Philadelphia for the family

A Quaker first founded Philadelphia in 1677, and for a brief time after the American Civil War, it served as the nation’s capital. Here a charter of liberties was drafted promising free trial by jury, freedom of faith, freedom for unjust imprisonment and free elections. Many Americans consider Philadelphia to be the birthplace of their democracy and for this reason it makes an excellent educational and yet fun destination for all the family.

Things to do in Philadelphia
One of the great things about Philadelphia is that it is full of inspirational museums and attractions, most of which are within a five block radius of each other, making it an ideal city to discover on foot. Visitors can almost feel like they have stepped back in time in Philadelphia’s Old City where they can walk on cobbled streets and journey down narrow lanes with historic houses towering over their heads. Those interested in the beginnings of American democracy must visit Independence Hall where the Founding Fathers gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence, as well as Liberty 360 for an exploration of America’s history in a state-of-the-art 3D theatre. The famous cracked Liberty Bell and the National Constitution Center are only a few steps away.

For those interested in the Arts, the James A Michener Art Museum is worth a visit for its world-famous collection of Pennsylvania Impressionist paintings and artwork, while for a broader canvas, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts houses more than two centuries worth of works by renowned American artists.
Families who appreciate active vacations should make a trip to Fairmont Park, the largest municipal park in the world. It encompasses more than 9,200 acres of natural land, with gentle walking trails and shaded woodlands. Here families can take horseback rides, go hiking in the woods and cycle in safety away from busy roads, or simply enjoy picnics and Japanese tea ceremonies.

Families who enjoy live music should find plenty of opportunities in Philadelphia. There are many restaurants that have live bands playing to accompany their diner’s meals, such as the World Café Live with its bistro-style concert room, music store and radio stations, or Morgan’s Pier with its alfresco dining area serving classic Philadelphia fare and live music on the Delaware waterfront.

Philadelphia attracts plenty of music’s biggest names, such as Bruce Springsteen, and hosts many live musical events throughout the year, such as the Center City Jazz Festival, now in its third year, which is a daylong festival of jazz music with artists performing at four different locations within the Center City.

A special favorite amongst children is the Philadelphia Zoo, the first in America, which is home to many rare breeds and endangered animals, such as the Amur leopard, the Chinese alligator and the Western lowland gorilla. An interactive attraction for children is the Please Touch Museum where they can explore the topsy-turvy world of Alice’s Wonderland, make music with whatever comes to hand in the Rainforest Rhythm exhibit, and race sailboats in River Adventures.
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A guide to Seville

Seville is a large city located in the southern region of Andalusia in Spain. The city has many architectural attractions and neighbourhoods filled with authentic tapas bars.

How to get to Seville?

Seville is located in the south of Spain. The city has its own international airport, and the airport is located close to the city. There is a train station for regional trains and the high-speed AVE train. The AVE connects Seville to Madrid in slightly over three hours.

Where to stay?

There are many places where you can stay during your trip to Seville. It is recommended to book your trip in advance in order to avoid high prices. Some of the city's most famous hotels are those located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, the city's historical district. Many of those are located inside traditional white-washed houses, and some have views towards the city's cathedral. There are several hotels with pools on the rooftop. If you are on a budget, then a hostel is your ideal option. The two areas filled with hostels are the Barrio de Santa Cruz and the Triana neighbourhoods. Hostels located around these areas are within walking distance of most of the city's landmarks and are close to tapas bars, clubs and restaurants.

Which landmarks are a must see?

Walking around Seville is similar to walking around the history of the country. An example of this is the Alcazar, a Moorish fortress located in the historical city center. This fortress was later transformed into a palace used by the Catholic kings, and new halls were added to it. Today the palace presents Arabic gardens, Moorish-style halls, Mudejar patios, Renaissance halls and Gothic rooms. Do not miss the Hall of Ambassadors, with its latticed gold ceiling and a large mural representing members of a long gone government.

Next to the Alcazar is the city's cathedral. The cathedral's bell tower, the Giralda, is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. The cathedral was built on the ruins of a mosque, and the only part of the mosque that survived was the minaret tower, the Giralda. The Giralda was then converted into a bell tower. Nowadays you can visit the cathedral and climb up to the top of the bell tower, from where you will be able to enjoy views towards the city center and the Guadalquivir river.

What else is there to visit?

