Why More Traveling Families Are Choosing Vanuatu Holiday Houses Over Hotels

Planning a holiday with the whole family can be downright challenging. Just a couple of extra people means that you have to alter everything from your accommodation plans to your transportation needs and when you travel with children, it can get even trickier. One of the ways that many people are making their trips that bit easier is to opt for holiday houses, rather than hotels, but is this the right option for you? If you happen to be traveling with the family to Vanuatu, you might want to take a few minutes to find out why so many families are picking this option, and whether or not it is the best choice for your specific situation.

It Is Cost Effective
One of the most obvious reasons families are opting for Vanuatu holiday houses instead of hotel rooms is because the former happen to be much more cost effective, particularly if you are going to be staying with more than three people. Booking even a couple of hotel rooms can often cost you as much as booking an entire home for a couple of days. Being aware of these costs could actually end up saving you a small fortune.

Why are holiday homes cheaper? For one thing, they don’t have large numbers of staff taking care of everything from check-ins to room service, and since you will most likely have to take care of everything from your laundry to cooking your meals, you’re not paying to have someone else do these tasks for you.
It’s More Spacious
Having a bit more space can make your holiday all the more enjoyable, whether you are opting for a holiday house or a self contained apartment, which offers a hotel room with a kitchen, living area and a bedroom. Of course this feature will cost you slightly more, but many people find that it is more than worthwhile.
When you are traveling with a few people, you might quickly find yourself wishing for a bit of extra space, so having it available by renting out an entire property, rather than one room can make all of the difference.
Follow Your Own Schedule
If you have ever traveled with children, you might find that even a short holiday needs to be executed with military style precision and this can be rather exhausting. You can take a lot of stress out of the holiday by following your own schedule instead of trying to follow the schedule of a hotel. This is exactly what you will get when you opt for a holiday house, rather than a hotel. By picking a holiday home, you don’t need to worry about restaurant opening and closing times, or work around the housekeeping schedules because everything can be done at your own pace.
Increased Privacy
When you are staying in a hotel, you’ll most likely find that you spend a lot of time trying to keep everyone in line so that they don’t disturb the other guests, and you might quickly come to find that hotels don’t really offer all that much privacy. The moment you leave your room, you are under the scrutiny of everyone from the other guests to the hotel staff, and you can actually avoid this by renting out a holiday house.
More and more families are opting for holiday houses in Vanuatu because of all the benefits this type of accommodation has to offer. The affordable nature of this option is only one of the many reasons why you should consider following in their footsteps.
Jason Kennedy is a travel blogger with a passion for exotic cuisine. He heads the travel section of his local paper in Florida.
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Things I miss in Bangkok-Thailand

I've stayed in Bangkok,Thailand for 4 years. I adopted the culture easily and started to speak basic thai words. I can communicate very well in taxi drivers and to my students. It wasn't easy at first,perseverance,patience and common sense are important to leave in a new country.

Things I miss in Bangkok-Thailand:
  • Street Food- I love the thai foods and every time I went home from work  I bought fruits, pad thai,somtam, and thai noodles. Its affordable and I don't really need to cooked for my dinner since I have had free lunch at school.
  • Thai People-Thai people are friendly and sweet. I like my co-teachers and my students.Wherever I go in Thailand-travel or work related they're  great people and easy to work with.
  • Restaurants-If you leave in Bangkok, you understand what I mean here. Restaurants are all over in Bangkok and believe me there's a lot of independent restaurants out there, you can't even think to cook at your home.
  • Attractions-There are a lot things to see and do in Bangkok for all ages.
  • Shopping- Shopping is hard to resist in Bangkok, so make sure you spare  few bucks for your shopping or else you regret it.
  • Cultures-Once you learn and understand the thai cultures you would love it.

If given another opportunity I would love to visit Thailand to see my friends and some of my previous students ( which is my friend now). Other than that I miss Bangkok,Thailand and the foods.

