Our tour in Meteor Crater

We visited the Meteor Crater for the first time. It is always fun and exciting trip for the family. The museum is small and had interesting to offer. The tour guide is friendly and helpful.It was an interesting tour. You can't go down in the rim and it has a fence because of the people who are trying to go down and it's dangerous and they don't want to take any liability.

You can see the crater in the observatory deck where they provided.Meteor Crater used in the early 70s as a test ground for NASA astronauts practiced lunar exploration as the Crater.

Meteor Crater is located off I-40 at exit 233, then 6 miles south on the paved road. 35 miles east of Flagstaff, 20 miles west of Winslow, in Arizona, USA.

This might be change without prior notice. During our tour the Admission prices include 3 lookout points on the rim of the crater, an Interactive Discovery Center, a theater showing movie "Collisions and Impacts" as well as a tour guide.

  • Adults $15.00
  • Seniors $14.00 (age 60 years and over)
  • Juniors $8.00 (age 6 through 17 years)
  • 5 and under are free.

Travelentz is very thankful to see this kind of historic sites before I go forward in my  next  adventure in America. 

"Weighing in at 1,406 pounds it is the largest piece recovered from the 150 foot meteorite that struck and made Meteor Crater. It was found by Samuel Holsinger in the early 1900’s."

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Things you should know before you Go in USA

Things you should know before you Go in USA are easy if you knew it already. It is really basic in life to be more independent. Life in USA is not easy as what people think. For my experienced it is a slow transition in life but a big change in my lifestyle. If you're planning to move and leave in America, Travelentz will give you an idea what you should expect :

1. Learn How to drive- Driving is not easy especially if you don't have a car in your country.Learn the basic driving, once you're in USA you can get around easily. Some county has no public transportation like Asia.
2. Learn to use coupon- this is really important if you want to save some bucks.
3. Learn to buy in outlet store- buying in outlet store is a big difference than buying in a retail store.
4. Learn to buy in bulk-if you have a big family try to buy a bulk products, and you can buy it mostly in Sam's Club and Costco.
5. Wait for SALE-every end of the season big SAle and coupon or discounts is on your way, so if you can wait to buy, you can save some bucks on doing this and has a big difference in mark down.

Remember all is matter in your needs and wants in life. Travelentz just give you an idea of what she's doing in America.Not all people in America are rich, it's the same with other country. 
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Our Day in Grand Canyon Arizona

Our day in Arizona Grand Canyon  were a great experienced. Travelentz decided to drove around the South rim Grand  Canyon where you can see the spectacular view. Pictures doesn't justify the beauty of natures until you're there and amazed us  the true beauty of Grand Canyon, experienced it and you will understand why Grand Canyon is worth to visit once in a life-time.

Our first stop in south rim point view to Grand Canyon.

Our first stops is at the Gate of the National Park of Grand Canyon, and paid  25 bucks for 7 day passes, they gave us a map of the Grand Canyon.We drove along the rim to see the different view of Grand Canyon. Some Photos I took during our visited.

Some animals you can see in The Grand Canyon.
No pictures can  describe how amazing is The Grand Canyon.Experience it.

Some Plants you could see around the Grand canyon.
Things to do in Grand Canyon

a. Hiking-A popular way to get to the bottom of the canyon is by hiking.Be prepared bring lots of water and wear a hiking shoes. Always stay in the trails.

You can hike and use the trail to go down and see closer the Colorado river."

The north rim of the Grand Canyon rises about 1,200 feet higher that the south rim. The highest points on the rim are about 9,000 feet above sea level."

b.Driving around the rim of  Grand Canyon- is your chance to see some different spectacular view.

c. Camping- is possible in some campsites located around the park including the Mather Campground, Trailer Village, and Desert View Campground. You have to  pay  in addition to the park entrance fee.

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One step away from comfort zone

One step away from comfort zone is really hard especially if you don't use to it. I've been a baby for how many years and only now I started to step away from my comfort zone.

There are a lot things I learned while leaving in foreign country that Life is beautiful and full of surprises. You will really understand if you leave in  your own country. Is it hard, isn't it? Yeah! leaving in other country is not easy its full of challenges. Lot things to learn.

Patience is one of the factor that you might consider. Without patience you can't handle the transition of your life.

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Bilingual: Is it good for baby or not?

Being a mom who lives in a foreign country, I ask my self if I have to teach my daughter of another language? Oh yeah!!! learning a language is fun and I think it is more important to start when they are  baby. But do you think my daughter would not confuse about it. I know how to speak a basic english, my language and some dialects in my native tongue.

Actually baby talk is not allowed at home. We don't practice it. I talk to my daughter as a friend and a mom. Whether I like it or not,baby learn language by watching TV.

Good communication skills is a guarantee of success and linguistic intelligence which makes us a good communicator. Make a habit of saying "I can do." God gave the whole brain. We must use it wisely.
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