Sony Action HDR Video Camera with Wi-fi

The latest gadgets we purchased is the Sony Action HDR Video Camera with Wi-fi. It is pretty amazing. Hubby and I likes it. The photo is good enough for me. We used this one when we went to the zoo and hubby got the headband mount so he put it in his head and video while walking around the zoo. So far we are happy with it.

Things we like about Sony  Action  HDR Video Camera with Wi-fi:
  • waterproof case and use anytime and have the same result so far.
  • affordable.
  • built-in wifi and easy to use.
  • video and camera at the same time.
  • has some apps to download and  share but we never try this one yet.
Things we don't like:
  • The battery doesn't stay longer when recording in a high definition.
  • not good in low light to take video.
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Uniting Family in Australia with the Help of Partner Visa Agent

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery, great beaches and warm, friendly people. The country plays host to people from all parts of the world making Australian cities a melting pot of diverse cultures. This vast country that is a continent on its own is the sixth largest country in the world. With great weather, many people seek the opportunity to live and work in the country. Aspiring migrants may use the services of an Australia partner Visa Agent to direct them through the process of migrating to the country. For a person with a family member in the country, there are various family migration Visa options available depending on the relationship with the Australian citizen. The main Family Visa categories include;
                                                                       Partner Visa

  • Child Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Other Family Visa
  • The partner Visa is applicable if you are married to an Australian citizen or are engaged to be married on arrival in Australia. The visa is also applicable if you are in an interdependent relationship with an Australian citizen. The interdependent relationship also includes a couple in a same-sex marriage. This visa further recognizes partners who are not legally married but have lived together in a defacto relationship for at least one year. The visa process is complicated and requires the services of migration agents Sydney to make it flow without any legal hitches.
  • To obtain the visa, the Australian citizen must act as a sponsor and provide a written statement pledging to support the partner for at least the first two years of their stay in the country. The commitment of support should include accommodation and financial support to meet their entire living expenses for the 2 year duration. However, all partner migration cases are assessed on an individual basis by the Australian Immigration Authorities to satisfy existing character and health requirements. The advantage of partner migration applications is the fact they do not require the applicant to undertake language or skills tests that are normally required for skilled migrant applicants.

    If you are a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, you may be able to bring in a close family member to the country. The member of your family must be without other close relatives in their present country or any other overseas country. This Visa which falls under the other family class is known as the Remaining Relative Visa. A permanent resident or citizen may also be able to bring in their parents if they are elderly and depend on the Australian citizen for support and upkeep. The visa that allows a person to bring in their parents is known as the Aged Parents Migration Visa.

    The main requirement for bringing in family members is that the Australian citizen or resident must act as the sponsor and commit to take care of the family members upon arrival in Australia. However the sponsor must be over 18 years of age. The parent visa has a limited number of places available annually and applicants should expect a delay that may run for a number of years. A person who sponsors a remaining relative for a visa cannot sponsor another relative. In addition, the person who arrives to Australia as a remaining relative cannot sponsor another person for a visa.

    The above process takes time and due to its complexity, any person requesting for a visa as an applicant or sponsor should consider making use the services offered by migration agents Sydney.

    Move Migration, a migration agency aiming to help out people who plan to move to the beautiful country of Australia with the help of their expert migration agent. Learn the steps and process of australia partner visa and other type of visas; and how to make it easier with his informative and very helpful articles.
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    Moving to Japan

    Moving to Japan is one thing I look forward last year but it didn't happened. How I wish we move to Japan and it's closer to my hometown. I guess it's not time yet. My parents-in-law were happy we didn't moved to Japan.

    One of my friend will move to Japan this year. I was so happy with them how I wish we were going too. We throw a going away party last weekend. It was simple and attended with few friends.

    In the other side hubby was in Japan for business trip. I wasn't able to come in the trip as it is work related. Little Travelentz and I stayed home and the school was started last week too.
    writing some thoughtful words for our friends
    Skyline in Japan
    some food you might want to try if you're in Japan
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    Do you like collecting things?

