Don't Let Fake Reports About a Grand Mayan Scam Ruin Your Cancun Holiday

There is no such thing as a Grand Mayan scam, so don't fret over it. It turns out that the Grand Mayan Cancun is one of the best resorts in all of Mexico. The closest Grand Mayan resort to Cancun is the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya, and this resort is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Its motif and theme are inspired by the ancient Maya civilization, making it a wonderful place both to relax and learn about another culture. So don't fall for phony scam reviews distributed on the Internet by anonymous people—the Riviera Maya is completely legitimate. Here are some reasons why you shouldn't allow phony reports to ruin your Cancun holiday at the Riviera Maya.

Accommodations Are Second to None
Any time you’re away on vacation, the accommodations matter. At the Riviera Maya, the accommodations come in three, distinct varieties: the grand master room, the grand suite, and the grand master suite. This resort has accommodations to suit everyone's budget. The grand master room is only 603 square feet, but it features a Jacuzzi and a king-size bed. The grand suite is double the size at 1295 square feet, and offers a bedroom and a kitchen so it feels more like your home away from home. The grand master suite is the epitome of luxury, though, at almost 2000 square feet. It features two bedrooms and two baths, and it's been a hit with TripAdvisor reviewers.

Amenities That Will Never Be Forgotten
Amenities are the secret to a memorable vacation, and the Riviera Maya doesn't disappoint in this regard. TripAdvisor reviewers enjoyed the practical side of the resort's amenities. For instance, transportation from the airport is provided, as is valet parking and shuttle service anywhere on the resort. Other amenities at this resort include tennis courts, a Jack Nicklaus golf course, a spa and fitness center, a video game room, a travel agency, and a laundry and dry cleaning service. People who have left reviews on TripAdvisor and other reputable sites appreciate that everything has been thought of at this resort.
A Resort Is About the Activities
If you’re staying at a resort for your vacation, there are probably lots of activities you’d like to get involved in. The Riviera Maya is rich in this respect. At the Riviera Maya, the activities can be split up into different categories for different ages. For instance, kids will enjoy beach activities such as sandcastle building, while adults will enjoy the tennis clinics and classes, not to mention the pools with their swim-up bars. If you’d like to spend some time together as a family, there are various nature treks for those of all ages. So now you know why the fake reports about the Grand Mayan should not be taken seriously. To get an accurate view of what those who have actually stayed at this nice resort have to say, consult reviews on sites like TripAdvisor. Based on its accommodations, amenities, and activities, the Riviera Maya is a hit. The next time you want to take a holiday down in Cancun, think of nowhere but the Grand Mayan.
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Highlights of Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is located in Catalonia, a region in northeast Spain. Barcelona is a city filled with many architectural landmarks, markets and parks.

The architectural landmarks

The city's main attractions are the many architectural landmarks located near the city center. The Sagrada Familia cathedral is considered to be one of the city's symbols. This large unfinished cathedral was designed by Gaudí..Visitors will be able to walk around the interior of the cathedral Peter W Smith Construction Inc explains is known for its bony columns.After a tour around the cathedral visitors can climb up one of the towers which are known for their views towards the city.

Two other buildings that were designed by this famous architect are the Casa Batlló house and the Casa Milá house, both of which are located in the centric Eixample district. Casa Batlló has a sandstone facade covered in trencadis mosaic pieces. Casa Milá is a large buildings that is famous for its wavy facade. This building does not have any straight lines and visitors will be able to explore the inner courtyards and the rooftops during a guided tours. The rooftop, which is decorated with chimneys in the shape of stone warriors, is known for its views towards the city center.

The city's Gothic Quarter is located near the city center. This historical area has narrow cobblestone streets. The Seu cathedral is located in this neighbourhood, next to an ancient cloister. The nearby streets and plazas, including the Plaza Reial square, are filled with café bars, lounges and boutique shops.

The beaches and parks.

