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Beautiful Places For Beautiful Adventures

Petra - Jordan

Petra, the Rose Pink City is an extraordinary beautiful city with intricate architecture curved out of hard rock and full of exciting adventures, especially in the winding canyons. Follow the adventurous trails of the Nabateans along the tombs and buildings hewn from rock in this hidden city: the destination of many who visit Jordan.

This magical city can be accessed through the narrow Siq: an interesting gorge through hard rock, towered by overhanging cliffs on either of its sides. You will be transported to a whole new world as the rock formations and varied colors inspire you. The massive fa├žade will make you feel like a dwarf!

Take a walk in the Roman style theater and see the obelisks, temples, museums and sacrificial alters which will open a door to the past in your mind.

The Petra archeological Park which is also named as a UNESCO world heritage site is a must see: it is a breathtaking landscape of pink colored rocks within Wadi Musa.

Goa - India:

Goa has an endless list of adventures for those with a keen desire to keep their adrenaline juice flowing; from water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving, to go-karting. Take a trip to the Grand Island and be refreshed by the variety of the marine life or try diving in the Bogmalo beach. The Taj Exotica in Goa is the perfect place to let the worries of the world slide away.

Get thrilled by catching a huge fish on a boat or if you are truly daring enough you can indulge in deep sea fishing expeditions off the reefs of the Grand Island and Bat Island. When is the last time you felt like superman? Well hold that spear tightly and try aiming at that elusive fish.

The Mondovi River near Panaji is a great place for sightseeing dolphins and crocodiles, take a cruise down this river and you will never regret.

Go-karting is the resent trend in Goa, be thrilled in the ever winding twists and turns of the Margao Highway track at Nuvem which boasts of almost 500 meters stretch of hair-raising fun.

Marrakech  - Morocco

This is one unforgettable city in Morocco with fascinating sights, culture and unbelievably vibrant colors, tastes and smells. Get lost in the souks that sell sweet smelling spices, Berber lipsticks and even love potions. You may even be amazed by watching a donkey wash!

Venture into the bustling Jemaa El Fnma square and discover the entertainment of daytime story tellers and dancers at night, you may even try to charm a snake if you wish. You will be fascinated by the diversity of the people that visit the square: from exotic and gorgeous to the crippled and poor.

An amazing sunset beyond the Koutoubia Mosque will inspire you as the Atlas ranges turn pink in the twilight and the city streets smokes with grilled chicken and beef; as the music gains speed at the square.

You can now take a deep breath and soak yourself in the relaxing traditional Hammam with black soap. Cleanse your body in this age old practice after a long adventurous day visiting the museums and mosques.

These tips are courtesy of Tom, editor at Malta Holidays, which has its own beautiful things to see and do.

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Side trip at Cincinnati Museum Center

Travelentz loves to go on a side trip  especially if we go up in North to visit my in-laws.The place is on the way and a good excuse to stretch our legs for a couple hours. Driving going to my in-laws house is at least 11 hours but we usually stop for a night and slept in a hotel.

It was fun at first but doing it for 3 years wasn't fun at all.Hubby and I tired for the situation so we  told to my in-laws they have to fly down to see their granddaughter. 
The front of the Cincinnati Museum Center at the same time the entrance of all visitors.

Going back about Cincinnati Museum Center has three museums at the center as we thought so we decided to choose that hubby and I like most. We just purchase the general admission for the museum but we decided to escape the children museum as my daughter can't really appreciate at first.

The ceiling and the side wall ( I'm not sure if it is a correct word) of Cincinnati Museum Center.

 Facts about Cincinnati Museum Center:
  • located at 1301 Western Ave  Cincinnati, OH 45203.
  • open Monday to Saturday around 10 a.m-5 p.m.
  • open Sunday around 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
  • Fee for parking space.
  • this was a Cincinnati Union Terminal.
  • is a passengers railroad before.
  • it was opened 1933 and rebuilt 1980.
The Ice Age Trail
Ready to attack,hehhehe..Go figure!
"Stories told by bones~Anatomy"
The Cincinnati Museum Center has 3 museums:
1.Cincinnati  History Museum
2. Museum of  Natural History & Science.
3.Duke Energy Children's Museum.
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How to save money?

