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Why you should Visit Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Last week we went to Raccoon Mountain Caverns. It was cool and sunny outside. The temperature is perfect in exploring caverns and its much more cooler inside the caverns.

Why should Visit Raccoon Mountain Caverns:
If you like to explore and more adventures this place is for you. It is huge caverns that I've visited. I decided together with my family to do the walking tour it easier  for us and to my daughter.  The tour lasted around 45 minutes and you can ask questions along the way.

Small group- We're lucky we were  2 families during our tour so it's easy for us and we had a glimpse of the cavern without any problem.

Photo opportunity- You have a chance to take photos as many as you can. Since we're in a small group tour so it easy for all us.

History-Caverns has different history how it discovered. You'll learn the history and understand at the same time appreciate all the advance technology now a days.

Cave Shields- You'll the see  cave shields formation here. I never seen this kind of formation from other caverns I've visited.

Every caverns I visited is unique and has its own beauty. The formation of Raccoon Caverns or Chrystal Caverns was 100-150 years.

Things are not allowed inside the Raccoon Caverns.
  • You're not allowed to touch any formation.
  • Stay in trail and always follow the tour guide.
  • No food and Drinks inside the cavern.
  • Stroller is not allowed.

How to find the Raccoon Caverns:
  • It is located at 319 W Hills Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37419
Different types of tour:
  • Chrystal Palace tour- It is easier if you have kids and it lasted 45 minutes.
  • Wild  Cave Expeditions-if you like to get muddy and complete accessories are needed in this kind of tour.
Places to Stay:
There are hotels nearby the places so you have no problem where to get one. If you want to stay on the ground  Raccoon Mountain offers Cabins and Campground in the area.

You can see all the cave and cavern adventures here.


  1. I would love to see that cavern sis. We are planning to go back to the cavern that we visited last summer but failed to see the inside.

  2. Very cool, I remembered we went to the caverns here in PA too just last month and I am very wowed with the geographical things inside.

  3. Wow, this is the kind of place our family definitely wants to explore!! Great adventure!

  4. i too love exploring caverns Mhie, just challenging photographing it coz it is too dark inside.

  5. wow! this is a must see for me. Sayang, kailan kaya?

  6. I love places like this as it has lots of history to unfold. It really looks cool! :D

  7. Beautiful place to explore and bond with the family :-) I wish that my family can try that too :-)

  8. That's a very nice place to check out. It's very interesting.

  9. The 3rd photo amazed me. I would love to visit that place.

  10. The stalactites look amazing! Would love to experience this myself!

  11. This is a nice place. But too bad, I have phobias with caves. I'll recommend this place to my adventurous friends though! :)

  12. The place looks quaint and quiet. This is the kind of place that I want to visit and just be alone for a day.