Barcelona is an affordable city with many cheap youth hostels and grand boutique hotels. These are usually located near the city center, in the Gothic Quarter and in the streets off Las Ramblas, a set of main streets that have boulevards filled with flowers shops and traditional terrace bars. Visitors will be able to walk around the city and spend an afternoon on the beach before enjoying a walk in one of the city's parks. The city's main beach is the Barceloneta beach. This area has many seaside bars, cafés and restaurants. Visitors will be able to ride rented bikes along the seaside promenade. Barcelona's main parks are the central Ciutadella park, where visitors will find an artificial waterfall next to some museums and zoo, and Gaudí's Park Güell, located on a hill from where visitors will be able to enjoy views towards the city and the Mediterranean sea.

The food.

Catalonian cuisine focuses mainly on products from the mountains and the sea. In this city there are many restaurants, including restaurants that were awarded several Michelin stars, that serve traditional Catalan dishes.

For those on a budget, a cheaper option would be to visit one of the city's markets. The Boquería Market is a famous market located off Las Ramblas, a short walk away from the sea. The large market has many colourful stalls selling fresh juices, local fruit and vegetables, fish from the fishermen near the port and many other local delicacies. The El Quim tapas bar is located inside the market, where visitors will be able to enjoy thin slices of jamón ham and some cured cheeses. Another main market is the San Antoni market, located closer to the city center. This market is more traditional and offers a range of freshly baked pastries, spicy olives and pickles and juicy meat.
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How To Stay Safe When Riding In City Traffic

Cycling in city traffic can be dangerous at any time of day. However, you can stay safe as long as you use common sense, obey the road rules, and follow these simple tips to ensure you don’t end up under somebody’s wheel or the victim of irrational peak hour road rage. 

 Wear a Helmet 
 Wearing a helmet is mandatory in many countries; without a plastic, reinforced crash helmet, the risk of your brains being dashed on the footpath is significantly higher, as the human head is a sensitive body part, prone to random vulnerabilities. Aside from protecting your life from bad drivers, crumbly gutters and life’s little accidents, helmets can be fitted with bright lights to alert motorists to your presence. They may sound clumsy and very cumbersome, but a helmet light can mean the difference between missing an essential turn and maintaining a straight path home. 

 Wear Suitable Clothing 
 You are what you wear, or is it what you eat? Either way, investing in the right clothing for your daily commute or weekend leisure rides will ensure your experience on the bike paths is easy and uneventful. Look at your wardrobe and consider your possible riding attire. Tight jeans and a clingy top or shirt? You may look swanky on a casual Saturday, strolling through town in your profile pleasing chinos or stovepipe jeans, but we have some bad news for you. Restrictive clothing will hamper movement and comfort. No worries, you say, taking out a long flowing skirt or baggy pants; again bad news, loose clothing can catch in the spokes. Go for function over fashion, and make sure your shoes are flat and non-slip; thongs (or flip flops) are not shoes in this instance.

 Be Comfortable With Your Bike 
 Cycling with or against the tide in heavy traffic can be difficult under the best conditions; if you’re uncomfortable with your bike and uncertain of its dynamics, quirks and features, your dreams of riding to work should be put on hold for a few weeks. Why? Because you stand a high chance of harming yourself, pedestrians and drivers. Putting that brutal truth aside for a moment, a greater familiarity will build your confidence, as challenging situations often bring out our reflexes. Before you hit the road again, be aware of braking, acceleration, gear changes and uses, your bling spots, indicating with your hands and consciously scanning for danger, while being a responsible road commuter. Sounds a bit exhausting really; don’t worry, you can do this. 

Avoid Auditory Distractions 
 Mobile phones and mp3 players/iPods are a hazard on the road; remember, a bicycle is still a vehicle. Any distractions, including your favourite song, will greatly impair your ability to communicate with cars and pedestrians. Bikes, unlike cars and other motorised transportation, aren’t fitted out with mirrors or proximity sensors, your eyes and ears need to be on the clock at all times. Music, podcasts, radio feeds and other auditory distractions may work magnificently to redirect your attention away from the burn in the back of your knees, but they aren’t doing you any favours. Far from it, in fact. Your ability to judge speed and distance is greatly impacted, causing accidents and verbal arguments, often at your expense. Forget about hearing sneaky hybrid cars and modern city zippers creeping up on you, Spotify is blasting away and you don’t have time to worry about the road rules, right? Wrong. For more information, visit this website, share the road, and stay safe in city traffic. 