I know most of us are doing our best to save money in any ways.Having a  family of 3  and husband is  only working and support financially, I do my best as a wife to help him in anyways like saving some of our:

  • Grocery- Most of our grocery I buy with coupons and deals in the store. Like for example buy 3 save 5 bucks. That's a good deal for me. I buy a regular price if we really needed other than that I just enjoy what is deal in the store.
  • Appliances-My husband is the one buys our appliances and he asked me if what I want . When we bought our appliances we  consider the appliance package deals.
  • Travel- If we travel we do our best to avoid holiday season week as the airfare and hotel price are outrageous.
  • Back to school Tax holiday-I live in a State that has this perks for  kids. So I take advantage it buy buying my kid's school supplies and saves 9.25%.
  • Yearly medical check-up-This is very important to be preventive in medical and dental  and your insurance is happy when you're  doing this. Our insurance will give us $200 when we do our yearly check-up and we put it towards our contingency funds in medical.
  • Furniture-We buy furniture during holiday were there is a huge sale and discounts.
  • Cash-Make sure you can pay it in cash, though you're using your credit card. I used credit cards in all my shopping but I make sure that I could pay before I go shopping.
  • Perks-sign-up some of the trusted website that you believed. Most of the website  send some discounts for their customers. So take advantage of doing this. So far the website that I subscribe are really good and they don't sent any junk yet. 
  • Membership-Enroll or be a member in any trusted store that you go. Of course don't just be a member if you think you don't go often there. I've been joining in some store that I like and I enjoyed all the perks for their members and I save of doing it. Of course I don't open any credit card ,I join the free membership . Though I have one credit card in a store but I  go shopping  there all the time so I'm happy doing it. 
Whether we like it or not cash is king and spend wisely. Monitor your spending habit and don't loss control over your emotion.Buy stuff that is necessity and not just because it is sale. Quality is important as well. So make your priority straight and you know what is best than me.
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What I need is-Organizer?

I've been busy lately, looking around for a cabinets organizers from ovisonline. Shopping online is convenient for me and most of the things I bought in online is free shipping and some I have to pay shipping,it depends what is it.

Cabinet organizer is important for me as I need to maximize the space in my kitchen. I have a small kitchen so I need an organizer enable to look clean and tidy.

I'm happy I bought an organizer for my daughter's room last month for all her toys and books. I hope I could see the one I needed for my kitchen I really needed it badly. 

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I crave these Food

Being away in my hometown ( the place I grow-up) is kinda hard. Until this day I still crave all the food that I usually eaten.

Sometime, I asked my husband to go in International store and buy some goodies there. The taste is different that I used to but who cares now. Whenever there is a community activity I love to attend because I can eat Filipino food as i'm not good in cooking.

I make this Batchoy last week as I crave so bad. 
Kutsinta-is made of sticky rice.Oops,I don't make this one I just bought.
Pork blood stew-go figure.hehehhe.I buy this one when I went in Filipino's activities.
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What is metranome?

Metranome is a musician gadgets,if you're planning to record,practice with tapping at your home without going in the studio  you can get the right tempo of this cool device.It is a device that most musician buy for their own convenient and the outcome is,WOW!

What I know about this, well my friend is the one who explain to me while I'm writing this post.  Proper research and recommendation is another way of buying stuff. For me whatever you choose it doesn't matter as long as you are happy and it works for you.

Having a musician friend is plus knowing this cool gadgets.
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How to pick the right sunglasses?

How to pick the right sunglasses? Choosing the right sunglasses is important especially if you want to use for sun protection at the same time your own fashion style. There are a lot of sunglasses in store from your budget range to more.