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Bouncy Castles and Inflatable Hire Chelmsford Will Delight Children and Adults Alike

We all know that bouncy castles are a sure fire hit at a children’s birthday party or other family event, but we’re in no way restricted by one, traditional type of inflatable. With inflatable hire Chelmsford, you are easily able to hire the exact product you want, whether that’s a classic bouncy house, an inflatable slide, assault course, garden game or other type of bouncy castle. With any of these products, you’ll amaze and delight the children attending your party, and the adults will probably have no problem enjoying them too!
Different occasions call for different types of inflatables, with one group of children preferring the thrill of an inflatable slide and another more enthusiastic by something like inflatable sumo wrestler suits. Of course, the most common type of inflatable is the bouncy castle or bouncy house, which has the ability to entertain children, teenagers and adults alike. These are great if you have a varied age group, but make sure you hire a bouncy castle that’s suitable for all ages.

Or you can opt for an inflatable slide, which come in a variety of sizes and heights, some attached to bouncy castles and some independently built. These are a little more exciting and are great for older children, and the size determines whether adults will be able to enjoy it alongside the younger party attendees. 
The ultimate inflatable, however, is probably the assault course, which vary considerably in size and shape. Some of the simpler ones are best enjoyed by children, but you can buy incredibly complicated courses that are perfect for use at team building events or icebreakers. This depends on what kind of event you’re hiring the assault course for and, of course, the size of your venue but, either way, inflatable assault courses are a brilliant alternative to traditional bouncy castles.
Then there are more general games that use inflatable components to make things safer and/or more portable. Why not hire an inflatable football goal or sumo wrestling kit? These games provide hours of fun for all genders and ages, and are a completely safe activity for you to provide at a children’s birthday party or school event. It allows children to play without constant supervision, as inflatable products for hire are made extra safe for the peace of mind of parents.
With inflatable hire Chelmsford, there are so many options that all you have to worry about is finding a venue large enough to house them all! Children will never cease to be amazed by bouncy castles and other inflatables but, with the wide range of products to choose from, there’s no reason why adults can’t enjoy them just as much. A family gathering or town fete is instantly taken to the next level with inflatable hire Chelmsford, and your guests are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.
Mega Leisure is an Essex based company specialising in bouncy castle hire, offering an extensive range of high quality bouncy castles and related products.
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Why you should Visit Raccoon Mountain Caverns

Last week we went to Raccoon Mountain Caverns. It was cool and sunny outside. The temperature is perfect in exploring caverns and its much more cooler inside the caverns.

Why should Visit Raccoon Mountain Caverns:
If you like to explore and more adventures this place is for you. It is huge caverns that I've visited. I decided together with my family to do the walking tour it easier  for us and to my daughter.  The tour lasted around 45 minutes and you can ask questions along the way.

Small group- We're lucky we were  2 families during our tour so it's easy for us and we had a glimpse of the cavern without any problem.

Photo opportunity- You have a chance to take photos as many as you can. Since we're in a small group tour so it easy for all us.

History-Caverns has different history how it discovered. You'll learn the history and understand at the same time appreciate all the advance technology now a days.

Cave Shields- You'll the see  cave shields formation here. I never seen this kind of formation from other caverns I've visited.

Every caverns I visited is unique and has its own beauty. The formation of Raccoon Caverns or Chrystal Caverns was 100-150 years.

Things are not allowed inside the Raccoon Caverns.
  • You're not allowed to touch any formation.
  • Stay in trail and always follow the tour guide.
  • No food and Drinks inside the cavern.
  • Stroller is not allowed.

How to find the Raccoon Caverns:
  • It is located at 319 W Hills Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37419
Different types of tour:
  • Chrystal Palace tour- It is easier if you have kids and it lasted 45 minutes.
  • Wild  Cave Expeditions-if you like to get muddy and complete accessories are needed in this kind of tour.
Places to Stay:
There are hotels nearby the places so you have no problem where to get one. If you want to stay on the ground  Raccoon Mountain offers Cabins and Campground in the area.

You can see all the cave and cavern adventures here.
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Viva Las Vegas Giveaway

Do you want to spend a holiday in Las Vegas? This is your opportunity to join one  of the best giveaways I have.