    My husband likes  collecting money in every country he traveled so I ask him why not include the rare coins i'm sure it will be a  challenge coins to have all of it. Well, he thinks about it maybe he will consider.

    I'm sure all of us are collecting things.I personally  like collecting bling-bling and purse every time I traveled. I'm happy with it so hubby doesn't care. I like to collect things that's only bought during our vacation so everything has a story and I could see all the difference of style and uniqueness.

    Why do you think people like collecting things?
    In my opinion people likes to collect stuffs because:

    • satisfaction- people loves to collect and give them a satisfaction once they completed it. 
    • happiness- whether we like it or not people are happy once they see their collectibles. Like me every time I see my bling-bling and purse I remember all the good days I visited the place.Oh! how I love it.

    Most common collectibles:
     Well, collectible things is all depend of the type of person but most people  the most common collectibles are:
    • coins/money
    • purse
    • stamps
    • stationary
    • postcards
    • figurine
    • dolls
    • toys
    • comic book
    • DVD/games
    • Christmas Ornament
    • Halloween Ornament
    Collectibles are merely happiness of each person that gives  satisfaction.Some of the things are free or you have to pay for it. How about you, do you like collecting things?

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    Must Haves: Essential Beginner Tri Gear

    Preparing for a triathlon can be exhausting and strenuous, as well as exciting and fulfilling. If this is your first triathlon, you might be wondering what equipment and clothes you need to train in. The fact is, training in the same clothes and with the same equipment that you race in is the best way to ensure that you are the most prepared and the most comfortable for race day. When you purchase training equipment and clothing from a triathlon store, get the actual gear that you plan to use for the race itself.

    The Biking
    For the biking portion of your triathlon you will need:
    • Triathlon specific shorts and a top. Wearing these items underneath your wetsuit will aid you in a smooth transition. You could also purchase a tri-suit that is specifically made to be worn for all three events and is comfortable when swimming and running, with a thin cushion for comfort on the bicycle.

    • Bicycle specific shoes. You could also look for triathlon-specific bicycle shoes, which typically have 
    • Velcro straps, making them easy to get on and off.

    • A bike helmet. Any time you are on the bicycle, you will need to have the helmet on in order to comply with the triathlon safety rules.

    • A good quality bike. You don’t have to spend millions on your bike, especially if you aren’t sure that you will continue to do triathlons after this one, but even a couple hundred dollars can get you a decent ride. A road bike or a triathlon-specific bike are the ideal choices, and entry level bikes are fairly affordable . Your bike should be light and made from a carbon fiber material. Before you purchase the bike, test out the size and be certain that it is the right size for your body.
    The Swim
    There’s not a whole lot that you will need for the swimming portion of your triathlon, but it is essential that you get the right items:
    • A good pair of swimming goggles.
    • A comfortable swimming suit.
    • A swim cap (which is often provided by the triathlon officials).
    • A wet suit if you are swimming in cold waters. Even if the water is warmer, the wetsuit could aid you in buoyancy.
    • Vaseline. Applying Vaseline to your neck, armpits, ankles, and heels will allow the wetsuit to slide off a bit easier, helping your race time.
    The Run
    For the running portion of the triathlon, you can wear the suit you wore for biking, as well as the following:
    • Comfortable running shoes. If you are going to break the budget on any triathlon training equipment, this should be it. Having shoes that are comfortable, safe, and ergonomically correct for your feet is an essential part of the race.
    Extra Items
    After you have all of the necessities, there are some fun extra items that you could purchase if you had the means. They might just make the triathlon a little easier and a little more comfortable:
    • A race number belt to hold your race number.
    • Socks, if you prefer them.
    • Sunglasses, especially for the biking portion.
    As you train, try out some different articles of clothing, shoes, and some different extras to learn what essential triathlon gear you need. You will soon discover what works the best for you, what is the most comfortable, and what will help you perform at the top of your game.
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    Best Apps to Manage a Spontaneous Road Trip

