Lunch at O'Charley's Restaurant

Lunch at O'Charley's Restaurant wasn't bad at all.It's my first time to eat in this restaurant. As you know I like to try different cuisine and restaurants around my area even if I'm on vacation. 

I order my favorite pasta and it's so good while hubby enjoyed his Nacho's. I don't mind going back on the restaurant again. The service was fast and the price is reasonable.

O'Charley's is a casual dining restaurants chain in the United States, with more than 230+ company-owned locations.

It is located at: 1202 Murfreesboro Rd, Franklin, TN 37064

complimentary bread
Hubby enjoys his nachos.
My all time favorite-Pasta

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7 Tips for Staying Organized During a Cross-Country Move

Moving to a new state can be an exciting experience; however, at the same time, it can be stressful if you're not organized. Since packing up your belongings and moving across the country is a lot different from moving across town, here are some tips you can use to stay organized on your upcoming long-distance move:

#1 Planning Ahead of Time

The minute you know you're going to move, it's important to start planning immediately. The more time you have to plan, the more prepared you're going to be come moving day. There's nothing worse than finding a moving truck or storage unit at the last minute. has an in-depth checklist that you can use when you're ready to start moving.

#2 Moving Method

Moving across the country will mean that you can choose from a variety of moving methods. These methods include: renting a moving truck, hiring a company or even using moving containers like these. If you're thinking about hiring an outside service, make sure you get as many quotes as possible to find the best company for your move. On the other hand, if you plan on moving on your own, it's best to make sure that you have enough help to pack up the truck on the moving day.

#3 Find Boxes

The boxes are going to be the heart of your move. If your boxes are flimsy or break during transit, you could see hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of damage when you arrive at your new home. The minute you know you're going to move, search for durable boxes to adequately pack your home. These boxes can often be found at grocery stores, liquor stores, banks, offices, schools or Craigslist. shows you 11 ways to find boxes in your neighborhood.

If you have a lot of breakables, don't forget about bubble wrap and newspaper to prevent the items from bouncing around in the box.

#4 Start Selling

When you move across the country, you're going to limited on the space in your moving truck. Since there's a good chance that there will be a lot of things lying around that you haven't used in years, it may be ideal to start getting rid of these items. You can get rid of these items by holding a garage sale, selling the items online or even donating to a local shelter.

#5 Take Inventory

If you're going to hire movers, make sure that you label and take pictures of each box before they head to a truck or container. You're going to want to have as much evidence as possible in case the items get damaged during the trip; it also doesn't hurt to keep an inventory sheet on all the boxes you load on the truck. That way, when you arrive at your new home, you can make sure every box made it safely.

#6 Label It

When packing your home, start with one room and pack it. You're going to want to stay in that room until it's empty and nothing is left. Since there's a good chance these items will be put in the same kind of room in your new home, you won't want random items inside the box because this will just lead to confusion. When packing your boxes, you're going to want to make sure that you label each box because that way, when the box arrives off the truck, you will be able to take it directly to the room it belongs in.

#7 Stay Focused

It's best to have a schedule ahead of time so you have an easier time keeping track of your progress. For example, if you had to move in eight weeks, you could write down on your schedule that you want to have the guest bedroom packed in three weeks. By creating a schedule, it will create a lot less stress and keep you on track to have the house packed when the moving day comes.

As long as you're prepared, moving across the country should be relatively stress-free. Start early, use the tips above and hopefully, all your boxes and belongings arrive in one piece.
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Macau Panaromic View

Macau has a lot things to see and do even if you plan to stay there for couple days. My sister went to Macau last couple months and she told me, the place are interesting and you'll find yourself depend what is your preferences from entertainment to culture.
Macau Photo Teaser

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Surviving The Worst Means Preparing Today

You never know when something bad can happen to you. A natural disaster could wash your car away or flood you home. A car accident could send you to the hospital for weeks and hinder your ability to work for years. If you prepare before an emergency hits, you can be better prepared to deal with that emergency when it happens.

Purchase Insurance While You Are Still Healthy

You need to purchase a variety of insurance products to ensure that you are protected before anything bad happens. Having health insurance means that you are able to see a doctor when you feel sick or fatigued. When a medical condition is found early, it can be treated before it turns into a life threatening situation. The same goes for having dental insurance. Healthy teeth and gums are the best defense against infections that could cause pain and possibly death.