Prize Package includes:
4 day and 3 night accommodations at a 3+ star hotel on the strip in Las Vegas, NV for 2 adults! 
(25 years or older)
• A $500 dollar Funbook! (with cash, chips, meals, tokens & show tickets!)

Giveaway ends Nov 30th at 11:59 pm PST. Open worldwide, except to residents of Nevada, USA and proof of residency is required. Must be at least 25 years old to enter. Certificate only covers hotel accommodations. Winner will be responsible for all other expenses, including without limitations: any taxes, fees, transportation, gratuities, meals and surcharges. Hotel will require that you present a major credit card to cover other possible charges. Winners are chosen at random by random.org. and will be notified via email, be given 48 hours to respond (or another winner will be chosen). To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. Travelentz.com is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please contact Alice Kingsleigh with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next big event! This giveaway is no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.
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A Guide For Covering Your Assets: Best Insurance Tips

There are so many types of insurance policies that it is easy to get lost in it all.
Each provider uses their own criteria for premiums and discounts. This will yield vast variations in the pricing plans of different companies.You should explore all of your options; try to obtain three quotes from different companies.
Look around and find an insurance company with a good reputation that you can trust to cover all of your needs. If you are running a small business, make sure you have all of the insurance coverage types necessary to protect your assets. Most policies cover you for a wide range of risks, but if you have a certain type of risk that is not covered in that policy, you need to either get another policy or add supplemental insurance.

Many insurance companies offer bundled packages across multiple lines. You can buy coverage for your motorcycle and motorcycles on the same plan this way. A lot of insurance companies also offer many different kinds of home owners insurances. When you are in the market for an insurance policy, see if comparison charts exists of various policies in your state and their rates. This will help get an idea of the general insurance rates in your neighborhood. Knowing what the price range will help you to find the lowest priced insurance policy.

t is always cost-effective for you to shop around to get the best insurance coverage. Many people only look at the company they already have, since it is easier than looking to see if they are getting the best deal.
Don't file a claim for a minor issue, even if you think they are covered. As you go for long periods of time without filing a claim, most insurance agencies will give you a discount for every year that you remain accident free.Your full coverage will still be there if you ever have a significant incident. The Internet is a good source of information when you are seeking insurance quote. You'll know the type of competing companies and be better prepared to make a choice.

While you have the advantage of lower monthly premiums, you'd pay for the small things yourself. Add all these miniscule expenses up to figure out the best choice for you.
Shop around for the most money you can on insurance coverages.You can easily find multiple websites that will not only offer quotes, and most top companies offer free quotes on their own site.

Group Medical Coverage in Overland Park: Kansas and Missouri 

You can receive a good discount when you have more than one policy with them. Compare their offer with those from other prospective insurers; you found online; it might be cheaper somewhere else.
Get your car out of a tow lot as quickly as possible! If you leave your car there, daily fees will pile up, and your insurance provider most likely will not pay.
You might not be aware of what the best insurance types are for your needs, however, the information provided here should be of some assistance. You will likely get the absolute best deals when you are more knowledgeable.
Complete our online contact form to learn more about group health insurance from Employee Benefit Professionals. We proudly serve clients throughout Kansas and Missouri, including Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Lawrence, Topeka, Shawnee, Kansas City, North Kansas City, Lee's Summit, and Independence, Missouri.
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Chipmunk in Actions

Chipmunks are small stripe  mammals though its  tend to be a small members  from the squirrel family members. It would be classified into 3 genera.Mostly, chipmunks are omnivorous. Some eaten nuts, seeds,plants and seeds.

Chipmunk in Actions: All these photos took in Cottage at Michigan

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Why Travel to New Zealand is Hot Right Now

Why Travel to New Zealand is Hot Right Now

Top Reasons So Many are Getting Holiday Rentals Here
Photo by Anthony Cramp / Flickr

If you haven't heard the latest buzz about New Zealand, you're out of the loop. Many people around the world are heading to these two islands in the Pacific Ocean in order to have fun in the sun while on holiday. If you like to travel the world and haven't been to this region yet, you need to correct that mistake as soon as possible. After reading the reasons below, there's a good chance you're going to want to drop everything and catch the next flight overseas. 

