Walking in St. Agustine,Florida at Night

The other things to do in St. Augustine, Florida is walking at night. The place is pretty cool at night with all the lights and the breeze is cool with low humidity during our visits. We also done a joy ride around the town for the following nights but we had so much fun walking at night and we feel safe. Some tourists stayed late but we are an early bird to relax in our bedroom like 9 p.m in the evening because of our little one. It's good enough for us to see what's look like at night.

Here are some photos during our walking in St. Augustine, Florida at night:
Travel Photo: Fountain of Youth

Travel Photo:Ripley's Believe or not!
Travel Photo: downtown,St. Augustine

Travel Photo: The Old Jail
Taking all these snapshots was a challenged, sometime my shutter doesn't want to cooperate and I have to manually adjust my aperture. Good enough for me I have some great snapshots as I believed.


  1. I would love to walk at night if this would be what I'll be looking for! Awesome photos sis!

    And sis you kept changing your template and they all look great ;) I like this one and almost all your previous templates :)

    Take care :)

  2. Yes! Beautiful shots indeed:)