Christmas at Biltmore house with Family

Christmas at Biltmore house with Family was the best escapades we did with my in-laws this month of December. We had so much fun and above all we had a great time and the weather was perfect during our tour in the house.

Hubby  took some video when I took this photo..

We drove 5 hours  to Ashville,North Carolina and enjoy the rest of the day in the area. The following day we stayed whole day and the candle light tour in the Biltmore house. Photography is allowed only outside the house.When we arrived we parked and did the Biltmore house where they had a complimentary shuttle bus service going to the mansion.

What is Biltmore?
"Biltmore is a Châteauesque-styled mansion near AshevilleNorth Carolina, built by George Washington Vanderbilt II between 1889 and 1895. It is the largest privately-owned home in the United States, at 135,000 square feet and featuring 250 rooms." 
The front and the side of Biltmore house
You have to buy one ticket with four attractions and self-self guided tour at:
1.Biltmore House
3.Antler Hill Village

Things to do in Biltmore:
a. Enjoy the scenery.
b. shopping-we do some shopping at the Antler Hill Village.
c. wine tasting is one of our favourite
d. dine-in the restaurants and enjoy the food- The food are great and I love it so much.
Coffee and ice cream with strawberry flavor was a good treat after two hours the tour in Biltmore house.The ice cream is really good.
This is our first time with my hubby to visited the House of Biltmore and second time of my in-laws. I'll be honest the place is impressive,from the house, the landscaping, the surrounding and the christmas decorations is inspiring where you really feel the spirit of Christmas.It's a little bit pricey and I hope they'll have a separate ticket next time because I really want to go back and just visit the Garden.
This is outside in the gift shop."Little m" was patient to watched while it turns around slowly.

"Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone."
                              ~Charles Schulz~

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Family fun at Fil-Am Christmas Party

We had family fun at Fil-Am Christmas Party yesterday. It was our first time to attended this kind of Christmas party and we had a great time with "kababayan" and husband.We started our party by saying Graces.

 Being away in our country ( Philippines) we miss Christmas in Philippines especially its winter and sorry to say, most of us is  suffering winter blues at this time-maybe because of  cold  weather or  the outdoor activities is very limited-suffering from cold,sinus headache,virus and flu.(Tell me about all of this and I'm the one who is suffering winter blues).

I'm very thankful that I joined the Fil-Am community, it's our monthly gathering-that we get together with "kapwa Filipino-celebarate birthdays every month,celebrate events, eat our own Filipino dishes.

For me Networking or making friends  is always important, it gives you a source to meet people and make friends especially if you're away with your own country. I do believe "No man is an island". I'm thankful to ate Liz who I met first and invited to their community, from then If I am around I always joined the monthly activities and parties with my family  and make friends with other Filipinos.Without any question ate Liz is a God's blessings to me. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME.

Exchange gifts has been a tradition in Filipino's ( monito and monita) this is the highlights in our party yesterday. We did the exchange gifts in modern ways. HAHHAHAH all we did.It was really fun, where you have a chance to shop with all the gifts that are open already or you can choose gift that is not open yet. The most popular gifts will be shop 3 times only and that  gift is save from others except at the end the number has to choose to shop or enjoy her gifts.

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Saying Goodbye to Family in Philippine

Gosh!!! I can't imagine saying Goodbye to Family in Philippines during that day. My parents are really sad  because I left and they misses ''little m''. lol!!! Saying goodbye is not always easy? This is the most words that everyone doesn't want to use. But in reality we have to  face whether it hurts.

Being away with my family sometime is good and sometime is a bad idea especially they're getting old.If you ask me when is my plan to go back in my country? I don't know when yet? I have some plan as of now and that is to find a real job before I want to go back in my hometown.

My sister went back  home at Australia at the same time I left considering she is studying a computer design  and she found a  deal out  of Student Flights for great holiday deals and travel inspirations. Though its her residency now but still she told me there are a lot things to see and enjoy the landmarks of Australia

Maybe next time we'll bring my parents in Australia with my sister's place were she invited us in their home so we could show to my parents her residency.I never been in that country but if given a chance I will definitely grab the opportunity.
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Family spent New year in Philippines

It will be a year later when my family spent New Year in Philippines.It was a mixed emotions for all of us, after the following day we had to left in Gensan and flew in Boracay then back home to US.

All the children are fall asleep in one bedroom, we don't wake  them up even in midnight.We're kinda worried for "little m" she's new with all the fireworks and got scared during Christmas.

