4 Unforgettable Sights in Guangzhou and How to See Them

Guangzhou is the bustling center of trade and commerce in south China. Formerly known as Canton, this destination is particularly popular among business travelers. Regardless of your reason for visiting, Guangzhou offers several stunning sights you’ll want to make time for while you’re here.
Canton Tower – Guangzhou From Above

Image via Flickr by llee_wu
The Canton Tower, also known as the Guangzhou Tower, is in the Haizhu District along the Pearl River. At nearly 2,000 feet tall, it’s impossible to miss if you’re staying in Guangzhou. The slim, elegant design of the tower earned it the nickname “Xiao Man Yao,” or “young girl with tight waist.” This is no coincidence, as the architect Mark Hemel set out to create an asymmetrical design that would put viewers in mind of a woman in motion.
While the Canton Tower is stunning to behold from a distance, the best way to see it is up close. The tower houses several cafes, restaurants, tea houses, and observation decks. The middle zone even features outdoor gardens and a 4D theater.

The Pearl River – An Evening Delight

Image via Flickr by Roller Coaster Philosophy
The Pearl River is the third longest river in China, and cuts through Guangzhou offering a sleek patch of tranquility in an otherwise bustling city. While walking the Scenery Corridor is perhaps the best known way to take in the river, an evening cruise is by far the more memorable option. Guangzhou lights up at night and the river reflects its surroundings in a burst of color, giving it a sheen to match its moniker.

Shamian Island – A Refreshing Retreat

Image via Flickr by Gavin Anderson
Shamian Island offers a welcome retreat from the more hectic pace of life within Guangzhou. This small sandbar is just half a mile wide and less than a quarter of a mile long. It houses about 150 stunning buildings that feature an exotic blend of Neoclassic, Gothic, and Baroque architecture. A small garden in the center is a favorite of locals who want to enjoy the fresh air. Tree-lined streets and patches of fragrant flowers give Shamian Island a soothing feel and slower pace.
The southwest side of the island overlooks the popular Pearl River and features several cafes and bars. The best way to experience Shamian Island is on foot without an agenda. This tiny island just begs for leisurely exploration.

Yuntai Garden – The Jewel of White Cloud Mountain

Image via Flickr by llee_wu
Spend an afternoon in Yuntai Garden and you’ll understand why Guangzhou is also known as Flower City. This stunning garden is located in Santailing Park on the north side of White Cloud Mountain. The mountain itself is one of the city’s most treasured wonders. The Yuntai Garden is one of the most breathtaking highlights on the mountain, with more than 200 types of flowers and 14 scenic spots ideal for taking it all in.

Guangzhou is one of the busiest hubs in China. Whether this is your destination or you’re one of the many travelers just passing through, take a moment to enjoy one of these sights. You’ll be richly rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

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Learning to play guitar

Playing a guitar is a challenge at first, but once you knew the basic skills that you needed it will just click.

My daughter is been very vocal about learning to play guitar. Considering of her age and it's not offered in my area she's enjoying and watching her friends to strum a guitar.The reason she's into guitar because of her teacher in Kindergarten and  used it in the music class.

I'm impress in the school of my daughter were they showed different type of instruments so the kids has an idea what it sounds like.

I found this les paul studio  offered different kinds and accessories of guitar. I can't wait to shop something for my daughter once she started to learn.

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Be Your Own Captain – Tips for the Aspiring Boating Enthusiast

Having and sailing your own boat can be fun, relaxing and thrilling depending on why you’re doing it. Some folks just love the feeling of being on their boat somewhere out in the water, away from all the stress and demands of daily life. 

Others use their boat for business meetings – this can be important when you have very sensitive business deals to discuss. There are also those people who just love the thrill, the sounds of waters lapping against their boats, and the freedom that boating gives them and the idea of just them against the waters. 

Whichever category or class you fall into, there are boating tips that you ought to implement in order to stay safe and enjoy your boating adventures. 

Safety Should be a Priority
The first thing you need to do is make sure that safety is paramount. Acquire all the necessary safety kits as mandated by the US Coast Guard and relevant boating safety agencies. If you feel you have all these, but are still unsure, you could get a free boat check by the US Coast Guard. Safety also means wearing your life jacket at all times. 

These seemingly inconsequential items can often be the difference between life and death. Most drowning incidents are usually a result of victims not wearing their life jackets. So, as soon as you set foot in the boat, grab a life jacket and make sure there’s enough for everyone on board. 

Of equal importance is paying attention to the weather forecast. Unless you want to face stormy waters, beware venturing out into the water until the weather forecast is favorable. So, always check for weather conditions before taking your boat out and stay alert in case of sudden weather changes.

Always Carry the Necessary Gear
Depending on your type of boat, you may need anything from anchors, to wet and dry suits, basic toolkits, ropes, vests, a tube inflator or a first aid kit to name a few. However, a key boating accessory that you should have is waterproof and dry bags like those provided by Adventure Lion. 

These bags are excellent for keeping your essentials dry. Adventure and extreme sports lovers who prefer kayaking, sailing, and whitewater rafting, will find this extremely useful for keeping their things away from moisture and water. 

So, whether you want to store your dry clothes so you can change after a day on the water or keep your cameras, phones, wristwatches and gadgets dry in your boat, these waterproof bags are crucial to your boating adventure. 

