's never difficult to swap out soiled garments. Taking all white socks makes them easier to match, but skip over whites for other items because this color shows stains.
Pack Toiletries for Both Hygiene and Safety:

Image via Flickr by javajoba
It's impossible to predict everything your child might get into, but you can cover the basics. Sunscreen, aloe, bandages, antiseptic, and bug spray will keep you ready in most situations. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and shampoo take care of the basics for bathing. Include assorted medications such as pain relievers, cold medication, allergy medications, and anything else your child uses on a regular or semi-regular basis. These essentials are notoriously overpriced in hotels and touristy gift shops, so try to cover your bases as you pack.
Include Appropriate Entertainment:

Image via Flickr by shorts and longs
If you have a long way to travel, your kids are naturally going to get bored. It's good to keep some special books, coloring books, and music for the car or airplane as a treat. You might need a few books for bedtime reading or toys to entertain small children in the stroller at a museum as well. Avoid over-packing when it comes to entertainment, though. Don't take anything you would be heartbroken to accidentally leave behind, and don't offer so many distractions that your kids forget to enjoy the destination when they're there.
Keep Essentials Accessible:

Image via Flickr by bargainbri
Keep at least one bag on hand with essential items like diapers, a change of clothing, travel documents, snacks, and first aid supplies. If you're packing a car, keep the things you'll need first on top. If you think your old vehicle can't possibly make the trip, maybe it's time to upgrade to a better car from Williamson Buick GMC. Your vacation is a great opportunity to break it in thoroughly.

Planning ahead with your packing will keep you covered in almost every contingency. While your kids are sure to give you some unexpected surprises, with the right supplies you'll always be ready to field them.

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5 Things to Do in Arizona This Spring

Are you tired of the tourist traps? When you're traveling in Arizona this spring, try something new and different. Arizona has a rich history, and the unusual attractions to prove it. Here are five things you may never have considered doing in Arizona during the springtime.

1. Step Back in Time on Arizona's Tribal Lands
Image via Flickr by SowersPics

Over 12,000 years of history await you on the tribal lands of Arizona. Home to a variety of Indian cultures, including the Ancestral Puebloans, Salado, Hohokam, and Mongollon tribes, you can see many of the structures and artifacts built by these people so many centuries ago. There are a number of museums honoring and preserving the culture and history of these indigenous people, including ruins where you can see how life used to be for them.

Some tribes limit tourism in an effort to preserve their culture, religion and independence. Others, however, such as the Navajo Nation and White Mountain Apache Tribe, welcome tourists with open arms. Tribal laws govern these areas, so it's like stepping out of the country without leaving at all.

2. See the Countryside as Never Before on the Arizona Trail
Image via Flickr by dennyforreal

If you'd like a unique experience, consider hiking, horseback riding, mule packing or llama packing across part of the Arizona Trail. This trail actually extends from Mexico all the way to Utah, and covers over 800 miles of territory. But it's also to take a weekend or weeklong trip through parts of Arizona.

The trail treks over mountain ranges, through canyons, across deserts, among forest land and amidst wilderness areas. There are a number of historical sites, communities and other points of interest along the trail. You'll see geographical wonders and historical sites, such as General Springs Cabin where you can learn about the history of the U.S. Forest Service and the Kentucky Camp, an old mining camp. Roosevelt Dam and part of the trails of the Grand Canyon National Park also lie on the trail system.

3. Discover the Wonders of the Desert at the Desert Botanical Garden
Image via Flickr by trnitz

See one of only 44 gardens that hold accreditation from the American Association of Museums at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. The Garden is home to 139 species of desert plants which are endangered around the world. This 50 acre park is one of the most spectacular collections of desert plant species in the entire world.

4. See Some Sort-of-Local Heroes at Scottsdale Stadium

Image via Flickr by kpa.sports
For a few months each year, the San Francisco Giants call Arizona home. At the Scottsdale Stadium, they entertain fans, which are an affordable way to enjoy Major League Baseball during the off season. Aside from seeing the team in action, you can walk the concourse, tour the practice facilities and shop at the Giants’ Dugout Store. There are a variety of concession stands for a snack or meal. This is a great opportunity to see the reigning World Series Champs in action.

5. Immerse Yourself in the World of Art at Heard Museum
Image via Flickr by jjandames
Heard Museum is home to such world-famous displays as the Barry Goldwater Collection and the Kachina Dolls. Here, you can see 32,000 pieces of art, including fine art collections and cultural art displays. What makes Heard Museum unique isn't just their native and travelling displays, it's the eye appealing way they construct and present their displays.

These five things to do in Arizona aren't just different and interesting, they're also quite affordable.

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5 Surprisingly Affordable International Vacation Destinations

Are you itching for a vacation? There are a variety of places outside of the United States that you can go without spending a fortune. Most people are nervous about heading outside the United States for their vacations. They feel that they aren’t going to be able to have a vacation that will stand up to what they will get here, for the same price. Check out some great, cheap international travel destinations.
Have an Amazing Trip to Argentina
Image via Flickr by MAZZALIARMADI.IT
If you are looking for amazing culture, beautiful scenery, and interesting people, head to Argentina. With a great exchange rate, you will be able to eat, drink, and sleep for much less than you would in the States. On top of that, you can take in a show or check out a museum. The culture here is something you simply won’t see anywhere else.
View the Greenery of Iceland

Image via Flickr by vicmontol

With  cheap air fare and a weak currency (the Icelandic Kronur), Iceland is the perfect international destination for someone on a budget. You can check out the volcanos, amazing architecture, and even take a swim in pools that are geo-thermally heated. The food is not only cheap, it is delicious. You can find food in a variety of cuisines that will fit in your budget.