Life Insurance Protects You and Your Family:

A life insurance policy can keep you and your family safe if you are hurt, killed or left unable to work for the rest of your life. Your life insurance policy will provide money to help pay your medical bills, daily expenses as well as college tuition for your kids. Having the ability to pay your mortgage and buy food keeps you from living on the streets or being forced to go hungry. 

Don't Forget to Get Insurance for Your Assets:

A homeowners insurance policy protects you in the event that your home is damaged or anyone gets hurt on your property. If your house is destroyed in a storm or in a house fire, you can get money to replace your property or rebuild your home. If someone slips and falls on your driveway, your insurance policy may provide for a lawyer to help you while in court. If you have an auto insurance policy, you will be covered if you get into an accident or if you have to go to the hospital due to a crash. 

If you want to survive the worst that life can throw at you, you need to prepare now when things are good. Buying sufficient insurance allows you to be financially protected while you recover from an accident or attempt to replace your belongings after a storm or a robbery. You can go online right now to shop for a variety of insurance products that can be useful in the future. Remember, the most important part of making sure that you are completely covered, is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family is taken care of something were to happen to you. Everyone knows that keeping your family safe is a priority and doing so doesn't have to be difficult.

All that remains is that you take action and get started with making sure that you and your loved ones are taken care in case the unexpected happens in your life. Afterall, you'll sleep better knowing that your insurance policy has you covered!
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How do you dress your table?

Dressing up  a table is one of the most important accessories you can do during party or any special dinner with friends and family.

I dress up my table according the theme I pick and what  kind of occasion. Most of the time I use  tablecloth and I found this burlap tablecloth site that has a cool ideas. 

Indeed, tablecloth saves  more time and adds up the beauty of my dining room without spending and changing my table from now and then.Our table is not that look really appealing after my daughter made some scratches and play play dough all the time and leaves some stain on it. 
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Wake Boarding Tower Tips

People who love wake boarding know how important it is for them to have their wake essentials. One of the most important elements that a wake boarder needs is a tower that can offer him or her the biggest air. However, even though wake boarders yearn for the biggest airs, they also don’t want to sacrifice on performance either. Therefore, selecting a good tower is essential for the best wake boarding experience. 

Good towers come equipped with stable and rigid materials, but aren’t very heavy at the same time. This balance between weight and sturdiness is part of what helps wake boarders achieve the best airs. It is essential that towers don’t creak, rattle, bend or weight down a wake board if boarders want to have the best experience. 

Additionally, towers must be the appropriate sizes for people’s boats. Getting universal towers that are designed to fit virtually every size of boat is a good option since then people don’t have to worry about checking their boats’ product specifications to determine the appropriate tower to fit their boats. Universal towers take the work out of finding the right fit since universal ones will work with basically all types of boats. 

No matter the reason that an individual wants to install a tower on his or her boat, there are plenty of towers on the market nowadays. By keeping these tips in mind, though, individuals should be able to make more informed decisions about the types of towers to purchase for their boats.
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Ski Resorts you must visit in 2015

North America is home to hundreds of spectacular ski areas, with snow quality, ski schools and off-piste entertainment exceptionally high across the board. Ski USA or head further north to Canada and you’ll have a wealth of world-class resorts at your feet, home to family-friendly facilities, terrific terrain and outstanding accommodation. And there’s even more to look forward to for 2015, with new ski areas established, brand new high-speed lifts and seasonal deals which make experiencing North America exceptionally good value.

Here’s our pick of the top ski resorts to visit in 2015:

The opening of the new Peak 6 ski area makes this Colorado resort one of USA’s hottest ski destinations for 2015. Peak 6 increases the size of the ski area by 23%, adding 400 acres of lift-served ski area, 143 acres of hike-to terrain and two new chair lifts, making it one of the biggest terrain expansions in North America to date.

Home to the highest lift in North America, Breckenridge has long been a favourite amongst British skiers and the historic charm of colourful Main Street mean you can have just as much fun off the slopes as on. Ski Breckenridge and you can also benefit from Colorado’s ‘Epic Pass,’ which gives free access to four other resorts – after spending a few days finding your feet, hire a car for the day and nip across to VailBeaver CreekKeystone or Arapahoe Basin to experience perfectly groomed pistes and big mountain skiing.