Be Cautious and Aware of Your Immediate Environs
Quite a few boating accidents have resulted from inattention. Once you’re on the water, you need to be extra vigilant. Watch out for abnormal objects in your immediate surroundings. Be careful about berthing your boat, tying the docking ropes properly, and the weather. 

Don’t Sail When Drunk
If you’re not supposed to drive when drunk or under the influence of narcotics or alcohol, it goes to reason that you shouldn’t do the same while sailing. Quite a few accidents, injuries or deaths are caused by the victims being under the influence. 

Luckily, there are laws against this. So, if you’re caught boating under the influence without causing anyone harm, you will either pay heavy fines or spend a few months in jail. However, if people were to become injured directly or indirectly because you were under the influence, you will go to prison.

Oscar is a reputable and experienced author with a unique and skillful approach to writing and blogging. 
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Sky Zone Franklin

Tired of the same old birthday party? Tired of having to do all the set up and clean up? Let the team members at Sky Zone take care of everything for you as your party SOARS above all others on our patented, all-trampoline, walled playing courts. Maximize your FUN and create a truly memorable experience with one of these out-of-this-world party packages.

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OR: 10% off any birthday party package price! Must present the coupon at the time of arrival.
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5 Reason why you should registered your kids in British Soccer Camps

Summer camps is popular in Western Country, you can registered your kids in different camps starting ages 3 and up. I started to get crazy and registered my kid when she was 3. My goal was to keep her busy and be with other kids at the same age. 

This year my kid is almost 6 years old and I first registered her in British soccer camp when I heard about it.I talked to my husband if half day camp would work for her. She never had any experience in soccer so I was optimistic if its a right thing to do.

One week goes by fast and she's having a blast every day. She keeps talking about her day and wish she has soccer all day.My husband and I smiled to her and keep explaining she can go back next year if this is  offer again in my area.

5 Reason why  you should registered your kids in British Soccer  Camps:

1. Accent-Being a bilingual person, I'd love my daughter to be a well rounded in life  not just in any sports but learn and understand different accent. The coach was from British and he spoke British English, just imagine the accent is so different in American language.At first my daughter told me she can't understand the coach.Second day, she almost understood all the words that coming out in his coach mouth.Third day, she has no problem at all and my daughter spoke some words that has a British accent and explaining to me, that she needs to practice kicking the ball.

2. Hone your British Soccer skills- Whether you agree   or not, different coach ( different country) has its own style of teaching and techniques. I think this is very important that kids has to learn and adopt at the very young age.

3. Language/term-Considering the coach is from British, the coach has its own language/terms used. Learning new terms in soccer is fun when the kids are enjoying.

4. Embracing new culture-I explained to my daughter, that her coach is from British and showed her the Globe where he lives. Being an expatriate and has experience in different culture is amazing. I'm glad, I don't need to send my daughter in other country to experience new culture.She learns new culture in one week in her British soccer camps.

5. Fun, learn and make new friends- Playing soccer is about a team. You'll get to know your team and make friends. My daughter met a new friends in British soccer camp and she lives closed by in the neighborhood.Yay! for my daughter.

Soccer is so much more than a ball and two goals; it connects people from all of the corners of the world.

Disclosure: Thank you  Challenger Sports for  the complimentary week long summer camp. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  experience.
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Bavarian Inn Lodge and Restaurant

About Bavarian Inn Restaurant:

Celebrating 125 years of service in 2013, the Bavarian Inn Restaurant has become a Michigan landmark. Generations of diners, lodgers and tourists from around the globe have discovered true Bavarian hospitality thanks to Dorothy and her late husband William "Tiny" Zehnder. Guests experience the old-world European charm of the Bavarian Inn - whether it's the famous chicken dinners, fresh baked goods or Michigan's greatest selection of German beer. Bavarian Inn also prides itself on being one of the top consumers of Pure Michigan agricultural products. Nestled within a backdrop of authentic German architecture, a variety of shops and other fun activities, a trip to Frankenmuth would not be complete without a visit to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. My Readers Receive HALF OFF Bavarian Inn Restaurant with this exclusive coupon http://michigankidsguide.com/coupon.php?regionid=41&bid=11953&dealid=1903

About the Bavarian Inn Lodge: 
The Bavarian Inn Lodge, nestled along the Cass River in one of Michigan's top tourist destinations - Frankenmuth - is one of the state's largest Indoor Water Park Hotels. The Lodge has 360 European-themed guest rooms, including whirlpool and family suites, an adult-only pool, two gift shops, two lounges and two restaurants -- all under one roof. The Lodge's expansive 35,000 square feet Family Fun Center houses two dramatic waterslides, three pools and two whirlpools, over 100 video and redemption games, a two-story children's play village and Willy's Kingdom indoor mini-golf course. Guests can also enjoy live, year-round, nightly entertainment and test their own musical skills during weekend family karaoke shows. In 29 years of business, the Bavarian Inn Lodge has been an important destination for travelers, evidenced by the 1.25 million room-nights that have been booked there since its opening, along with its top rating on TripAdvisor. Learn more at www.bavarianinn.com.

MY READERS RECEIVE UP TO $35 off their Bavarian Inn Lodge Stay! Any Pool Access, Pool Level or Suite OR $25 OFF - Any Standard or Balcony Guest Room (w/Two Double Beds or One King Bed) Code #1239JD Call (855) 421-1366
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