 Obey the road rules, flow with the traffic and motorists will appreciate your attention to detail. Road respect, we’re all guilty of forgetting about it; do you have any morning commute stories to make our pedals turn? Let us know in the comments below. 

Victoria Tara is a writer, sports lover, and mother of three children.
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Electric Bass Guitars

I'm not into any instruments but I am hopeful that my daughter would love to strum a guitar one day or play a piano. As a mom, I prefer my daughter to  play in any kind of instruments. I like watching my friend who is good at it. He found his own passion at the same time he is making it for a living.

I told  him I found a website about fender electric bass at Musicians Friend. I forwarded it to him, maybe he could find something he wants to buy. I know buying an electric guitar would be easy for them and upgrades some of their stuffs into a newer one.
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Gaylord Opryland Resorts: Quick Dinner at Pizza

I've been in Gaylord Opryland Resorts for many times. It's closer where I live today. Hubby and I met up a friends one day there and ended up getting a quick dinner at Pizza place.

Well, that day I don't have a taste of pizza so I ordered the alfredo pasta while my hubby and daughter ordered their favorite pepperoni pizza.

Alfredo Pasta
Pepperoni Pizza

Gaylord Opryland Resorts is a nice place to visit. I never stayed in Gaylord considering I live around the city.

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Looking Around

I was looking around what to do today, it was freezing outside the school was cancelled. Winter this year is bad at my end. I can't get out as much I want so I ended up browsing in the net and I found this interesting pignose amps at Guitar Center. I'm into any instruments but my friends are good at it and he played in the church.

I am impressed those who has talent in music. I wish I do have, and my mom enroll me in any instruments so I can play or strum a guitar. Well, It's okay at least I am a good audience. Life would probably different if I play an instrument today.  I won't stayed more in my desk browsing and surfing on the net. 
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Securing Your Home While on Vacation

The last thing you should worry about during a vacation is your home. However, you should still secure your home before leaving to prevent theft and to ease your worries. By following these tips, you will be able to properly secure your home while traveling! 

Appearance is Key 
Your home may be unoccupied, but that doesn't mean it should look vacant. You don’t want a thief to see piles of old newspapers, an overflowing mailbox, or other telltale signs that you're away. The first thing you should do is contact the post office and your newspaper provider to alert them of your travels. They will suspend your mail until you arrive home, and you will likely not have to pay for the newspaper.

 Depending on how long you're away, you may wish to have your bushes and garden kept up to make the house seem occupied. You can ask a relative, friend, or a trusty neighbor to help you. If you really trust your neighbor, you can also have them turn on the porch lights at night to add to the appearance. 

Home Security 
Systems Home security systems can help to prevent burglaries, and the tapes can also be used as evidence. You don't need a camera along every wall to be safe, but you can place a camera near the porch for protection and prevention. If a criminal sees that your house is under surveillance, then they will most likely move on to a simpler target. You can prevent burglaries by placing cameras near points of entry such as windows, doors, and the garage. For residents of Texas, there are several reputable San Antonio home security companies that offer full protection for your home.

 Many systems now come with automatic email and text message alerts. If your house is broken into, then you will be notified along with the local authorities instantly. You can also have live footage sent directly to your laptop, tablet, or phone. 

Securing Your Valuables 
You don't have to hide your television every time you travel, but there are ways of securing your valuables from potential crooks. Make sure to close your blinds so that no one can see what's inside. If you have important jewelry, nostalgic items, or anything that is personal and irreplaceable, then it is worthwhile to invest in a small safe. You don't need to store your whole wardrobe inside, but placing anything important inside of a safe will help you to travel without worries. Televisions are replaceable, but family heirlooms are not. 

