Sick of Standard Sports? Why Not Try These Instead!

Sports can be fantastic. Everyone needs some way to stay active, and sports offer a great amount of structure as well as clear goals that keep every moment feeling new and interesting. That being said, it's pretty common for a lot of people to feel pretty uninterested with a lot of more typical sports options out there. Sure, football, baseball, and basketball are all great, but what happens if you want to branch out and find something just a little bit more interesting? Well, with that in mind, here are a few slightly less common sports that you might want to try if you're in the mood for something unusual.


Wrestling, Athletes, Match, Strength, Competition

Now, before you get your hopes up, no this does not mean getting to dress up as The Rock and clobber people with a metal chair. The wrestling uniforms in this kind of wrestling are more tradition and a bit less... glittery. However, wrestling is still one of the most engaging and difficult sports out there. Unlike its scripted namesake, genuine wrestling really is a battle of strength and wills between two people that requires you to harness both your mind and your body at once in order to be victorious.   


It's a real shame how many amazing sports there are out on the water that so few people get involved in. Sure, swimming is great, but things like kayaking can be amazing too. This is especially true when you're out in natural waters, and it's just you against the elements. Sure, it would probably be a long time and a lot of practice but the first time you use a whirlpool as a way to spin yourself around and do tricks is going to give you a rush that very few other things could possibly compete with.


Checkmate, Chess, Resignation, Conflict, Board Game

Take one guess as to what chessboxing involves. There are few sports that explain themselves quite as easily. It literally is alternating rounds of chess. Now, it might seem as though this is a bizarre matchup. After all, one is a game of medieval war strategy, and the other involves getting bludgeoned in the face with a padded glove. However, the two actually have a lot more in common than you might think. In reality, they both involve being able to predict your opponent’s next move and to try and encourage them to do certain things. It's just that one is purely cerebral and the other involved much more physicality. Keeping that balance going over several rounds can be an amazing, if exhausting, experience.

Of course, it's important to remember that your school or college isn't necessarily going to have any clubs dedicated to these things. There are a couple of things that you can do in that case. The first is to try and find one outside of school that you can get involved with. The other is to speak to your school and try to set one up. After all, just because there isn't a Kayaking or Wrestling team at your school yet doesn't mean that's how things need to stay forever.
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Safe Sports Your Kid Will Love

As a parent, you might be weary about letting your kids play contact sports. There are various sports that are encouraged in school, and that can actually be quite dangerous. American Football is perhaps the classic example here. American Football games often result in a lot of head-on collisions which is why kids must wear helmets, similar to the pros.

The problem is that the collisions still happen and a helmet may not prevent a concussion or another similar head injury. Indeed, it’s quite possible that regardless of what type of padding your kid wears when playing a game like this, they could still get hurt.

It’s not the only contact sport encouraged in school either. There are also things like wrestling. Parents can take solace in knowing that wrestling in sports isn’t like the wrestling that kids love to watch on TV. But it still can be dangerous, and while using moves that result in pain can mean that team members lose points, it doesn’t disqualify them completing suggesting there is some form of tolerance here.

Now some parents might say come on, we’re talking high school or even middle school level sports games here. Are you seriously telling me kids can get seriously injured? That’s exactly the issue here, and you definitely need to be aware of it.

So, instead of encouraging or even letting your kids compete in contact sports, you might decide to go a different route. You might choose to instead encourage them to get involved with sports that don’t involve any contact and are still a great deal of fun. There are a few sports to choose from here, and you’ll find that these don’t include the same level of danger as other sports your kid might be able to choose in school.


Basketball is a great sport if you’re looking for something that is fun, hard work, fast-paced and completely safe. The greatest danger playing basketball is that you get elbowed in the face by someone blocking your way. This will always be an accident as a contact in basketball is strictly prohibited. That means you can’t pull on another player's shirt or drag them down like in other sports. Instead, winning at basketball is all about perfecting your speed, stamina and of course your jump.

