How To Plan Your Family's Vacation

Planning a family vacation is fun but can be stressful. Trying to make the trip enjoyable for everyone while also sticking to a budget may feel overwhelming. You may find that planning the major parts of the trip first helps you stay focused and calm. Accommodations and activities take up most of the vacation time, so they should be your primary consideration. After you have these areas planned, you can move on to travel details and packing lists with greater ease as you know exactly where you are going and what you will be doing.


The first aspect of a vacation to consider is where your family will stay. Whether you are looking for North Carolina coast rentals, a hotel in California or a cabin somewhere in between, be sure to read reviews. Look for a place that is clean and well-maintained. A simple room that has been thoroughly cleaned prior to your arrival will be more enjoyable than fancier accommodations that have bedbugs and weird odors.


Discuss with family members what they would like to do on the trip, and then determine what is realistic within your  budget. Some planners like to make a detailed schedule, and others prefer to make a loose list of fun possibilities. Whatever your planning style, research all the options beforehand. Ask about prices, if reservations need to be made, etc.

If your family plans on eating out while on vacation, search restaurants in the area. Read reviews, and look at online menus to ensure there is something for everyone.

By first focusing on accommodations and activities as you plan your trip, you can minimize decision fatigue. For most families, simple accommodations paired with fun activities will make for the most memorable vacation memories. Once you know where you are staying and what you are doing, you can work on travel details and packing.

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