Why New Zealand is Popular
Here's a closer look at all that New Zealand has to offer travelers on holiday.
 The Ocean - Even if you've seen and enjoyed the ocean up close before, you really need to experience it on one of the two New Zealand main islands. From pristine and magical beaches to looking down at the ocean from the mountains, you're going to love the views. And for those who love to sail, there's nothing quite like sailing around New Zealand and seeing the mountains rise up in the distance. 
The Mountains - Speaking of mountains, these are one of the reasons that Peter Jackson chose New Zealand to film the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies. If you loved the films, you're going to really enjoy seeing the landscape with your own eyes. There's something truly wondrous about the way the land comes together in this part of the world.

Wellington - This city is charming and modern in a way that's hard to describe with words. At the same time, it's easy to write up a dozen or more adjectives to sing its praises. To really experience it, however, you need to travel there and drive, bike or walk the streets to really get a feel of what it's like. 

The Prices - Another reason that many people are choosing New Zealand as a travel destination while on holiday is the reasonable prices. You can even rent an entire castle pretty easily. You'll want to carefully plan a budget for your travels, of course, but your money can go further once you get to New Zealand. 

If the reasons above aren't enough to make you at least interested in traveling to New Zealand, you might want to check your pulse to make sure you're still alive. No matter if you're in your 20s or heading into your 60s gracefully, the islands of New Zealand have a lot to offer travelers who want to really enjoy their holiday. Write up a comment in the box below if you have any tips or advice for people traveling there for the first time. Thanks!

Adam Prattler likes to look at pictures of Luxury Lodges in New Zealand online. They help cement his dream of someday traveling the world. He spends quite a bit of time writing guest posts for different sites on the Internet.

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Five Fun Facts about the Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls are majestic waterfalls that can be seen both from Canada and from the United States because they are located right on the border of the state of New York and Ontario, Canada. Millions of tourists from around the world flock to this place every single day in order to take in the beauty of these massive falls, to feel their power, and even to take a ride on a boat that brings them right to the bottom of the waterfalls for a truly unforgettable experience.
But there are a few interesting facts about Niagara Falls that a lot of people are not aware of. If you are interested in learning a bit more about this great place, continue reading. Below are five fun facts about the history of Niagara Falls and more. 

Tens of Thousands of Years Old-The Niagara Falls are much older than you think. In fact, they were formed as a result of glacial activity during the last Ice Age. Their existence dates back to around 10,000 years ago, so when you visit them today, it is like going back in time to see the results of nature and its power over the land and the water.
Three Separate Waterfalls-The Niagara Falls actually consists of three separate waterfalls, not just one. These are the American Falls, the Bride Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls. Together, they produce the highest flow rate when compared to every other waterfall on the planet. The Horseshoe Falls, in particular, are the most well known and famous because they are the largest of the three waterfalls. The Bridal Veil Falls, on the other hand, are the smallest.

Hydropower-Because the Niagara Falls are so powerful, it is no surprise that people have thought of using them to produce electricity. However, because the summer season is also the biggest tourist season of the year, the hydroelectric stations that are found throughout the area will divert a smaller amount of water so that the flow of the Falls will be at its best.
The Oldest State Park-Niagara Falls State Park is visited by millions of people from around the world every year to see the beauty and feel the power of the Niagara Falls up close. But it should also be noted that it is actually the oldest state park in the United States because it was founded in 1885. It is over 400 acres in size, and about 140 of those acres are actually underwater. 

Tesla Monument-A special monument that was constructed in memory of the esteemed inventor, Nikola Tesla, who many people around the world still admire today for the incredible advancements he made in the field of science, can be found right in the middle of the Niagara Falls. It sits on Goat Island, which can be seen between the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. Make sure to try to see it while you are staying at the Niagara Falls Hampton Inn or any other nearby hotel. 
David White is a freelance writer who has visited the Niagara Falls on both the Canadian and the American sides.
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A Quick break with Good Food at Greek Cafe

A Quick break with Good Food at Greek Cafe was so good, indeed. I couldn't ask for more once I have a full stomach. I like to cook but am happy to eat in any restaurants and enjoy the meal with my family. 

