12 Worst Family Travel Moments of 2012

12 Worst Family Travel Moments of 2012
Looking back to 2012 has ups and downs,indeed, it's a great year though we had have all worst memories I  want to share during our travel on 2012.

1.My car totaled:
      We had  a car accident  around Tennessee and that was the worst day  I ever had and we were all Thankful to God we are all safe except minor and felt sore from head to toe. What happen? My car was rear-ended.

Tips: When you buy a car make sure you have a 5 car crash ratings.Always check you mirror, you never know what kind of people behind you.And avoid people who tailgate you.

2.Motion in sickness:
      When we went to Alabama my daughter got motion in sickness and vomit inside the car. The worst is we used my hubby's sports car and I cant go to the back seat considering it is a small car and there is no emergency stop area in the hilly area.

Tips:Don't panic. Slow down and make sure to stop immediately in a safe area.

3.Running out of the gas- We almost empty our gas tank and we were so scared to stop in any exit just to get a gas considering we don't see any signs that there is a gas station.

Tips:If you like to go on road trip make sure to fill your tank when it is half. Don't wait when it is empty.

4.Looking for a hotel and end-up in a motel feel unsafe-My husband is looking for a specific hotel considering we are a member in a specific hotel and we could get perks like free hotel. The problem is when you just looking a hotel in the road is not always reliable and we end-up in the motel that we feel we were unsafe considering we drove a sports car and we don't have a choice its late and we were both had along day.

Tips: When you see a hotel you want to sleep in the road grab it and don't wait in the last minute  that you feel you have no choice. 

5.Foggy areas and almost end up in the ditch-If boredom strikes,we hit the road without any plan and the worst is the foggy areas and almost end up in the ditch just to find a local winery.

Tips: Reduce your speed and make sure you turn on your fog lights and use low beams.Always plan before you go then checked the weather.

6.No stroller-We were felt so-so to brought  the stroller in our Disney Dream cruise  vacation and we decided not to brought it.We were unhappy campers in our excursion in Bahamas plus all day rain.

Tips: Bring your stroller in Disney Dream Cruise and also in your excursion in Bahamas this will easier for you (parents) and your kid's.

7.Unpredictable weather- we went to see my friend in Cocoa beach,Florida, to enjoy the beach and boating and our planned was cancelled as it rain all day.

Tips: Always prepare for unpredictable weather.

8.Turnpike-we missed our exit and the worst we were approaching another toll plazas and we don't have any coins left and there are no staffed during that night.

Tips: If you're in Florida make sure you have cash on hand, turnpike is everywhere in Florida. 

9.Snow Storm-driving in snow storm is not fun and you could see cars in the ditch.

Tips: Make sure to leave plenty of room to stop and you must know how drive in a snowy weather.

10.Driving in Heavy rain-We hit the heavy rain around Tennessee after our vacation from Florida.Rain and high winds are not fun and scary.

Tips: Be aware of vehicles around you.

11.GPS dead-As you know we were 99 percent rely on GPS if we are on the road trip.Got a new GPS and worked all the way to Key West,Florida and when we went back home,geez! the GPS dead and the worst part we have a maps backed up, so we have to stopped and bought a map.

Tips: If you're in a Welcome Centre,grab a map and it's free.

12. Throwing your money away-Booking excursions is like throwing your money away when the rain comes in in the midst of  tour.

Tips:If you are a camera addict like me you'll not enjoy if rain comes  but if you're happy in the history then it is all worth. 

Travelentz is not always a happy campers, we do had have our worst day in our travel moments. How about you? do you have any  12 Worst Family Tavel Moments of 2012? 
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Why people buy a luxury watches?

Why people buy a luxury watches? A luxury watches is like a status symbol -meaning  what kind of person are you? It's not just telling the time but it reflects your own status in the society and most people assume you're rich considering you can afford.

 Having a status symbols in one brand name is like your identity to your friends. First they know you because of your luxury watch, second is the story of the watch itself.

Tips of buying luxury watches:
  • Brand names-it is important to do some research before buying a luxury watches.Make sure you buy in your trusted brand names  in your personal preference that you would be happy and not just to keep with other Jones and Joneses.
  • Collectible-there are collectible watches, so make sure to know what is your specific goal in buying those kind of luxury watches.
  • Authorize Retailer/dealer-it is important to buy from an authorize retailer/dealer  and make sure you're buying the authentic and not just replica.As a buyer it is your own responsibilities to  know what you're buying and don't act like a DORK.Most luxury items like jewelry or watches has certificate of authenticity.
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Things to do in Palawan for family

Are you looking for fun things to do in Palawan, Philippines. Having kids and travel planning could be a headache once in a while.Palawan is a great way for spending a vacation with your whole family even if you are in a budget travel or want to break the bank.