There are many other landmarks you can visit during your stay in the city. Enjoy a day in the Isla Mágica theme park, which has many roller coasters and water rides. If you need a place to relax, head towards the María Luisa Park. In this park you will find gardens and a large semicircular square, the Plaza de España. This square is decorated with tiled niches, each niche representing one Spanish province.

Cross the Isabel II bridge to the Triana district. This traditionally gypsy neighbourhood is located opposite the Barrio de Santa Cruz. Enjoy some tapas, traditional appetizers, accompanied by a drink, on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. Some typical tapas include round, dark green olives, tortilla de patata potato omelet and slices of jamón ibérico and jamón serrano ham. If you want more substantial food, try the chipirones squid, gambas al ajillo prawns in olive oil, and huevos revueltos, scrambled eggs that can be mixed with other ingredients, ranging from ham to fish.
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Photo of the Day:Lionfish

Photo of the day was taken in Nashville Zoo. This Lionfish is also commonly known as Pterois species. 

Lionfish invasion is the greatest threat in Carribbean fish diversity.

Lionfish  Facts:
10-16 inches of size
fish invertebrates of their diet
Native in Pacific Ocean

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Basic tips for a trip to Barcelona

Located in the northeastern region of Catalonia in Spain, Barcelona is a city known for its architecture. The city's architectural attractions pale in comparison to its food scene.

How to get there?

Barcelona has a large international airport close to the city and a regional airport for low-cost carriers farther away from the city. The international airport is connected to the city by several roads and a shuttle bus that arrives at Catalonia square. If you are on a budget, book your hotel and flight in advance to avoid high prices.

Where to stay?

There are many accommodation options for those who want to visit this city. There are many youth hostels near the Sagrada Familia and the Gothic Quarter, near the city's famous bar and clubs. If you want a designer hotel out of the city center, stay at one of the many boutique hotels in the Eixample district.

What to visit?

The Sagrada Familia is the city's main symbol. This unfinished cathedral is known for its carved facades, each facade representing a scene, including Nativity facade, which was the first facade to be completed. The inside of the cathedral has bony columns and large murals. Climb up one of the two completed towers in order to enjoy views towards the city from the top.

Do not miss the chance to enjoy a walk around the Eixample district. In this neighbourhood you will find two other buildings designed by Gaudí. Casa Batlló used to be a private residence. This building is known for its sandstone facade decorated with colourful pieces of trencadis, traditional Catalonian mosaics. There are narrow windows and iron-wrought balconies in the shapes of skulls. Nearby is Casa Milá, a large building with a limestone, wavy facade. Guided tours are organized around part of the building and one of the patios. This building was built without any straight lines and has curved rooms. The top floor holds an exhibition space dedicated to the architect's designs. This space leads to the rooftops, which are decorated with chimneys resembling large stone statues. From here you can enjoy views towards the city center.

Where to eat?

You cannot travel to Barcelona and not taste its local cuisine. Most regional dishes are surf'n'turf dishes, with ingredients from the mountains and the sea. Try chicken with shrimps served in a thick sauce. Escalivada is another typical tapa dish, an aperitif from roasted eggplant, onion, pepper and tomato served on a potato slice and covered by an anchovy. Another typical dish are piquillo peppers stuffed with cod.

If you do not want to spend most of your budget on food, a more affordable and even more authentic option is to buy ingredients at one of the local markets. The most famous markets are the Sant Antoni and Boquería markets. Sant Antoni is located close to El Raval district, a very traditional area that has been transformed into a hip district, and Boquería is located off Las Ramblas, a set of main streets that connect the Catalonia square to the seaside. The markets are filled with stalls selling fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables, a selection of poultry, fish and meat. There are bright, fruity granizados icy drinks and many bakeries nearby.
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Ditch the guidebook for your next vacation

Most people like to relax when on vacation. However, a vacation does not always have to consist of lounging in the sun for an entire week. Instead, it can be the perfect opportunity to let out your wild side. You can make your vacation experience memorable by choosing a destination that offers the perfect party atmosphere. 

There are many destinations that are ideal for partying, but one of the most popular is the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Ibiza offers a variety of clubs, some of which are world-famous and is the perfect location to visit during the summer when many top DJs are in the area. Its thriving nightlife makes it one of the most popular party destinations in the world. 

