Side trip at Cincinnati Museum Center

Travelentz loves to go on a side trip  especially if we go up in North to visit my in-laws.The place is on the way and a good excuse to stretch our legs for a couple hours. Driving going to my in-laws house is at least 11 hours but we usually stop for a night and slept in a hotel.

It was fun at first but doing it for 3 years wasn't fun at all.Hubby and I tired for the situation so we  told to my in-laws they have to fly down to see their granddaughter. 
The front of the Cincinnati Museum Center at the same time the entrance of all visitors.

Going back about Cincinnati Museum Center has three museums at the center as we thought so we decided to choose that hubby and I like most. We just purchase the general admission for the museum but we decided to escape the children museum as my daughter can't really appreciate at first.

The ceiling and the side wall ( I'm not sure if it is a correct word) of Cincinnati Museum Center.

 Facts about Cincinnati Museum Center:
  • located at 1301 Western Ave  Cincinnati, OH 45203.
  • open Monday to Saturday around 10 a.m-5 p.m.
  • open Sunday around 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
  • Fee for parking space.
  • this was a Cincinnati Union Terminal.
  • is a passengers railroad before.
  • it was opened 1933 and rebuilt 1980.
The Ice Age Trail
Ready to attack,hehhehe..Go figure!
"Stories told by bones~Anatomy"
The Cincinnati Museum Center has 3 museums:
1.Cincinnati  History Museum
2. Museum of  Natural History & Science.
3.Duke Energy Children's Museum.

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