Sunglasses for me is important as I can't drive without it especially if the sun is out. When the sun is out  hubby can't stand without one as he has a blue eyes and blue eye is not prone to sun.Both  of us has more than one sunglasses as we really needed it.

How to pick the right sunglasses:

  • Comfort-This is important for me and  hubby.Sunglasses has more style and colors so it is easy to choose. My husband prefer the Costa Del Mar Sunglasses  as it fits to him and gives comfort and there are  color lenses to choose.
  • The lens- sunglasses lens is design for everyone needs and wants so you can choose whether you like the tint color or not. For me I prefer the tinted one as it helps to reduce the brightness.
  • Material-consider the material of the sunglasses. The quality of the sunglasses will gives you more flexible and  impact-resistant.
Whatever you choose as long as you're happy and that's important.Just think what is important for you.
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Our dine-in experienced in Makan Makan Asian Food Village, Philippines

When we visited the Manila Ocean PArk, Philippines we dine-in in Makan Makan Asian Food Village. The food was good and tickle our taste buds. Hubby eat asian food so its easy for both of us.

The ambiance and location is convenient after our tour in Manila Ocean park we dine-in and enjoy our meal.

Hubby order
My drinks
My order
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Enjoying the pool this summer

Summer is my favorite season of the year. Don't blame me as I grow up in a tropical island which has two season dry and rainy. I moved in Western country which has four seasons and summer is my only time to enjoy outdoor and I realized those four seasons are wonderful and I have a chance to see all the beauty of mother nature.

My daughter and I are enjoying the pool this summer at home. I'm so grateful  we have one and  we get a lot of used. We get a good tan this year as we stay in the pool during weekdays if we were at home. My daughter likes my swimwear, actually I bought my swimwear in  juicy couture swimwear online. Online shopping is more practical for me as I have a toddler and sometime she has no patient to wait.
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Why I like Luxury Hotels and Resorts?

Why I like luxury hotels and resorts? Whether we like it or not luxury hotels and resorts offer the best  quality and services to their customers. Every time we choose a hotels and resorts we check the star ratings and reviews or sometime through word of mouth and friend's recommendation. 
In todays technology life is easier and everything is in your fingertip if you're good in researching and reading in online. Hubby and I stayed luxury hotel and resorts in US, Europe and Asia. Hopefully we can visit in Australia but we have to stay in my sister's place as she leave there. 

Why I prefer Luxury Hotels and Resorts:
If budget permits we stayed in luxury hotels and resorts on vacation as hubby told me we need to pamper ourselves once in a while without breaking the bank account.
  • VIP treatment: Every time we stayed  in a luxury hotel and resorts I noticed they treat their guest as VIP,I'm impressed with the staff and services they offered to all their guests all the time.I feel i'm on vacation and all I do is savor the memories during our vacation.
  • Amenities: Most hotel and resorts offer the best amenities from staff, food, service and ambiance. No wonder there are a lot of people booked in this kind of hotels and resorts. Every time we stayed in a hotels and resorts there is a wedding going on. I witnessed some weddings that held in hotel and resorts and I'm amazed how beautiful it is-from decorations to bride and delectable food. Every thing are  well  manicured. 

 Speaking of wedding my husband's cousin will get married this year so I told them to check the croft hotel for darlington weddings. Hopefully we can attend her wedding.Fingers crossed.

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Some fun activities of couples in Western Australia

Western Australia is a state full of spectacular and startling scenery, as well as a warm and inviting community spirit. It is the perfect place for couples who are looking for a unique escape from everyday life, as well as the chance to create some truly unforgettable memories together. Here is a list of some of the many fun activities for couples to enjoy in the beautiful setting of Western Australia.

Meet the Dolphins:

The beautiful dolphins at Monkey Mia have been coming to the picturesque beach for many years, allowing scientists to collect significant information on their habits and behaviours. After years of being fed at Monkey Mia, the dolphins enjoy coming to the beach daily and visitors can meet them as they stop by for a feed. Seeing these magnificent animals up close and personal is an experience of a lifetime, and is the perfect way to start your couple’s holiday in Western Australia.