    It's time to fly down the highway on a spontaneous road trip, with no plan except the plan to have an adventure and make some great memories. You've packed up some clothes, some snacks, and you have your smartphone. Which apps are best for managing your road trip? Check out the following.
    Image via:by Kevin Dooley 
    You can switch drivers often and carry on through the night. You can find campgrounds along the way. Or, you can opt to sleep on a soft bed in a comfortable hotel. If your budget allows for the third option, the Hotels.com app will come in handy. With a listing of over 140,000 properties, it will make finding a place to crash for the night easy. You'll find decent prices, and you can even make last-minute reservations. 

    When the big E looms, access the GasBuddy app to find the lowest prices on fuel nearby. GasBuddy users report gas prices, meaning that you have an entire community at work helping you find the best deals for filling the tank. GasBuddy is available on most devices, including the new BlackBerry devices like the BlackBerry Z10 and the  BlackBerry Q10. With the BlackBerry version of the app, it is super easy to share prices on GasBuddy via the BBM integration. 

    Image via:by epS0s .de
    Waze is another app that helps you benefit from other drivers on the road. Drivers report things like speed traps, accidents, construction work and other things that might slow you down. Waze helps you be prepared for obstacles ahead of you. If you want to avoid obstacles altogether, you can pull over and look up another route. Waze also provides street maps and voice navigation. Even if your road trip is spontaneous in every way, it's still nice to know that you won't get completely lost and that you can avoid stressful road conditions. 

    A review at download.cnet.com says that "Yelp is a must-have app for every mobile user." By using your phone's location, it helps you find nearby businesses. For each business, you can get an idea of the kind of prices they charge and read reviews. With Yelp, you can search using keywords, or choose a category and browse through listings. This app is especially handy when hunger strikes, since with it you can find local, affordable places to eat and avoid the same bland chain restaurants.

    Roadside America
    Sometimes the best part of a road trip is when you get out of the car, stretch your legs, and snap some photos. It's even better if those photos get taken at quirky little places you never expected to visit. The Roadside America app lets you know when you approach points of interest like museums, statues, and oddities. It even has a nifty "Sunset Alert" feature, which alerts you to your last daytime photo opportunity. 

    Where are you planning to go, or are you planning not to make a plan? When you have good music on the radio, fun games to keep the kids occupied, and great apps on your smartphone, your spontaneous road trip will be memorable and easy to manage. 

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    Friday night Light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood,Tn

    I've been at Cheekwood many times and every time I visited with my family or friends I seen different exhibits and activities which keep me going back every year. Last year we went the Treehouses exhibits with my parents-in-law. So far one of my favorite was the Chichuly exhibit and Light this year. It was one of a kind that I look forward to do things with hubby and parents-in-law. This year my parents-in-law has no chance to see the light show as they both busy and had limited time  when they come down in Tennessee.

    Hubby and I spent friday night at Cheekwood, we arrived around 7 and the parking space are full. We parked outside the Cheekwood were they have a parking space if needed like this kind of events. I was so  excited like a child and the place is so romantic at dark with a combination of LED light and sound effects  as we looked around in the water-towers.It has an ethereal music was has been hanging throughout the audio speakers in every single tower and added such a real great ambiance.

    Well, I have simple tips if you want to visit the Light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood. It is not really a lot but maybe would give you an idea if you're planning to visit: The worst we forget is the bug spray-just imagine it. Actually is not really bad if you're not attracted with the bugs.hehehhe.
    • Bring spray bugs.
    • If you want a discount ticket: buy online ticket  in their website.
    • Bring your friends or family and have some picnic there. I seen people bringing picnic basket and  enjoy the ambiance with their friends or family.
    • the extended hour are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 4:30  until 11:00 p.m
    The exhibit looks like when  it is not dark:
    The exhibit looks like when it is dark:
    Blue Moon
    Fagin’s Urchins
    Light Shower
    Bell Chandelier
    We have had a great friday night light: Bruce Munro at Cheekwood,Tn. 