If you are looking for something with a little more variety, then Magaluf in Southern Spain has much to offer. From foam parties to water parties, Magaluf has everything you need to explore your wild side. There are even themed parties to try, such as glow paint parties and masquerade parties. Magaluf is also known for its beach parties. 

For those wishing to let out their wild side in a more exotic part of the world then Rio de Janeiro is an ideal party destination. It offers a thriving nightlife, with a selection of bars and clubs. Rio is also known for its live music and is perfect for those who love samba. It is the perfect place to get to know the locals and party within a relaxed atmosphere. 

If you are planning a party vacation then there are a number of essentials that you will need to pack. If you are planning to party on the beach, for example, you will need to make sure you take a practical bag for carrying items such as your phone or wallet. A small beach bag or similar, preferably with a strap, is ideal. Clubwear or beachwear is also essential. 

You may also want to consider packing a stylish bikini or some lingerie. A corset top or cheap corset from www.lingeriediva.com is ideal for some sexy and stylish partywear. If you are planning to start partying on the beach whilst the sun is still up, then prepare yourself by packing sunscreen and after-sun. 

In addition to clubs and parties on the beach, there are also destinations that offer some of the biggest party events in the world. Cancun, for example, is well known for its Spring Break Music Festival, which is also known as the Inception Music Festival; this is the perfect event if you love electronic dance music. Another popular party event is the Glastonbury Festival in south-west England, which is one of the largest music festivals in the world.  

Other destinations offering popular party events include the Netherlands, which holds a party known as Koninginnedag. Also known as King’s Day, this is the perfect party event, as it features many outdoor festivities, including an open air concert. Other well-known party events include The Full Moon Party, which is held in Thailand. This monthly beach party features fire-skipping ropes and promises a truly wild experience. 

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Dinner at Granite City Food and Brewery

One of our favorite restaurants for dinner is Granite City Food and Brewery. It is located at 1864 W McEwen Dr, Franklin, TN. They usually open on weekday from 11:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m and Sunday from 9:00 a.m to 10:00 p.m. They served brunch on Sunday from 9 a.m to 2:00 p.m. 

Granite City Food and Brewery has a great location which is closed to our home as of now and  mouthwatering food and the  Brewery's signature brews are irresistable.It's convenient  for us to go whenever we are craving for food and wants a drink. My husband decided to   joined the  Granite City Mug Club Lifetime Membership which has some good points were we can used during our dine-in.

The other stuff we like in Granite City Food and Brewery is the changes of their menu. I like that they change once in a while and it is one of the reason we like to going back in the restaurant.

Hubby likes the burger.

One of my favorite dish.
Did you see that?

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Planning for Vacation

Planning for vacation is not easy as I always thought. I need to priority what we can afford and how many days we need to go for vacation. I need to compromise with my husband at the same time my daughter's summer activity. 

This year, one of our friends will get married and they are inviting us, I don't RSVP yet as I don't know our schedule. It is not an easy decision as we have so many activities we need to attend this year. from here you can see  one of the location.I've been in Charleston, South Carolina and I'm sure this would be great not just to attend the wedding at the same time re-visiting the Historic place and enjoy the breeze of the ocean.
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10 Places To Refresh Yourself At Kerala

Kerala, the God’s Own Country, the abode of peace is known for its rich flora, fauna and its pristine water land, the reason it has attracted multitude tourists over the past centuries and placed it one among the most sought after tourist locations. Standing proud with a rich, long standing history, the cultural life of the people of Kerala is just as beautiful and play a pivotal role in attracting tourism from around the world. Here we have selected for you the finest among the top destinations in Kerala.

Munnar- Kashmir Of The South

Chilled and placed over 1600 meters above the sea level, Munnar is undoubtedly the most beautiful landscape of the God’s Own Country. The English have seen the comforts and peace Munnar has to offer, this lush green mountain was the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India. Unending greenery clothed in mist, hills adorned with tea and coffee plantations and sights that will keep eyes fixed. The mountain ranges laying beside presents before you a spectacular view, waterfalls and trekking paths to keep you full of life and adventurous. The Indo Swiss dairy farm, the lake, the dam and Chithirapuram are other sights of attraction.

Anathapuri - The Land Of The Kings

Thiruvananthapuram also called Trivandrum is one of the most important tourist attractions of the state offering an array of delicacies. The Ananthapuri temple by the heart of the Trivandrum city is a historic monument and holds with it rich culture and traditions of the kings who ruled the state in the past. Falling within half hour ride from the city is Kovalam beach, one of the finest in India, sought after by any tourist in Kerala. Varkala is another beach and a pilgrimage location, falling very close to the city is Kanyakumari, another pilgrimage location, also famous for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset. On full-moon evenings, you can see sunset and moon rise at the same time.