Back to Basics 
You've cancelled the paper, installed a security system, and you have your valuables in a safe. Now, it's time to go back to the basics. Many travelers rush out the door worrying about their trip, and in doing so, they forget to lock their doors. It happens to everyone. Try to take your time when leaving, and make sure to pack the night before departure. You don't want to arrive in a foreign country and suddenly remember that your door is unlocked. Keep calm, plan ahead, and try opening every door from the outside twice if it gives you peace of mind. By following these tips, you will be able to travel without any worries. When you return, your home will be exactly as you left it!
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Tap into Tapas

Tapas has become one of Spain’s most ubiquitous exports. For those who are unfamiliar, tapas is a lovely (and often free) snack which accompanies wine or beer orders in a range of Spanish bars and restaurants. 

Of course, owing to its popularity, tapas is now readily available in restaurants around the world, but if you’re lucky enough to be booking Spain holidays in 2014, authentic tapas from the source is an essential experience. Here are some tips on what you can expect from the culinary scene on your next Spanish trip. 

In many Spanish taverns, tapas are provided to patrons as a show of gratitude for purchasing a drink at the bar. Some of the more common tapas dishes are small plates of anchoas en vinagre (anchovies in vinegar), mejillones (mussels), a range of cold meats and cheeses, tortilla (potato omelette), magro con tomate (pork with tomato) or pipirrana (tomato, pepper and onion salad). 

Many taverns feature these dishes as tapas offerings because they are easily produced en masse and can be stored in the fridge all day. This means patrons rarely have to wait for a tapas snack to be prepared and can enjoy a range of flavours with their chosen beverage. 

Tapas varieties also vary geographically. Inland Spain is home to longer and colder winters which have in turn inspired dishes like patatas bravas (potatoes with spicy tomato sauce), pimentos rellenos (stuffed peppers), calamares a la romana (battered squid rings) and croquetas (fried food rolls containing meats and cheeses). In southern regions of Spain visitors will find more varieties of cold tapas dishes such as ensaladilla rusa (Spanish potato salad) and of course as tourists move toward to the coastal areas, their tapas will include a range of fish-related ingredients. 

Several restaurants in Spain now feature a proper menu of tapas items to be purchased individually. These dishes typically include one or two portions and are called pinchos. To experience the authentic (and free) tapas culture, visitors can veer slightly off the beaten track and into local Spanish taverns known as tascas. Tascas are popular in working class neighbourhoods in Madrid but the ultimate destination for free tapas is without a doubt Granada. 

Touted as the Spanish capital of free tapas, Granada is a wonderful place to indulge in a local culinary adventure and there are a range of blogs that provide comprehensive reviews of the city’s abundant and competitive free tapas culture. 

Wherever you find your taste of authentic Spain, remember that the joy of tapas is not having to choose between one dish or another, but having a little of what you fancy from each!
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Family Friendly Vehicles

Sorry to say, if your dream is to have the newly designed Ferrari, this article is not for you. However, if you are looking for a smooth and safe ride for your family, you have come to the right place. There are four cars on the market right now that have just about all it takes to give plenty of room, good gas mileage, safety features galore, and, yes, just a bit of the “coolness” factor to keep everyone in the family happy.

So first, the best of both worlds can be yours by choosing the ever beautiful, ever popular BMW X3. It has 28 cubic feet of cargo space, which is more than doubled when the seats are flipped forward, making 63 cubic feet of storage. The X3 comes with a 240 horsepower engine or a 306 horsepower engine, either of which makes for a get up and go ride. This automobile is for hauling family, but that doesn’t mean it is not fun to drive. The smoothness and sharpness of the drive has been improved over the X3’s of the past, making this a sports sedan with plenty of kick. Starting at $36,750, it’s not going to break the bank either.

