Some fun activities of couples in Western Australia

Western Australia is a state full of spectacular and startling scenery, as well as a warm and inviting community spirit. It is the perfect place for couples who are looking for a unique escape from everyday life, as well as the chance to create some truly unforgettable memories together. Here is a list of some of the many fun activities for couples to enjoy in the beautiful setting of Western Australia.

Meet the Dolphins:

The beautiful dolphins at Monkey Mia have been coming to the picturesque beach for many years, allowing scientists to collect significant information on their habits and behaviours. After years of being fed at Monkey Mia, the dolphins enjoy coming to the beach daily and visitors can meet them as they stop by for a feed. Seeing these magnificent animals up close and personal is an experience of a lifetime, and is the perfect way to start your couple’s holiday in Western Australia.

Gourmet Wining and Dining:
After long day exploring the stunning beaches of WA, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the finest food and wine from this beautiful region. In recent years, Perth has created a name for itself as a highly respected centre of gourmet fare, with top chefs from around the country opening restaurants in this thriving city. Whether you’re looking to try something organic, contemporary and top class at The Greenhouse or prefer to have a light local lunch at one of the outlying wineries, Western Australia is bound to have something to suit your tastes. Let your tastebuds guide you as you explore WA’s exquisite gourmet offerings.

Touring the Wilderness
Western Australia is a veritable feast for the senses, and provides the opportunity to explore some of the nation’s most distinctive scenery. From stunning beaches and pristine forests to the breathtaking magic of the Kimberley, Western Australia simply has something for everyone. There are a range of tours you can take which vary from small group or self-drive tours to larger and more commercialised groups. Take the time to snorkel the delightful Ningaloo Reef with its rainbow of colours and abundant wildlife, or explore the ancient culture associated with incredible rock art for an experience you will both never forget.
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Lydia is an avid traveller, now that she has graduated she is now travelling around Australia and exploring all the treasures it has to offer.


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