Gourmet Wining and Dining:
After long day exploring the stunning beaches of WA, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the finest food and wine from this beautiful region. In recent years, Perth has created a name for itself as a highly respected centre of gourmet fare, with top chefs from around the country opening restaurants in this thriving city. Whether you’re looking to try something organic, contemporary and top class at The Greenhouse or prefer to have a light local lunch at one of the outlying wineries, Western Australia is bound to have something to suit your tastes. Let your tastebuds guide you as you explore WA’s exquisite gourmet offerings.

Touring the Wilderness
Western Australia is a veritable feast for the senses, and provides the opportunity to explore some of the nation’s most distinctive scenery. From stunning beaches and pristine forests to the breathtaking magic of the Kimberley, Western Australia simply has something for everyone. There are a range of tours you can take which vary from small group or self-drive tours to larger and more commercialised groups. Take the time to snorkel the delightful Ningaloo Reef with its rainbow of colours and abundant wildlife, or explore the ancient culture associated with incredible rock art for an experience you will both never forget.
When exploring Australia, it can be hard to make sure that your money is safe yet accessible at all times. With a nation-wide network and a range of great services, Travel Money Oz is one of the leading companies in the business. Check out Travel Money Oz in WA and ensure that your holiday together is simple and stress free. With your finances sorted, you can spend more time enjoying your unique getaway together and less time worrying about your money. Western Australia is truly a breathtaking destination that provides the opportunity to combine fun and romance for a couple’s holiday you’ll never forget!

Lydia is an avid traveller, now that she has graduated she is now travelling around Australia and exploring all the treasures it has to offer.
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What is Alumina ceramic?

I'm not an engineer like my husband so I don't know anything like this. I would say, hubby is more knowledgeable thank me. Any ideas like alumina ceramic I have to ask him so I have better understanding.

What is alumina ceramic?
Alumina ceramic  would be the most widely used fine ceramics material in any applications that engineered used.

Where do you use?
Mostly the alumina ceramics are used in industrial spheres or medical.

If you're a business minded you need to find a quality one that provide and gives you the most of your money. 
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Why you need Sof sole?

The first time I heard the Sof sole insoles was my husband. I was wondering before why he  buy even he just bought a new pair of shoe so he explained to me why he needed every time he bought a new shoes. It is for comfort and his doctor recommend him to buy so he would not feel any pain in his foot. As you know he always complain his foot before but good thing sof sole here.

The pain was gone when he figure out what was the cause and his foot arch is kinda different. Today I don't ask anymore every time he bought a new one, I'm the one to remind him to get at the same time so he   has  comfort that he needed. 
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Enjoying our Appetizer at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

My daughter knows already to tell were we going to eat.Most of the time if we're out running our errands Little Travelentz ask to eat in the restaurant. Last Saturday after our window shopping we decided to have appetizer at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe.

We don't really order, first I just ate at home and hubby is not really hungry. We just go and eat for our little one to give her satisfaction that day. We dine-in her for dinner last time and we like the food.

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe:
  • located at 4091 Mallory Ln  Franklin, TN 37067
Hubby order the:

Hummus which is made of
Puree of chick peas,tahini,touch of cumin and lemon juice.
I order the:
Greek Lemon Chicken Soup
Little Travelentz was happy and full before we went home. We are still planning to go back as the food tickle our taste buds.

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Looking for a great Microphone

Most of us wants a quality product which produce best result especially if you're recording. No wonder my friend invested so much on all his instrument . If you are like me who have no knowledge for any instruments you should ask or consult those knowledgeable. I'm impressed those people who are good in the music world.

If you don't have any friend who could help you, proper research and spend time looking around is important than being a compulsive buyer and you would regret of what you bought.

