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Things I miss in Bangkok-Thailand

I've stayed in Bangkok,Thailand for 4 years. I adopted the culture easily and started to speak basic thai words. I can communicate very well in taxi drivers and to my students. It wasn't easy at first,perseverance,patience and common sense are important to leave in a new country.

Things I miss in Bangkok-Thailand:
  • Street Food- I love the thai foods and every time I went home from work  I bought fruits, pad thai,somtam, and thai noodles. Its affordable and I don't really need to cooked for my dinner since I have had free lunch at school.
  • Thai People-Thai people are friendly and sweet. I like my co-teachers and my students.Wherever I go in Thailand-travel or work related they're  great people and easy to work with.
  • Restaurants-If you leave in Bangkok, you understand what I mean here. Restaurants are all over in Bangkok and believe me there's a lot of independent restaurants out there, you can't even think to cook at your home.
  • Attractions-There are a lot things to see and do in Bangkok for all ages.
  • Shopping- Shopping is hard to resist in Bangkok, so make sure you spare  few bucks for your shopping or else you regret it.
  • Cultures-Once you learn and understand the thai cultures you would love it.

If given another opportunity I would love to visit Thailand to see my friends and some of my previous students ( which is my friend now). Other than that I miss Bangkok,Thailand and the foods.



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