As such, the most common danger playing basketball is going to be pulling or overstretching a muscle. To avoid this, you just need to make sure that kids are stretching regularly before tournaments or even a friendly game. As kids get older, you might find that they start weightlifting to improve their jumps and their throw. This is really the only way a kid will ever be able to accomplish the highly sought after slam dunk. If your child does start weight training, make sure that they are doing it properly. Weight training without proper supervision can be dangerous.


Interestingly, soccer in America is determined as a full-contact sport. However, in Britain, ‘football’ is generally considered to be a limited contactless sport. The reason for this is simple. Limited contact sports involve games where contact between players is restricted or generally avoided. In soccer, players can tackle other players to get the ball. However, if you ever watch a match on TV, you’ll see that contact tackles are quite rare. If one does crop up, it usually results in a free kick or a penalty, depending on whether the tackle is clean or not. If the tackle is clean, then the chances of an injury are dramatically limited.

That all said, injuries can happen during soccer games with players tearing their ligaments and in rare cases breaking their legs. As such, you’ll need to decide whether you want your child playing this game that while typically harmless can get quite rough. Particularly when the competition is fierce.


Baseball is definitely a limited contact. The only chance of direct contact with another player is when two players jump to catch the same ball or an over aggressive leap to get a home run. Anything like this can result in an injury as can a ball hitting a player on the head. But again, this type of danger is rare and don’t forget, players up at bat are wearing full safety gear. As such, there’s no harm in getting kids interested in baseball, and a great place to start would be buying your kid their first bat. You can see these BBCOR reviews to get a good feel of the type of bat that you are looking for. With the right bat, your kid could hit a fantastic home run and run right to home plate.

Field Hockey

You might find that your kid really wants to play ice hockey. However, do be aware that like American football, ice hockey exceeds the limitations of a contact sport and is actually classified in America as a collision sport. This is the name given to sports where contact isn’t just a possibility, it’s actively encouraged.

Ice hockey can be a very dangerous game with many people noting that there seems to be a lot of emphasis on the fights compared with actually scoring. In fact, some people have called it ‘boxing on ice’ which is a fairly apt description.

Instead, you should encourage them to take up field hockey. Considered a limited contact sport, there’s far less possibility of an injury here, and it also doesn't hurt as much if you fall over.


Of course, if you want to cut out the possibility of any contact, you can try something like swimming. Swimming will never result in an intentional or accidental injury because, assuming the kid can swim, there’s no risk here. There’s no reason a child will ever come in contact with a competitor swimming because they are typically in separate lanes. There are lots of other sports like this too from running to bowling and of course golf. These are referred to as non-contact sport and let parents breathe a sigh of relief when kids head off to a sports tournament to compete.
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4 Tips To Plan Your Next Adventure Holiday

4 Tips To Plan Your Next Adventure Holiday

If you love the great outdoors and exploring all that this world has to offer, planning a trip to a far away place can be exciting and exhilarating. There is so much to see around the globe today that the possibilities are really quite limitless. Because of this, you will want to take your time and plan a trip that you will remember for a lifetime. With that in mind, we have put together the following four tips to help you as you plan your next great adventure holiday. 

Consider Who You Are Traveling With

While there are many different types of adventure trips that one can take, not all of them are meant for everyone. You might really enjoy a Morocco Desert Trek, for example, but your traveling companions might not be ready for the physical nature of the trip. All of you might agree on a white water rafting trip through the mountains. You simply want to consider who you are traveling with in order to arrive at a trip that everyone is equally suited for. This is the best way to make sure that there are no misunderstandings along the way and nobody gets left behind because they are not interested in the activities that you have planned. 

Work With a Professional Travel Consultant

There is a lot that goes into planning the trip of a lifetime. You will want to consider using the services of a professional travel consultant just to make sure that you do not forget anything. It is also helpful to use a travel planner because such a professional will have the contacts on the ground that you need to really take part in some cool activities that you might not be able to read about in a guide book. You will want to ensure that you do not leave anything out of the planning process. You are busy enough, so hand over everything to a travel consultant and you will be much better off as a result. You will also find that you typically spend less money when going with a travel agency because of the special pricing offers that only they have access. That is definitely a bonus when it is all said and done. 

