Family vacation in Florida

Family vacation is always a family thing we do, even once a year. It doesn’t really need to be more luxury or fancy. You just need something to go out together where you can spend away from home, this is good for mom like me "lol'', first I don’t need to cook and enjoy my free time together with the family.

One of the great location we spend most of the time is Florida,as you know Florida is called"Sunshine State"because the weather is nice all year round. During winter Florida is known as "Snowbirds" meaning people from North go south for the winter,I don't blame them we're one of them especially Michigan is too cold for me and to my in-laws;other than that why we want to go to Florida for vacation because it's closer to us and cheaper to fly.

Why we like Florida for family:
Theme ParksFlorida offer a great theme park for family like Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studio, Bush Gardens and LegoLand and more.
Animal Kingdom
BeachFlorida offers  nice beaches where you can start from Golf coast to  west coast Florida.
Seafoods: This is the reason why I love most, to go down in Florida the seafoods are fresh and good.
Accommodation:Florida offers from your budget range, it depends how much you want to break  the bank.
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Best Places to visit in USA

Are you planning to visit USA? Don’t know what places you want to go? Here are the Places to visit in USA.USA has a lot things to offer from travel destination, technology, educations and the high standard of living not to mention, how expensive to live.
USA is great country to travel you can roam around by car or by plane. The best places and time to visits USA depend on how adventurous you are and your budget. If ever you never see snow yet, you might go during winter and enjoy all the fun. USA has four seasons and each of it are great and lot things to do. It would never stop you to travel except of mother nature  disaster.
Travelentz pick the best places to visit in USA all year round.
1. Michigan-If you’re wondering what is in Michigan shape? Michigan shape is  look like your hand. Every time I ask my husband about Michigan, He’ll describe it look at your hand, it is because  of  the Lakes that surrounded. It is known as “Pure Michigan”. Other than the scenic and forest it is also the automotive industry.
2. Utah-is popular in all year round outdoor activities especially rock climbing. If you’re in Utah don’t forget to visit the Salt Lake City the monuments and Parks where you can get a pass if you’re around the place.Make sure if you’re in Utah   to have enough time to roam around the area.Utah is a family friendly and natural diversity.You will be awe with all the parks and national monuments.
3.Arizona-If you will says Arizona-you’re talking the Grand canyon.Yeah! Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and one of the wonders that pictures can’t justify the beauty of Grand canyon. It is known also the four corners state. The big City you might be interested is The Phoenix.
4. New Mexico-is known as “Land of Enchantment”. This states has also a lot things to offer for family, from cuisine and destinations. Most popular to visit is the White Sands Dunes Monument  historic architecture, scenic beauty, .Santa Fe is the biggest attraction of the state.
5.Florida-is known as “The Sunshine state”. Well everyone would loves Florida because of it climate other the top attractions.The most popular destination in Florida are Disney World, Key West, Destin beach, Bush Garden, Universal Studio and NASA Kennedy Space Center. Oranges is really good in Florida  so if you’re driving going to Florida don’t forget to stop in the Welcome Center and sometimes they have free drinks of oranges.
6. California-is also known to all the travelers because of the top attractions as Disneyland,Hollywood and the beaches.If you’re around had enough time don’t forget o visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.Other than the main attractions if you like visit the Yosemite National Park and the Redwood National Park.
7.New York-is also  known as “the Empire State” this is the top tourist attraction in USA especially for foreigners and locals because New York is popular buildings, landmarks and festivals.Some destination you would love to visits are Top of the Rock Observation Deck and Central Park.
8. Hawaii-is known  for beaches and  natural beauty. Popular for  honeymoon place. DisneyWorld is open also in Hawaii the top destination for famil you don’t want to miss.Aside from water sports, golf is one of the top things to do.
9. Las Vegas-is popular for “What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas” .This is popular for  night life where you can say what is this”If you don’t use to it.It is also popular for magic show,museums and casinos.
10 Virginia-is known “Virginia is for Lovers”. If you’re around the area don’t forget the top attraction Blue Ridge Parkway and the Shenandoah National Park.
PS:I'm travelling this week. I'll be back next week.I'll update this soon as I can post more.

Happy Blogging!

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Amazing Arches National Park,Utah

Park Avenue-our first stop after the visitor centre.
One of our road trip plan was to go in Arches National Park, Utah.The formation is amazing. It's a great family park with foot trails to many features.We spent our day by driving and walked a mile sometime to see the beauty of the Arches.We're thankful the weather was perfect and  no rain.We paid 10 bucks for 7 day passes.