Eating at restaurants is not my family thing since I cook often. I usually called it "KITCHEN IS CLOSED TODAY" so hubby knows it what I want.

One day when we went shopping my daughter asked for food so we had a quick stop at Greek Cafe. The food is good enough for us and our second time to dine-in.

Specially Seasoned Beef and Lamb Charbroiled
Gyros and Chicken with Grilled Onions and Green Peppers

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Top Hiking Trails for Travellers

Getting out into nature is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet. Luckily for nature loving travellers, there are plenty of amazing hiking trails to be had no matter where you are in the world. 

In fact, travel enthusiasts will know better than anyone that, no matter where you end up, a great hike just around the corner. In fact, travellers who like to hike will always tend to come prepared with all the necessary gear they need to escape into the wilderness for a few hours, such as a solid waterproof jacket from ebrookes, or a sturdy pair of boots that are perfect for traversing uneven terrain.

So here, for your inspiration, are some of the top hiking trails in the world that are perfect for nature lovers!
Photo Not mine:

Mount Kailash Kora, China
Mount Kailash Kora is Tibet’s most sacred mountain and this walk will afford you some of the most spectacular glacial scenery to be found anywhere in the world. This trail is of varying degrees of difficulty – the lower parts can be easily accomplished, but the uppermost parts are at a very high altitude and shouldn’t be attempted by an inexperienced hiker.

Picos de Europa, Spain
Limestone mountains, arable land and a breathtaking array of flora and fauna are yours to behold in this beautiful, unspoilt landscape. There are many different hiking trails here, of varying length and difficulty, but the one thing which really sets this area apart is its distinct lack of tourist encroachment.

The Dolomites, Italy
The Dolomites are a world renowned mountain range in Northern Italy, which attract tourists almost all year round for various snowy sporting pursuits. As well as the more extreme activities, there are also some outstandingly beautiful and poignant walks around this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Q’adisha Valley, Lebanon
The Q’adisha Valley is an imposing gorge which runs through Lebanon from east to west. Historically, it was a refuge site for Maronite Christians, and today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the old monastic ruins can still be found along the rock face, making it a truly unique experience for hikers who choose to experience the valley first hand.

Hadrian’s Wall, UK
A former Roman Empire frontier, Hadrian’s Wall is a favourite destination for travellers the world over. The wall runs through many different types of scenery, making it the perfect choice for walkers who want to experience all that northern England has to offer.

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Reason to Rent a Holiday Apartment while Traveling

I like to travel and explore new things.In this economy families may opt  not  to spend money in hotel and just enjoy the less expensive vacation or  "staycation" and enjoy the best they can. Renting a holiday apartment while traveling would be a great option if you're on a budget or want to travel like a local.

Reason to Rent a Holiday Apartment  while traveling:
  • Price- Most rental apartment are less expensive compare than a hotel rooms.Of course it depends of  the rooms you want to rent.
  • Feels like a home- With fully equipped apartment, this would give you a chance to live like a local. 
  • Cook your own meals-If you're on budget cooking your own meals especially on dinner would save you a bit of money  and spend it for other things like buying souvenirs, buying tickets for sight seeing.
  • Pantry-You can't beat of having your own pantry.

Why Rent a Holiday Apartment:
You can easily choose from 1 bedroom to 3 bedrooms. If you have friends or big family, obviously you save money for renting an apartment and enjoying the space that you can't get in any lodging.

How it works:
Choosing a right holiday Apartment is important. In today's technology you can surf  the web and book at the same time. It is like you're booking in a hotel.First, check the availability then enter your credit card. Like  other  lodging apartments there is a minimum stay of 2-3 days. 