Jay Peak, USA
Voted ‘Number one Ski Resort on the East Coast’ by Skier Magazine, Jay Peak promises some of Vermont’s best backcountry and tree skiing terrain. It’s one of those legendary resorts which skiers-in-the-know were whispering about long before it started appearing on mainstream ski itineraries. And thank goodness it did, with a multi-million dollar investment plan introducing everything from accommodation and chairlifts to an indoor water park for the kids. New hotels continue to open each season, so keep your eye on Jay Peak for 2015, and the resort’s new West Bowl ski area is set to open in the next couple of years, adding 20 new trails to the resort’s existing 77.

Whistler, Canada
Had enough of so-so ski conditions? Ski Whistler in 2015 and you won’t be disappointed.  Consistently rated the number one ski resort in North America, it’s home to some of the ski-world’s most reliable snowfall, with more than 11 metres falling each year. With two brand new, high-speed chair lifts opened in 2013/14 – the Crystal Ridge Express quad and the Harmony 6 Express six-pack – you can also expect easier piste access and more freedom than ever before.

Whistler’s huge ski area has something for everyone, from world-class heli-ski terrain to confidence-boosting beginner slopes. Even better, Whistler promises some of the best early booking deals in North America, so book your 2015 ski trip now to take advantage of the best bargains.

Steamboat, USA
With 3,000 acres of diverse terrain spread across six peaks, champagne powder that’s talked about the world over and an atmospheric town that’s packed with bars and restaurants, you can’t go wrong with a Steamboat ski trip. If you fancy a white Christmas with added extras, visit Steamboat in 2015 and get ready for a truly memorable and great value seasonal escape. For example: arrive at the Steamboat Grand on 17 December for a ten night stay and get up to three nights’ free accommodation, free skiing for the kids and complimentary upgrades.

Tara Rogers is a professional travel writer for Ski Safari – tailor-made ski holiday specialists.
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Explore Indiana: Beautiful day at Canal Walk

Every time we go up to North, Travelentz usually stop in any places whenever we feel to stretch our legs and grab a quick bite. Last summer, we headed to North and decided to go in Indiana State Museum for a tour. 

After the tour, it happens we saw the canal walk and decided to roam around so our little girl would feel tired before headed towards the Cottage. 

The Canal Walk was well maintain and beautiful. It is so relaxing,peaceful  and see a lots of people are enjoying the beautiful weather that day. If it happens you're in the area, I highly recommend it. The place has a good walking area and people do walking or jogging.

If you don't feel to walk and want to see the canal, you can rent pedal boats, kayaks, or several styles of pedal powered cycles.The 

canal runs through the city so have more view to see.

A quick Glimpse of Canal Walk:

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The apps to make flight delays more bearable

You’ve packed your bags and booked the time off work; you set your alarm for the middle of the night and remembered to return for your passport; you’re ready for your latest holiday. That is, until, you get to the airport to find your flight has been delayed for several hours.
Annoying, right? There was a time when this situation could’ve been enough to ruin the entire holiday, but thanks to the marvel that is smart technology, there’s plenty out there to keep you entertained. Let’s take a look at some of the apps that could keep you sane during your wait.

Plants vs. Zombies 2
One of the most addictive games on the planet, it’ll take you a couple of rounds to get used to the mechanics but there’s a reason why kids are so hooked to this game: because it’s great.
Entertaining and with fantastic levels of difficulty, it’s surprisingly relaxing whilst urging you to carry on playing. It makes the most of the iPhones graphics without sapping the notoriously temperamental battery, making it ideal for a few hours delay.

Facebook is dead; long live Twitter. There’s nothing quite like Twitter to keep you entertained and a recent update to the sites mobile app has made it more of a joy than ever to be involved in.
It might sound much more simple that the game apps, but there’s so much to do on Twitter that you’ll be entertained for hours. Whether you choose to discover some of the latest breaking news or get excited about your holiday through accounts like OnTheBeach, it’s the most comprehensive and entertaining social networks out there at the moment. 

