Peak Season is the worst time to go on unplanned vacation

Last year, we visited the Gulf shores and Orange beach in Alabama, but sad to tell you it was still a  peak season and the worst vacation we ever had.Heading to the beach without planned during peak season is not a good idea, First the hotel was fully booked, hotel room is so expensive while on regular day you can get for 90 bucks per night.Other than the hotel all parking space is full and lots of people.

Third we experienced for unplanned vacation is going on side trips- and just figure out we have to go back at the same area because of the availability of the hotel.

Fourth worst vacation we experienced is 1 hour on the beach 10 hours on the road plus  traffic and decided to go back home.Arrived on the beach around 5 p.m. So hubby decided to set up our sun tent and realized he can't swim the wave is so big and my daughter scared.

Fifth worst vacation we experienced is choosing the the right restaurants - and end up in the worst restaurant because  the good place is full and you have to wait 10-20 minutes and there's no parking space  and waiting area is full and you we had a crabby baby.

Sixth worst vacation we experience is you can go to other place just 2 miles away will take you 30 minutes because of traffic.How would you love it?
Sun Tent
After our worst vacation and unplanned travel, we decided to plan ahead of time and booked a hotel before we starts heading.Never assume the place is not crowded when you are not there. 

How about you?  What's the worst vacation you've ever had?
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Glimpse of the Historic Rail Park and Train Museum

Glimpse of the Historic Rail Park and Train Museum ; at this time we decided not to go the tour or either pay ( we're being cheap at this time). We look around the place and  check the museum.To get in the museum you have to pay so we decided not to go inside the museum beside "Little travelentz" was happy to play and look the cho-choo train in the exhibit area which is free.

About  the Historic Rail Park and Train Museum:

  • formerly the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Station.
  • Located in 401 Kentucky Street  Bowling Green, KY 42101.
More Things to do in Historic Rail Park and Train Museum:
More Fun for Kids in Historic Rail Park and Train Museum:
Model and RailRoad Exhibits in the Historic Rail Park:
The Most exciting we saw in Historic Rail Park

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The Reason why I smile-Bedroom time

Having a little one is one of the reason why I smile today. She is my pride and joy. If, I am not blogging I am busy with my "little travelentz", cooking and  run a  few errands.

Don't ask me how did she sleep?

During winter-I usually set up a tent in her bedroom and tell "little travelentz" were going camping.

Diaper Corner:
Her first peggy bank is broken-One day her peggy bank accidentally fell in our kitchen where she brought and ask some penny to me.
Night Stand:

Sorry this picture is taken during Christmas.
This is "little travelentz" bedroom, where she got an Ipad age 2 as her birthday presents from her Daddy. Ipod Nano is given by Daddy when she's still in my tummy.

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Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona:

The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona was one of our destination during our road trip plan. We planned to stay in the area and enjoy our day. First we stop in the Welcome Centre and they gave us a quick information about the Petrified Forest National Park,Arizona. After we purchase our ticket cost 10 bucks to enter the Petrified Forest National Park,Arizona they gave us a a brochure that has information about the park and map.

More Petrified woods
As we enter the gate you would never say there's a park and gem awaiting ahead. There are few different lookout points along the way where you could park and get different angle at each one.

About Petrified Forest National Park:

  • Averaging about 5,400 feet in elevation, the park has a dry windy climate with temperatures that vary from summer highs of about 100 °F (38 °C) to winter lows well below freezing.
  • The Petrified Forest is known for its fossils, especially fallen trees that lived in the Late Triassic, about 225 million years ago
  • 447 species of flora, of which 57 species are invasive, occur in the park. 
Close-up photos of Petrified wood-amazing formation

Main Attraction in Petrified Forest National Park:
  • Painted Dessert
  • Rainbow Dessert
  • Puerco Pueblo
  • Blue Mesa
As you see the Petrified woods are  lying on the ground-it's impressive but you're not allowed to touch it.

Family Fun Things to do in Petrified Forest National Park:

  • Walking and enjoy the park.
  • Hiking in the trail.
  • Photography
  • Rainbow Forest Museum-exhibits of petrified wood, fossils, and displays of prehistoric animals.
  • Camping-Check and need permits to stay overnight.Call in their office for more details.

Travel Tips of Petrified Forest National Park:
  • Bring Water and wear comfortable hiking shoe.
  • We bring stroller for our little one and some trail is stroller friendly.
  • self guided tour with brochure.
  • plan to stay half day/a day in Petrified Forest National Park to enjoy the park.
  • We get around in Petrified Forest National Park through our car and park  in lookout points.

The place is impressive, in it's beauty.As you know this the great location of all kinds of  fossils which create petrified wood of  crystalline.You will see it and awed but you are  not allowed to touch or bring it home. 
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2nd birthday with Minnie Mouse theme

Last week,I attended a 2nd birthday with Minnie Mouse theme. It was fun and lots of food. I love birthday's specially if it is  a kids party.I'm happy my friend "J" invited us in her daughter's party

"Little travelentz"
The Kids:

More Fun:

The most awaiting moment:
birthday girl has cake and cup cakes
More Goodies:
She has blue for boys and pink for girls.I notice my shots mostly are the blue goodies.sigh:)
My share for: Color connection
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We're lost at Grafton Ghost town,Utah

The history of Grafton
We're totally lost when we went to Grafton Ghost town,Utah. The address of the Ghost town didn't found  in the GPS, as you know we  rely on GPS every time we go on the road trip. The GPS sent us on a wrong direction of dead end.We don't  have had a back up map of the Utah that time, but we knew Grafton Ghost town is just around the corner but we're having a hard time to find it. We tried to asked to some people but no one on the road and we're disappointed the restaurant is closed neither.
Grafton School  house-built in 1886
And we remember,when we passed the ZION NATIONAL  PARK the Grafton Ghost town is closer so its only on that place.As you know it is a small town when you go out the Zion National Park.We drove 30 minutes and we're totally lost in the middle of nowhere.U-turn and drive and u-turn that's what we do and I told my husband we had to forget the Grafton Ghost town but my husband is determined to find it. So, we go back and drive slow as no one on the road and try our best to check every street and finally for the fourth time we found the street.It's invisible-GHOST is there.
The only house that is open and the cleaning lady is cleaning- and said to us there will be a movie filmed for couple weeks.
If you asked me is it scary? Well check out if you're around the place.The place is cool with history as you walked around. It was a  good timing  and there are 7 people  included us on that place during our visit.