Develop a Packing List

Adventure trips typically require a lot of special equipment. You do not want to forget anything, as you might end up in an out of the way location where shopping is not easy to find. Early on in the process, you will want to create a packing list. Keep adding to it as you discover itms that you really do not want to be without on your trip. It is important to not wait until the last minute to do this, as time can really get away from you as the date of departure draws closer. Make sure that you take enough of everything with you as well, just in case. Socks are light and easy to pack, so don't forget to place some extras in your suitcase. You will be thankful on those rainy days when you are craving a dry pair to put on your feet. 

Train for the Activities You Want to Take Part In

Many adventure trips require you to be in good physical condition. Now, we are not talking about a world class athlete here, so don't be worried. You will find that most trips you can enjoy as long as you in moderately good shape. If you are going to take part in some activities that are known to be particularly strenuous, it is a good idea to get your level of fitness up to par before you take off. This will help you enjoy the trip even more. 

These four tips will help you maximize the enjoyment that you get out of your next adventure trip. Take your time and plan to travel to a destination that you think you and your traveling companions will really love. Make sure you develop a plan and that you do not wait until the last minute to get everything together. If you will do that, then you will be well positioned for the trip of a lifetime. 
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Top 3 things to do in Plano Texas

Plano is a city in  North Texas where you can enjoy many things with family and friends. Whether you are a person who loves to dine-in or enjoy historical sight, Plano Texas is a best place to visit.

Top 3 Things to do in Plano Texas:

1. Food adventure: Well, food is one of the most important to do while visiting a new place. It is wise enough to try new food and new restaurant that satisfy your craving. Whether you are looking for BBQ,Burgers, and seafood in Plano Texas has everything you can ask for.

2. Museum: One of the popular museum is the Heritage Farmstead Museum is a victorian farmhouse in 1890. If you have a kids you can take them in historic train station, Interurban Railway museum also known as the Plano Station, Texas Electric Railway. Stepping back  to a historic place is the best gifts you can give to your kids.

3. Outdoor:  If you love outdoor, Plano Texas has different things to offer, from parks, festivals and Historic shopping Center. One of the most popular festival is the Balloon Festival. You can't get wrong once you are in Plano, Texas.

Whether, you are planning to move  or planning a trip in Plano, Texas. There are things to do for everyone that make your day worth.

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Making Travel Easier When You're Disabled

Making Travel Easier When You're Disabled 

When you're dealing with a disability, it can be challenging to do all of the things that you'd like to do. At the same time, it's important that you not let a disability get in the way of living your best life. The same is true if you are caring for someone who has a disability. Luckily, you don't need to stop traveling just because you're disabled. Thanks to legislation that protects the rights of the disabled, most places now accommodate those with special needs, but you do need to do a little more planning for your trips. Before you hit the road on your next vacation, consider these tips.

Choose Comfortable Accommodation

Before you book a hotel, do a lot of research online about its accommodations for the disabled. Most hotels have many thorough reviews online that will specify what you can expect. Hotels usually have a special room set aside for people in wheelchairs, for example. These rooms are on the first floor, making it easier to get to and come equipped with tools like a shower bar and extra-wide doorways. For extra protection, call the hotel in advance and check with the front desk to make sure that everything is ready for your stay.  

Find Transportation That Works

Whether you're going by airplane, car, train, or boat, there are plenty of fun ways to travel when you're disabled. Again, choose a method of transportation that will meet your needs and help to get you where you want to go. Look online for the best deals and most options. For example, if you're looking for wheelchair accessible vehicles, look for a well-respected company like RR Van to provide your car or truck. If you're flying, call the airline in advance to make sure that your flight will be accommodating for you and your needs. 