If there is a game out there that is more infuriating and more addictive than Angry Birds, we’ve yet to find it. The app that launched a million others, it was one of the first to take the world by storm.

There are more levels than you’d be able to complete on even the longest of delays, with themes like Star Wars and Rio to show you a new take on your favourite films. Be careful not to get too addicted – put the phone down when you finally get on holiday!
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How To: Explain Divorce To Your Children

Divorce is never easy, especially when there are children involved. Talking to them about the end of a marriage may be difficult, but it can be done. It is important for the children to understand what is going on and how it will effect them. Below is a list of things to cover when talking to your children about divorce - provided by Austin family lawyer, James W. Evans:

Explain What Divorce Means:
Younger children may not have a concept of what divorce is. Start by asking them if they know what divorce is and get them to explain what they think it means. If they don't know, simply state that divorce means that Mama and Daddy won't live in the same house and that they won't be married anymore. Older children more than likely will have several friends who's parents are divorced and may know more about divorce than younger kids. Ask them, too, what they think it means to make sure that they don't have any misinformation. Having the wrong information can be harmful.

This Is Not Their Fault:

Self-blame is a very common emotion that children feel when ever a marriage doesn't work. Constantly reinforce the fact that while the divorce will effect them, it is in no way their fault. This is something that will have to be said again and again. This can never be said enough.

Tell Them How Much You Love Them- Over And Over Again:

Constantly remind them that you love them very much. It is not uncommon for children, especially small ones, to fear that they will lose the love of one or both of their parents. Their world is changing faster than they will be comfortable with and they will need to be constantly reassured that your love for them will never change.

Leave The Blame And The Details Out:

Children do not need to know how the marriage fell apart. It is none of their business. Don't mention the other man or woman if there is one and don't try to lay the blame on your spouse. The children are the ones who will be hurt the most by telling them all the adult details.

Explain What Things May Change:

Prepare the children for other changes that may occur as a result of the divorce. They may have to move to a new house or change schools. They may not like all the changes that may happen, but they will adjust better if it's not unexpected.

Be Open And Honest:

There will be lots of questions. Some of them may be very uncomfortable, but always answer them openly, honestly, and age appropriately. This will help to foster trust at a time when they need it most.

Don't Give False Hope:

Children of all ages almost always want their parents to work things out and get back together. Don't give them false hope. If the relationship is done, let them know that you did everything that you could to make it work, but that it is time to move on. They may act out, not in retaliation, but as a way to try to regain control. Be patient, but be firm.

Even though this will be a difficult conversation to have, it can be done in a way that is constructive and age appropriate. Be honest and open, but don't use negative statements. Always remember to put the children and their well being first.

Evans Family Law Group provides thorough and comprehensive family law services in the most simple to the most complex family law matters, including from divorce, child custody, child support, modifications of prior orders, and enforcement issues. Located in Austin, Texas. For more information, connect with them on Facebook and Google+.
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Take a cruise to Buenos Aires

What better way to arrive in the “Paris of the South” than aboard a cruise liner. This is the way you are likely to step ashore in all due style to one of the great cities of Latin America – an historic city, a majestic city, and one that has been most evocatively described as a city of “haunted grandeur”.

Here are a few tips and suggestions about choosing your itinerary and what to do once you get there:

Getting there:
  • one of the main things to bear in mind is that whatever your itinerary, you are likely to spend many days at sea cruising to Buenos Aires;
  • this gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy all the comforts of life on the ocean wave;
  • it may also leave you a long way away from essential, land based medical facilities if you have an accident or fall ill – so cruise insurance is likely to be a must and may be arranged through companies such as Bengo Travel or other specialist providers;
  • actually getting to Buenos Aires is likely to involve one of two principal itineraries – the easy way and the more adventurous way;
  • the first of these, for example, might involve boarding your ship in Europe, the eastern seaboard of North America or the Caribbean and is likely to include at least a few ports of call along the coast of Brazil;
  • if you are after a little more adventure, however, you might want to fly to America’s west coast and cruise via Chile, around the wild Cape Horn and the Straits of Magellan until you reach Argentina;