We decided this time to spent in my brother's house we're we had potluck.After dinner we headed to their home bring our own favourite dishes. The kids are all excited to see each other.

The guys started their liquor. We had  to wait till midnight and no napped, gossh it was hard for me, I never used to it, but I tried till 1 p.m, then went to bed.

We had  countdown by fireworks. hehehe...Hubby and R excited since they don't have it in their country during new year fireworks where they can do it.My hubby love fireworks so he had fun doing it. 

The food are great and I love it. We started to   nibbled and parlour games till  midnight,we're full,tired but happy.

Thanks, the kids are all worn out, they're fall asleep and never heard anything.

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Family fun at Olaer Gensan City

Who would not miss this?
It was hot and humid in Gensan, we decided to spent our day at Olaer General Santos City, Philippines with family. I told them the beach but our R wants the Olaer because it is a spring, so it is a cool water.

We stayed for 4 or 5 hours  had lunched and swam until we get tired.It was more fun because of my niece and nephews are with us.

It was "P' first time in the pool she was a bit scared ( she's not a year old yet), but she seems good in the water at her age. The kids had fun, I could remembered all the laughters and screams of my niece, nephew and my daughter.

I'll be honest I misses my home and family in Philippines. I don't know when I can go home yet. By posting all of this photos and reminiscing my past makes me happy.Being with family is always priceless.

"The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing."
Olaer pool view at Gensan City
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Family Christmas in Philippines

Well, its been a year now when we went home,both "M and little m" are their first time to spent Christmas in Philippines. We spent Christmas and New year in our home.Its like a reunion for A family, could you imagine for five its our first time we spent holidays together as a family. My sister and her fiance went home as well as from Australia.

We had a lot things to Thank to God and celebrated -first we get together as a family after five years, met my husband and my daughter, my dad's b-day and  "Christening for little m".  

Time flies, all I have today is memories that I can't forget. Give me a chance until the end of the month to reminisce and blog  all good things happened last year.

We couldn't go home every year especially December,all are marked up from airfare to hotels and it's not practical to celebrates Christmas even though I like to spend Christmas in Philippines. This Christmas we will spend our Christmas with my in-laws. We have already plan we're we going and what we're doing while they're with us.Hope they would get bored for 8 days hehehe. Well, being around with "little m" is enough for them and they're very content.

Back to our vacation in Philippines last year, we started our Christmas party with kids in front of our house, in the evening is my dad's b-day and midnight celebrated Christmas and had eaten the left over and some desserts for Christmas. On the 25th we had ex-chnge gifts and that was fun. Being with family is always great especially if you have been apart with your parents and brothers, you well really feel the love and misses each other and "kulitan".

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Family Fun in the First snow in Tennessee

Little m-loves her boots because it has butterfly.
It was yesterday we had Family fun in the first snow. When I looked in the window ohhh! gosh the first snow flakes that I don't missed for this month. As you know I missed twice the snow flakes last month, I was in my cave every time there is snow flakes. You can't blame me, its too cold for me and I want to snuggle under the blanket all the time.

The view from my window and "little m" taught if she had to stepped in the snow.

I called "little m" and showed her the snow flakes and  told me "rain"so I told her its snowy- and repeated the word "nooh" she can't says letter "s" of some of the words.

What is this?
I told "little m" go to your bedroom and we go bye bye-she rans in her bedroom and got her winter jackets and boots. She is so patient every time she hears the word "go bye bye". She loves to be outside all the time.

"Children reinvent your world for you."

I brought my camera and we went outside and played the snow. At first "little m" doesn't like the white stuffs in the ground or she doesn't understand yet.I explained to her and played her until she used to it. Gosh! when she used to it she rans around and forgot about me. lol! As a stage mom always I got my camera and took a lot of photos of her, until her daddy arrived. We stayed for a little bit outside and we  played in the snow and it was our first family fun in the first snow this year.I know it will takes months before the spring and lots of snow will come and nights that is freezing.
I made myself a hot choco after the fun outside.
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Underground Adventure at Rickwood Caverns

Hubby asked me what should we do on the weekend. I told him I really don't know since we almost visited the attractions nearby in our home, For our surprised we missed the Rickwood caverns in Alabama. decided to go on Rickwood caverns with family. This time I packed some snacks and drinks. As you know If you're visiting caverns make sure you always bring some snacks and drinks most of the caverns has few snacks especially if you're watching your diet. In Rickwood we really had fun after our tour we go hiking in the trail and my little one enjoyed in their playground. The price is reasonable. Rickwood caverns is located at 370 Rickwood Park Road  Warrior, Alabama 35180