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    Discover 's Most Beautiful Beaches

    Tenerife is an incredibly popular holiday destination, with thousands of Brits flocking to its resorts every single year. With long stretches of sand, year-round sunshine and spectacular volcanic landscapes, it's no wonder it's a big hit with holidaymakers. 

    For those that haven't made their mind up about where to go yet, take a look at this backwards countdown to the island's very best beaches and search for affordable flights and holiday packages.

    5. Playa del Medano
    This two-mile stretch of light sand situated right next the airport, backs on to impressive dunes and the dramatic Montana Roja. As it's a quieter resort, you might be able to benefit from slightly lower prices and if you want to explore a bit further, Playa de la Tejita is just on the other side of the rock. 

    Due to the impressive waves, this beach is often a hit with the local surfers – why not jump in and have a go? 

    4. El Bollullo
    Tenerife might be well known for its popularity with tourists, but there are still some serene beaches that feel a world away from the bustling resorts. El Bollullo is a quiet beach in Puerto de la Cruz overlooking the Atlantic with spectacular views out to Iceland. Due to the remote nature of this beautiful beach, there aren't many facilities so make sure you come prepared. 

    3. Playa de las Teresitas
    Being one of the largest Canary Islands, you might not have thought Tenerife would have any need for a manmade beach. However, in the 1970s, Playa de las Teresitas was made with sand from the desert to serve Santa Cruz, the island's capital. 

    It's still popular today, thanks to its golden sands, clear waters and breathtaking views of the Anaga Mountains.

    2.Playa del Duque
    This beach on Costa Adeje has been a big hit with tourists ever since the beautiful white sand was
    laid on top of its natural black sands around 20 years ago. It took about three months to complete, but the transformation turned Playa del Duque into one of Tenerife's best beaches. The area is bit 

    fancier though so don't be surprised to see 5-star hotels and fine restaurants nearby. 

    1. Playa de las Vistas
    The number one spot has to go to this fantastic beach in Los Cristianos. It's been one of the most popular destinations for beach bums for many years as adults can relax on sunbeds while kids splash 
    in the sea and take part in watersports. Although it's incredibly busy, Playa de las Vistas is big enough to prevent it from feeling overcrowded.

    If you're already planning your holiday in Tenerife next summer, click here for Monarch flights where you’ll find more information about the Island and other destinations.
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    Tips to Remember When Renting a Car in Singapore

    Singapore is an ultimate travel destination. The country boasts several amazing views and outstanding places that are few of the best attractions in Asia and the world. For a small country like Singapore, there are countless of sights to see and things to do. However, you might think that the transportation in this amazing place is quite pricy. But not to worry, there’s a great solution for that. All you need to do is hire a vehicle from a Singapore Car Rental Company and it will drive you to the country’s attractions you wish to go, with less expense! To help you with your travel, here are some car rental tips in Singapore:

    Choose What Kind of Car You Need.
    You must first identify what kind of vehicle you will need for travelling. Usually, on out of country trips with children or many companions, a family van, large sedan, or SUV are ideal. Therefore, if you are travelling with a group for your Singaporean adventure, you should sign up for a van or a minibus to accommodate everyone! Based on the specific purpose of the travel, you have the opportunity to get a car that is perfect for it. More so, if you are on a business trip as an exclusive limo will always be available for you. There are also eco-friendly vehicles that are available if you want to save energy while you enjoy your travel.
    Booking Your Car.
    Besides choosing the kind of vehicle to rent, determine how long you will use the car. Although local or cheaper companies offer more affordable rates, take note if they can give you the necessary support you deserve in the event of accidents. The practical options are choosing cheaper companies for longer drives and major companies for shorter ones.
    Consider the Convenience.
    By renting a car, you have control over your speed and time as car rentals grant the same comfort and convenience of driving your own car. You will not need to be anxious about finding a good driver or riding public transportation that may cause you more time and money. With car rental, you have more freedom and control over your travel.