Another thing you could do is go in the store and ask for any recommendation that most musician buy. The most popular is usually the best one of course you have also your own budget. Only I would say that microphone has a big impact in your performance and recording.So spend wisely and enjoy. 
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Luxury Vacations to Colorful and Rich Mexico

Staying in an expensive environment is chic and fashionable. Luxury is a reward for those who engaged most of their lives in productivity and a privilege to those who are born with it. Whichever category you belong, relaxation is a must.  So, have a lavish treat, the Mexican feast, colorful, and rich.  

Mexico City
Over 2,400 meters above sea level and the most densely populated urban area with twenty million people, Mexico City.  It is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world.  This captivating capital charms its tourists and visitors with opportunities to relax and enjoy despite the many people it already has.
Attractions in Mexico City are clustered in the historic center that includes the National Palace, the Plaza de la Constitucion or Zocalo, Metropolitan Cathedral, Palace of Fine Arts and Alameda Park, and the Templo Mayor.  The Plaza Garibaldi just a few blocks north of the Palace of Fine Arts is one of the best places in Mexico City to listen to live mariachi music.

Villas and Residences
Las Pergolas, a newly constructed villa is situated in an eco-friendly surrounding with forest trees, jungle mountainside, and wildlife. This luxurious villa takes pride in its extensive bedrooms and immaculate views of the Bay of Banderas from a lofty veranda. Architecturally designed and professionally decorated, Las Pergolas has bedrooms that offer the comfort and privacy that rich people prefer. The views from its large spacious terraces add to the amenities of the villa.

The Madera 1, located within the natural jungle ambience of Bahia Principe is another residential place. The construction of Madera 1 luxury residences started in March of 2011.   Residences range in size from 648 Sq Feet up to 1975 square feet and a variety of floor plans and layouts are offered from the studio type residences to the three bedroom penthouses. Madera 1 offers a variety of spacious and comfortable residences with all the modern amenities.  It is a personal vacation home with an individual underground parking area for its guests.  Grocery delivery is one of the services offered by Madera 1. There is freedom to enjoy the views from the terrace along with great cold beverages to sooth the spirit. Vacation dreams are now coming true.

Plaza de la Republica, a historic as well as a recreational sight in Mexico City is home to the newly restored Revolution Monument, the National Museum, and the Chapultepec Park which is Mexico’s largest recreational area. The park contains the Chapultepec Castle, National Museum of Anthropology and the Modern Art Museum.  
Acapulco, the original resort town in Mexico became popular in the 1950s as an escapade for Hollywood celebrities. Today, Acapulco still remains as famous tourist destination more so among Mexicans and as a spring break getaway among US students. Watching the cliff divers do their fantastic jumps into the ocean is a wonderful sight for tourists and visitors. These divers have become professionals through the years.
Guanajuato, a colonial city that settles in the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato was founded in 1554. This city is one of the richest silver mining places of Mexico. The mining boom in the 16th century led to the development of charming haciendas and majestic colonial buildings. The alleyways are colorful and the streets that are spreading in different directions provide enough spaces for pedestrian to walk and cross. There are underground tunnels thereby easing up the traffic on the streets.

Palenque is much smaller than some of the neighboring cities yet it is popular because it being an archaeological site. It contains some of the finest  Mayan sculptures and architecture like the Temple of Inscriptions, the only Mesoamerican pyramid.  This city is located on the western edge of the state of Chiapas, Mexico. 

GlobalJet International offer heavy, medium and light Corporate Jets for charter to your chosen destination. 
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How it started?

As I told you before I'm not good on any instruments but I have so many friends who could sing and play an instrument. I'm impressed how they learnt playing an instrument. It all started in get together others are busy chi-chat  while some are busy playing guitar at the same time sing a song. Perhaps you're surprise but in Philippines one way we entertain if we have get together is playing some guitar , sing a song or videoke.

