Top Hiking Trails for Travellers

Getting out into nature is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy some much needed peace and quiet. Luckily for nature loving travellers, there are plenty of amazing hiking trails to be had no matter where you are in the world. 

In fact, travel enthusiasts will know better than anyone that, no matter where you end up, a great hike just around the corner. In fact, travellers who like to hike will always tend to come prepared with all the necessary gear they need to escape into the wilderness for a few hours, such as a solid waterproof jacket from ebrookes, or a sturdy pair of boots that are perfect for traversing uneven terrain.

So here, for your inspiration, are some of the top hiking trails in the world that are perfect for nature lovers!
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Mount Kailash Kora, China
Mount Kailash Kora is Tibet’s most sacred mountain and this walk will afford you some of the most spectacular glacial scenery to be found anywhere in the world. This trail is of varying degrees of difficulty – the lower parts can be easily accomplished, but the uppermost parts are at a very high altitude and shouldn’t be attempted by an inexperienced hiker.

Picos de Europa, Spain
Limestone mountains, arable land and a breathtaking array of flora and fauna are yours to behold in this beautiful, unspoilt landscape. There are many different hiking trails here, of varying length and difficulty, but the one thing which really sets this area apart is its distinct lack of tourist encroachment.

The Dolomites, Italy
The Dolomites are a world renowned mountain range in Northern Italy, which attract tourists almost all year round for various snowy sporting pursuits. As well as the more extreme activities, there are also some outstandingly beautiful and poignant walks around this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Q’adisha Valley, Lebanon
The Q’adisha Valley is an imposing gorge which runs through Lebanon from east to west. Historically, it was a refuge site for Maronite Christians, and today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the old monastic ruins can still be found along the rock face, making it a truly unique experience for hikers who choose to experience the valley first hand.

Hadrian’s Wall, UK
A former Roman Empire frontier, Hadrian’s Wall is a favourite destination for travellers the world over. The wall runs through many different types of scenery, making it the perfect choice for walkers who want to experience all that northern England has to offer.



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