Look for Sights That Serve Everyone

It's unfortunate, but you can't assume that every sight you'll want to see will be accessible. Before you go, make sure that the places you'll be visiting have the necessary ramps, doors, and other tools to make it worth your visit. It's frustrating to find out that a sight won't accommodate you, but better to know in advance. However, you may be surprised by just how many places are designed to serve the disabled. You, too, can have the vacation you want. 
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Researching Your Options for Moving Your Vintage Vehicles

As a classic car collector, you do not entrust just anyone to be around or handle your vehicles.  The time and money that you invested in these autos demand that you protect the cars at all costs if you do not want to jeopardize their beauty or value.

Still, at some point you may find yourself in need of a relocation service, moving hauler, or nationwide auto transport to get your cars from one point to another.  Rather than drive each car to its new location, thus racking up mileage and taking away from the value, you can hire out the job by retaining professional transport services for vintage cars today.

Care and Quality

As you shop around for a reliable transport service, you want to know what ones are out there that will treat your cars as good as or better than you do.  You want to know that the driver who loads the vehicles will treat them with the utmost of care and ensure their safe transport and delivery to the new location.

You can find out if the company can promise that level of service when you visit the website.  As it states online, the business takes the most prudent and safest measures when handling your vehicles to prevent damage, loss, or other accidents that will risk your investment and take away from their value.

Likewise, the company promises to deliver them to wherever you need them shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.  Regardless of the state or city, it will load up the cars and take them to where you want them relocated in a timely and professional manner.


Despite collecting antique and classic cars, you still may need to watch your budget when it comes to retaining a reputable relocation service.  You do not want to overspend your budget or lose money on a company that does not have your best interests at heart.

Before you hire the service, you can get quotes from it online.  The quote form lets you explain what you need and on what timeline.  You can then explain how many cars need to be transported and to what location.  These details allow the company to come up with a quote about how much it all might cost you.  You can then decide whether or not to retain the services based on those costs.
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Getting ready to travel? Here's what you need to know to simplify your trip

Getting ready to travel? Here's what you need to know to simplify your trip Before you travel, it's important that you take as many steps possible to simplify your trip. Having too much to do or too much to see can make packing, planning, and traveling a complete nightmare. When you simplify your plans, you'll find you're much more able to arrive places on time and enjoy your trip. Here's what you need to know. 

Arrange transport Consider taking the JFK airport shuttle when you go to the airport. This will enable you to avoid fighting traffic before your flight and worrying about parking. Don't let a full parking lot be the reason you're late for your flight. You also won't have to worry about long-term parking fees because you won't be parking a car. 

  Pack lightly One of the biggest mistakes new travelers make is to over pack their luggage. Chances are that you only need about half of the items you packed, so take a reasonable, honest look at your bag. Do you really need four swimsuits? Do you need a cover-up for each one? Do you need five pairs of shoes? You can probably get by with just a portion of what you packed, so try to minimize the amount of clothing and belongings you bring with you. Not only will it be less to carry, but it will be less to worry about, as well. 

  Keep your important items together Nobody wants to get to the airport and find they don't have a passport or boarding passes. Make sure you keep all of your important traveling documents, such as your ID card and trip itinerary, in a place where you can easily find and reach it. This way, when you're checking in at the airport, you'll be able to quickly and easily get everything you need to make it through security. No matter how long your trip is for, make sure you aim to simplify your trip as much as possible to reduce your stress, minimize anxiety, and increase the amount of fun you're able to have on your trip. Vacations are the perfect time to relax, so make sure you plan to do things that enable you to get your mind off of work and focus on taking care of yourself for a little while.
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The whitetail deer hunt in South Carolina is on!

The whitetail deer hunt in South Carolina is on! Whitetail deer hunting season in South Carolina opened on August 15, and the early returns are very favorable. And outside of deer, hunters that descend upon the lowland areas of South Carolina looking to bag other game in the state have other options to choose from outside of the rich whitetail population. With large numbers of turkey, wild boar, and quail out in the vast woodlands, hunting in South Carolina has consistently proven to be one of the most popular areas in the country. Species harvests are abundant, South Carolina's hunting season is much longer than some surrounding states, the weather provides ideal hunting conditions...the list can go on and on!