Take in the History of Beijing
Image via Flickr by berzowska
If you want to visit one of the oldest cultures, you can do it without breaking the bank. Flights to Beijing are fairly inexpensive. On top of that, there are so many things to do in the city that are either cheap or free. Many museums are free, so you can get your fill of history without spending extra money. A night on the town is going to cost you much less than in most U.S. cities; in fact, an alcoholic drink will cost about half of what it does in most areas of the United States.
Stay in a Resort in Thailand
Image via Flickr by Rev Stan
There are a variety of resorts in Thailand that are inexpensive. They have great rooms, amazing food, and there are fun things to do in the area. On top of that, the views are amazing. Relax with a cheap massage that will cost you around $5 USD. Pools, gardens, and beautiful beaches all await you when you head to Thailand, and the resort will cost you less than a resort state-side.

Cheap Hostels in Croatia

Image via Flickr by premus

If you want to stay in a hostel for about $10/night, head to Croatia. On top of the cheap lodging, your food is not going to cost you an arm and a leg. There are many things to do that are either free or cheap. You simply cannot pass up swimming in the crystal-clear waters, or walking the amazing beaches of the island. You can rent some scuba gear and head under the water for a completely different type of experience, as well.

When you are ready for your next vacation, consider international travel. With a little research and planning, you can have a better vacation outside of the country for a better price.

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Ocean Isle Beach,North Carolina

The ocean Isle Beach is located in North Carolina. I've been in North Carolina for family vacation and lately we visited our friends  who just purchase a condo and he mentioned the  Ocean isle Beach Real Estate .It is a big plus for us since we don't need to pay for a lodging every time  we're around the area and we can drive by car easily. They're so nice and gave us a free room. Well,we do the same with them every time they go in North, Michigan where our cottage is located,it's my hubby's best friend.
“Love is the dawn of marriage, and marriage is the sunset of love”
~ French Proverb quotes~
Fun things in North Carolina: 
Both hubby's friend and hubby are ocean lover. They love in the water and enjoy the waves.About me,I enjoy simple things like seafoods, sun and not freezing and playing the sand with my daughter.

Playing Golf:
I always wanted to try to play Golf. Maybe someday if my daughter is old enough to play with us.If you live in North,Carolina has  communities for golfer so it would be a pig plus for those who love golf.Aside from communities they have also public golf that is open to all golfer.

Throughout the year,the North Carolina has something to offer for all ages. From coastal museums,fishing and winery. The biggest events that attracts tourist is the Oyster Festival that held October 19-20,2013.

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Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas,CocoCay,Bahamas Day 2

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas,CocoCay,Bahamas Day 2. Actually this is really a first day of sail away. CocoCay,Bahamas is a private island of Royal Caribbean International. We docked around 8 a.m and the ship began letting the people off  and departing 4:30 p.m..
Christened-May 12,2006 with the capacity passengers of 3,634 and crew of 1,360

We got up on time as we docked at CocoCay Island and enjoy our breakfast at deck 11 with my parents-in-law. After our breakfast we kinda confuse considering we're on the middle of the ocean and we did not see the pier. So we ask how to go in the island and they told us by ferry every 15 minutes.

Long Lines:
After we got our towel on deck 11 we decided to go in the island  and  sad to tell the line was backed up and annoying to my father-in-law where he can't stand longer because of his leg and he decided to stay in the ship and enjoy the pool and hot tub on deck 11. But we're kinda sad he did not make it and it was hard for him to wait. So leave early or  late  if you  don't want to wait in a long lines.

CocoCay Island:
The island was beautiful with lot of things to do for family.We decided to enjoy the water  while hubby and I went hiking to see what's around the island. "Little Travelentz" was happy to play in the sand with  grandme that I brought some toys for her. Of course everything you want to do like sliding, snorkel, jets ski and etc. has a cost. The only free things that served was lunch.

Straw Market:
They set up a little shopping market and it was good enough to cater for everyone needs like souvenir, and things you want to buy for yourself. I like the people  they would not harass you and  weren't pushy.

Back to the ship:
After our lunch we decided to headed back to the ship. Oh! geez, it's a long line for security purposes and it was hot while we're in queue.We're glad father-in-law was not with us.


We watched some of the show on second day but we had no chance to finished the show because "Little Travelentz" get antsy.

We had to dressed up and it's a formal night. We dine-in in the main dining at the same table. The food was pretty good. 
It was bloody good though. We all had fun except my father in-law had no chance to see the island.After the dinner we go for a good night sleep and this pretty one makes us smile.
Thankful to our hostess.
Note: If you want to know more about our onboard experience at Royal Caribbean  Freedom of the Seas you can start on Freedom of the Seas Itinerary or Day 1.

See you on my next post: We're hubby was quarantine for 24 hours-it sucks  :(
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