Palawan, Philippines have been attracted many visitors/tourist because of the Underground River that has included in the 7 wonders 2012.
As a parents who tries to find friendly things to do for kids is a stressful just to make sure everyone is happy and contented from food, sightseeing and accommodation without breaking the budget.

Things to do in Palawan  for family:

1. Puerto Princesa Underground River-As a Filipino you should check and visits the Underground River as this is your pride that included in new 7 wonders.This type of tours included boating, caves and National Parks located in Puerto Princesa,Philippines.

2Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Centre-If you get tired in ocean and want something different, this is for you the Palawan Crocodile Farm and Conservation Centre is breeding the crocodile and teaching your kids about crocodile.

3. Palawan Museum- If you think you're kids would love museums this is another fun things to do for family where you can give your kids an idea about the ethnological and archaeological history of the island province. 

4.  Water sports in El Nido-El Nido is another water sports fun things to do in Palawan like diving, snorkeling, kayaking, mountain and cliff climbing, and trekking.

5. Go wreck diving in Busuanga- as today's generation kids would love to go diving  and this is one of the  popular tourist activity that makes the island a favorite holiday destination for snorkeling, scuba.

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Looking a best gadget in music?

Looking a best gadget in music is not easy. You need a lot of research, trial and error before you get what you want.Some musician get the mpc 5000 for more advance. I know some musician spend more money  just to get the best mpc 5000 for there career.No doubt about it.If this will give you more peace of mind while composing and recording your own music why not spend more.If you get a lot of used and it produce a good quality then get it.

Well, composing songs  doesn't run in our blood nor playing an instrument.I am amazed how people could composed a song and sing beautifully without stressing themselves. Some are born to be a star while some of us are born to be a fan. 

Whether, what you do in life the most important you love and enjoy what you do. We don't need to keep with other Jones and Joneses.
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Why hair is important?

Why hair is important? Are you a person who cares about your look? For me hair is important to our looks it gives a big factor of who we are. I sometime spend money to get what I want for my hair.Some people do the hair extensions or other uses hair wigs to get the looks they want. 

In some history ladies has different style of hair according to their status in life. Some are curlier,  straighter,longer and shorter hair.Today,actresses  has a big influence of our decision of  what hair style we want for ourself.

Our hair makes us different to other people.Looking a trusted hair dresser is not easy.Good thing I have a friend who is a hair dresser, most of the time she does my hair and she told me she bought a new hair stylist supplies where she want to try next time. Having a friend that know's my style  is important and I don't need to explain to her every time what I want and worried about the change.
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Fun for the Whole Family in Ontario

The Province of Ontario is a vast and diverse area with something to offer every visitor. Although most of the population of Ontario is concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area and Golden Horseshoe area just south of it, there is much for visitors to enjoy to the east, west and north as well. Best of all, many establishments in Ontario,  are widely accepted. 

 The Greater Toronto Area spans more than 50 miles east-west and 20 miles north-south along the northern shore of Lake Ontario. It is home to more than eight million people and offers a wide variety of cultural, entertainment, sports, dining and other venues. A family seeking the full tourist experience can look at the world from more than 500 feet above the ground from the downtown Toronto CN Tower, enjoy a baseball or football game at a major domed stadium (still often called "Skydome" by locals because of its former name), watch premium-run films at several IMAX theatres, take in children's plays at the many intimate live performance venues, and find more than 100 different ethnic styles of cooking among Toronto's many restaurants. Most such establishments accept a credit card for payment.

 On the northwest edge of the city lies the world-renowned Toronto Zoo, one of the largest and best-stocked on the continent. To the north is Black Creek Pioneer Village, which recreates the historical environment of 19th century Canada in a mock village suitable for enjoyment by children. During the summer, the Canadian National Exposition (locally termed the Canadian National Exhibition and referred to by locals as "the Ex" for many decades) runs for eleven weeks until just before the start of school, offering a wide variety of thrill rides, innovative entertainment options and shopping venues. Canada's Wonderland to the north of central Toronto specializes in the latest and most entertaining thrill rides for both tweens and teens.

