First visit in Animal Kingdom, Florida

My first experienced to visit  Animal Kingdom,Disney World was 2009 with hubby. I was pregnant with my daughter and hubby wants to show me the Disney World. It was all worth and its one of my favourite attractions I don't mind going back again.

The place is huge, you can stay all day in the park.  We visited the 3 theme parks and stayed outside the Disney Hotel.

Things to do in Animal Kingdom:

From rides, dining,entertainment and animals you'll enjoy all these things with your spouse or family. I was pregnant so there are some rides and pregnant women has some restrictions which I don't mind and I still enjoyed my first visit in Animal Kingdom.

  • Discovery Island Trail- this is my hubby's favorite  where you can  wander alongside the tranquil pathways around the Tree connected with existence and see some sort of lavish landscaping brimming with  wild animals.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris-Experience the open-air car for a tour of any lavish  African Savanna and you'd see the incredible wildlife such as elephants,lions and more.

Rides in Animal Kingdom:

Animal Kingdom is not only for animal viewing they have some rides for the guests. They have some height restrictions for kids so be aware with this. Expectant mothers is not allowed in some rides.
  • Expedition Everest-I don't have a chance to ride as I'm pregnant those days.
  • Wildlife Express Train-Is good for any ages and you have a chance to  travels behind-the-scenes from Harambe, Africa to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. 

Restaurants are all over the park from fine dining,counter service or casual dining. 


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