    To save you the regrets, it is essential for you to shop around first before settling on any kind of decision. Fortunately, there are several car rental services online in Singapore, so you can prepare earlier. You can choose a company to hire a car from first; all you need to do is book a car before your arrival or as soon as you get to Singapore.
    When travelling to Singapore, hiring a car is a great choice on your part. Car rentals offer you the same advantages of having your own, such as travel and convenience. Besides these obvious ones, it will likewise give you the additional “Pride”. Also, the country’s car rental companies provide remarkable services with an extensive selection of cars to pick from with very reasonable rates. In fact, companies even allow customers to widen their travels as far as the outside areas of Singapore. You will not only have the benefit of traveling the country but you can also have a trip around Singapore’s neighboring lands! So what are you waiting for? Hop inside your rented car and enjoy the marvels of this part of the world.
    Johnny Lai is the owner of Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals; a Singapore’s premier luxury car rental and limousine company. They provide a complete range of transport services and our business philosophy of 'Quality Service to Customers at all times' ensures that we constantly strive to serve you with our best, and with a smile. Feel free to contact Johnny Lai at 9101 8983 for any queries.
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    How to Choose a Music Instrument?

    Learning to play a music instrument is one of the big thing you should proud of. Not all of us has that kind of gift and a talent. If you ask me, I don't know how to choose a music instrument though I have a friend who is a musician so I rely with him most of the time. It's not bad at all and I trust on him especially my daughter is into it. I asked my friend about this mackie 1402 at musicians friend if he has one. I'm  curious about it so he explained why some people needed it.

    Research-Do your research if you plan to own a music instrument. Don't use your emotion when buying things. Ask yourself, Is this really what you need?

    Option- if you are new in the music world or just into it, find an option of what you really want. Some music instrument would cost hundreds of money. 

    Flexible- Sometime if you're a student buying is not an option, but renting is another thing you would consider to do. It's not bad at all. First, my friend doesn't own some of the instrument he usually rent and he told me it saves some bucks as the technology change and he's more in.

    Size-This is important you have to consider in  choosing a music instrument. Remember the size is very important in playing some kind of instruments. 

    Enjoy and have fun whatever you  choose. It is your opportunity to learn something new in your life. 

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    Shopping at St. Maarten

    During our family cruise vacation we had a chance to go shopping at St. Maarten. Actually the island is not huge and Jewelry shop is huge market in this country. 

    Basically it is a tourist area so expect people knows how to speak English. Dollar is acceptable though major credit cards is widely acceptable if you want to purchase some souvenir and it cost  thousands or hundreds.

    I'm not really a shopaholic I just buy things that interests me. Though my mother-in-law bought some jewelry and we have had a chance to go in the tourist market in St. Maarten.

    The tour bus drop us in this location. 
    the walk board
    The view " What is your first impression?"
    Is this familiar?
    I love this globe 
    The Gazebos
    So you want to guess what I buy? 
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    Are you ready for Christmas?

    Ho ho ho... Christmas  is just around the corner. Before we knew it,it's here. My daughter is excited for Christmas. Well, this well be her first Christmas that she can understand and we try to explain to her. She is 4 year old and this time she believes in Santa.Other thing she looks forward is Santa's gifts and she knows already what she wants this Christmas. Are you ready for christmas? I'll be honest I'm not but it's an event that I look forward and hopefully I can go home in my hometown. Fingers crossed.

    If you say Christmas,buying presents and decorations are on top of my priority. Yes, I spare some money for shopping and I want to buy  something in lemax village. There are a lot of decorations out there.  Don't worry i'm still on budget and I don't spend extra if I can't afford. Hubby knows Christmas is a big thing for me. Exchange gifts, Christmas tree and not to mention white Christmas. Well, wherever we will spend Christmas i'm sure I will have a great time with my family especially with my daughter.

