Why people buy a luxury watches?

Why people buy a luxury watches? A luxury watches is like a status symbol -meaning  what kind of person are you? It's not just telling the time but it reflects your own status in the society and most people assume you're rich considering you can afford.

 Having a status symbols in one brand name is like your identity to your friends. First they know you because of your luxury watch, second is the story of the watch itself.

Tips of buying luxury watches:
  • Brand names-it is important to do some research before buying a luxury watches.Make sure you buy in your trusted brand names  in your personal preference that you would be happy and not just to keep with other Jones and Joneses.
  • Collectible-there are collectible watches, so make sure to know what is your specific goal in buying those kind of luxury watches.
  • Authorize Retailer/dealer-it is important to buy from an authorize retailer/dealer  and make sure you're buying the authentic and not just replica.As a buyer it is your own responsibilities to  know what you're buying and don't act like a DORK.Most luxury items like jewelry or watches has certificate of authenticity.


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