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4 things I don't like in Al Menah Shrine Circus

I was invited with one of my friends to see the Shrine Circus last couple weeks. Without any thought I said "yes" to my friend, I'm so excited and its my first time to see circus live and it's in Nashville. It takes  us half an hour by car to reach the area. Suddenly at the last minute, my friends asked to met them in their house so we will able to sit together and purchase tickets at the same time. I expected it has long  queue and the parking space is always a problem plus traffic. Thankfully there were a group  police to direct traffic.

4 things I don't like in Al Menah Shrine Circus: 

1.Human Cannon Ball- I felt cold and scared to see the guy who went inside the cannon ball. I hold my breath and scared to death for him. Though I know it is his job but geez what if something happen to him. Not to mention my 2 friends and my daughter were scared too.

2. Fivesome fly encased in a Steel Globe- The extreme riders started with 3 people and they add to 2 then it total with 5 riders inside in a steel globe. I'll be honest I was freak out, I closed my eyes and hold to my dear husband's arm. I was relief all of them are safe.

3. Vendors-I don't have problem with them, I don't like that even during the show was started they're  still around  the aisle try to sell anything. It was so disturbing even my friends complaint about it.

4. Intermission- It was too long and we thought it was the end of the show. Some people leave the auditorium. Good thing we didn't leave.

 I miss  the 5 riders on video, I was glued and scared to death.

Hubby told me it is about timing and proper practice. 

Overall the Al Menah Shrine Circus was fun and great day with friends. All of us had a great time even  Little Travelentz asked when we were going to back and  see the Circus shows.



  1. The fivesome fly doesn't look scary on video, hehe... I've watched circus shows before and I enjoyed it, I was amazed at how good the performers were in balancing. Kakabilib!! :)

  2. Death defying stunts also make my heart come out my throat! lol High-five! But yes, they really practice so much and there are safety gadgets to help them go on a show without hassle.

  3. I've been to a small circus here too, they want to sell whatever they want to their audience to earn more...the fee is outrageous, the intermission is also long...

  4. I have never been to any circus sis but I think I'd be like you.

  5. I may be the devil's advocate here but I find it really exciting to see them do that stunts and I'm sure they've practiced a lot and they know their craft well. Well, if something happens to them, it's their fault.. :D

  6. I got confused with the post title, ano ba talaga 2, 3 or 5 things you don't like in Al Menah Shrine Circus. Nevertheless, seeing a human cannon ball will be a first for me.

    1. Hahhahhaa....computer error.hahahha.antok ang sumulat.

  7. You are so brave Sis for watching this show :-) I do not know if I can watch it, I'll be shaking :-( Death accident are arising from circus :-( Management should prioritize their stuff safety before doing risky acts :-(

  8. Circus stunts are meant to be scary. So I guess, they succeeded.

  9. Ayayay
    ! Those are knee-jerking and breath-stopping antics I must say! I would sweat a bucket if I have watched it live! Lol.

  10. I'm not really so fond of those stunts. I don't like being entertained about something that might be risky to someone else. Even if they do it for a living and they are professional at it.