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    I love modern design

    I love modern design, hubby and I have the same tastes in terms of house furniture and fixture. It is one thing we consider if we buy new stuff for home. The other consideration why we love modern design is the simplicity and cost savings. Like for example the modern outdoor lighting at lighting55.com  has wide selection.

    For me proper research and ask some experts could  help you find your own dream designs. If you can't do it try to picture out how this would looks like in your home after you bought some modern stuffs. I'm sure it has a big difference after you done something.

    Modern design today, has a big impact especially if you're planning to sell your home in the future. People are attracted this kind of design and has huge market than outdated one. Why I say this one, it was my experienced when we sold our home at North, the buyer told asked, one thing he likes the house was the modern design in our home. The simplicity,clean and upscale looks are the reason why I love modern design. 

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    Experienced the Regency Lagoon Resort,Boracay

    When we went vacation in Philippines we booked a couple nights at Regency Lagoon Resort,Boracay,Philippines. Considering we went on New Years day  all hotels and resorts are full. So we have no choice and booked a couple nights at Regency Lagoon Resort.

    The place is beautiful, clean and I consider it as an upscale,hey the amenities is wonderful and you would love it.

    We have had a breakfast package and the food is beyond expectation. I love the breakfast choices. We like the resort except it's not a beach front  but they  will transfer you to their sister's resort  that is located in station 2. 

    About the Regency Lagoon Resort,Boracay:
    • 1,200 square meter lagoon-swimming pool,
    • Located at Station 2, Balabag, Malay  Boracay Island 5608, Philippine
    • International cuisine poolside at the Lagoon Cafe.
    • Asian-inspired architecture and 120 luxurious guest room.
    Quite and peaceful at night

    some furniture
    We stayed couple nights in the resorts  before we find a hotel that's located in the beach front. 

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    Are you clumsy like me?

    Are you clumsy like me?  I'm not really clumsy if that what you thought, once in a while. If you believed I have incident with a glass of red wine and the worst part our dining table is all carpet. If you can imagine the headache I have. Most wine stain in the carpet so you really need  spot stain remover for this kind.

    Stain removal is a big part and everyone should have one in the household as a part of your  cleaning chores  even we don't use a lot. In-case there is something come-up like your kids or incident you have it on hand. 

    Being a mom, I've used that my kid would have a big mess sometime she get some stain on her clothes. They're kids and I could not help to prevent it but I could do is to have a stain removal on hand.
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    Reasons to Spend Money on a Caribbean Holiday

    Spending tons of money on an unforgettable vacation is never a waste, because these holidays are actually what help a lot of people keep their sanity despite ailing relationships, stressful careers, or the sickening monotonousness of everyday life. And if you are one of these people who are about to dole out portions of their savings and fortune on a luxurious vacation, we suggest that you look into the Caribbean as one of your options.

    For many people, the beach is always a great place to unwind. And it is generally because of this common preference that beach destinations are usually packed and unfit for some real R and R. If you find yourself put off by the idea of flying thousands of miles just to get to some crowded island "paradise", then your best bet would be the more private, no less luxurious beaches of the Dominican Republic.

    Why the Caribbean?
    Naturally blessed with gloriously pristine beaches dotted with dancing palm trees, covered in powdery white sand and crystal clear waters, the Dominican Republic is definitely a haven for people who need time away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. What makes it all better is that a number of luxury accommodations offering the best of first-class service are already available on the island. If you are looking for a great beach venue to relax and unwind sans the thick crowds of party goers, then this is the place to be.