Need a car for taking kids to basketball practice, for family trips, and picking up the dry cleaning? This is it. Plus, you are going to save tons of money. The Chevy Volt is a gas saver par excellence. Its average electricity-driven mileage is a delightful 35 to 40 miles, so, even though it is not tremendous in size, it is tremendous in gas saving. This hybrid makes driving fun, and is an especially good choice if the family uses it for in-town driving, errands, and chauffeuring the kids. The federal tax credit for this car can be as much as $7,500. The tag is $40, 280 (not including tax credit), the frugality of gas use is priceless.

Cars.com named the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Family Car of the Year. Filled with family-friendly benefits like side window shades, monitor for blind spot, many nooks and crannies for storage, this car is, as Goldilocks said, just right. It has good maneuverability, a jazzy dashboard, and for most parents, it is a fun to drive vehicle. Even though the gas mileage is not the best, the roominess factor, and the amenities make this a car to be considered.

For big families, it always seems to have to come down to the mini-van. But, for 2014, the Buick Enclave is an obvious and better choice. The price will be around $39,665, and in spite of the disrespect big family haulers get, this is the CUV that everyone will love. First, and to some most importantly, the Enclave has a terrific look. Inside and out, the Buick Enclave is well appointed. Yes, it has three rows, and it is big, comfy, and cozy, just like it is supposed to be. Eight people fit into this vehicle comfortably. The storage area is not as large as a mini-vans’, but it makes up for that in sheer luxury look and spaciousness.

Called a Crossover Utility Vehicle, not an SUV ( Sport Utility Vehicle), the Enclave is more like a car and even closer to a station wagon.

When looking for a car that is safe, roomy, comfortable, economical and fun, of the four choices selected, one of the choices just might fit the bill. But remember, a family car is also a convenience store, a drive-through restaurant, a first aid station, a diaper changing station, and a sound stage. A vehicle that can cater to all the needs of a family has to be a special one. Choose carefully.

Jacob has a passion for every and anything related to automobiles. He blogs about his experiences at sellmycarsandiego.net, if you'd like to learn more about Jacob visit his site.
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Tennessee Food Trip: Breakfast in McDonald

Once again, I'm kinda lazy to prepare breakfast this morning so hubby and I decided to have breakfast at McDonald. My husband is not working today at the same time my daughter has no school in observance of  Martin Luther King.

Travelentz were just stay at home aside doing a household chores. So hubby decided to have breakfast outside for a change.

Travelentz Order
My hot chocolate

I order the Burrito Breakfast
My daughter's order was Sausage McMuffin with Egg.

So I have a happy tummy today considering hubby bought the breakfast today.

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The Important Things to Remember during Ballet Recital

Being a mom, you should keep all the  important things to remember during your kid's ballet recital. Every class has different reminders and things you should do during the recital. Keep in mind you are their to support your kids and not an instructor. 

Arrive Early during the Recital:
It is better to arrive a little early during the recital day so your daughter would feel comfortable and she has time to relax and touch up her make up if necessary. 

This is very important during the recital. With a good make your kid's look better with it.

Remember to ask the hairstyle for the recital. If your kid's is in the team, most likely they have to follow the hairstyle that was given by the instructor.

Don't expect too much:
Let your kid's enjoy the things she wants too.Lower your expectation, with the  huge of audience watching your kid's recital, sometimes they get distracted and forget their dance steps or moves. The best thing is enjoy and be happy whatever it comes.
During the recital of your kid's, bring some flowers or any tokens for your kid's. You don't need to buy a bouquet of flowers or an expensive flowers.Just bring a single rose flower and you brighten the day of your kid's. It is a tradition thing and most parents, grandparents, friends bring flowers during the recital.

I know your kid's is not just nervous but the parents as well. As a mom I'm nervous during the ballet recital of my daughter. What if: she gets stage frightened.

Ballet recital  is being prepared for many months by the instructor. Most likely, they are all prepared during the recital. They prepared your kid's for that kind of amazing event. So parents just enjoy and relax.