Things to remember:
Before you book in online always check the policy and cancellation. This is true in any ways.
  • Check-in and Check-out- Always check the time before arrival and departure.It is important to know the exact time so you can plan ahead of time.
  • Keys-Ask where you can get your keys.
  • Amenities-It is necessary to ask the amenities so you know what to bring on your vacation and if you have your gadgets ask the electrical circuit.
  • Cleaning service-Ask how much is the cleaning service? Is it included or you have to pay extra.
  • Emergency number-I know most of us doesn't want to think problem might occur during our vacation.In case of emergency you know what numbers you may contact during business hours and after business hours.
  • Apartment rules-Rules is the important things we should know. Some apartment has basic rules and you need to comply or else you get penalty.
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The Best Way to Enjoy Traveling on a Business Trip

People heard the word "business trip" is fun and exciting however not all people during a business trip  enjoy like a tourist. Perhaps they're  focus on their goal and work most of their time to  get done and leave the place. 

The Best Way to Enjoy Traveling on a  Business Trip:

Travel advance- If you have a kick off or conference  make sure you arrived 1 day advance and you'd surprise how many things you could see on one day.

Leave 1 day after your conference- Most people tends to leave in the office once they are done with their conference or meeting. Invite your colleagues in the local stores and ask her where to buy souvenir.

Local restaurant-Most people  focus on their job and forget the word "fun" hey, you can  enjoy and have fun while on business trip.Take your colleague in a local restaurant and talk  business over the food.It is more exciting  to discover new cuisine and talk business.

Plan- It is important to plan ahead of time. You have 1 or days free time, wing it and plan your getaways like visiting museums, aquarium or even historic places. 

Don't stress yourself on business trip. Enjoy the opportunity to travel while getting paid.

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Playing a Guitar

I signed up after school activities for my daughter. I believed  introducing new activities to kids  would enhance her interest and figure out  sooner which one she would like to do. She seen guitar in the store last week and she told me she wants to play a guitar so I told her she can go and join next program. 

Though, music doesn't runs in my blood but I will support her interest in music if she wants to pursue. I see this  sterling by music man bass at guitar center, I can't wait someday she would play this kind of musical instruments. It would be a big hit in my family if she plays music and strum chords on  a guitar.  My daughter is my pride and joy so no matter what she wants I'll support her.
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Lunch at Genghis Grill-Mongolian BBQ

Hubby and I like to try new things even in food. We both have the same taste and we like seafoods most of the time. We had lunch at Genghis Grill which is a Mongolian BBQ. This is different restaurants I've been dine-in. Well, I would say am planning to go back the food suit to my taste buds and I love it.

A hostess escorted us in our table and gave a bowl which you build your own bowl starting with different  vegetables,meat and seafoods then pour  some  BBQ sauce of your choice, pepper, salt and etc.Then you're ready to give to the chef where you can see they will cook your food in the huge frying pan and you have choices to add up  from rice, noodles, or yaki noodles.
It is like a self service so once your number has called you opt to stand or the employee would give it to you once they see it, its done.

It was great experienced to dine in this kind of restaurants and the food was fair enough for us and tickle our picky taste buds.

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Hotel and Hospitality Marketing with a Travel Marketing Agency

The quality of your marketing plan can increase your bookings and increase your profitability.  This is important, of course for hotels, but brand recognition and long-term marketing goals are also essential for a hotel business with dreams of longevity in mind.  Contracting with a world-class marketing agency is the ideal way to obtain positive results that allow you to grow and expand your hotel or hospitality business.

Relevant Ad Placement
Your travel marketing team of experts has access to valuable data that allows them to find the best places and times to showcase your advertisements online.  With nearly 80 % of the U.S. population online, it’s essential to view the internet as one of the most viable means to market your services and specials.   Moreover, when your agency participates in programmatic buying, it can market directly to the consumer or traveler you want to engage.  This type of target marketing is effective as it is cost-effective.