Exploring Buenos Aires
  • practically any visit to the city is likely to take in the Plaza de Mayo, effectively the principal city square since the declaration of Argentinian independence on the 25th of May, 1810;
  • the square is also the site of the grand presidential palace, the Casa Rosada (“Pink House”);
  • the architecture of the city and its relaxed cafĂ© culture lends it an almost European feel;
  • a fine example of that architecture is the magnificent Colon Theatre, reckoned to be one of the finest opera houses in the whole of Latin America;
  • the district of Recoleta is an up-market district of Buenos Aires where you may find local branches of some of the most fashionable and icon fashion houses in the world;
  • but the city is not all grand, elegant or fashionable buildings;
  • equally worthy of a visit are the simpler, older districts of San Telmo and La Boca where you can wander along narrow streets between brightly coloured buildings and soak up the atmosphere of artists, artisans and even displays of tango dancing;
  • however short your leave ashore, you are also likely to find time to relax and simply watch the world go by whilst seated at one of the city’s many outdoor cafes.

Buenos Aires makes for a fascinating and adventurous port of call on any cruise – it make take a little more time and effort in getting there but the rewards are likely to be well worth the travel.

Mike is a director of BengoTravel where you can compare rates for your travel insurance as well as take advantage of some excellent policy features for niche travel insurance cover.
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Alabama: Walk around in Fairhope Pier

Our last vacation was in Alabama and had a chance to walk around in Fairhope Pier. It was cold, gloomy and windy that day. The beach was open but no one dare to go for swimming. The restaurant in the pier was closed too. It wasn't a peak season so most of the activities,restaurants  are open on a specific days. 

Though we didn't enjoy the place,Travelentz are still happy and had a glimpse of Fairhope pier. We did not stay longer, after I took photos of all the angle I want-hubby decided to headed back toward our hotel.

History Of Fairhope Pier,Alabama
These are just one Perks living near the Ocean
The View
I Love Fountain
Love these different colors of Roses

Do you want  to travel and explore Alabama,Check here for my travel stories and photos.

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Spectacular Rooftops Around the World

Rooftops are the crowning glory for any structure. Architects all over the world try to design the highest, widest, most unique and sometimes craziest roofs in an attempt to build something that has never been done before. It seems that the entire world is fascinated with imaginative roof designs. These lofty places provide the perfect place to view the surrounding scenery and offer their own unique form of beauty and ambiance. Some designs represent the local culture as well as adding elegance and sophistication to the buildings they adorn. From breathtaking views, to green-initiative structures, several cities around the world feature buildings with spectacular rooftops that amaze with their imaginative designs. Bringing a little of the spectuacular in your own home can be achieved with a certified green roofing company or a creative home builder.
Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia:

The Danish architect Jorn Utzon designed the building that features a modern expressionist concept. The Sydney Opera House hosts over two million people who attend performances there annually. A series of large precast concrete "shells" form the unusual roof that is the most recognized structure in Australia. Even though referred to as "shells", they are not shells at all but are only concrete panels supported by concrete ribs. The complex geometries of this modern architectural marvel was one of the first to make use of computer-aided design.
School of Art Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore:

The impressive swirling green roofs atop the five-story School of Art Design blend in perfectly with the beautiful, lush, park setting that surrounds the school. The building serves as a social gathering place for students and faculty. The roofs form a green hill that helps insulate the building and harvests rainwater as it blends in with the native greenery.

Hotel Fasano in Rio De Janeiro:
This hotel features a beautiful infinity rooftop pool. It is on the eighth and final floor of the building that is located in the center of Ipanema Beach. This unique rooftop area offers an impressive, breathtaking view of Brazil's most beautiful city. The well-designed rooftop pool has been voted one of the best swimming pools in the world. This sleek rooftop also features a fitness center, coffee shop and sauna.

La Pedrera in Barcelona, Spain:

One of the most unusual rooftops in the world was designed and built by the architect Antoni Gaudi. He was successful in turning what many consider an unsightly aspect of rooftops into an amazing feature. The rooftop chimneys have been transformed into warriors and guards that watch over the beautiful views of the city below. These unusual sculptures add a unique touch to the rooftop setting.