    The following are just some of the things that you can look forward to in your luxurious stay on this Caribbean island:
    High-end villas to rent:
    There are several luxury villas that you can rent during your stay on the island. These high-end properties will definitely make your vacation as homey yet luxurious -- enough for you to forget about the stresses from way back home. Vacation villas usually come with different amenities -- depending on your preference. Do you prefer a garden villa? Or one that offers a great view of the sunset? There are also villas that have the much-coveted ocean view. Whether you are renting for long-term or short-term, there's surely something for you.
    Elegant villas for sale
    And since falling in love with the island is highly likely especially for those who have a penchant for first-class and secluded getaways, there are even beach villas that are up for sale. Sea Horse Ranch is one of the real estate developers in the Dominican Republic that offers not only luxury villas for rent, but as well beach properties for those who would like to have their own home on the island.

    Wide variety of high-end restaurants

    Dominican Republic boasts of a diverse cuisine which includes Latin American, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Italian which tourists can have a taste of in classy restaurants in different parts of the island. They may also try the local staples which include rice, beans, and chicken. Overall, the culinary scene in this island can be of great interest especially to foodie travellers.

    Cedric Loiselle is a passionate traveller who also takes pleasure in sharing his knowledge to fellow wanderlusts. For topnotch Caribbean villas and resorts, he highly recommends Sea Horse Ranch.

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    Tips on How to Get the Best Car Rental Deals in Singapore

    Today, many individuals are constantly finding it necessary to travel, either on business trips or for leisure purposes. If you fall in this category, car rental services makes it possible to enjoy your trips abroad without having to face the hassles that come with using public transport. High profile business persons can now seek car rental services to experience what it's like to travel elegantly and comfortably.
    And this is especially important if you are visiting a city that you are not familiar with. Yes, you've booked a high end hotel where you'd love to spend your nights for the few days you'll be around, but a good and reliable car rental service is inevitable as it is a real basic need. It gives you the freedom to move around the way you want, plus you'll not arrive in meetings late because Exclusive Limo is always around the clock.
    Even though the web has made it easier to find good car rental deals conveniently, this can turn out to be an uphill task especially if you don't know how to go about it in relation to the etiquettes you need to follow. The following are some relevant tips you can use to help you find your ultimate car rental service.
    1. Definitely, you'll need a driving license on your part. If you are a tourist, you'll need an international driving license that lets you drive in all parts of the world. Car rental companies don't hand their cars to people who have not fulfilled this requirement.
    2. If you are going to stay longer than 12 months, say you are working, then you'll need to convert your driving license with the traffic authorities after the stipulated time.
    3. If you are traveling to a foreign city, always do your research online before settling for the best deal. Before finalizing, you must get at least 6 sites offering the same service. Compare their prices and services and settle for the one that appears to be the best. But the same procedure also applies when you search for a car in the real market. You can inquire from at least 3 car hire offices just to know the pulse of the market.
    4. Don't go for last minute rush. Prior booking are cost effective and convenient for you. Early booking exposes you to numerous benefits, so you can choose your ultimate exclusive limo alongside many discount deal offers.
    5. When seeking to hire a car in a foreign country, be ready to carry your passport, ID and driving license. Car rental companies want to ensure that they are only letting out their cars to individuals whom they know.
    6. Check for any flaws or dents on the car before driving it away. This way, you won't get into unnecessary arguments when returning the car.
    7. Return the car within the stipulated time frame. Car rental companies have a way of charging you for any delays, some charge for every hour that the car is not returned, others might charge you for the whole day.
    8. Lastly, don't forget to request your deposit. In Singapore for instance, the deposit is anything between $50-$200.
    The above tips will help you hire your ultimate exclusive limo hassle free and cost effectively. When you follow them, you will be sure to enjoy a smooth ride throughout your stay.
    Johnny Lai is the owner of Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals; a Singapore’s premier luxury car rental and limousine company. They provide a complete range of transport services and our business philosophy of 'Quality Service to Customers at all times' ensures that we constantly strive to serve you with our best, and with a smile. Feel free to contact Johnny Lai at 9101 8983 for any queries.
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