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The beauty of Technology

In today's technology, gadgets  just pop out and so the apps. There are so many things out in the market that we can choose from. It  depends of what type of the gadgets you have and apps you needed. Like for example, in our social life, to be connected with our friends we need to sign-up on one of the most trending social media. There is no doubt that in real estate has its own apps now and the beauty of  it has  the real estate agent checklist app.

How about you, did you try to download any apps?
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Pad Kee Mao Dinner at Jasmine Thai Restaurant

Dine in the restaurant is not really our thing considering I cook most of the time. Mostly my family dine-in to eat at restaurant once a week. Thai food is one my favorite food.

I've been in this restaurant twice and I like to go back from now and then if I have a taste of Thai food. During our dinner I ordered Pad Kee Mao and asked to put the chili separate. The service was prompt and they're friendly out there.

Pad Kee Mao is thai spicy noodles, stir fried with onion, mushrooms, bell peppers and chili peppers.
Their different chili peppers.
It is located at 8105,Moores Ln #1500, Brentwood, TN 37027.You can check for more my foodie adventure here
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What is CMM Fixturing?

CMM Fixturing would give you an ability to fix any parts in cost effectively and your time wisely. There are different types of fixtures. It all depends when you needed it for and what kind. Everything has its own ability and usage timely.  My husband is engineer by professions. He has more knowledge about engineering stuffs even some fixtures. He  help build develop products in their company. I know it sounds exciting, isn't it? It's not an easy job. He needs more concentration and time before it goes in the market. It takes more than a year for one single item.
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Causeway Bay Lodgings: Why it’s cheaper to stay in a serviced apartment over a hotel

Residing in a hotel on a long-term basis can be an expensive thing on its own, especially if you’re extending your stay in Hong Kong for more than a week to a month. That’s why a more affordable lodging alternative is offered in the market in the form of a service apartment (made available for short or long-term payments). A serviced residence is an accommodation that is fully furnished and fully managed. It generally combines some of the luxuries of a hotel, with the usual comforts of a home.

Who can stay in a serviced accommodation?

Any serviced apartment in Hong Kong can definitely accommodate individuals or groups, as it provides more privacy and more space compared to a hotel. Instead of being confined in a place that only has one room, opt to stay in a managed accommodation that provides more room options (units are typically provided with a bedroom, en suite bathroom and kitchen). So if you’re traveling solo for a certain time frame or going with a group, a rented residence is certainly an economical choice. Businessmen or even corporate employees that travel in and out of the city can also benefit from having a stable base (saves a lot on business travel costs). Travelers, whether backpacking solo or visiting with friends, can also benefit from a rented apartment.

Fully furnished serviced units

A serviced residence already comes with a fully furnished unit, so you’ll no longer have to worry about transferring or buying new fixtures for the apartment (less cost on your end). Everything will be provided for, even before you arrive. But other than that, fully equipped kitchens are also offered in most apartments, which gives you the option to prepare your own meals and more.
Fully managed apartments

A managed apartment won’t be referred to as being ‘serviced’ if it didn’t live up to its standards. And it’s not at all different from a hotel because it also has the usual 24-hour concierge and security watch. Moreover, most serviced residences offer daily housekeeping, as well as complimentary access to an in-house fitness gym, business center and laundry facility. Of course, the only difference here is that lodgings of this type are offered at a lower cost (without having to sacrifice quality).

A serviced accommodation in the heart of Causeway Bay

If there’s one serviced residence that truly spells home comforts and more, it would have to be V Causeway Bay! The V establishment actually offers penthouse apartments that boast of panoramic city views. But that’s not all! V Causeway Bay also offers their lodgers’ access to the V Play, which includes barbeque facilities that residents can freely use.

If these offerings aren’t enough, wait until you check into their rooms. Each one opens up to a bedroom that is prepped with crisp starched linens and feathery soft pillows. Private bathrooms are also built with a seated rain shower stall, bathtub, LCD TV and toiletries. Kitchens on the other hand are fully equipped, which comes with a fresh batch of herbs, and a professional set of cookware and kitchenware.