Elrey B. Jeppesen Terminal at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado:
Travelers arriving at Denver International Airport are treated to an unexpected sight as they approach the Jeppesen Terminal. The building's roof was designed to represent the beauty of the surrounding snow-capped Rocky Mountains. Masts and steel cable support the white tension fabric roof. The Teflon-coated fabric is virtually maintenance free as it resists dirt and pollution. This impressive roof rises more than one hundred feet above the terminal's main floor.
Each of these amazing rooftops continues to fascinate with its extraordinary style and unique features. It is evident that the architects and designers were successful in their attempt to provide buildings with spectacular rooftops that are admired and enjoyed by people all over the world.

Kidd Roofing is a certified green roofing company in Austin and Dallas. Learn more about how they can make your roof spectacular by visiting their Facebook page.
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Weekend Trip: Cumberland Caverns

Yay! This is our first weekend trip, we get out and were not sick though we still all under the weather. Caverns/caves are  one of the attractions we like to do during winter. It's very obvious isn't it? Well,caverns/caves are much warmer even if it freezing outside. Usually the caverns 

Drove all the way to Cumberland Caverns for one hour and a half and found out we have to wait an hour for the tour to begin.Patience, travelentz, so we waited and ended up with a private tour since no one with us except the tour guide and my family.

Cumberland Caverns is not just a cavern and a historic landmarks,it is also a  place where you can have your wedding ceremony and a reception or a banquets. One of the popular things to do in Cumberland Caverns are the  bluegrass concert series, birthday parties and etc. 

Cumberland Cavern history:
It is located in McMinnville and the  second longest cave in Tennessee and a national natural landmark.The main entrance was discovered by Aaron Higgenbotham in 1810.The cave opened under the name Cumberland Caverns on July 4, 1956 and has been open to the public since that time.

Walking Tour:
Cumberland Caverns has different types of tour. It depends what types of tour you choose. Travelentz just bought a walking tour tickets for 2 adults while my daughter was free.The tour are about one hour  and a half.

Types of tour:
  • Adventure Trips
  • Group Caving Tours
  • Field Trips
  • Daily Walking Tours

Tips on Walking Tour:
These Cumberland tips were based on my experienced during our actual tour.
  • Tours leaves every hour so arrived 10 minutes early.
  • Winter is not busy, so you  have time to enjoy and take photos as many as you want.
  • Flash Photography was allowed.
  • No touching the formation.
  • If my mind  still good, you have 92 steps to climbed up plus down using stone-cut steps and handrails then back the same walkway.
  • No food or water inside.
  • Wear hiking and comfortable shoes.
  •  Bring light jacket.
  • Adult tickets: $19
  • Kids under 5 are free
  • Children (6-12 age) $12

Cumberland Light Show:
If you are a christian oriented the light show would be your cup's of tea. If you want to see the show you need to climbed up and down to witness it. Climbing the stair wasn't bad at all, I'm just

Tour Guide:
The tour guide was informative and willing to wait us,we are so slow considering we have 4 year old.She tries to answer all are questions and she is so nice.

Cumberland caverns is a U.S National Natural Landmark, the place and history  itself are amazing. The formation are almost the same with other Caverns- made of Stalagmite and Stalactite for hundreds of years. I've been in many caverns- the most unique in this caverns is the light show. I like it and the history itself but it's not my favorite caverns. 

For more about Travelentz weekend trips you can check HERE.

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Happy Driving Around Britain: What Are the Best Road Trips in the UK?

We tend to associate road trips with giant, open countries like the US, Canada and Australia. Does that mean that you can’t go on a great road in the UK? It certainly doesn’t. The following are some great routes around the country which you should give a try when you get the chance to do so.