Looker or Booker?
It’s one thing for your marketing agency to help you drive traffic to your website, but it’s another to transform those visitors into booking customers.  Your agency should have methods that drive the most likely to convert to your site.  They target these individuals by employing unique data sets that suggest who your most likely new customers may be.
How Social Are You?
Allowing your travel marketing agency to expand your reach via Facebook gives you access to the social network’s billion odd users.  Of course, it takes more than setting up a page to get the sophisticated results you want.  Social marketing experts can help your business capitalize on this network and increase traffic to your website for results that impact your bottom line. 
Expand Your Knowledge Base
Think you know your clientele?  Though in the hospitality business you get to know your customers in a way the car rental agency does not, you may not have the data you need to effectively reach them when they aren’t in residence.  For instance, travel purchase patterns, travel frequency, trip length—these data sets can help you finesse your marketing plan to complement your client or likely client base.  This key knowledge can underscore your entire marketing campaign.
Hotel marketing is complex, but your travel marketing agency can iron out these complexities with well-managed solutions.  Moreover, with solutions that are customized to your individual business, the possibility of increased success appears well within reach.
Lydia Schrader is an independent consultant with extensive background in travel industry marketing. When not working she enjoys blogging about her experiences traveling abroad.
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Inevitable africa travel insurance

The word insurance has become paramount in all people’s life due to the advantages. Travel insurance is one of the important need of an individual and particularly when he travels abroad. If you want to visit Africa then Africa travel insurance should come into your mind without fail. This travel insurance would cover all the important parts of the life in case you face issues at the time of travel. This insurance covers you from all big to small issues when you travel to Africa. The issues are personal injury, death, money loss, luggage delay and hospitalization. During these critical times, the travel insurance helps you to recover the loss that you face. However, you have to select the fantastic Africa travel insurance policy that suits your need and expectations.

It is not a tough process for a person, like us, who wants to travel Africa because exemplary insurance companies are coming forward to offering travel insurances at our doorsteps. Only we have to get the insurance quotes for comparison and also it is better to analyze various features of the insurance. When we have different companies' insurance terms and conditions at a single place it is very easy for us to compare and analyze. Once we decide the travel insurance company which we like to sign, the representative would knock our door immediately. 

If these steps are done then we are free enough to proceed further without any fear of travel issues. However, an excellent travel insurance that covers everything is needed for us. Take major things in your mind when you look for travel insurance to Africa. They are medical cost, adventure trip, cancellation protection, loss and theft, and other trip activities. These features are important to be included in the travel insurance you select. Give major importance to these features and don’t compromise anything for the sake of money. The medical expenses and cancellations form the vital role while analyzing the travel insurance quote. Majorly, the travel insurance companies cover accident, special activities, pet cover, airline failure, baggage, and curtailment and sports asides medicines. These are very common covers of any insurance company for a person who wishes to travel Africa.
You can also consult the experts when you find difficult to select the travel insurance. You can check online insurance companies’ for their covering policies with terms and conditions. This is very simple method as you need not toil yourself in searching best insurance. Check the time period of insurance cover as it may differ from one to another firm. Some insurance companies are flexible enough to cope with the additional cover for an individual during travel. These companies have to be identified before you start traveling to Africa and have to go through their terms in depth.
Also, you have to check the credibility of the travel insurance company before finalizing the bond. This is because some firms do extort money after signing the bond without giving sufficient benefits to the customer. So, think twice before you finalize the agreement with the insurance company. Friendly firms are suited to your travel insurance expectations without doubt.

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4 things I don't like in Al Menah Shrine Circus

I was invited with one of my friends to see the Shrine Circus last couple weeks. Without any thought I said "yes" to my friend, I'm so excited and its my first time to see circus live and it's in Nashville. It takes  us half an hour by car to reach the area. Suddenly at the last minute, my friends asked to met them in their house so we will able to sit together and purchase tickets at the same time. I expected it has long  queue and the parking space is always a problem plus traffic. Thankfully there were a group  police to direct traffic.

4 things I don't like in Al Menah Shrine Circus: 

1.Human Cannon Ball- I felt cold and scared to see the guy who went inside the cannon ball. I hold my breath and scared to death for him. Though I know it is his job but geez what if something happen to him. Not to mention my 2 friends and my daughter were scared too.

2. Fivesome fly encased in a Steel Globe- The extreme riders started with 3 people and they add to 2 then it total with 5 riders inside in a steel globe. I'll be honest I was freak out, I closed my eyes and hold to my dear husband's arm. I was relief all of them are safe.