Ottawa, to the northeast, is Canada's capital and replete with history, such as its Parliament Buildings, Rideau Hall (the official residence of Canada's chief executive) and several musea and art galleries. The Golden Horseshoe to the south features spectacular Niagara Falls, the world's most volumninous waterfall split into two cascading drops, one on the Canadian side of the border. The City of Niagara Falls is a major tourist destination with loads of entertainment. 

To the east, north and west are high quality public campgrounds for the natural experience, a number offering access to natural beaches and special programs for children.
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Fort Pulaski National Monument

We visited the Fort Pulaski National Monument after the Tybee beach island.When we are at the entrance gate to pay we told the lady that we have a Senior National Park pass so  were all lucky to get a free admission through my Father-in-law.

Fort Pulaski National Monument is located between Savannah and Tybee Island, Georgia. It preserves Fort Pulaski, where in 1862 during the American Civil War, the Union Army successfully tested a rifled  cannon, the success of which rendered brick fortifications obsolete. The fort was also used as a prisoner-of-war camp. (source: Wikipedia)

During our tour we missed the cannon firing and musket demonstration though we have a tour guide so we learned many things about the History of Fort Pulaski National Monument. Indeed, it was a great place  to see  and learn the history and how important it was back then so the place is preserved and well maintained.I am thankful of what  is life today the freedom and all the technology we have today.

The fort took 18 years to build and was finished in 1829. 
drawbridge and surrounded by moat
inside the Fort Pulaski National Monument and has a great history and photo ops.
I like  how they design the room-well they have a good reason why it looks like this.
the cannon

  1. Chatham  Georgia
    (912) 786-5787
    walking tour, photo ops,biking

    Park Entrance Fee:
    $5.00 per person age 16 years of age and  older-good for 6 days visitation and age 15 to under are free.

    Group Rates
    1-6 passenger capacity -- $25.00

     7-25 passenger capacity -- $40.00
     26+ passenger capacity -- $100.00
    Regular hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Note: May change with prior notice so check or call them.

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Lunch at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House

During our Thanksgiving week vacation we had lunch at Uncle Bubba's Oyster House. Before we dine in, I and my mother-in-law talked about  the restaurant  Uncle Bubba's considering it is owned by Paula Deen.
  Paula Hiers Deen is an American cook, cooking show host, restaurateur, author, actress and Emmy Award-winning television personality.
This is interesting right? Dine-in the kind of restaurant and the reviews kinda scared us.Hopefully,the food is good and  no doubt about it and  am sure it will tickles your taste buds as well:
 Uncle Bubba's CharGrilled Oyster-smothered in garlic butter and parmesan cheese
My mother-in-law doesn't like oyster so 3 of us enjoying the yummy oyster.
I ordered Shrimp with grits and creamy alfredo sauce
Hubby ordered Seafood duo-Oyster and Blackened shrimp
My father-in-law lunch.
   My daughter has chicken bites while my mother-in-law enjoyed her Blackened shrimp. We had a great time in our lunch as this is the part of our tour in Savannah.
Uncle Bubba's desserts
Direction:104 Bryan Woods Rd
Savannah, GA 31410
phone: 912.897.6101 

Price range: drinks to foods $1.49-v$34:99
Friday and Saturday all you can eat Seafood buffet-starts t 4 p.m. $28.99 per person

Note: May change with prior notice so check or call them.

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Going the Rental Route

For some people, hitting the slopes is a chance to get away from all the stress and pressures of daily life. Others like to ski because of the adrenaline rush. Whatever your personal reason may be skiers are starting to hit the slopes during the peak Winter Season. However, some people don’t realize how much money they can save by renting. Places like Park City Ski Rentals has helped me saved hundreds of dollars on equipment that I am only going to use once a year.

When I started skiing, one of the things I worried about the most was choosing the best gear for me. I truly had no clue where to start, especially since 1) I had never skied before and 2) I didn't know the first thing about what brand was best. My best friend had gone skiing the week before and said that her and her husband rented every time they went skiing, this way they would get the latest equipment and had plenty to choose from. Basically, no commitment and if you don't like it after testing it out, you just take it back!

So we rented in advance after a little research about what to use and not to use and this saved us a TON of time when we got to the slopes. I sort of felt bad after getting there and seeing so many people waiting in line for an hour just trying on skis and boots and clothing, but it gave me that much ore time on the slopes!

