Getting around in Gatlinburg with my Family

Getting around in Gatlinburg Tennessee with my family was fun. We don't  do much but we walked around  downtown of Gatlinburg, lot things to do and see. If you want shopping, things to do with your family, and aqauarium.All in one from scenery to shopping.

Do you know that Gatlinburg has an annual tour in downtown Gatlinburg from now until August 13 and offers street performances by musicians in costume, artisans,storytellers and artisans representing periods as far back 1800 and starts 6 p.m.

heading back to home when you see this tunnel.
The busy road in Gatlinburg Tn.
All the attractions you can see   when you walked  on the main road of  Gatlinburg Tn.
You can see this telephone both inside the village place in  Gatlinburg Tn.

Little  "m" is awake after we got back at  Ole Smooky  Moonshine, we let her walked around the village in Gatlinburg Tn. 
Its hot and sticky during our visits in  Gatlinburg Tn. so we stopped for  refreshments.

Little "m" was upset when her daddy took away the shake and she made a pouty face.Hubby decided to gave her back she doesn't accepted but I talked to little "m" she can had it and it all hers, that was  the time she accepted it and she is happy campers.

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The Inn at Christmas Place @ Pigeon: Christmas all year round

We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with the whole gang  aka ( hubby and our daughter) last Saurday  June 25,2011. Well there's nothing going on we want to see the place. Having an itchy feet sometime is  hard to stay at home. So we packed our things and drove going to Gatlinburg for almost 3.5 hours.Our first stop is in Welcome Center at Pigeon. The welcome center at Pigeon is really nice  and the road heading to Pigeon is under construction because they are adding some lanes. 

Hubby told me we will just play by the air, but he really want to go to OLE SMOKY TENNESSEE MOONSHINE, which was featured in Travel channel thats what we know this distillery. We are not familiar the place so we stop in the Welcome center at Pigeon and we saw a lot of brochure. We got one of the brochure we want to visit and hubby saw the Inn at Christmas Place and the place is  beautiful. Its looks like a castle and very attractive. 

Hubby immediately look in the GPS and we found it and we went the Inn at Christmas Place.I stayed at the car and hubby went inside to checked  how much per night. Hubby came back and told me it's his treat to us ( me and our daughter) to stayed in christmas Place.Actually the place is amazing, once you are there you don't like to leave the place.

Inn at Christmas Place is really captivating from the hotel architecture and decorations  you will feel immediately the season of christmas joy and happiness.Christmas decorations are everywhere from the entrance,the lobby, at the bathroom, christmas pillows atop our bed.

The best in Inn at Christmas Place is you fell  christmas every day if you stayed there. Complimentary breakfast is included and wi-fi. They have some activities for kids in the evening and morning. 

I took some photos for the Inn at Christmas Place.

The landscaping you can see at Inn at Christmas Place.
Little "m" had a great time running around in the first floor in Inn at Christmas Place.
Storytelling at the Inn at Christmas place around 8:00-8:30 in the evening.
The cast...lol....
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family visit: Georgia Aquarium

During memorial weekend we decided to drove to Atlanta. It's 4 hours by car from where we stayed at. The Georgia Aquarium is really neat and amazed me, located in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Place.Gosh! during our visit its so busy, what should i say its a holiday and most people are not in work.

Travel tips: Avoid holiday weekend to visit the Georgia aquarium its a lot of people and you would not enjoy if you have stroller like us. if you visit Georgia don't miss Georgia aquarium in your itinerary as one of the top things to do in Georgia Atlanta and you will understand why this aquarium is amazing until you will see in your eyes.

Georgia Aquarium  are displayed in five different galleries: Georgia Explorer, Tropical Diver, Ocean Voyager, Cold Water Quest, and River Scout.Each corresponds to a specific environment. They have a dolphin show and you need to purchase a ticket in this show.You will have a chance to Crawl through the Penguin tunnel which is really cool.This Georgia Aquarium is a family friendly and they have a kids zone as well as. For the exhibits you have to check in there website or ask during your visit. 

Here are some photos you might consider why visiting Georgia Aquarium will be your top things to do in Atlanta, Georgia.

Address: Georgia Aquarium
225 Baker Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30313

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Every ten Minutes: World of Coca- Cola tour starts

That's right every ten minutes the World of Coca-Cola tour starts. Guess how many people will be joining the tour? It's 200 people during our tour. I don't know  if we stayed for 2 or 3 hours in tour I forget. Don't get me wrong the World Coca- cola tour is very smooth and manage properly. They make sure that everyone is safe especially who had a children or infants. They announced to starts the tour all stroller will go first and family that has a kids, isn' t that nice right?

The tour starts in the lobby and end in the Coca-cola store. The best part I like is the "Taste it" yeah!  you can taste all the 60 beverages around the world. Since Coca-cola is celebrating  125 years we had a complementary bottle of Coca-cola that  has 125 years marked.

Ticket or admission rate: This might be change please refer to their website or call for more information.

Adult      (13-64)               $ 16.00
Senior     ( 65+)                $ 14.00
Youth     ( 3-12)                $ 12.00
Toddler   (0-2)                    FREE

Address: World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta
               121 Baker Street NW
               Atlanta, GA 30313 – 1807
               (404) 676-5151 or 1-800-676-COKE (2653)

Take a look what's inside the World of  Coca-cola during our family tour: 

 World of Coca- Cola  as you see.

 Inside the World of Coca- Cola tour.
 World of Coca- Cola different bottle around the world.
 World of Coca- Cola my favourite part  in the tour is taste it, its not taste but drink..hehhehe
 World of Coca- Cola tour guide tried to explain about the Coca-cola.

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