The commendable managed apartment also offers an airport limousine pick-up, as well as a 24-hour security service. They also have self-service laundry facilities, which residents can freely access.

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Top Travel Apps

Technology is making travel easier everyday – from the apps that help you with the local lingo to rucksacks that can charge your phone on the move.

Next time you go on holiday, see of these handy apps and gadgets could make your break go a bit more smoothly! I know technology makes my life easier wherever I go and am so happy with it. In this apps with single tap with my finger I easily find what I needed. Why not try some of them:
Top Travel Tech
Discover the essential travel apps and gadgets for 2013 that will help you get the most from your holiday! Infographic by Villa Plus
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7 Worst Family Travel Moments in 2013

Travelentz was fortunate to set our foot in different places in the year  2013. Of course traveling is not just only good memoirs to share,I have Worst Family Travel moments in 2013 to share and I hope you learn our worst day and how to surpass of it.

7. Hubby Quarantine for 24 hours in Freedom of the Seas Cruise- It was our first  family vacation of the year last March 2012 when hubby throw up in our cabin in the cruise ship. I think he ate something that did not digest. You can check my story about our family experience cruise here.

Tips: If you think you're fine in the morning and you stop throwing up after couple hours and feel better, DON'T ever dare to go in the clinic in the ship or report to any management, they will quarantine you  for 24 hours as a part of their protocol. They're useless but ruin your day, and they can't figure out either  if you have viral illness or not. Go figure what is best for you.

6. Cancel the trip to San Francisco- When everything was set and at the end you have to cancel your trip-is not fun at all. 

Tips: Being flexible is important, though cancellation and hassle is not easy, the best thing you can do, make another plan all the time and  be ready to compromise and enjoy things whatever it takes rather than complaining and make things worst.

5. Disappointed- My parents-in-law were not happy when they know, were not going up in the cottage for  4th of July and we decided to call it "STAYCATION" 

Tips:Staycation is fun and am happy we decided to stay at home while hubby is on vacation.

4. Unpredictable weather- Weather is hard to predict, whether we like it or not, there is always something to come up. Our vacation in Alabama was a totaled mess, my father-in-law who scared with hurricane decided to went home and called it a day in Alabama. I'm not done reporting our trip in Alabama as the holidays makes me busy and I was sick at the same time.

Tips: Compromise is important when you travel with family like your parents-in-law. Their health is very important and the old aged doesn't help at all. Be patient and understand.

3.Viral illness- During New year's week, Travelentz family were all sick, the sad part my daughter and I needs to go in urgent care. Our plan to celebrate New Year's eve in the cottage was cancelled. ( Temeperature was zero degrees).

Tips: Travelentz decided to go home as we are all weak and can't celebrate New Year's eve in the cottage. 

2.Are We there yet- Uh-no,Little Travelentz already know the word and she's been asking to us every time where on the road.

Tips: Gadgets and some entertaining toys and coloring are the best thing you can give to your kids. Stopping in a welcome centre or any fast foods is a big help to stretch your kids legs as well.

1. Lake WinneSPOOKah Kick  us out in the Line  for choo-choo ride-It was our first time to go in the Lake WinneSPOOKah, so we don't had any idea  what to expect. We are patiently waiting in the line when one of the staff told us we can go in the bathroom since we have a long wait. To make the story short one of my friend get out in the line and went to bathroom while we are waiting in the line, sad to say one of the staff saw her and she ask us to get out in the line.We tell her what the other staff told us,once where on the front we can go anywhere nor to go in the bathroom.

Tips: We decided to go out in the line even some people in front and behind us said "you're fine stay there, its there fault they can't give  rules", but the staffs in the Lake wennie was really annoying and upset us  and tell us to get out in the line many times so we decided to get out in the Lake Wennie and planning not to come back anymore.

This is my second year documenting the worst Family Travel moments. How about you do you have any memoirs or you just want to keep the good memories in travel. 
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