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6 Reasons Why You Should Book a Serviced Apartment in Hong Kong

A serviced apartment is an inexpensive alternative to traditional hotels. There are plenty of these types of accommodations all over Hong Kong that you can easily place your reservations to. You’ve just got to pick the right one that will suit your preferences to help make your stay as comfortable and as convenient as possible. So to help you book easily, listed below are 6 reasons why you should consider a serviced apartment in Hong Kong.

What is a serviced apartment?
A serviced apartment basically offers some of the comforts that can be experienced from a hotel --- only that it offers more defined features. It’s basically your home away from home.
When you stay at serviced accommodation, you will usually be provided with a fully equipped kitchen (it comes with modern cookware and kitchenware). A room like this is typically booked since most occupants would want to cook for themselves. So instead of ordering expensive room service or dining out, homemade food is prepared in the comforts of the apartment. Now, depending on the room type availed, a living room space can also be used where guests can be entertained in. Most serviced suites are already equipped with a complete entertainment facility (furnished with cable TV, complimentary DVD player and library, games consoles with a selection of games and wireless Internet connection).

Bedrooms and bathrooms are also equipped with quality materials. Beds are prepared with crisp linens, feathery soft pillows and premium mattresses. An en suite bath on the other hand may also come with the usual hot & cold rain showers and bathtub, bath accessories and toiletries (the extravagant kind that will pamper you).

6 reasons for you to book your stay in a serviced apartment:
1. A serviced accommodation will help you save a lot as it’s quite cheap compared to hotels.
2. Apart from that, room types like these can also be booked for your preferred number of stays. There are no minimum stays.

3. Moreover, lodgings like these are also very independent. So you can always tailor your needs whenever you book a room.

4.Apart from that, you’ll also get to enjoy more space and more freedom in your chosen apartment. The space that’ll be provided to you should feel like home, so apartment providers will strive to give you just that. 

5. Most apartment providers offer the convenience of an easy and real-time online and telephone booking, which will give you the flexibility to reserve a stay at your own pace. 

6. On top of that, you’ll also be provided with services that you can benefit from such as 24-hour security, which keeps you safe all throughout your stay.

The benefits of renting a serviced apartment:
The conveniences of having things kept and repaired are also taken care of when staying in a serviced accommodation. So if you need housekeeping, washing of your clothes (although most providers already offer self-service laundry facilities) or even replacing broken bathroom fixtures --- you can always rely on your apartment provider to give you the assistance that you seek. Your worries are certainly lessened when you stay in a serviced lodging.

Mylene Flores is a travel enthusiast who is particularly interested in finding the best accomodation possible during her adventures.


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