Things to do in Rickwood Caverns:
a. Explore the caves.
b. have picnic after the tour.
c. you can bring your RV and do camping.
d.go swimming after the tour so don't forget your swim suit.
e.Gemstone mining.
The tour guide is really friendly.Do you know that Rickwood Caverns still contains active "living formations," as mineral-laden water droplets build colorful structures and flowstones. Rickwood Cave reveals that it was carved from an ocean bed - shell fragments and fossils of marine life are clearly visible along the cavern ceiling and walls. Many curiosities are featured on guided tours of the "miracle mile" at Rickwood Caverns State Park.You can visit to their website for more about the Rickwood Caverns. 
Little m doesn't want camera. She doesn't want you to take some picture of her. Hope she would change when she grows up.

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A day in Sequoyah Caverns Alabama

Our day in Sequoyah Caverns in Alabama was fun. It  is privately owned cavern of  a family's backyard. Sequoyah caverns is unique because of its  reflective pools throughout the cavern.The water is not really deep,you can see the reflection of the ceiling and they known as "looking glass lakes". We decided to take the "Looking glass tour"-the other tour we did not do  is the "wild cave adventures" this  tours that is mostly for 5 groups or more and you have to make a reservation.
We had a private tour because during the tour schedule no one comes-so I took a lot of pictures and the guide tour is really nice to us and patient. Sequoyah Caverns is not cold compared to other caverns I visited.It's a little bit over price.

They have a picnic area where you can bring your own food and enjoy the scenery and breeze. We saw some man who was fishing in the river.

Sequoyah Caverns is located 1438 County Road 731 Valley Head, Alabama 35989.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving at the Cottage

We celebrated our thanksgiving at the Cottage ( rest-house) this year with my in-laws. It is very cold for me eventhough its not freezing yet. This is my 4th thanksgiving day and 2nd thanksgiving of my daughter. This year we did not enjoyed very well - "little m" has virus. If you had this kind of virus there are no any drugs to take just rest and let it out in your body. Being a first time parents we did not enjoyed our meal. We loss our appetite. "Little m" vomit and no appetite as well as.For three days she doesn't eat good -only drinks powerade or gatorade that time. She ate a little bit of these and that.
We celebrated our thanksgiving by saying Grace before we ate our meal- turkey, green beans casserole, mash potatoes,cheesecake and more. This time my parents in-law are the one who did all the cooking and we just

We finished our meal with wine  and watching disney movie while the fireplace is on. 

Thank you Lord God for all the blessing you gave to me and to my Family. We are very thankful for all the years-the good news we received and I'm so sorry Lord God sometimes I am weak and I forget to go to Church.Please guide us Lord God for everything we did. Thank you Lord God for the gift of love, patient and understanding you gave to me. I'm sorry Lord God for all the sins I did intentionally and unintentionally and Please be with me all the time and please give me more wisdom  this I ask thru Jesus Christ your son thru the intercession  of Mary as our Mother Amen.
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Getting ready for Christmas

How many left and Christmas is here.This year I decorated since we'll be home  and 2nd christmas of "little m'' and go for a week vacation with the family and in-laws. My in-laws had bought presents and I put under our tree. I'm really surprise "little m" doesn't open the presents yet.

This year we have an artificial tree and some of my decorations from 2008 were we bought in Bronners. Well till now its pretty brand new so we didn't buy and just bought some decorations we like in Frankenmuth Michigan.

I bought the gingerbread kit and decided to get the mini village this year with "little m". Gossh could you imagine I finished half day just to decorate.At first my daughter was really excited and patience.After an hour she got bored and gives me a headache.
The Gingerbread village-one of the candy cane is already broken and its not christmas yet. Spoffy-(cat name) tries to climb everyday and eat the coconut. I'm hoping this would last until christmas. Little m is had fun with the gingerbread village.

Some of the photos of our christmas decorations.
The left side is our christmas table.
That's the decorations I bought this year in Bronners Michigan.

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Bearded Dragon at Denver Downtown aquaruim

Bearded dragon lizards native are found in Australia. They live in rocky and arid regions of the country and are adept climbers.
Do you know the Bearded dragon live for almost 10 years.

This Bearded dragon i saw in Downtown Denver Aquarium during our road trip.So here are some photos of Bearded dragon you might interested.

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