The Lake District Drive
Most people think of the Lake District as being a fantastic place for walking or climbing but it also offers the chance for a spectacular drive or two. One fine idea is to take the A592 from Ambleside all way through to Pooley Bridge. This is a short trip of less than half an hour but the road is windy and gives some amazing views over Ullswater Lake. This is a trip to be enjoyed in a leisurely way, so be sure to take your time and stop now and then to soak it all in.
The Isle of Man Circuit
You might not automatically consider a relatively compact island as the best place for a UK road trip but the Isle of Man is a fine destination for driving fans. A loop round the island’s TT course should take you 3 hours or so and is just one of the ways you can get some driving pleasure out of this island. If you have never been to the Isle of Man then this is a fantastic way to see it at its best.
The Yorkshire Moors Jaunt
The stunning Yorkshire Moors are hugely popular with walkers but they also provide a wonderful backdrop for a classy road trip. There are some top sights and attractions around here, such as York Minster, Castle Howard and some lovely towns and villages. This means that as well as some fun driving time there are also plenty of opportunities to get out and do something different for a while.   
The Dartmoor Expedition
Driving in Dartmoor and a unique and very special experience. There are a number of different routes you could choose from and they all offer quality views of a fascinating region. The B3212 is the main road across the park if you just want to cross the Dartmoor National Park reasonably quickly.  However, if you want to explore the area on smaller, quieter roads there are a number of options open to you. Best of all, the area is filled with great pubs and plenty of places where you can get out for a walk.
The Scottish Highlands Tour
The vast and fairly empty Scottish Highlands offers some great road trip possibilities. You could spent a long time driving around this part of the country without ever feeling that you have got to see as much of it as you would have liked. One road trip option well worth exploring is the almost unbearably scenic drive up from Invergarry to Uig on the Isle of Skye. This is a trip of less than 100 miles and will take you through some of the very best scenery in Scotland. If you have just bought a new vehicle from somewhere like Citroen Birmingham and want to explore the UK then this is a great way to treat yourself to a road trip in it.
The Snowdonia Trip
Wales offers some incredible road trip opportunities and they don’t come much better than this drive from Wrexham to Bala. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to drive over the A494 and then the A487 and the A470 and finally the A494. Along the way you will pass through lovely valleys and towns while seeing views of mountains and lakes too. 

The EVO Triangle Adventure
We might as well stay in Wales for the next road trip on the list. You might never have heard of the EVO triangle but it is one of the best parts of the UK for going for a drive.  This is a triangle made up of the A5, the A543 and the B4501. This driving destination gets its nickname from the fact that EVO Magazine frequently uses it as a place to test out new cars. It isn’t a long drive around these three roads but it makes for a memorable part of a longer road trip in Wales.
The Southwest Coast Path Trip
The South West corner of the UK some terrific driving regions and the part between St Ives to St Just is among the best there is. If you love to have the sea just outside your car window then this is going to be perfect for you. The B3306 is the road you will be driving along here and it is a fantastic stretch of road for you to leave your worries behind and just enjoy the pleasure of driving the UK.  
What is your favourite UK driving route?
Tim Curry is a car industry expert who has explored a lot of the UK’s roads already but is keen to keep on finding new driving destinations.
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Marriot Rewards Program: Travelentz Officially a Gold Card Member

Last year was a big jump for us. Travelentz  awarded a Gold membership and after our vacation last December we're officially  in a  Platinum membership which will expired this February. I hope to travel before the membership expired and experience all the perks of being a Platinum member.

Being  a Marriot Rewards Program is so good. The perks they offered is fair enough to the member. We're been quite a Gold Member for a while so I enjoyed the perks:
  • Free Fast internet Connection- I can blog even i'm on vacation. Internet connection is fast.
  • Free Room Upgrades-My family is been upgraded all the time in a deluxe room or suite room if it is available with the breathtaking view. 
  • Free Bottled of water
  • Free Breakfast- If you're lucky you can get once in a while.
  • Discounts available on a certain days.
All the perks are based on 4 to 5 star, Marriott Hotel and Resorts were Travelentz stayed during their vacation.

How Did we get our Gold Membership:
We got the Gold membership through the nights they stayed during:
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Vacation
  • Road trip
  • Marriott Rewards Credit Card
  • Business Trip

According to their website to get a Gold Exclusive Offers- To be qualified as a gold members you need to stay 50 qualifying nights in their Hotel and Resorts:
  • Free Internet Access
  • Complimentary Room Upgrade 
  • Guaranteed room type 
  • Continental breakfast, light snacks and beverages in the Lounge for members and one guest (excludes resorts) 
  • Free local phone & and free local fax 
  • Discounted long-distance phone calls 
  • Hertz #1 Gold membership25% bonus on points for stays 
  • Gold customized rewards

How about you? What kind of travel  rewards program you use? 
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