You must be wondering if I will ever break down and actually buy my own ski equipment, maybe, but right now, it is just more affordable and not having to haul everything to the slopes has me renting for years to come!
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Tourist Visa Exemption for Filipinos

Tourist Visa Exemption for a Filipinos or have a  Philippine passport who likes to travel and explore the beauty of the world, but hates the visa requirement to some countries.Don’t worry there are visa’s issued upon arrival that are free and you don’t need to pay any peny. All you need is your plane tickets back and forth,itinerary,place to stay and some money.


  • Cambodia – 21 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Brunie Darussalam-14 days

South America
  • Bolivia – 59 days
  • Brazil – 90 days
  • Colombia – 90 days
  • Ecuador – 90 days
  • Peru – 90 days
  • Suriname – 120 days


  • Fiji – 120 days
  • Marshall Islands – 30 days
  • Federated States of Micronesia – 30 days
  • Niue – 30 days
  • Palau – 30 days
  • Samoa – 60 days
  • Tuvalu – 30 days
  • Vanuatu – 30 days
  • Cook Islands-31 days


  • Haiti – 30 days
  • Nicaragua – 30 days
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – 30 days
  • Saint Lucia – 60 days
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – 30 days
  • Turks and Caicos Islands – 30 days
  • Dominica-30 days
  • Costa Rica-120 days

  • Kosovo – 90 days
  Note: double check the country you want to travel it may change without any prior notice.
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What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?
  Yoga A system of exercises practiced as part of this discipline to promote control of the body and mind.

Yoga is been around long time ago and a lot of people are enjoying this kind of exercise so  yoga mats are seen everywhere in the market or online store.One that caught my attention was jade yoga mat are constructed of natural rubber.

As you know Yoga offers a good benefits of our health that are commonly ignored in day-to-day lives.I've learned this kind of exercise through my husband. You will learn better concentration and stress free.Exercise is important to stay healthy and happy. Why not spend a little bit of your time on  exercise and achieve your goal "happy".
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Christmas lights in London: The complete guide

Every year since 1959 Londoners have enjoyed the time-honoured ceremony of celebrities and well-known icons turning on the major Christmas light displays across the capital. The festive lights stay lit for around a month and can be enjoyed until the Twelfth Night (5th January) when they all get switched off to signify the end of the festive period. 

 So far this year we’ve seen the Olympic-themed Oxford Street display turned on by Robbie Williams, and 40 Olympic and Paralympic athletes did the honours on Regents Street. Both lights displays are sponsored by Marmite.

Only a fortnight ago, Taylor Swift turned on the Westfield Christmas lights to 10,000 fans. Knightsbridge’s most famous department shop, Harrods, chose to switch on their 11,000 lights accompanied by an outstanding Disney-themed fireworks display. 

19th November saw pop princess Rihanna returning to sing at Westfield, Stratford City, to celebrate another hugely successful year for the East London shopping centre as part of their ‘lights on’ ceremony. The Sun reported that her fee was somewhere in the region of £5 million.

 The sound of Christmas carols will ring loud as Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree goes up this year. It has been an annual treat since 1947. This year the tree will be lit up using energy efficient bulbs on Thursday December 6th, accompanied by various dignitaries. The tradition began when the people of Oslo first donated a tree as thanks for Britain’s assistance to the Norwegian defence during World War II. During the war London provided a safe haven for Norwegian refugees from a Nazi siege, so every year when the tree is felled a ceremony also takes place before it’s shipped across the North Sea.

 A more recent, but nonetheless charming, addition to the list of Christmas lights shows is Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, an annual Christmas funfair that started in 2006. Families can enjoy free entry to a Christmas Market with a Victorian bandstand and over 100,000 lights, alongside ticketed rides, attractions, circuses and an ice rink. This year to top it all off, 200 tonnes of ice and snow have been sculpted into ‘The Magical Ice Kingdom sculpture’ garden experience. But with so much on offer, simply walking through central London at night time is bound to provide a festive, sparkling treat for all the family.
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Is it possible to recover data after reformat?

Is it possible to recover data after reformat?
  For better understanding:

      Formatting- first time the procedure is performed on a drive.
      Reformatting-a hard drive that has been previously formatted and run it through the format process again.

Yes, if you are a computer specialist it is easy to recover  whether format or  reformatting your computer though the files is invisible in the system.Reformat hard drive vista is not a solution when you want to get rid off your computer. That's why,most people buys a software that is totally wiped the entire drive.

Nowadays,proper education is important to protect your personal data or  from identity theft.I understand now why my hubby bought a software before he sold his old computer.Keep in mind that better safe than sorry at the end.
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