I forget what is this. I know i'm still in Grafton Ghost town.I guess another house in Grafton
About Grafton Ghost town,Utah:
  • Grafton was first settled in 1859
  • the most photographed ghost town historic structure in the Western U.S.
  • Grafton Ghost town was abandoned  in 1921.
Another house we saw around the Grafton Ghost town-We didn't see what's inside the gate is closed.
The Grafton Cemetery:

Directions: Finding  Grafton Ghost town, Utah needs a sharp eye. Right off the highway with a small sign that easily missed with everyone. Grafton ghost town is an old west town near Rockville which is just before Springdale & Zion National Park.
Address250 S, Rockville, UT 84767, USA

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Mommy's treat

Candle-one of my favourite
Mommy's treat as you know I  don't know how to cook.I remember when I was working in Philippines and temporarily transferred in Davao branch my colleague told me "my hubby will send me back to my parents'' coz I don't know how to cooked. I just laughed and told them what should I do, my parents didn't taught me to cook.

Good thing I married a foreigner who has no demand to cook.Their food is easy and simple compare to filipino foods. Hubby eat salads, burger or rice with me. In terms of chicken he is happy if I sauteed it with any spices. 

Unbiased treat:
     Find ou why? "Lol"
Bihon- I made from the scratch."lol" Yum-and happy with the taste.
But today, as a mom, lots of changes in my life,  my point of view in life, my daughter is my first priority, my husband and of course my parents. I guess being a Filipino it's already in our blood to support our parents no matter what happen in this world, so if you're a foreigner remember you married your wife's parents as well.hehehehe, and we don't forget to go church every Sunday with my family here. Thankful my hubby always go with me to attend the Holly mass every Sunday.
My hubby's favourite-from the box instruction is so simple.
Maybe you're wondering what makes me busy I am a stay-at-home mom, aside my daughter, my blogs to keep me occupied while she's asleep, traveling makes me happy and I am  not feeling well today-due to weather changes. Hope I feel better soon.Second, we're on the transition of our new place.
"Little travelentz's favourite"
Yesterday,was a Mother's day in States, I treat my hubby and daughter with my cooking since  we can't do much outside "its rainy time" most of the day with flash food warning in my area.
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Celebrating Mother's day at Ruby Tuesday

We celebrated Mother's day at Ruby Tuesday today with my hubby and little one. We decided to dine-in Saturday night instead of Sunday for Mother's day celebration because we want to avoid the crowd. We arrived at Ruby Tuesday and waited for 5 minutes its not bad for Saturday night.

Garlic Cheese Biscuits
One thing I like in Ruby Tuesday is their menu. If you notice they offered and have some specialty every time we dine-in which we like to go back.

Creole Catch- I ordered Creole catch is made by Flaky,mild fish seasoned with creole spice and broiled. I love the fish.Salads and brown  rice pilaf is my sides which complete my dinner.
Creole Catch

Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin-hubby ordered steak which made  by seasoned and flavored with cracked peppercorns, Parmesan cream sauce and shave Asiago cheese. H e chose to " create your own garden bar" and one sides which is white Cheddar Mashed Potatoes.
Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin

Cheers to all Mothers!

Wine- we celebrated with wine for mother's day. How about you what did you do in Mother's day? To all mothers out there "Happy Mother's day". God Bless us all.
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Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano in New Mexico: Family Roadside trip

We enter this building and purchase our ticket for Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano worth 10 bucks.
Ice Caves, New Mexico is one of the family roadside trip last September. We saw the brochure about the  Bandera Volcano and Ice Caves in Welcome Centre.My hubby likes caves and caverns and it looks interesting The Ice Caves.

What is Ice Caves? 
This is  inside the Ice Caves.
  • Ice Cave is also known as "The  Ice"
  • The ice caves temperature never rises above 31 F.
  • The floor of the ice is approximately 20 ft. thick.
Hubby went first to see the Ice Caves and waited us down their.

What is Bandera Volcano?
Gosh!! that was a long walk and hard on our stroller as you see how we drag going to Bandera Volcano. 

  • Bandera Volcano is also known as "The Land Of Fire".
  • Bandera Volcano erupted around 10,000 years ago.
  • Bandera crater is nearly 1200 ft wide at the top and roughly 750 deep.
Travel tips: Ice cave and Bandera Volcano for family:
"Little Traveentz" had a good time. This is in Bandera Volcano Side. 
  • Bring stroller-the trail going to Bandera Volcano stroller friendly and we left our stroller going to Ice Caves where short and easy walk.
  • You have to climb down and up just to see the ice cave.
  • Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano is best to visit in the morning especially in summer.
  • Bring water with you.
  • Wear comfortable walking shoe.
I like this Flower, I don't know what's the name. Took this on Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano
After we visited both place and stayed couple hours in Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano, Travelentz decided to hit the road to Arizona for another adventure.Indeed, the adventure in New Mexico is one of the States we would love to go back and stayed for a month when we retired by God's Grace.
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