3. Vendors-I don't have problem with them, I don't like that even during the show was started they're  still around  the aisle try to sell anything. It was so disturbing even my friends complaint about it.

4. Intermission- It was too long and we thought it was the end of the show. Some people leave the auditorium. Good thing we didn't leave.

 I miss  the 5 riders on video, I was glued and scared to death.

Hubby told me it is about timing and proper practice. 

Overall the Al Menah Shrine Circus was fun and great day with friends. All of us had a great time even  Little Travelentz asked when we were going to back and  see the Circus shows.

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Top Adventure Activities for the Family in Port Douglas

Holidays in Australia can be as relaxing or as thrilling as you  like. 
Pristine Port Douglas, just 70 kilometres north of Cairns in far north Queensland, offers spectacular natural scenery and plenty of low-key options, but if it’s adventure activities you want, you won’t be stuck for choice. Here are our top ten adventure activities for families in Port Douglas.
  1. Great Barrier Reef-Make Port Douglas your base and experience Great Barrier Reef cruises, dive trips, and snorkeling and sailing adventures during your stay. The World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park promises long-lasting memories. 
  2. 2.Rainforest Safari-Explore the natural beauty of the Daintree Rainforest on a family rainforest safari. Select a tour that allows you to enjoy iconic Australian sites such as the National Park, Mossman Gorge, Daintree Tea Plantation, Bloomfield Track and Cape Tribulation Beach.
3.Jungle Surfing-See the exotic flora and fauna of the Daintree Rainforest from a system of platforms and cables in the treetops. Jungle Surfing is an educational and fun family affair, perfectly safe and suitable for all ages.
4.ATV Quad Bike Adventure-Daintree Station boasts 30 hectares of land, ideal for a fun family bush experience. On four-wheel motorbikes, race through the dirt and mud along old logging tracks. The ATV Quad Bike adventure is grubby, fast fun for thewhole family.

5.Horse riding-With experienced guides, follow forest trails and enjoy the sights and sounds of the local flora and fauna on horseback. Cape Trib Horserides, north of Port Douglas, offers exhilarating beach rides.

6.Mountain biking-With kids aged twelve and older, opt for a Port Douglas mountain biking wilderness adventure that takes you through some of the world’s oldest rainforests and along one of the country’s top ten bike rides.

7.Kuranda Scenic Railway-Travel by old-fashioned train through the World Heritage-listed rainforests of Far North Queensland. Enjoy breathtaking sights, and the thrill of travelling through mountain tunnels and across the Barron Gorge bridges. Discerning parents and children will appreciate the perks that come with a KSR Gold Class ticket.

8.Kuranda Skyrail-Stretching across the rainforests of Far North Queensland for 7 and a half kilometres, the Kuranda Skyrail return trip will keep the family happy for a couple of hours. Breathe in fresh rainforest air and take in views of the canopy, Barron Gorge and the Barron River.

9.White Water Rafting-Children as young as six can experience Barron River white water rafting, and with professional river guides on board you know your family can enjoy a safe and exciting experience riding the Barron River rapids.

10.Nocturnal Tours-With eighty percent of our iconic Australian animals making themselves known only at night, nocturnal tours in Port Douglas offer the family an exciting alternative to a day trip, allowing you to experience the rainforest by night and explore “The Dark Side of the Daintree”.

Explore North Queensland with the family and take on some of these adrenaline fuelled activities you won’t forget in a hurry. Escape Travel can assist you in booking flights, accommodation or tours in Port Douglas.
 Xanthe Coward is a writer and theatre reviewer who loves taking time out with her family where the rainforest meets the sea.
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Wedding Anniversary

Our wedding anniversary is getting close and I can't believed am married for 5 years. I remember the time I moved to Western Country and we planned our wedding day it was  busy and nervous at the same time.I had mixed emotions those good old days. The first thing I remember that hubby and I choose our wedding ring.I had choose my wedding ring.

I wish on our 5th wedding anniversary hubby would give  a jewelry  for wedding ring sets as a gifts.I like my wedding ring but am hoping he will give me something on our anniversary. Don't blame me as jewelry are women's best friend especially if it has a diamond, it's a big plus.
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