Kumarakom- An Abode Of Peace

The perfect place of peace, known better as the Venice of the East, the nature here offers the comforts of silence and peace. Mangroves covered with lagoons, houseboats moving calm along the waters, the place just amazes every eye. Off the busy world, life slows down here, bamboo houseboats along the water world enjoying the delicious Kerala cuisines and ayurvedic massage, the amazes of the bird watchers' paradise where exotic species visit round the year. Resorts here offer spicy delicacies of Kerala and cultural programs like Kathakali.

Thekkady- In To The Wild

The best place you explore the wild life Kerala has to offer. Acquaint with the big to small, from the mighty Indian elephant, the Great Indian Tiger to boars, bisons, lion tailed macaques and deer. On foot or atop elephant trekking is offered by the tourism department, the resort located by the island by the centre of the lake is an ideal place to watch animals undisturbed and to get adventurous, one can take a road trip to Thekkadi from Moozhiyar via Gavi, passing along the thickest forests of Kerala, spectacular exploration and wildlife photography route to take.

Wayanad – The Uncut Nature

Munnar is presented before you as a beauty that is partly man made; Wayanad shows the beauty of nature, uncut and pristine without involving human hands. The mountain ranges, winding lanes decorated with dense forests on either side is nothing less than an ethereal experience. Explore the caves of Edakkal to see paintings that are over 4000 years old, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary offers natural habitat to animals like the Indian Elephant, spotted deer, bison, tiger and leopard, dip for the once a life trekking experience in Muthanga, Edakkal and Pakshipathalam, Meenmutty waterfalls, Kuruva islands and the Soochipara waterfalls.

Cochin – The Queen Of Arabian Sea

Rich in cultural heritage, Cochin is the main gateway to South India and furnishes easy access to almost every tourist location in Kerala, International air transport, road and rail connectivity. The backwaters connect with the Arabian Sea, boating and rafting enjoyments, ride through the lagoons in Kerala styled houseboats, the famous Bolgatty Place, Jewish Synagogue by the lagoon side, Chineese fishing nets and pilgrimage locations like the Santa Cruz Basillica, St.Thomas Church at Malayattoor, Thripunithura temple offers the one of a kind experience in the city.

Agastyakoodam- The Abode Of Biodiversity

Agastyakoodam, the towering forest peak of 1868 meters along with the tick forests to the tail end of the Western Ghats features the most diverse and unknown ecosystem in the Peninsular India. The area if known for its biodiversity, endemic species of plants used in traditional medicines. It holds with it the forests of Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts of Kerala and also Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts of its neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu. The rare flora here also carries a sizeable portion of around 2000 medicinal plants used in the Indian Ayurveda, a location that never fails to satisfy an adventurous traveller.

This article is authored by Ajith Thomas who is one of the authors of the blog Ayurveda, you can find him at Google+
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Happy Mother's Day: My Beautiful,Understanding and Best Mother-In-Law

I know am not  often talk about my life here and I do my best to conceal my families privacy- as they are not the main focus in Travelentz blog.Today let me share you about my beautiful and best  Mother-in-law.

I've stayed in USA for almost 6 years and life is not the same when I first stepped in this country where there is cold and freezing days ( hahhahah). I am thankful from the time of my arrival my Mother-in-law accepted me and treated me as her daughter and she brought me in Somerset Mall for shopping on that week and bought some stuffs I needed for cold weather. I could not asked for more as she is my best friend, my second mother and the best adviser in my life that makes my day.

She guided me and she is always there to extend her help in anything. The best part she is my shopping buddy( peace if she can read this)hahhaha. In this Mother's day I want her to know, I appreciated everything she does to my family for raising her son which is my  husband and turns for being a responsible and loving husband to me and to Little Travelentz.  

Being with my Mother-in-law has no dull moment she makes me smile and we usually have girls days out once I visited her. 

I talked to her most of the time and we shared girly talks which amuses me. I don't need to hide anything nor hesitant to talk out of my feelings and problems about raising her granddaughter- she gives the best advise that sometime I could not think.Thank you Mother-in-law and I love you.
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