What is Arches?
Delicate Arch
  • Arches National Park is a U.S. National Park in eastern Utah.
  •  Preserving over 2000 natural sandstone archesincluding the world-famous Delicate Arch.
  • The national park lies atop an underground evaporite layer or salt bed.
Family Fun Things to do in Arches National Park,Utah.
Balance Rock-
  • Scenic Driving-We did the scenic driving which saves our time and walk a mile to see closer the arches.They have a parking space but some of it are busy especially when we want to see the Devils Garden.Lots of people and had a hard time to parked our car. But worth to wait and patience just to find the parking space.
  • Photography-If you love photography the best time to shoot during sunset and sunrise.
  • Hiking-They have a hiking trails that some make it easy even to kids. The hardest part we walked was going to Delicate Arch and we have to carry my daughter since we have to climbed gradually.
  • Camping-You can do camping but make a reservation or call for more information in their office.
We're getting closer as I thought.Mom's role to posed, Dad's role to carry our baby..hehhehe
Travel tips:
Turret Arch
  • Bring water and snacks for hiking if you have kids.
  • Wear comfy hiking shoes.
  • Bring your camera.
  • Early birds is always the best to avoid the crowds.
  • Don't go during holidays-Lots of people.

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Where is the chocolate?

Where is the chocolate? I asked my daughter and she told me " mouth" and showed her hands to me. "lol" that is my adorable stinker one who is  chocoholic like mom.

Sorry, I'm busy last week and hoping to post today or later.To much going as of now.

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Egg hunting:Family fun

"Little m easter basket"She had fun picking all the eggs.
Last Saturday we're invited with our friends  for Egg hunting for a day. It turns out really good, the weather and the kids had blast in egg hunting we're they divided by ages. Other than egg hunting they had free hot dog, popcorn ,drinks and some prizes.

Egg Hunt symbolizes:

The egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in Pagan celebrations of spring and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the rebirth of man at Easter. The egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ arose.via Wikepedia.
More Fun:

Aside from egg hunt, they had   Little Tikes Sports & Outdoors for toddlers and kids.Indeed, it was fun to all of us.
"Little M'' colours the egg while the flower's hubby gave to me as a peace offering.

Easter Day:
On Easter Day, we went to church and had lunch in the restaurant with family.
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Zoo Photography:Rough Green Snakes

This green rough snakes is also called : grass snake or green grass snake and  ranges throughout the Southeastern United States from Florida, north to New Jersey, and west to Central Texas.It also found in Northeastern Mexico.This Green grass snakes grows  45½ inches in total length  and is very thin. 
I took this photo in Louisville Zoo.
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Thida Thai Restaurant :Craving for Thai food

I am craving thai food most of the time, well don't blame me I stayed in Thailand for almost 4 years. Last Sunday, unexpected we found a thai food, and the restaurant name is  Thida Thai located in Smyrna, Tennessee.Before we went to the restaurant it has a small store beside it,I bought some thai spicy.

The lunch is under 10 bucks which is pretty good for weekend price. We ordered Pad thai and Pad Kee Mao. We just decided to ordered the entree and not the combo lunch.It said, they have a free wifi but  I open my ipod touch and needs a password, so we don't bother to ask the password enable to access the  free wifi.
Pad Kee Mao:

I ordered the Pad Kee Mao and it was really yum, the sweet and spicy is perfect in my mouth.I told the the waiter to put a little bit of chili.Pad Kee Mao is made in Stir fried jumbo noodle with house special sauce, egg, bell pepper, onion, bamboo shoot, basil, chili, carrot.

Pad Thai: 

Stir fried rice noodle with Homemade pad Thai sauce, egg, bean sprout and green onion finished with crushed peanuts and they put some vegetables like cabbage and carrots.My hubby doesn't like it, its too sweet for him, but the pad thai sauce is really good.

How to go there:

Thida Thai: 721 President Place Smyrna, TN 37167
Telephone number: (615) 220-7573 or you can visit there website :thidathaismyrna dot com

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Discover the Sam Davis Home and Museum,Smyrna TN

Do you think there's a ghost here? Well, if you would go the tour don't forget to ask?
We went last Sunday at Sam Davis Home and Museum,Smyrna TN.For 3 years staying in Tennessee we just discovered the Sam Davis Home and its history is very impressive. The museum is not big like other museums we visited, but it has a nice collection and unique its own ways.

Dine in:
 I was happy we found the Thida Thai Restaurant, gosh the food is really good and we're planning to go back there.

Guided tour makes the museum big difference:
Using the original key year 1810.It took a while before she opened the door of the house.

I know some of you you could not appreciate museums or its boring to go the museums,Its true in many ways but if the museum like in Sam Davis Home and Museum you would not feel bored, it
interesting to go back and learn the history.The tour guide has good sense of humor and very informative.Our tour begin with a documentary video and ends with a guided tour.

Too many rules to follow:
The tour was very informative and she quoted in the 1800 there's too many rules you should follow; being a guest and a hostess imagine yourself nowadays the rules before you enter the house, before you eat, things you should learn.

Outside the museum:

 Sam Davis Home :Address :1399 Sam Davis Road, Smyrna, Tennessee 37167 
 Telephone number: 615-459-2341

Imagine yourself using these. 
Tour hours:
We went Sunday around 11a.m. and they're closed. Good thing around 1 p.m. they will open for tours and we decided to see what's on the area.Before you go you can check their website for more information:
Monday - Saturday:June-August: 9am-5pm
September - May: 10am - 4pm
 Sunday:June - August: 1pm - 5pm
September - May: 1pm - 4pm

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