For hunters that may be interested in South Carolina hunting but don't have a location or camp in mind, there are several options they can look into. One which is tremendously popular with hunters of all experience levels is booking a 3 or 4-day hunting trip at one of South Carolina's fine hunting lodges.

With a variety of hunting lodges in southeast South Carolina located in general proximity to each other, the region in and around Fairfax is the state's hunting "hotspot". To get lodge and hunting information, dates, prices on guided hunting trips, and a great deal more to discover, hunters would be best served by looking at hunting lodges in South Carolina by way of an internet search. The first page of the search using 'hunting lodges South Carolina' in a search engine will display a map with hunting lodge locations and accompanying lodge website accessibility. Accessing sites located here is the best way to compare and contrast hunting lodges, seeing just which one looks the best.

Hunters that look for thrilling hunting adventures on managed hunting properties, with thousands of deer, wild hogs, and quail in accumulated harvests should look closely at a hunting lodge, like Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, that virtually guarantees success on every hunt.

When hunting on the managed property, hunters will be led by expert guides to prime hunting spots in blinds overlooking year-round food plots and feeding stations. Daily hunts, which come in 3 and 4-day packages throughout hunting season, are split into two separate hunts each day. Numbers of hunters at the lodges are limited to small numbers to maximize the chances of success for those who do book hunts with the lodge. Hunters can enjoy straight-up whitetail deer hunting or may elect to go out on a combination hunt.
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3 Places in Paros That Will Add Culture to Your Holiday

Paros is one of many incredible islands in Greece, but it may not be one that you have heard a lot about. While islands like Mykonos and Santorini often get all the glory, Paros definitely should not be ignored if you are planning on having an unforgettable getaway with family, friends, or your romantic partner. In addition to beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, and delicious cuisine served by friendly locals, Paros also offers plenty of culture and history that you can add to the mix. So, continue reading to learn about just three of the many places in Paros that will add culture to your holiday and make it even more memorable. 
  1. The Villas That You Can Call Home
Rather than staying at a regular old hotel during your stay on the island, why not stay at one of the many amazing villas in Paros? In addition to being known for transporting you to another world where you can truly unplug and relax your cares away, Paros luxury villas are also known for providing you with the most luxurious amenities that will make you feel like royalty. 
Keep in mind that not all Paros villas are created equal, and if you want to add culture to your holiday, you should stick with villas that follow traditional architecture which you can find on the BlueVillas website. Surrounded by authentic Greek architecture and eating traditional Greek food is sure to make you feel like you are experiencing something that is truly special and different from your everyday life back at home. 

  1. Parikia and the Panagia Ekatontapyliani 
Yet another way to add some culture to your holiday in Paros is by visiting the many historical sites and museums on the island. After all, what better way is there to dive into Greek history and culture? You can start in Parikia, which is the island’s main port and capital. Parikia is a lovely Cycladic village that features impressive whitewashed cubic homes, along with breath taking neoclassical mansions. 
It is also home to a huge Byzantine church known as Panagia Ekatontapyliani, which dates all the way back to the year 326. Be sure to bring your camera, as you will definitely want to take some pictures of this incredible place. After checking out the church itself, you can then make your way to the archaeological museum that is found behind the church. There, you will be able to see a variety of artefacts from ancient settlements that used to live on the island. You will be amazed by the works of art created by these cultures, and you will likely end up with a deeper appreciation for the island, its history, and everything that it has to offer. 
  1. The Villages Throughout Paros
Finally, exploring the many unique villages on the island of Paros is a great way to infuse your trip with extra culture. Check out Naoussa, where a Venetian fortress’s ruins serve as the entrance to a harbour. Or visit Marpissa, which is a village that dates all the way back to the 15th century and still features a unique medieval vibe. And you can even visit Lefkes, where you will be able to get to the highest spot on the island to take in breath taking views of the entire island and visit a village in the mountains, surrounded by lush landscapes. 
These are just a few of the many fun ways that you can infuse more culture into your trip when you are staying on the island of Paros. By staying in the right places and sightseeing at the right destinations, you are sure to plan a holiday away that will be unforgettable as well as educational.

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