Though, I live in other country, I want my daughter to learn how to play some instruments and playing a guitar is my first option and go from then if she likes it. When I was browsing to find some instruments,they have pretty cool and affordable instruments. 

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Selecting the right outdoor mats

Though we live in the apartment since 2010 and we've been moved two times because hubby's work has different branch. For me it is a chance to wonder and explore new places as we have been transferred two times and I am enjoying it. 

All good things come to an end and this year would be  different as we need to settle down as my daughter goes to school. We stayed 3 homes and selecting the right  size outdoor mats   is important. It is is necessary that the size of your outdoor mats make a lot of used and not just a decoration or a waste.

I change outdoor mats for many times. I do make sure I bought what I want and most of it I choose rectangle size that fit in the door.

In selecting the right material outdoor mats is necessary.Just  think about it, the dirt of your shoes, your kids running around and rain, it is more important to make sure that the outdoor mats is free from slippery and water proof resistance. It is better to invest a quality one that would last long.
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First Visit at Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park

We feel the heat of the summer lately but the summer weather is ups and down and most of the time its raining in my area. Our first visit at Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park was fun and exciting day. We drove all the way to Georgia for 2 hours and met my friends. 

I survived the  Cannon ball Roller Coaster:
Would you believed I survived the roller coaster. Yes, It is my first time I rode the roller coaster, even hubby did not believed I made it. How many times I try to ride the roller coaster but I am a scary cat and scared the roller coaster at all. I thought that time it is my  chance or else I can't do it anymore and let face it.
The Cannon Ball roller coaster is 2,272 feet long, with a vertical drop of 70 feet and it is a wooden coaster.

My experience:
Geez,I felt i'm dying and my stomach and intestine is pulling out in my body and hubby chose the front seat which was the worst one, lol. No wonder our boy friend was laughing when hubby told me we will seat on the front and I was a dork to follow him. The first section was exciting but when we are up, I scream to death but it was really fun and I would do it again.

I'll do it again:
Roller coaster is not bad as I think all the time. I'm so proud of myself I make another steps to surpass my fear.

For all ages:
The  Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park is good for all ages and fun even to a two-year- old. They have rides that good for kids, for family and even for the adults. They have family rides even if your kids is 3 year-old. 

Glide into the sky and back down again aboard the colorful gondolas of the Paratrooper.
Pirate ride-ride type-thrill.
Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park:
  • Located at 1730 Lakeview Dr  Rossville, GA 30741.
  •  Opened the park to guests in 1925.
  • Lake Winnie features over 35 rides for the entire family.
  • Soakaya water park is open and has a lazy river.
Enjoy the paddle boat at the lake.
 Genie-the ride type is thrill 
Little M likes the duck pond game.
Travel Tips you should know about Lake Winnepesaukah Amusement Park:
  • You are allowed to bring your own food and drinks and eat in the shaded picnic table.
  • Don't bring any fast food so don't waste your time to buy any commercial prepared food.It's not allowed and they will check your picnic basket. 
  •  Friday is Coca-cola day so don't forget to bring one can of coke and you get  "buy one unlimited ride pass at full price and receive a second unlimited ride pass at half price." 
  • Food service is all over the park so don't worry if you don't bring any food.
  • Bring changing clothes of you're planning to soak yourself in the water park.
  • Bring a water proof camera.

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What is a promise ring?

What is a promise ring and who will wear?A promise ring is given to someone to signify your commitment to the one you love. Promise ring could be either a sign of love and friendship so it is important  to explain what does it mean when you give.

If your fiancee gives you a promise ring it is like a pre engagement ring. I remember my fiance gave a promise ring  during christmas. 

Some wear a promise rings for couples which rings signify their commitment for each other for a lifetime. Both couples have to wear it but of course you have also to show the true meaning of your commitment to the one you love. You don't  need to buy an  expensive ring it is how you much you can afford and don't over extend yourself for something.

Today, I am wearing a promise ring  on the left hand on the middle finger.The ring I am wearing is so simple but our friends have personalized ring. 

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